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Data Analysis 6th Grade Mathematics

Cadre: 6A UC Santa Cruz Assessment: Unit 1 & Unit 2

Period: 1 Skills Analyzed:
Unit 1
1.1.2 Perimeter & Area Relationships
1.2.1 Multiple Representations
1.2.3 Characteristics of Numbers
1.2.4 Products, Factors, and Factor Pairs
Unit 2
2.1.1. Dot Plot & Bar Graphs
2.1.2. Histogram & Stem-&-Leaf Plot
2.2.1. Exploring Area
2.2.2. Square Units & Area of Rectangle
Overall Class Average: 71%

Far below standard Approaching standard Meeting standard Exceeding standard

# of students: 7 # of students: 5 # of students: 10 # of students: 8

% of class: 23% % of class: 16% % of class: 32% As 4

Bs 4

% of class: 26%

*Students w/an F *Students w/a D *Students w/an C *Students w/ As/Bs

Trends/observations: Trends/observations: Trends/observations: Trends/observations:
*IEP student in need -Tardies - Distracted -Participates
of an appropriate -Lack of participation -Moderate Participation frequently/Willing to
Math Curriculum -Low percentage of (Groups/whole participate when called
-FBB on basic turning in homework or Discussions) upon
arithmetic skills classwork -Moderate Confidence -Assesses well
-ESL students - Not turning work at all levels -Turns in all homework
-Reading -Highly Distracted -Moderate capacity to on time
Comprehension -Low Confidence levels communicate -Quality of work is at
challenges -Low Participation (verbally/in writing) grade level
-Doesnt provide (Groups/whole math understanding -Seeks assistance from
enough data due Discussions) -Minimum work turned teacher/parents &/or
turning in a low -Low capacity to in (class/homework) guardians/other
percentage of quality communicate -Assesses moderately -Reviews all work &
work or work at all (verbally/in writing) well reflects on feedback
-Minimum to no math understanding -Ask minimum -Has capacity to
capacity to -Assessment anxiety clarifying questions verbalize math
communicate (low sense of urgency to understanding & help
(verbally/in writing) get started, often other peers
math understanding observed struggling or in
-Minimum distress, etc.)
Confidence levels -Has to be approached to
check for understanding;
Data Analysis 6th Grade Mathematics

-Assessment anxiety ask few clarifying

(low sense of questions
urgency to get
started, often
observed struggling
or in distress,
distracting others, in
need of supplies
during test, restroom
-Ask no clarifying