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Movie trailers are traditionally seen before viewing a movie. Movie

trailers created during and after reading can be used to check for
student understanding of story elements and to demonstrate
summarizing skills in an expressive manner. Students can respond to a
grade level text by creating a storyboard, collecting images to support
the storyboard and creating a short movie trailer using district
software and/or an online tool.
Predictions Author’s Purpose
Students preview text and work Students identify the reason for
individually or with a group to design reading and create a short video to
a short prediction video. Students explain how they knew the author’s
Critical Thinking can capture digital images of purpose.
illustrations from text.
Problem Solving Compare/Contrast
Main Idea Fiction and non-fiction texts provide
Communication During and after reading, students many opportunities for making
identify the main idea and create a comparisons. Writing a script to
Collaboration short video detailing supporting identify differences from the author’s
details and main idea. point of view increases critical
Creativity & Innovation thinking skills.
After reading, students write a Poetry
summary script and then locate Poetry is challenging for students!
images to match. The script planning The opportunity to deconstruct a
is an excellent opportunity for poem by creating a video will deepen
writing instruction. student understanding.
How can reader response movie trailers help students develop
good reading skills and habits?

Creative Commons
Share, Remix, Reuse — Legally • Creative Commons is a nonprofit
organization that increases sharing and improves collaboration.
Google Advanced Search
The Advanced Search screen permits users to restrict usage rights, date
and more.
Discovery Streaming (
Discovery Streaming has 27000+ images available for download.
PowerPoint Photographs
In addition to clipart, PowerPoint has a wonderful selection of
photographs for use in student projects. Saving slides as pictures makes
them accessible for use in other software/web projects.

PowerPoint is an excellent tool for storyboarding a video project! Students
drag images and citations from an Internet window to PowerPoint slides.
Then all slides are saved as images. That was easy!

PhotoStory 3
Easy, free software for uploading digital still images. Add narration, adjust
movements, and viola ~ instant video!
These software products are similar to PhotoStory 3, but allow for the
inclusion of digital video and digital stills.

Web Tools
Storybirds are short, visual stories that you make with family and friends
to share. (
A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images,
documents, and videos and allows people to navigate pages and leave
comments in 5 ways. (
A web application that automatically generates professionally produced
videos. Each video is a fully customized orchestration of user-selected
images and music. (