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In the past I served as a technical writer for the STLE, Journal of Terror Research, Materials

Science, and other Physics Societies. I also remain an editor for various antiterror and
intelligence journals (the intelligence work published under a pseudoname), and write on anti
hacking cryptographic RFID work in addition to studying their acoustics and emissions
espionage modalities.

An important thing to bring up here is Nationalistic Social Conditioning of racial and ethnic
groupsalong economic, cultural, and political lines that are features of public life Im
opposed to these. As should be painfully obvious and noticeable, there are darker, lighter, taller,
fatter people that may have accents, or not. As such these distinctive character traits should not
set others apart I request people not bring this up, unless absolute necessary.

On funding and financing over the years, I have had people claim all types of mentality, of
me, to fraudulently market and obtain free money from commercials, pamphlets and the like
this was noted with the OCD Foundation, Aspergers Foundation, Autism Foundation, Native
American Scholarship, Mexican Dual Citizen Alliance, Israeli Foundation (due to litigation in
court, I had to fire my attorney and prosecutor (judge) for my defense for incompetence which
was pointed out, the attorneyjudge also represent Rice University as well, and they lost their
temper due to my litigator skills), Deferred Prosecution Alliance (Houston Police attempted to
profile me as falsifying my identity when working at NASA and refused to accept my Federal
Issued Badge, which is illegal as Federal Badges are legal documents, and attempted to charge
me for identifying as Betty instead of Bertha, when my badge identified me clearly as Bertha
Betty Rostro, the charge was dropped in court, hence dismissed), Paranoid Black Hispanic
Caucus, Muslim Foundation, and other Personality issues, not limited to the Lesbian, Bisexual,
Gay Alliance for the Advancement of Science, Undocumented Alliance, Religious Foundation,
Ethical Hacker Groups, etc. one particular and important thing to note is the importance of no
interest in addition to the requirement that neurologicals and genetic testing be used to document
these interests, modalities mine are normal my ancestry being of Holland Dutch Spanish
Mexican descent.

This is relevant as friends of my xhusband, xfather in law, and his friends, former
employers, former dating partners have marketed my persona to obtain free money through
fraudulent marketing means vis organizations, in turn these organizations, require actual
neurological and genetic testing as proof. As my Board Certified MD tests do evidence lack
of these characteristics, it disqualifies funding and financing from these organizations, as failure
to support hearsay therein noted as fraudulent marketing; note that often I am unaware that
these public relations campaign/s were undertaken, only to find out later, at which time I request
that moneys be returned to the foundation/s. I tell people that it is important to be reasonable
when marketing my image as my attorney considers this crucial note that often my whole
family has been marketed mostly through active measures from foreign students of Israeli,
Middle Eastern, Native American, Mexican, Indian, African descent very strange.

Also I should note I do bring a spur of controversy to my work, spurring often heated, fiery
conversations filled with disputes as used to provoke, challenge, and engage others. This is done
purposely to bring out character flaws, and to note how these nuisances are used, taken
advantage of more often by the less fortunate or less gifted, or more often the greedy, or
family, or more than often by x-boyfriends jealous of my work (claims of lesbianism have arisen
in those less endowed). Controversy is further used by me to characterize personality flaws, or
faults in others, and to bring these up during meetings often as done by federal agents i.e.,
you copied that from this federal agency, government agent, person (see noted patents,
Copyrights issued as noted FOR OFFICIAL US GOVERNMENT USE ONLY) as such this
disqualifies this; or if only this were original work, too bad its not, its ours.

On another note, I have had problems with the Bartlett family from Rice University now working
with people in politics mainly through David S. Silva and friends of whom identify as current or
past x-husband that is very short. This is fradulent, my x-husband is Iranian and actually over
61. The Bartlett family is related to the Manuel Bartlett Diaz and Mafia Organized crime family
that pulls Enron scams vis Organized Crime through weapons and gun runners. This person
started using scams with Organized crime vis use of hearsay through Allan Moffat, Rick Perry,
Mark Miner, Karl Rove, and others vis a company McGuire Woods Consulting. Part of what
they market are Hearsay but use Honeypot Sex to attract and work as swallows and ravens. I
have been informed by CounterIntelligence USA agents outside of DIA that Mark Miners
daughter Stephanie Miner/DeSimone and Sabrina Bartlett with David Silva use honeypot sex to
request dismissal of my work in addition to hearsay. Some of this has been reported by faculty/
staff as solicitation for prostitution, and as black marketing. The Bartlett family works with
organized crime entities through Colorful violators that are Federal Contractors even these are
being investigated. Silva, worked with Laura Pena Paras (Opus Dei Swinger), Merlyn
Pulikkathara (Indian-Russian Army spy), working with others engaged in corporate espionage
with Israel vis Oara Neumann (kicked out of Israel for espionage according to Mossad). So, Im
just mentioning this as I have had problems with Harvey Loomstein (investigated by FBI for
communications with Jonathan Walker spy ring, as recorded) and Sagi Kalev working with
Pollard network illegally moving stolen technology with Rosen (AIPAC scandal) to China-Israel-
India. Now, some of this is being used to investigate New Rodina controversy linked to the
Garreth Williams investigation, I used to work with him through Ft. Detrick out of NASA and
also out of New York, Maryland, Texas. I cannot control how these people market, most of these
claim to have a schizoaffective bipolar illness and drinking problems in addition to stalking as
their excuse for their hacking. They were caught stalking, hacking into me, and illegally stealing
my work and selling it to various corporations claiming a scam and money laundering from
organized crime. I was informed of this, part of what they continue to use is that they hired, or
worked with X person that co-developed technology with me which is false based on security
footage and copyright issued manuscripts. Thats the other thing, they claim to discredit my
copyrights and have accused me of various crimes - which according to the FBI and others just
are not humanly possible. So, just FYI, again none of these people are lovers of mine, and Im
not at all attracted to them in any modality, rather, they gross me out. The person in question
continues to bother me claiming some type of attraction despite that I find people below 61
unattracitve. The person also continues to market all types of diseases with respect to me,
despite the fact these are false, I have been informed by the Texas Medical Licensing Board of
this, and have to legally document this per affidavit of anyone receiving these statements to press
federal charges per Texas and Federal laws. Now, this being stated, this continues to get
marketed, FYI.