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Gaucin 1

Unit 1 Report

Garden Gaucin

Tomas Hanson

PSY- 1010 General Psychology

24 June 24, 2017

Gaucin 2

Part I

1. What is meant by storage decay when it comes to forgetting?

Storage decay is known to be the type of forgetting that occurs soon after material has

been learned. Our memory fades due to passage of time. Information is less available for

later retrieval as time passes and memory wears off.

2. Consider internal locus of control and external locus of control. Identify one psychological

disorder correlated with each and explain why you believe a relationship occurs.

A psychological disorder that both the internal and external locus of control may have is

learned helplessness. Learned helplessness has a relationship between both internal and

external because thats when a person has learned to act as if they are helpless even

when they have control over their situation or the power to change a circumstance or


3. What is meant by the nature-nurture debate in psychology?

Nature Vs. Nurture is the scientific, cultural, and Philosophical debate on whether

human culture, behavior, and personality are caused mainly by nature or nurture.

Nature is defined in this debate as a genetic or hormonal-based behaviors, while nurture

is most commonly defined as an environment and experience.

4. What is evolutionary psychology, and which early psychologist was influenced by Charles

Darwin and the evolutionary perspective?

Evolutionary Psychology is known as the branch of Psychology which studies the

mental adaptations of humans to a changing environment, but mainly the differences in

behavior, cognition and brain structure. An early psychologist who was influenced by

Charles Darwin is known as William James- James was interested on HOW the mind

worked and not WHAT its made up of.

Gaucin 3

5. Describe at least 2 similarities or differences between psychiatrists and clinical


Psychologists: Are usually university trained in Psychology programs that focus on the

connections between the brain and behavior, research techniques, and methods of treating

behavior problems.

Psychiatrists: Is a Medical Doctor who specializes in both the study of the physical brain

and Psychology and how these interact to create the human personality. The nature of

their training allows psychiatrists to prescribe medication as a means of helping a client

to deal with their problems.

o They both have a relationship with the brain, human personality, and

finding solutions for clients with problems.

Gaucin 4

Part II

1. When it comes to interviewing witnesses over a recent incident there are various questions to
ask about the incident; for example, I would ask What is your name, address and work

address? because there may be a way to contact them later, if they become relevant to the

case. Some questioning strategies that some interviewers should use are planning and

preparation- usually the objective for an interview is to be well known in advanced, it is

usually a good practice that allows the individual ample time to prepare for the talk before

the actual involvement. Build a Rapport- get to understand that individual or group making

it much easier to communicate, be nice use comforting words like Now, dont be nervous!

or Relax! (David G. Myers, Exploring Psychology in Modules 10th Edition (Modules 3-

5; Brain and Behavior). Guide the Conversation- Many interviewers take advantage when

it comes to interviewing. Many usually steer the conversation usually by repeating phrases

already expressed, or expanding with details on a relevant issue. * When it comes to

interviewing, we pay close attention to your speech, actions, visual contact, and movement.

We do this to tell if the witness is lying or telling the truth, making it easier or harder for us

to solve the case.

In the year 1997, almost 20 years ago there was an assault that occurred, we interviewed 5

witnesses but one of the 5 couldnt remember what had occurred until 20 years later.

*The witness had encoding failure, but when interviewed again, we asked him questions

like Was there guns going off? What store did the assault occur in? and with those

questions the witness had a moment of memory construction, allowing him to remember bits

of detail from the assault, giving us more information to solve the case. *When solving this

case research had a lot to do with memory allowing us to reconstruct the scenario using the
Gaucin 5

information the witnesses have provided us with. *And lastly, to determine if the assault

occurred or not is to put them through a lie detector test, severe questioning (more intense

than interviewing) compare all the witnesss answers, that way we can have a broad

description and answer on whether the assault did happen or not. (David G. Myers,

Exploring Psychology in Modules 10th Edition (Modules 22-24; Memory)

Gaucin 6

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