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FAQ mRUPEE White Label Wallet solution

1. What is mRUPEE

mRUPEE a brand by MMP Mobi Wallet Payment Systems Limited (MMPL) is a safe and
secure mobile wallet where you can keep your money and use it for recharging your
mobile/DTH, paying utility bills, buying train/airline/bus tickets, booking movie tickets and a
host of other services. You can also transfer money to any bank account or your friends and
family. Its a subsidiary of Tata Teleservices Limited. MMPL has obtained authorisation
license from the Reserve Bank of India for issuing and operating Semi Closed Prepaid
Payment Instruments.

2. What is White Label Wallet solution.

A solution being offered to a company desirous of offering a mobile wallet to its customers,
but doesnt want to handle the regulatory guidelines, capital requirements and build
everything from the scratch.

Such companies take white label wallet solution form an established PPI , who in turn gives
them access to its network, technology, merchant tie-ups and other resources.

3. Why do I need a white label wallet solution

You need a WLW when you do not want to get into the PPI licensing and regulation
adherence system and wants to focus on your core business.

4. Do we need to have a PPI License & various RBI Audit compliances to run
White Label Wallet?

No, White label solution will work under the PPI License of mRUPEE, and you do not require
any separate license for it.

5. What are the types of wallet my customer will get including transaction limits?

Table detailing types of Semi Closed Wallet (SCW) and related details:

Types of Semi Closed Wallet (SCW)

Details Limited KYC Wallet Full KYC Wallet
Application Form Not Required Required

Customer Application Form

First Name, Last Name, DOB
Details required for (CAF), Proof Of Identification,
(In DD/MM/YYYY format) and
wallet creation Proof Of Address, 1 passport
Mobile Number
size color photograph

At any given point of time

Wallet load limit Rs. 10000 customer can maintain a
balace of Rs 1 lac
Outstanding at any point of time
does not exceed Rs. 10,000/-
At any given point of time
and the total value of reloads
Wallet reload limit customer can maintain a
during any given calender
balance of Rs 1 lac
month also does not exceed
Rs. 10,000/-
Limit on transfer TO Rs. 10000/month with a limit Rs. 25000/month with a limit
bank account from of Rs. 5000 per transaction of Rs. 5000 per transaction
SCW (Including fees) (including fees)
Unlimited as long as the
Limit on transfer
balance does not exceed
FROM bank account Rs. 10000/month
Rs.1 Lakh at any point of
to SCW
Limit on transfer from
one mRUPEE Wallet Rs. 10000/month with a limit Rs. 25000/month with a limit
to another mRUPEE of Rs. 5000 per transaction of Rs. 5000 per transaction
> Mobile App or Web -
2 working days (Post CAF
Activation time Immediate
receipt for KYC upgrade)
> Bulk Upload - 24 Hours

Limited KYC wallet will be a default wallet

6. What is the validity of my White Label Wallet Customers account?

Your wallet is always valid, as long as you do a minimum of one transaction in six months.

7. How much money can my user deposit in one go in his/her White Label Wallet

If you have a fully functional account (Full KYC as per the RBI Guidelines) you can load a
maximum of Rs. 1,00,000 in your mRUPEE account and if you have a Limited KYC account
you can load a maximum of Rs 10,000.

8. How much money can my wallet user spend in one time?

9. How can I increase my transaction limit if I am registered under Limited KYC

For this, you need to upgrade your account from Limited KYC to Full KYC. You need to
deposit the required Proof of Address and Proof of Identification documents, post which
your account will be upgraded to Full KYC account. However, you can continue using the
service with given transaction limit till its up-gradation. Once the account is upgraded, youll
receive an intimation regarding the same and the transaction limit is enhanced.

10. Will my customer be taken to mRUPEE App?

No, the use of wallet and the transaction will happen inside you Mobile App or Website if you
have taken API Solution from mRUPEE. In case you have taken a complete Mobile Wallet
Application solution from mRUPEE then your customer will be using this mobile app to
access & use your branded mobile app.

11. What about the security of transactions taking place via this wallet?

It's absolutely secure! Billdesk, EBS & Tech Process are the payment gateway partners. All
the transactions are executed safely and no personal information regarding your payment is
ever accessible to any employee or third party.

12. What are the types of White Label Wallet Solution?

There are 2 kinds of White Label Wallet Solutions with mRUPEE.

a) API based (Android/iOS/Webiste): In this variant mRUPEE offers various APIs

to the client which needs to be incorporated with the clients mobile app on
Android, iOS & Website.
b) App Development on Android & iOS: mRUPEE will develop a new mobile
application of your wallet with your branded guidelines and deliver you the APK
or Upload the APK on your behalf on Google Play store and iOS App Store.

13. What if my customer tries doing an offline transaction with a merchant which
we have not selected for our wallet even though it accepts Mrupee?

The user will not be able to transact from your branded wallet as the Merchant wont accept it

14. What if my customer downloads both mRUPEE and our branded wallet?

Customer can download both the wallets and the amount in both the wallets will be in sync
with each other.

15. Who will provide the customer service to my customers?

mRUPEE will offer the customer service, depending on the mutual agreement

16. Who will do the settlements with the merchants selected for our branded

mRUPEE will do merchant settlement, TDS deduction and transaction related issues will be
handled by mRUPEE.

17. Can we add a new feature in our branded wallet?

Yes, upon understanding the feature mRUPEE will evaluate and communicate with you on
further proceedings
18. What kind of transaction will be possible from our branded wallet?

You will have access to the following services as given below and need to integrate the
same in your systems as per requirement.

i. P2M Person to Merchant Transactions which can be both online and offline
ii. P2P Person to Person Remittance Transactions

19. Do we need to have a PPI License & various RBI Audit compliances to run
White Label Wallet?

No, your branded wallet will run on mRUPEEs PPI License and mRUPEE will carry out and
abide by all RBI Audits, Compliances and Guidelines. Also, if any audit with regards to
systems security at all is required, mRUPEE will assist you regarding the same.

20. What if my customer doesnt use the money which is there in his wallet?

If you don't use your wallet account for a continued period of 180 days , the money would
get forfeited. User will be sent intimation before that.

21. What if my customer loses his/her mobile phone?

Your money on mRUPEE mobile wallet is always safe by your 4 digit mPIN. In case of loss
of SIM/phone, please block your account by calling the Customer Care Executive. When you
activate your fresh SIM card with old lost number, you can unblock your branded wallet
account by calling Customer Care.

22. Does white label wallet works in website too?

Yes the white label wallet service will work on website version too

23. Please tell me few industries where mRUPEE has deployed white label wallet

mRUPEE has offered its WLW services to Mobile manufacturers, Restaurants and Food &
beverage chains, P2P lending platform, Oil marketing companies, , FMCG etc

24. Does this work on all telecom network?

Yes the solution is network operator agnostic and can work on any telecom operator across

25. What languages are available

Currently we offer services in English only, though we can customise the offering as per the

26. Can I brand it as per my company branding policy

Yes, the wallet will be completely branded and designed as per your company guidelines,
however the payment system and backend will be operated by mRUPEE either alone or
through any of its subsidiary

27. Does mRUPEE maintain loyalty point system too?

The loyalty programme has to be maintained by the company but mRUPEE can facilitate the
burn option at merchants which have tie-ups with mRUPEE

28. How can I integrate my existing loyalty point system to this?

mRUPEE can do it, though the point system has to be maintained by your system only and
provide us the conversion value in amount. Accordingly mRUPEE shall create wallets for the
users and credit their account by the value communicated by you. Once the wallet is loaded,
users can use the same for different services as available with mRUPEE.

29. What are the mode of payments through this wallet

Customer can use this wallet to buy online, offline, tap and pay and directly pay to merchant,
and also on retail assisted mode.

30. How will my users load their respective wallets?

Users can load their wallets through the following modes as given below. Respective
APIs would be shared by mRUPEE and you need to integrate the same in your platform
for enabling different wallet loading options in your mobile application.

Wallet loading options:

Credit Card
Debit Card
Net Banking