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Student name Title of work you are analysing


(use this in reference to the piece you are analysing)

Very efectve
Not efectve

Efectve Please write about the visual language techniques used in the work you dont have to
write about techniques or elements not used.
(Relate your answer to how efectvely you feel an element has been used)
Line X The line on the image is thin and when it comes to black or darkness it goes large.

X Life, mythical,

Colour X The image shows white, grey and black. What I like about this is that Manga novels dont need to
add extra colour.

Visual Structure
or layout X Manga Character, Novel Strip, Speech Bubbles, Rectangle and Smoke

Function X It shows a story of a rough character with his arm bleeding after being in a fight and quotes in the
speech bubbles, Was that Serious Enough For You?

Tone X On the characters blazer and pants it shows halftone used for the material. In the background it
shows rough dots coming from the bottom of the image from dark to light blending with the white

Pattern / X It shows halftone repeated on the material and shows 2 speech bubbles.

Composition X Manga character in the middle of the page with his arm bleeding, showing with an impression on
his face looking like (are you satsfied) and sweatng after a fight.

X There is very little texture on the image but it is used for the shadows.

X Doesnt show any symbolism.


X It shows thick strong lines and cross hatching.


Which techniques are the most and or least effective and why do you think this is the case?

What have you learned about Manga that you could use further in your own work? (Use some of the key words from the graph to help identify why
you may like or dislike the image.)

What I learned about Manga is that you can add patterns to your characters clothing material and create texture for your
characters background.