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Sz 03000174 Official Use Only Interviewee Lee H. Hamilton Date: October 2, 2002 Those Present: Arthur Menna ‘Alonzo Robertson Peter Livitas Mr. Lee Hamilton was interviewed on October 2, 2002. In the interview, he stated that a single Person should head the Intelligence Community, and that position should not be held by the Director of Central intelligence. Instead, this should be a cabinet-level position and control most of the inteligence budget. Hamilton said the position should control the IC, not create a new, all encompassing, agency. He said that in today’s world itis better and more efficient to have a single head for that position. Hamilton said ifthe Intelligence Community had been set up today. it would never have been Configured the way itis now. The Director of Central Intelligence controls only fiteen percent of the intelligence budget, and therefore, cannot be on an equal footing with the Secretary of Defense. Hamilton said ne has high regard for the great people in the Intelligence Community. The FBI and CIA cultures are problematic, but Hamilton feels Mueller and Tenet are beginning to effect changes. In terms of resources, there should be a review of the cost effectiveness of the money being spent. Hamilton said that "we collect [intelligence] but we can't analyze it In terms of priorities, Hamilton said consumers want more and more information before they take action. Someone has to set priorities and be accountable for the Intelligence Community's focus, Hamilton said it will be difficult to rework the statutory framework for the IC, and it will impact the President's Foreign Affairs authority. However, intelligence is more important to prevent terrorism than it ever was before. Hamilton said he would shy away from domestic intelligence. He said domestic intelligence agencies are not too interested in the laws of the land because they deal mostly with overseas issues. Law enforcement must prove its case in a court of law, and thus is more concerned with the law. Lee H. Hamilton Interview - page 2 HUMINT is important but there are limitations to what it can provide. Therefore, he recommends putting more money into HUMINT. Hamilton feels that we should be looking to the private sector and studying their systems management efforts. Official Use Only 1