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General view

Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Photo: Pedro Kok



Completion Date: 2008

The library evidently has a great influence of the modern architecture from So Paulo. It is possible to
perceive the influences from Vilanova Artigas and Paulo Mendes da Rocha. The influence of Artigas
building, the FAUUSP building, is also visible, almost as a tribute from the alumni to the building in which
they studied architecture.

This construction is composed by a great entrance atrium surrounded by a concrete beam one storey high. 1 2 Details Interior
This beam, which has the role of structure and sealing to the superior portion, organises a long footbridge
which gives access to the librarys general collection. Therefore, this structure not only serves as sealing,
but it also shelters the collection and creates the footbridge for visitors. Under the concrete beam, the
glass sealing produces a contrast between the weight of the concrete on the superior portion versus the
transparency and lightness of the inferior sealing. It is at this tension point that the visitor is invited to
enter the library.

Part of the library is suspended over SESCs great central water mirror, and the access is made through a
footbridge which symbolises the passage to a study place. When over the water mirror, it is possible to have
very interesting views that may change during the day as daylight itself changes.
South America

Architect: FGMF
1. interior
2. exterior

76 Interior 77