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1009 Prince Way Dalton, Ga 30721

• B.A. Elementary Education, May 2001, Magna Cum Laude
• Harding University, Searcy, Arkansas

• Masters Instructional Technology, December 2010

• Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, Georgia


Roan Elementary School, Dalton, GA (2004-Present)

• Media Specialist (2009-Present)

• ELL Teacher (2007-2009) Worked with English language learners in grades
• 4th Grade regular education teacher (2005-2007) taught self contained
regular education, EIP, ELL and inclusion students
• 3rd Grade regular education teacher (2004-2005) taught self contained
regular education, EIP and ELL students, served on art committee

Shirley T. Johnson Gretna Park Elementary, Gretna, LA (2001-2004)

• 1st Grade Teacher (2003-2004) taught self-contained regular education, ESL

and inclusion students, grade level chairperson, in charge of grade level
cooperative planning
• ESL Literacy Program (2003) taught evening English classes to parents of ESL
students, assisted ESL children with school work
• 2nd Grade Teacher (2001-2003) taught self-contained ESL children for one
year and the following year taught two classes of math, science and social
studies including inclusion children

• Author Visit (May 2010) organized and hosted one day visit from children’s
poet Brod Bagert at Roan Elementary School
• Scholastic Book Fairs (Fall 2009, Spring 2010) organized and hosted book fair
at Roan Elementary School
• Balanced Math Trainer Program (Summer 2006) participated in Jan
workshop that trained several of us to teach other incoming teachers the
Balanced Math Program
• QIC (2005-2009) fourth grade representative and recorder for committee
• Junior Achievement Coordinator for Roan (2005-2009) serving as the contact
teacher and organizer between Roan And Dalton State College’s JA Program
• After-School Tutoring Program (Fall 2001) tutored third grade math group,
served as program coordinator in charge of attendance, new enrollments,
transportation and teacher payroll
• Elementary Educational Math Facilitator (2001-2004) chosen to represent
school in matters relating to math curriculum at the district level
• Technology Coordinator (2002-2004) assisted faculty with computer related
problems, computer lab problems, internet inquiries and other technology
issues; participated in writing technology grant, assisted with designing
school web page
• 504 Committee Member (2002-2004) made decisions on whether students
should be covered under state wide law (504)


• Design Team (2009-Present) served as member of school leadership team

trained in the Schlechty WOW Center
• District Math Priority Team (2009-Present) served on team to research most
efficient methods of improving our students’ understanding of math
• Thinkgate Representative (2006-Present) served as elementary
representative to learn new assessment program purchased by our district
• DPS Induction Team (2005-2006) made decisions as a school team and
district team to better inform, prepare and train our incoming teachers to DPS
• SBLC (School Building Level Committee) Chairperson: chaired committee to
admit students for further evaluation of special needs
• LINCS Leadership Team: represented school at state level funded program
training; presented information to faculty
• SACS Committee Chairperson for School Demographics: research school’s
demographics for current and previous years, transferred information into
charts and graphs for school accreditation


• “Balanced Math Framework” New Teacher Induction, Roan Elementary School,

July 2007
• “QUILT- Questioning and Understanding in Learning and Teaching,” Staff
Development, Johnson Gretna Park School, November 2002
• “Special Education Evaluation Process,” Share Fair, Johnson Gretna Park
School, May 2003
• “LINCS Informational Presentation, “ Staff Development, Johnson Gretna Park
School, August 2003