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First Language English 2

Teacher: Mrs. Hailey Riveroll

Phone: 623-334-1770 ext: 0318

Course Description:
First Language English (FLE) is a course designed by Cambridge to help build skills in reading
comprehension and writing. While the goal of the course is to prepare students to sit the Cambridge FLE
exam, the skills that are being taught are important to many subject areas and levels of learning. Students
will learn how to read for select information, find and evaluate explicit and implicit meanings, and develop
and analyze ideas, facts, and opinions. These skills are vital to becoming successful readers and writers.
Required Text:
*All required text and supplemental texts will be provided in class
Class Assessments:
May include, but not limited to:
1. Class Participation (Collaborative Learning Groups, Class Discussions, Literature Circles,
Student Teaching)
2. Quizzes announced and unannounced
3. Responsibility Bank
4. Essays/Paper (Quarter Papers, Journal Entries, Reflections)
By Arizona State Law, students may not miss (excused or unexcused absence) more than 10% of
the school year (max. of 9 days per semester). It is very important to call the school if you are going to be
Entering Procedure:
1. Enter the classroom in an orderly, professional manner.
2. Find assigned seat and properly sit down.
3. Retrieve all materials necessary for class (i.e., pencil or pen, class folder/notebook, homework,
bell work necessities, etc.).
4. Independently complete/participate in the assigned bell work for the day as identified on the
objective board.
5. Quietly wait for Mrs. Riveroll to begin class.
NOTE: Bell Work will always be written unless otherwise noted on the objective board. Once finished
with any alternative bell work, students are to participate in SSR.
Tardy Policy:
1st occasion: Marked in attendance/records and a reminder
2nd occasion: Marked in attendance/records, and a final reminder
3rd occasion:*Marked in attendance/records, a reminder, and a BEFORE SCHOOL DETENTION
*NOTE: Any other incidences of tardiness after the 3 rd occasion will result in continued detentions and
parent/guardian contact.
Exiting Procedure:
Once receiving instructions from Mrs. Riveroll to being the exiting procedure, students will:
1. Make note of the days work and any assignments/homework in their agenda/planner
2. Neatly pack all materials in their backpack/school bag
3. Ensure the classroom is neat and orderly (i.e., all classroom supplies are put away,
trash/recyclables are put in their proper places, etc.).
4. Quietly wait in their assigned seat until Mrs. Riveroll dismisses the class
Late Work/Homework Policy:*
If you turn in an assignment in on time, you will receive full-earned credit. If an assignment is
turned in 1 day late, you can receive a maximum of 80% on that assignment. If an assignment is turned in
after 2 school days, it will not be accepted for any credit.
*NOTE: if a student is absent and misses work they will have the number of days they missed plus
one more day to complete the missed work. After that, the assignment is considered late. If a student is
absent and misses a due date, the assignment is due when the student returns to class.
Classroom Management Policy:
Three (3) Strikes*=YOURE OUT!!!**
*NOTE: a strike may constitute as, but is not limited to, disruptive/disrespectful behavior,
failure to follow identified classroom policies/procedures, and failure to adhere to the classroom
**NOTE: OUT= PAD and/or Administrator Office, parent/guardian contact, and any other
disciplinary measures (i.e., detentions,/referrals) as deemed necessary by Mrs. Riveroll/Administration.
Classroom Expectations:
1. DO your best and TRY your hardest.
2. Make mistakes, and learn from them.
3. Respect others opinions, thoughts, and ideas; others belongings; and classroom/school property.
4. Follow ALL classroom policies.
5. Quietly raise your hand and wait to be called on.*
6. Use polite, appropriate language.
7. Electronic devices are prohibited inside the classroom.
8. Food, gum, or beverages other than water are prohibited inside the classroom.
*NOTE: Mrs. Riveroll reserves the right to change the righto this rule due to various classroom
Supply List:
To achieve success in this class, students need to come prepared to class every day.
Please bring the following everyday:
1. Pencil
2. Black OR blue pen
3. Two-pocket folder specifically for FLE 1
4. Spiral bound notebook or loose leaf paper specifically for Moral Foundations
5. Agenda/Calendar/Planner
6. Homework/Assignments
7. A positive attitude
According to the Arizona State Universitys academic integrity policy, plagiarism is defined as
Plagarism means using anothers words, ideas, materials, or work without properly
acknowledging and documenting the source. Students are responsible for knowing the rules (about using)
anothers work or materials and for acknowledging and documenting the source appropriately.
Ethical Use of Classroom Tools:
In the classroom, the use of software programs and Google applications are a privilege. These
tools may include, but are not limited to, G-mail accounts, calendars, and documents. Students that violate
the use of these tools may result in the loss of access to these programs
Please return signed (this page only, keep the others in your binder throughout the year), signifying you have read
and understand the class expectations (as stated in the Procedures packet) and the Syllabus (which is attached to
this sheet):

Guardian Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ____________

Student Signature: _______________________________________ Date: ____________