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By and Between

The Office of Career Management at Mercer University



This is a Memorandum of Understanding on the part of the _______ referenced herein as Firm
and San Beda College-Alabang, referenced herein as Institution, regarding the non-paind
internship experience of Maria Arielle Samantha T. Alvarez enrolled in the Practicum course.


1. The internship will be of such content, and cover a period of time mutually agreed upon
by the Firm and the Institution.
2. Either the Firm or the Institution may withdraw any student from an internship based
upon (1) a lack of competency on the part of the student, (2) the student's failure to
comply with the Firm’s rules and policies, or (3) for any other reason it is not in the
student’s best interest to continue the internship. In such a case, written notice of the
withdrawal and reasons for the withdrawal shall be provided to the other party and to the
3. Neither Firm nor the Institution shall discriminate against any person on the basis of age,
disability, gender, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or status as a
Veteran in the performance of this Agreement.


1. The Firm will retain responsibility for supervision of the student insofar as their presence
and assignments affect the operation of the Firm.
2. The Firm will provide adequate facilities for the student’s participation in the internship to
meet internship objectives and learning goals.
3. The Firm shall provide for the appropriate training of the participating student as to the
rules, regulations, and policies of the Firm.
4. All medical or health-related injuries (emergency or otherwise) that the student receives
at the Firm will be at the expense of the individual involved.


1. The Institution will use its best efforts to select students for participation in the internship
who are prepared for effective participation in the training phase of their overall

AGREED TO BY: San Beda College. regulations. MUTUAL RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. a meeting or conference may be held to resolve any problems or develop improvements in the operation of the internship. and regulations governing the participation of students as interns in this program as stated in The Labor Code of the Philippines 4. b. injury. Jacome Date Department Chair of BS Legal Management in San Beda College – Alabang Ma. The parties will work together to maintain an environment of quality learning experiences for the student. c. standards and practices of the Firm when in the Firm. and procedures. construed and applied in accordance with the laws of the Philippines 5. Alvarez Date BS Legal Management student enrolled under the Practicum course San Beda College-Alabang . To report to the Firm on time and to follow all established regulations of the Firm. injury or damage results from the negligence or willful conduct of that party. The Institution will keep each participating student informed of his or her responsibilities. or employees. The Firm and the Institution acknowledge and agree that neither party shall be responsible for any loss. d. This Memorandum of Understanding shall be governed by. To follow the policies. 2.Alabang Date Atty. To keep in confidence all information pertaining to particular Firm and its matters. It is the sole responsibility of the Firm to follow all state and local laws. At the request of either party. including but not limited to the following: a. The Institution will encourage each participating student to comply with the Firm’s rules. John R. This Memorandum of Understanding shall supersede any and all previously executed Memoranda of Understanding between the parties for applied learning experiences. Arielle Samantha T. its agents. 3. The Firm and the Institution acknowledge and agree that student participants in the internship are not employees of the Firm and the Institution by reason of such participation. 2. To conform to established professional standards and practices while training at the Firm D. officers. or other damage to the person or property of any student participating in the internship unless such loss. rules.