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Bienvenue !

Franais 1

Madame Kaiser
Room E116
Office Hours: I am available for assistance every day except Wednesday in the mornings before
school by appointment only. Appointments must be made 48 hours in advance.

**The syllabus and school policies are subject to change, and any changes will be noted on my

Daccord! 1 (Vista Higher Learning) ISBN 978-1-61857-863-1
If a student does not return the textbook distributed to them, with the matching accession number, they will be
charged a fine equal to the replacement cost for that book.
DAccord Levels 1-4, 2015; Text $95.00, Workbook $45.00

Required Materials:
Pens (various colors), Pencils, Colored Highlighters, Composition Notebook, Binder, Paper, Dividers
Helpful resource: This is an excellent online dictionary, and because it is a dictionary it is legal
in my class

Course Description:
This course is designed for students who have little to no experience in French. Students build receptive skills for
listening and understanding the instructional lessons delivered in the target language. Gradually, students will
begin to use the target language to respond, ask questions, and make requests. There will be more emphasis on
the development of communicative skills such as speaking and writing. The culture of the various French-speaking
countries is integrated into the instructional activities and reading materials. It is a course which covers 4 units in
the book.

Objectives/GPS Standards:
The goal of the Fulton County Schools World Languages department is to guide students in their mastery of the
national performance standards, adopted by the State of Georgia.
For Modern Languages, these standards consist of The 5 Cs:
Communication students will engage in conversations, understand and interpret spoken and written language,
and present information on a variety of topics.
Culture Students will learn about target culture products, practices and perspectives.
Connections Students will connect aspects of their target language learning with information acquired in other
subject areas such as math, science, social studies, English and the arts.
Comparisons Students will demonstrate an understanding of the nature of language and culture, making
comparisons between those of the target language and their own.
Communities Students will find and engage in the target language outside of the school environment and show
evidence of building a life-long skill for their own personal enjoyment and enrichment.
This course is designed to comply with the Georgia Performance Standards for World Language, which you may view
in detail at:
***Standards, Proficiency Targets, Can-Do Statements, and Pacing Guides can be found for all World Language
levels can be found on my website.

Units to be covered:

Unit Unit dans le livre

Salut ! Unit 1

Au lyce Unit 2

La famille et les copains Unit 3

Au caf Unit 4

Expectations/Course Requirements:
1. Be present physically and mentally. Be prepared to learn. Please be seated at your desk
when the bell rings with textbook, notebook, and pen. Before the tardy bell rings, you should
begin working on the Boulot de Cloche.
2. Be respectful to the teacher, to other students, and school property. Think before you
speak or act.
3. No gum, food, or drinks. Bottled water is permitted. I dont like rats and bugs. Im sure you
dont either.
4. The use of personal electronics and headphones (yes, this includes your Surface) is not
allowed during class. These items should be stowed away unless the teacher explicitly tells you
to take them out.
Major Assessments Minor Assessments Performance Based Practice Final Exam (FCA)
(tests/projects) (Quizzes, Mini Assessments (Homework,
Projects, (PBAs) Classwork,
Boulot de Cloche)

20% 20% 30% 10% 20%

Tests will be given at the conclusion of each unit. Quizzes will be given throughout
each unit. Testing days will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Grading Scale:
90-100 A
80-89 B
70-79 C
0-69 F

**The usage of an online translator/native speaker will

result in a 0 for any assignment and is a violation of the
honor code!**

Integrity is a Chattahoochee High School core value. CHS students are expected to
demonstrate honesty and integrity in all work submitted to a teacher. The honor
code ensures the validity of student work which guides instruction. All CHS
students are bound by the Chattahoochee Honor Code. (see page 28 in the
Student Handbook)

Chattahoochee High School Provision for Improving Grades

1. Students who complete a major assessment but fail to demonstrate mastery as evidenced by a grade below 75%
on the major assessment may pursue an improvement opportunity to show proficiency. In the case of an honor
code violation on a major assessment, the grade will stand as a zero with no eligibility for recovery on that
assignment. What is classified as a major assessment is determined within the content area; consult your course
syllabus for details.
2. Students should contact the teacher concerning recovery opportunities within 5 school days of being informed
of the grade on the assessment in class. Students are allowed one attempt at recovery per major assessment
category listed in the course syllabus. All recovery work must be completed 10 days before the end of the
3. The grade on the recovery assignment will replace the original grade if the recovery grade is equal to or below
75%. If the recovery grade is above 75%, the original grade will be replaced with a 75%.

School Board Policy IHA Grading and Reporting System Provision for Improving Grades
1. Opportunities designed to allow students to recover from a low or failing cumulative grade will be allowed
when all work required to date has been completed and the student has demonstrated a legitimate effort to meet
all course requirements including attendance. Students should contact the teacher concerning recovery
opportunities. Teachers are expected to establish a reasonable time period for recovery work to be completed
during the semester. All recovery work must be directly related to course objectives and must be completed ten
school days prior to the end of the semester.
2. Teachers will determine when and how students with extenuating circumstances may improve their grades.

Make Up Work Policy (see page 10 of Student Handbook)

Following an absence, it is the students responsibility to contact his/her teachers to arrange for make-up
work. The contact must be made within one school day of returning. If the teacher is absent, contact should be
made upon the first day of the teachers return. Students are given the same number of days to complete make-up
work as the absence, not including the day of return. For instance, if a student is absent two consecutive days,
he/she has two days (not including the day of return) to complete the assignments. The teacher will establish a
reasonable schedule for completing tests, PBAs, etc. that cannot be done independently by the student. The policy
above applies to excused absences. Students with an excused absence are eligible to make up work for full credit.
While students are allowed to make up work due to unexcused absences, the make-up work for students
with unexcused absences may be penalized up to 10% of the maximum value of the graded assignment.
Assignments made prior to the absence, including tests/quizzes/projects scheduled for the day of return, are
generally due upon the students return.
Students who are present for any portion of the school day are expected to turn in all assignments due on
that day in order to receive full credit. Failure to complete make-up work within the designated time frame may
result in a grade reduction or loss of credit for the assignment. Assignments missed due to preapproved absences
are due upon the students return unless the teacher has approved other arrangements in advance.

Late Work Policy

Assignments other than daily homework exercises
Grade will be reduced by 10% per day late until 50%, after which a grade of zero will be assigned. This will also
apply to oral assignments due to be presented in class. After that, students may turn in completed assignment for
maximum 50% credit until the end of the current six-week grading period. After the six-week grading period,
students are encouraged to complete the work and turn it in for no credit for learning and recovery purposes. All
late work for the last 6 weeks should be turned in at the latest 10 days before the end of the semester
Remember it is your responsibility to find out what you missed during an absence, so find a class buddy to
tell you what we covered, and make sure you collect any handouts which will be located at the front of the class in
your periods folder. Make-up tests will be given by arrangement with the teacher before school and not during
class time.
Technology at CHS (see page 24 of Student Handbook)
Chattahoochee High School supports the use of technology for academic pursuits. This includes cell phones,
tablets, and laptops. The use and type of technology in a classroom is at the sole discretion of the teacher. All
technology must be silenced and put away upon entering each classroom. Permission to use technology in a
classroom will be explicitly stated by the teacher. Students may possess technology for personal use outside of
classrooms in common areas. All devices must remain in silent mode and students should not wear headphones
during class unless explicitly stated by the teacher. Students are responsible for the safety and security of their
own devices and are not required to possess personal technology for instruction. In the case of an emergency, all
technology should be turned off and put away as not to interfere with administrative emergency procedures.

Consequences for use of electronic devices:

The teacher reserves the right to confiscate cell phones and/or other electronic devices that are being used during
class without explicit permission. A students refusal to relinquish their electronic device will result in additional
disciplinary consequences.
1st offense: Student will place device on teachers desk for remainder of class.
2nd offense: Student will place device on teachers desk for remainder of class and parents will be contacted.
3rd offense: Student will place device on teachers desk for remainder of class, detention will be given, parents will
be contacted.
4th offense: Office referral
Media Guidelines

Within the curriculum there poses the opportunity for teachers to incorporate different forms of technology into
the classroom. One of these forms of technology is the showing of clips of related movies or related movies in
their entirety. These films will be rated G, PG, PG-13 or, in some cases, R. News programming and other
television/internet broadcasts related to the curriculum may also be viewed. If you have any concerns about video
viewing, please contact the instructor at

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Food Permission
As part of the study of language and culture, we try to incorporate some cultural food experiences.

YES, my child may partake of food served in French class.

Any known allergies? _____________________________________

NO, I would prefer that my child not partake of food served in French class.

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the syllabus.

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