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Student name Title of work you are analysing


(Use this in reference to the piece you are analysing)

Please write about the visual language techniques used in the work you dont have to

write about techniques or elements not used.


(Relate your answer to how effectively you feel an element has been used)
Line X The lines look very delicate, as Im looking at the picture it looks like an optical illusion which looks
very weird.

X The painting is flat and when Im looking at the illusion it gets me confused.

Colour X The colours on the clouds look very blurry and when they turn into sails they look smooth. The
main colour on the bridge blends into the sky and space. The ocean stays exactly where it is.

Visual Structure
or layout X It shows a range of triangle shapes on the

Function X It shows a mans face, hair, and shirt and boe tie

Tone X The tone looks very realistic when shows the reflections, shadows, lines and wood.

Pattern / X It shows an illusional pattern and a repeat of clouds and an island under the bridge come together
Repeat to make ships.

Composition X The composition is from the imagination.

X The texture looks very smooth, if I was surrealist I wouldnt leave any painted edge marks.

X The painting doesnt show any symbolism but it shows repeated shape pattern.

X It doesnt show any Markmaking but it looks realistic.


Which techniques are the most and or least effective and why do you think this is the case?

What have you learned about that you could use further in your own work? (Use some of the key words from the graph to help identify why you may
like or dislike the image.)

What I learned about surrealism is that I can use life and nature or anything and put it together to create illusion in art.