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Lesson Focus: Learning Area / Strand: Year Level: Implementation Date:

Complete embellishment Home Economics Fun with 9
design with fabric pens Fabric Duration: 60 minutes

Curriculum Framework: Curriculum links (Strands/Content Descriptors):

Australian Curriculum - Investigate and make judgements, within a range of technologies
specialisations, on how technologies can be combined to create
designed solutions (ACTDEK047).

Prior knowledge of learners:

In previous lessons students have learnt how to successfully sew a seam and hem in preparation for their
design task.
Lesson objective/s
By the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
Create a creative design using stencils and fabric pens.
Evidence of learning:
Students to observe teacher demonstrates and then apply the techniques learnt to their own designs.
Students will demonstrate their learning through the application of correct techniques to their work
booklets in preparation for their individual design challenge.
This lesson provides the opportunity for the educator to examine students basic hand embellishment
skills before beginning their assessment task for the term.
Classroom Management Strategies:
Teacher before class to set up whiteboard demonstrating the lesson objectives.
Teacher is to organise students quietly outside before class.
Ensure all students have removed hats and phones are away.
Students are required to line up outside of the classroom quietly with all necessary work equipment
before entering the classroom.
Speak only when students are quiet and ready.
Utilise 1, 2, 3, eyes on me technique.
Utilise cross classing if necessary.
White board, white board markers, fabric pens, masking tape, calico, pencils, crayons.
Differentiation considerations:
Providing students with a visual demonstration will assist students with obtaining the correct technique.
Will utilise the assistance of a teacher aide when necessary for SEP students.
Spend extra time demonstrating for students who require greater assistance.
Lesson Before beginning the lesson, the educator should ensure that they have
Introduction enough resources for all students in the class.
Introducing the When the pre-service teacher arrives at the classroom before the students
topic they will choose to write the lesson objectives on the white board.
Engagement of the When the students arrive at the classroom for todays lesson they should be
learners instructed to line up quietly before the educator chooses to invite the students
into the classroom.
Once the students have entered the classroom and quietly taken their seats
they will be introduced to the lesson topic.
The teacher will introduce the learning goal to the students and instruct them
to copy these goals into their work booklets.
Lesson Body Once the students have finished copying the lesson goal into their work book
Delivering the the educator will discuss with the students as to what they will be completing
content through throughout the lesson.
specific strategies
Mark Roll
Activity 1 Begin collecting all materials and equipment required

Instruct the students to quietly sit around my work area and begin to discuss each
element that the students will be required to complete throughout the lesson.

Reiterate the importance of respecting the classroom expectations,

specifically the teacher and all other learners and equipment.

Students are to then collect their equipment and quietly begin to work at the
selected task. If the students noise level becomes too loud intervene and
reinforce classroom expectations. Separate students if necessary.

Students are to complete activities individually within small groups at their work

Once the students have completed their own stencils they are required to
thoroughly clean each item used, place all equipment back in the correct boxes
and all rubbish is placed into bins. Teacher will check this and students will be
required to reorganise the area if left incorrectly.

Students are then required to place their stencils with their names at the front of
the room for teacher collection to examine and provide feedback to students.

Lesson Conclusion Students are to quietly pack up their areas, stand behind their chairs and be
Concluding dismissed when the bell rings.
activities Teacher will remove any notes from the white board.
Summarising the