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Newly Vacant Properties in Detroit

Comparing Motor City Mapping era Property Surveys (Winter 2013 / 2014)
With Detroit Land Bank Property Surveys (Summer 2016)
Analysis Performed with data from

Preliminary Research on Detroit Properties Newly Vacant

Between MCM & Summer 2016:
Properties Surveyed BOTH in MCM & 2016: 63,463 Parcels

Number found Vacant in MCM: 6,050 of 63,463 Parcels Surveyed

Number Demolished since MCM w/in Survey Pool: 1,180 HHF Demolitions w/in Survey Pool
Number Expected Vacant in 2016 IF No New Vacancies: (Vacant MCM - Demolitions) = 4,870

Actual Number Vacant in 2016: 8,173 of 63,463 Parcels Surveyed

Number of Demolitions Since Parcel Surveyed as Vacant in 2016: 155 Demos Since 16 Survey
Total Vacants in 2016: 8,018 Vacant Parcels w/in Survey Pool in 16 Survey

Net Change in Vacants MCM thru 2016 amongst 63,463 Parcels Resurveyed:
+3,148 (64% Increase)

Vacant Properties MCM (6,050)

Within the pool of 63,463 properties surveyed

BOTH in MCM and Summer 2016, this map shows
the properties surveyed as Vacant in Motor City
Mapping (Winter 13 / 14):
6,050 of 63,463 Parcels Surveyed found Vacant

Vacant Properties 2016 (8,018)

HHF Zones
Within the pool of 63,463 properties surveyed
BOTH in MCM and Summer 2016, this map shows
the properties surveyed as Vacant during the
Summer of 2016:
8,018 of 63,463 Parcels Surveyed found Vacant

Vacancy, Fire, and Foreclosure

Demolitions That
Will be Required
Due to Fires that
Occurred in 2015
Fire, and
LOVELANDs survey of foreclosed
properties in June of 2016 found that
at least 585 houses that had been
occupied in 2015 were vacated after
receiving a notice of tax foreclosure.
We estimate that about 10% of homes
that go into tax foreclosure each year
are vacated and abandoned.

- Based on data from LOVELAND

Technologies 2016 Tax Foreclosure
Survey Report

Examples of New Vacancies 8
16038 Fairmount Dr, Regent Park, Detroit

January 2014 September 2016

Examples of New Vacancies 9
11359 Littlefield, Barton McFarland, Detroit

January 2014 May 2015

Examples of New Vacancies 10
9125 Falcon, Springwells Village, Detroit

December 2013 May 2015 August 2016

Examples of New Vacancies 11
15695 Rossini Drive, Regent Park, Detroit

September 2014 November 2014

Examples of New Vacancies 12
1629 W Philadelphia, LaSalle Gardens, Detroit

January 2014 March 2015 September 2016

Reasons for Further Research and Policy Intervention 13

In October of 2013 Loveland first met with the blight task force. Initially, the task force asked how we would go about identifying every
blighted property in Detroit. LOVELAND put the 2012 map below up on the screen and said, We cant just survey whats blighted today
because this is the pipeline of whats coming tomorrow. Tax foreclosure is the engine the produces blight and vacancy.

We surveyed the entire city a single frame in the stop-motion picture of Detroit property history. The Land Bank has now resurveyed
1/6th of the city two and a half years later a meaningful start on a second frame that should be completed.

We are seeing increases in property vacancies, even in areas where demolition is active. More research would be wise, but we believe the
reason for this vacancy is tax foreclosure. Tax foreclosure both forces Detroiters from their homes, and leaves properties vacant, open to
scrapping, arson, and deterioration. While methods to alleviate some of the symptoms of tax foreclosure have become more eective, the
underlying cause of tax foreclosure remains unaddressed. Until it is, vacancy and blight will continue to impact the neighborhoods of

Detroit Tax Distress Map, 2012 Detroit Tax Distress Map, 2016