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The Stunts in “Jackass the Movie”

1. The introduction – Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Steve-o, wee man,
Chris Pontius, Preston Lacy, Dave England and Ehren Mcghehey are in a shopping
trolley which is careering it down a hill. After coming through a wall of smoke, dust
cannons are fired at them, with the team finally flying into a fruit and vedge stall.

2. “Rent-a-car crash-up-derby” – Johnny Knoxville rents a car and enters it into a

destruction derby. He then attempts to return the car to the rental shop…

3. Bam Margera randomly canes it down a bowling lane lying on his skateboard. In
another lane, another member of the team is sent down whilst the rest of them throw
bowling balls at him. Johnny Knoxville gets him right in the nuts.

4. “The Muscle Stimulator” – various members of the Jackass crew take in turns to
receive electric shocks from muscle stimulator pads turned up to their highest setting.
Lower regions of the body are shocked as well…

5. Preston Lacy waits until someone is about to walk past him in a park whereupon he
promptly sits down on a bench that collapses under his weight and he rolls onto the

6. Brandon Dicamillo and Bam Margera perform destruction derby on a golf course
along with Johnny Knoxville and Ryan Dunn in golf carts. The entire place is
destroyed and the two carts attempt dirt jumps over obstacles. Johnny and Ryan
manage to perform a 180 degree corkscrew. The golf cart is completely crushed.

7. “Party Boy Japan” – Chris Pontius goes into a Japanese electronics retailer and asks a
member of staff to put on his CD. He then turns the music up to full volume and strips
down to a silver G-string, and then skips and dances around the store. He also takes a
security guards hat before being thrown out.

8. Wee man attempts to break four tiles with a headbutt…and fails painfully.

9. At the zoo, Johnny Knoxville allows a baby alligator to bite his nipple continuously.

10. “Alligator Tightrope” – Steve-o attempts to tightrope across an enclosure containing

three unfed alligators, with meat tucked in the back of his thong. As the alligators
constantly gnash at his ass, he falls in three times but manages to keep going. Near
the end, he allows the alligators to grab the meat off him without him being able to
see them…

11. “Fireworks wake-up” – It’s 12:42 am at Bam Margera’s house and his parents are fast
asleep. Wearing a hugely oversized Russian Cossack hat, he places about four large
buckets of fireworks in their bedroom and then lets them off. The parents go berserk
with fright, as the Jackass team kill themselves laughing. Five hours later, the same
event occurs again - in his dad’s car…

12. Dorothy Barnett, Spike Jonze, Bam Margera and Johnny Knoxville are turned by a
make up team into old age pensioners. They then go down concrete steps and do
uphill wheelies on mobility vehicles and purposefully fall off treadmills.
13. As an old man, Johnny Knoxville walks into a newsagent and starts putting loads of
food into his jacket as he walks around the shop. He is then caught. On his way out as
he is followed by the storeowner, he still attempts to put things under his jacket, even
attempting the shop’s sign…

14. Dave England goes for a huge dump in a hardware store display toilet. However on
the first trip, he lets it all out in the minibus.

15. Johnny Knoxville sneaks up on Bam Margera with an electric hair razor and takes out
a chunk. He then does the same thing with Benzo and Matt Hoffman.

16. “Mousetraps” - Ehren Mcghehey has to get to a piece of cheese on the other side of a
room covered in over 300 mousetraps. After enduring extreme pain he does it, but
then more are thrown at him. One thrown by Johnny Knoxville lands right on his

17. “The Bungee Wedgie” – Raab Himself drops off an 11 ft high tree wearing pants
attached to a bungie chord which is fixed to the top of the tree. Unfortunately the
bungie pings off and he goes straight into the ground. On his second attempt, the
device works and after the extreme wedgie he hangs upside down, suspended by his

18. “Riot Control Test” – Johnny Knoxville has a 45g projectile fired at him from a
shotgun. He falls to the ground instantly.

19. Wee man goes around the streets of Tokyo under a big traffic cone. The onlookers are
absolutely bewildered…

20. As an old man, Bam Margera canes it down a very steep hill on a mobility vehicle,
screaming that his brakes don’t work. When he gets to the bottom, a guy runs over to
see if he is ok, with Bam then asking if he can do it again.

21. Ryan Dunn has a kickboxing match against the Double-K World Lightweight
Women’s Champion, and gets completely and utterly destroyed.

22. Johnny Knoxville goes pole vaulting over, on and into random things on a tropical
island. These include jumping onto a dead cat in a river, and off a pier over thirty feet

23. Dressed in street cleaners clothes, Ehren Mcghehey attempts to skimboard a puddle
late at night, as a shopping trolley is shoved into him from the side.

24. “Night Pandas” – Johnny Knoxville, wee man, Steve-o and Ryan Dunn dress in panda
costumes and run and skip around Tokyo causing havoc. Wee man ollies over the
others as well as whole store shelves are knocked down, Johnny jumps in through the
window of a car and wee man is repeatedly tossed in the air by a crowd.

25. Johnny Knoxville attempts to roller-skate with two rockets attached to the boots. On
both attempts he flies into the concrete. Lastly, he decides to try it with a total of 8
rockets attached to his boots. He careers along the path until eventually plummeting
head over heels into the grass.
26. “Roller Disco Truck” – A roller disco is set up in the back of a huge truck, which
Preston Lacy then drives as maniacally as possible around a car park. Total anarchy

27. “Wasabi Snooters” – Steve-o snorts this gross looking Japanese gooey fish stuff.
After rolling around yelling and clutching his stomach, he then proceeds to snort it
two more times.

28. Preston Lacy chases wee man around Tokyo, both dressed as sumo wrestlers…

29. “The Gong” - Johnny Knoxville and some fat guy go up to unsuspecting people and
bang a gong as loudly as they can behind them. Johnny also purposefully hits the fat
guy in the balls and later completely pulls his trousers down.

30. Johnny Knoxville jumps off a mini trampoline into a ceiling fan (that’s turned on) and
falls through a table.

31. April Margera (Bam’s mum) returns home to find a live alligator in her kitchen.
Masses of screams follow…

32. Johnny Knoxville cuts off a lump of wee man’s hair in the minibus. Twice.

33. With Clyde Singleton and Eric Koston’s help, Johnny does a 50-50 on a rail down a
15 set, falling off two thirds of the way down.

34. Preston Lacy gets out of a swimming pool and walks back into the hotel. His trunks a
re completely see-through…

35. “Paper cuts” – Johnny Knoxville gets paper cuts between all of his toes and his
fingers, followed by Steve-o receiving paper cuts to his mouth…

36. “The Fortune Teller” – Chris Pontius goes up to a fortune teller to get his fortune told.
He then says that actually he already knows his future, it’s partying. He then turns on
his ghettoblaster, strips down to a G-string and dances in front of the fortune teller…

37. “Sweaty Fat Fucks” – Bam Margera, Tony Hawk and Matt Hoffman go skating and
BMXing wearing fat suits. Much stupidity encurs…

38. In his old man costume, Johnny Knoxville lifts a 1kg weight which causes him
collapse, greatly distressing the personal trainer behind him.

39. “Department Store Boxing” - Johnny Knoxville has a boxing match in a random
Japanese department store against Butterbean, the boxer with the world’s quickest
knockout time. Johnny is seriously hammered…

40. Brandon Dicamillo is fully dressed in medieval knight kit, complete with joust. He
tears down a hill on his bike and careers full speed straight into a newsagent, trashing
several shelves and a customer…

41. “Whale Shark Gummer” – “Steve-o and Chris Pontius stuff about 100 shrimp into
the front of their boxers and then go diving with unfed whale sharks. Some very close
encounters follow…
42. Johnny Knoxville tries to stand up against a tidal wave and disappears off screen.

43. Steve-o shows off the huge tattoo on his back which is a giant picture of him. Oh

44. Steve-o attempts to receive a tattoo of a smiley face on his arm whilst enduring a
super bumpy safari ride. The result is a bloody mess…

45. Ehren Mcghehey gets spun really, really fast on a roundabout by a truck. When he
gets off he’s completely dizzy, and gets his hair hit upon by the razor. Three times.

46. Steve-o shoves a rocket down his ass and lights it. Chris Pontius then attaches one to
his bandaged up dick with string, and fires that. As a final combo, Chris attaches one
again, but at the same time plants it in steve-o’s ass. The result is somewhat

47. “BMX Tug-of-War” – Ryan Dunn attempts to pull Preston Lacy off a sofa by cycling
as fast as he can and then jumping into a pit of Cacti. Painfully, he pulls it off.

48. As an old man in his mobility vehicle, Bam pretends to fall asleep in front of a line of

49. “Yellow Snowcone” - Ehren Mcghehey scoops up snow and places it in a paper cone.
After peeing on it, he then eats it. No kidding.

50. Wee man kicks himself in the head.

51. Bam Margera places a camera in his parent’s toilet. As his dad sits down to do his
business, Bam Margera runs in, beats him up and takes his shirt. And then runs off.

52. “Golf Course Airhorn” – Johnny Knoxville, Chris England and Ehren Mcghehey hide
in bushes at this golf course and blow air horns every time people tee off. People start
getting rather angry…

53. Steve-o dresses up as a mouse and gets attacked by a huge jungle cat.

54. “The burglars” – Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera crash through a library ceiling
dressed as burglars and pretend to be taking diamonds.

55. “The Butt X-Ray” - Using anal lube and a condom, Ryan Dunn shoves a toy car all
the way up his ass. The next day he goes to the hospital to get it X-rayed. The doctors
are absolutely stunned…

56. Using a human catapault, Johnny Knoxville is fired into a river.

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