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Comprehending String and M-Theory, Quantum

Consciousness, Origin of Time and Mind of God

The Truth of Life and Nature
"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It
takes a touch of genius -- and a lot of courage -- to move in the opposite direction."

This book is about time, its conception, initialization and perpetuation in cycles. It is
about “End of Time” and the beginning of “New Time”. The book is about life and
nature and its existence in time cycles. Human quest from time immemorial is to
know, “why it is that we and the universe exist”. Modern world is materialistic and is
built on the knowledge of matter and its spirit [ghost called energy]. Einstein proved
that matter is made of energy. The world of energy is understood by two laws,
known as the first and second laws of thermodynamics. The first law states nothing
is created or destroyed and every thing exists in a state of change. The second law
of thermodynamics says there is time direction to nature. The first law implies time
exists and changes. The second law implies the change adds heat to the environment
eventually leads it to heat death. In short there is a direction to time and there is a
beginning and end to time and a new beginning. The Big Bang Theory or Singularity
comes from this basic reality. Though theoretically and mathematically it is
unavoidable, it has remained incomprehensible to common man and even to
propagators of this theory. The question is, how time is conceived and how time is
initialized and how time goes in perpetual cycles.

Science sought truth in matter separate from mind and consciousness of the
experimenter. In the process it distanced from God the Creator and Sustainer. It
became materialistic and began to loose all the vitality of life [Holy Ghost] at
individual and collective levels. This loss is peaking now and we are approaching heat
death. The climate and natural forces which other wise supported life today are
turning destructive due to reckless increase in heat of the environment. The climate
change, increasing natural catastrophes are there for every one to see. It is a known
fact that heat creates disorder, shearing and destructive force. We are experiencing
this in our environment with each passing day. The instability of various ecological
systems in nature, including human mind that is manifesting into war and terrorism
and self his destructive thinking could be related to it. With every passing day we are
infusing so much heat into the environment that Mother Earth and its forces are
failing to work against it to maintain its temperature and thus sustain life. Thus it is
turning destructive.

We are witnessing the struggle of earth and its forces against forces of heat that has
turned destructive. We see a sudden rise in heat leading to heat bound destruction;
else where simultaneously a sudden peak in rain is leading to water bound
destructions. The increased heat and break down of time cycle is weakening the
bonds of between matter and systems. Consequently earth is becoming fragile
amenable to huge break down. These are manifesting into huge mudslide and melt
down of polar ice. The sudden unwinding and winding of forces and time directed to
the center are also affecting the forces of wind and earth leading to wind bound
destruction and destruction through earth quakes. In time this tendency would end
in huge volcanic eruptions. The scientific evidences speaks that volcanic eruptions is
known to cool earth’s environment and it is the means by which Earth wins the
battle. History speaks of many “Mass extinctions” and many civilizations has been
dug from beneath earth and sea stand a as a proof. Theses tendencies of the earth
and its forces under human reckless exploitation of nature, which I spoke for so
many years is happening before our eyes. Everything suggests that we are heading
for a big one. But the political offices and temples of science seem to sleep over it, to
protect its economic and political status. Failure of climate summit Dec 2009 at
Copenhagen speaks this. What Good is all the material wealth in this world, when
our very existence and our future are endangered?

The Mayans who are considered the time keepers of the world, have predicted that
2012 December 21 is the end of this time cycle. It does speak that the time
approaching it as critical and very destructive for humanity. Similar prophesies are
also written in Bible, Vedas, I-Ching and so on.

The following videos references give us the grim reality of the world we live in and
the end to which we are approaching. It creates fear and calls us to awaken to Truth
of Life and Nature

1] 2012 - What the World Says
2] NASA confirms 2012 Polar Shift

3] NASA Predicts Arctic ocean Melt down and Catastrophes -2012

4] NASA warns of Super Solar Flare 2012

5] NASA – Speaks of Giant Breach in Earths Magnetic Field

6] A collection of 5 Series on 2012 By History Channel

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• 5

The above videos are terrifying but it is what we are creating from our ignorance and
in our slavery to material spirit and time directed to gravitational collapse. However,
at the end of the dark tunnel, disorder and destruction, I and many do see hope for
humanity. The Bible, Vedas, Mayans, Koran all Speak the victory of good and God,
not the other way. Many New Age scientists do speak this as period of transition or
great Quantum Leap in Evolution. I agree with them. We do experience a spiritual
awakening in public, but this awakening within the realm of religion also is turning
dangerous. It has the potential precipitate nuclear war and human destruction of
unparallel nature. The time is calling us to evolve to know the Truth and act quickly
to save the world and humanity from inching towards self destruction.

Here are some video links – Which gives some hope to the world with ample caution
and uncertainty about the present of the world and gives calls humanity to awaken
to bring spiritual and scientific evolution to survive the hard times ahead. .

1] The Awakening Series – A series which wind up beautifully the world today and
Truth of Nature. I would consider it the best introduction to what I going to write
down for you
• 1
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• 4
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• 7

The Final HD version of this 7 part series is available as one at

“ ”
Down load -

2] Interview of Theoretical Physicist Michio Kaku – Future of civilization

3] DR.Bruce Lipton on Future of Humanity

Next comes a set of talks by scientist who argues elegantly for the existence of God.

1] Talks by Dr Amit Goswami

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2] Talks by Dr. John Hagelin on Consciousness that orients to Eastern Spiritual


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Finally I give you a set of videos from highly spiritually awakened people who look at
the world positively in spite of all the darkness in which the world is now caught.
They keep faith on the Superior Root Force, deep seated within in all of us, which
would awaken in time to salvage human souls and turn the darkness into light. They
see it and experience it happening. They speaks of Global ascension and
transformation or entry into Golden Era. I am compiling them to generate hope in
the midst of darkness

1] The Human Ascension in 2012

2] Global Ascension – Rebirth

3] New Beginnings 2012

4] 8_8 Lions Gate Way

5] Wave of Unity Consciousness

The Truth
From my own quest, call and research, I see light in the midst of darkness as the
truly awakened spiritualist. But I believe that Truth can only manifest and Golden Era
unfold when Science meets God. The science is the power that is ruling the world
today. It is scientist’s ignorance of truth and oneness of nature and its functioning
that is the cause for the deterioration of the world we live in. When this shackle is
broken and the truth is known, human beings would be liberated and initialized to his
true nature. The present expression of “self”, corruption and conquering motive,
slavery to material force, injustice, untruth, war, terrorism, hatred and so on would
recede to give way to Love and Life Force. This would then bring order to the world.
The God did not die in Calvary He actually came to Life conquering death. He is alive
and is in control. He was not powerless when He surrendered His Life under the
mortals. He was actually unfolding His power of creativity and his control over death.
He showed the path way for us to come to life, at individual, collective and at
universal level.

The proof of existence of God or “Superior Force” guiding and controlling the human
destiny can be seen in evolution of science to know God. Scientific quest of
humanity has led to a point where it realized that some how mind and consciousness
influences the matter and motion. Quantum Science proved this reality beyond
doubt. Relativity Theorist believes that the only way to resolve it is to develop the
“Unified Theory of all Forces” and thus know the “Mind of God” and His
Consciousness. There is unconfirmed news of discovering God Particle. The
theoretical scientists dealing with “String Theory” have claimed to have solved the
question of time and singularity. Dr. Neil Turok, Dr. Paul Steinhardt, and Dr. Burt
Ovrut from M-Theory [an advancement of sting theory with 11 dimensions], have
concluded that time existed before singularity and at singularity it just pierced the
singularity to start a new time cycle. The work of String Theorist has made the vision
of nature and universe more complex with “Multi Universes”. The present vision is
that, there are billions of universes, continuously forming and being destroyed in
time as soap bubbles and that there are not one singularity but many [Video
References – BBC 5 of 5]. The present break through have made the comprehension
of the universe and the life more complex. It still does not dissolve the question of
the first bubble from which all other bubbles formed and dissolves in time and does
not do away with the entity that creates the disturbance to form the bubbles.

Inverting the Vision of String Physicist to Know Truth

But if Theoretical physicists invert their vision, the comprehension of universe
becomes simple. It can unite with quantum consciousness and can lead to “Living
Universe Theory” in line with ancient knowledge of God and Holy Ghost or Brahman,
as the beginning point of time, its end and new beginning. It can lead us Calvary,
help us understand it as the creation point or the moment when time was conquered.
For more than one half decade I have been trying to speak this to the world by
reviewing the very foundation of science and all major developments in science. The
universe is living, conscious and intelligent as the spiritual scripture says. We human
beings are individuated consciousness and intelligence formed from it in time and
dissolved back into it in time. What this means is that our individual “self” has no
independent reality from Universal Reality. This calls us to understand consciousness
and intelligence at the particulate, atomic, molecular, system and at the universal
level. In short we need to visualize universe from biological point. This would
dissolve the complexity of multi-universe and bring us to understanding the “Mind of
God” and return us to our roots – Love and Peace.

Nature is stressing us to know the truth. We are arriving at it. I have stuck to the
truth revealed to me and have struggled to speak to the world. My vision of universe
as living being may not have come to the main stream media. But I know time will
come. There is no other way for the world but to see truth and embrace truth. Max
Planck once said “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents
and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and
a new generation grows up that is familiar with it”

When truth percolates, it liberates human mind and roots it in justice and truth and
when this happens nature eases and order returns and we enter the Golden age or
the Kingdom of God. For this to happen in the world, the temples of science and
religions should awaken to Truth of Life and Nature.

My Theory and Secret of Time

Modern theoretical science, still seek the truth in the external world with its mind and
senses. But a switch to biological thinking, takes our the realm of mind and brings us
to realm of heart, which actually control and gives life. A living system can survive a
mind dead state, but it cannot survive a heart dead state. A living universe picture is
not beyond time. It means universe and time cycle needs to be understood as life
cycle with a beginning in time and end in time. It should have intelligence,
consciousness, soul, mind and body. Vedas and Bible and all spiritual scriptures says
this. It tells us very clearly that our self is only illusion and we are part of one whole
that is living. This means we are simply cell of one living universe, that is born in
time and die in time.

Science projects their mind to the external world. If they do the opposite way,
everything would fit into slots and the universe would become one and it would
discover God. Here I must call your attention to gregarious Theoretical Scientist Dr.
Micho Kaku. His talks and activity expresses, the state of mind a child in the Mothers
womb that is very close to delivery, that is intelligent and vibrant, yet deep within is
aware of that the reality it holds is incomplete. I marveled at his imagination of
evolution of humanity form earthly to planetary, stellar and galactic civilizations [See
video Future of Civilization -]
What is important is that the process what Dr. Michio Kaku is visualizing is already
taking shape in internal levels of Consciousness. The souls are being segregated into
these levels by Free Will and the rule of earth has to change hands from corrupt
earthly beings existing on knowledge obtained by killing and dissecting life, to higher
beings who perceive the inner truth directly and knows life and everything in it as

All life we know is designed to conquer time and initialize time and thus perpetuate
in time. Here there are two time and two worlds -The Male time and Female time.
They together form one. Life works against deterioration of time, but time direction
and deterioration is inevitable. When time pushes the system to the critical state, the
“Essence of the Male” [the spirit condensed into a point in a selected cell or world –
sperm] leaves its body and enters the female body and unites with the “Essence of
the Female” [Spirit condensed into a point in one selected world-Egg cell] to form a
point that is paired. This paired point then creates two new cells, using the matter
and energy taken from the body of the Female. This is the beginning point of two
worlds or duality that is one. This repeats to form the whole new organic system that
initializes to start a new life or time cycle. The energy for the mother to conquer time
and initialize time comes from the body the Father left behind to deteriorate. This
gives a simple cyclic organic vision of nature that the Vedas and Bible and ancient
spiritual and cultures spoke to the world. The “Last Supper” here takes a truly
scientific meaning.

At the universal level, this phenomenon of biological science can be understood from
Calvary sacrifice and the Second Coming. Since Christ sacrifice at Calvary, what has
dominated us is the inferior knowledge coming from human mind that has de-linked
from its root Creator force or living force or living knowledge and became slave to
material force. The act of salvation of human and its restoration to his pristine glory
is in progress. Second Coming is the revelation of Truth of Nature and its
functioning in a simple manner such that every one can understand and acts to save
the world inching towards self destruction. This book is not in support of Christian
religion, but in support of Truth. It speaks the science and the path God opened for
us through Christ to survive 2012.. We have made a religion out of Christ, but
missed His message and the path He opened for us. He showed the path to life
through death of “self” in total faith to God such that the Will of God manifests. The
Will of God is Love and Life. Love gives Life and fullness of Life gives Knowledge to
sustain Life. Calvary is the “Creation Point” or the “Big Bang Singularity Point”. This
is supported by Vedas. Yajur Veda VS 30-31, speaks that creation occurred through
self sacrifice and this sacrifice was conducted by his own people.

It is important that we realize the fallacies of the modern western thinking and
awaken to the truth of our oneness in God and the living reality of the universe. Only
then will earth and humanity will find peace and order. Mother earth would force
humanity to awaken to truth at all cost. We are already seeing the destructive power
of the four forces of nature. It is increasing as never before and is bound to peak as
2012 reaches. Mayans have interpreted 2012 as awakening of consciousness. But it
is not only is awakening of consciousness, but illumination of the intellect of
humanity or revelation of Mind of God or Truth. God said that in the end time He will
shed his spirit on all. The only way to survive is to awaken to Truth of Nature. There
is huge potential in ancient culture and knowledge; we need to make efforts to
unearth them. This book makes a humble effort to give you foundation for the
transformation and quantum leap in evolution of human thinking to survive 2012
By John Paily
Grace New Age Research
Web Site – “Truth of Nature”