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Lesson Focus: Learning Area / Strand: Year Implementation Date:

Level: Week 2 Lesson 3

Practical Cookery Hospitality Practices
Macaroni and Cheese 11 Duration: 60 minutes

Curriculum Curriculum links (Strands/Content Descriptors):

Framework: - Investigate and make judgements, within a range of
Australian Curriculum technologies specialisations, on how technologies can be
combined to create designed solutions (ACTDEK047).

Prior knowledge of learners:

Students have previously been participated in a number of practical cookery tasks.
Students have also completed their required workplans in preparation for todays practical lesson.

Lesson objective/s
By the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
Successfully create a macaroni and cheese dish with ingredients provided by the school in
small groups.
Evidence of learning:
Students are to demonstrate the correct use of a range of skills and techniques such as various
cookery methods and knife skills whilst abiding by general work place health and safety
regulations. Students will be given feedback on their final product and photographic evidence
will be recorded.
Classroom Management Strategies:
Appropriate footwear must be worn, hair tied back, apron on, clean tea towels.
Students will be cross classed if they have not brought ingredients to class.
Students will be cross classed for inappropriate shoes.
Utilise 1, 2, 3, eyes on me technique.
Class Roll, apron, hair tie, closed in shoes, student ingredients and school utensils.
Differentiation considerations:
Allowing students to select from a range of recipes provides students with the opportunity to
select a sandwich that they would like best, this also caters for students who may have allergies
and allows for substitution when necessary.
Lesson Before beginning the lesson, the educator should ensure that they have
Introduction enough resources for all students in the class.
Introducing the When the pre-service teacher arrives at the classroom before the students
topic they will choose to ensure that the school camera has been collected in
Engagement of order to photograph students final products.
the learners Once the students have entered the classroom, they are to correctly apply
workplace health and safety regulations (remind students to remove
jewellery, tie back hair, wash hands and place on a clean apron).
Students will begin to set out their ingredients and collect their
Lesson Body Mark Roll
Delivering the As the students begin to prepare and cook, move around the classroom to
content through ensure that the students are completing tasks correctly and using utensils
such as knives appropriately to ensure that all measures are taken to
ensure that students prevent serious risks.
Utilise the assistance of teacher aide to provide support to students
Assist students with preparations and assembling of sandwiches when
Remind students of time constraints.
When cooking is complete students are to begin to correctly clean their
work areas.
As students clean photograph their final product with names, these
images will be printed and given back to students to reflect on.
Students are to empty bins and refill with new bins liners, sanitise work
stations, scrub sinks and dry.
Place all dirty laundry into washing machine.

Lesson To finalise this activity the students will then be instructed to ensure that
Conclusion they have completed the correct close down procedure.
Concluding Ensure the students have thoroughly cleaned their area before leaving.
activities Check all cupboards before the students are allowed to leave class.
Summarising Instruct students to fix any mistakes if required.
the lesson
Evaluation / Reflection
Students successfully completed group cookery of macaroni and cheese. The groups worked quite
well and the students remained on task in the kitchen. In the following lessons students will be
required to clean and sanitise the hot plates to comply with WPHS requirements. Reinforce the
need to read and re-read cookery work plans to ensure that products are cooked to the best of
ones ability and aim to be consistent with cooking.