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This August 16 is the third anniversary of the Nangar Khel

incident in which a group of Afghan villagers were killed

in a totally unjustified attack by one NATO unit comprised
of Polish soldiers. This murderous raid was materially part
of the dirty and immoral US military plan called Operation
Enduring Freedom to send Afghan society back to the middle
ages or even the stone age.
NATO troops have been killing innocent villagers since the
invasion of Afghanistan in November 2001, but much of the
killings were initially carried out by US and UK units. The
Polish and other forces were largely free of such inhuman
crimes but in August 2007 the Polish decided that it should
live up to the reputation of NATO troops in Afghanistan.
Two days prior to the murderous attack, Polish soldiers based
at Wazi-Khwa in the same Paktika province had an unexpected
encounter with some Taliban fighters which resulted in the
death of one Polish serviceman. It was the first fatality for
the Polish army in Afghanistan since March 2002.
Unhappy with that encounter, the commander of the Polish base
(nicknamed Olo) instructed his men to teach the nearby villages
a hard lesson. The villagers had already been under suspicion
of supporting or being sympathetic to the Taliban. A soldier
called Osa was then given a map identifying the location of the
villages that were to be hit.
Following the order, a group of Polish soldiers targeted the
village of Nangar Khel with their mortars plus at least one
machine-gun. In the village, coincidently, a wedding party was
being held and the fire from the Polish soldiers fell upon
the party. Eight people were killed on the spot and three
others injured.
The killing at Nangar Khel was the first incident involving
that particular Polish outfit stationed in Paktika province
since they deployed there just less than a year before. Olo
and the soldier called Osa and the others belonged to a team
that was part of the Polish Bielsko-Biala Delta unit.
One or two soldiers at the scene refused to fire on the village
and objected to the shooting saying that only unarmed civilians
were present. However, at least three others directed live fire
towards the civilians inside the perimeter of the village. Eight
innocent civilians were already lying dead on the ground by the
time a Polish sergeant came to the scene and ordered the soldiers
to stop firing.
After the incident, A NATO spokesperson announced that its men
had engaged a group of insurgents near Nangar Khel and several
civilians had been killed in the ensuing crossfire.
It was a big, big lie. The killings at Nangar Khel were nothing
less than brazen acts of very atrocious war crimes. The Polish
soldiers had been hugely pissed off by the untimely death of
their colleague two days earlier, and had simply targeted Nangar
Khel in revenge. During the shooting, not a single Taliban was
around the area.
The Nangar Khel killing incident was not an unusual event for
the innocent people of Afghanistan. After the arrival of foreign
soldiers in the country, Afghan civilians were treated like so
much abundant and free fodder for these soldiers. Civilians were
bombed, shot and blasted here and there and everywhere. There
were also constant reports that the foreign soldiers had used
banned weapons while hammering and blowing up Afghan civilians.
Such was their great cruelty and very merciless behaviour despite
the so-called Operation Enduring Freedom. (freedom from what ?)
The cruel and deadly actions seen at Nangar Khel showed that not
only were US and UK soldiers busily using Afghan civilians as live
and defenceless targets in the so-called war against terror but
soldiers from other nations were doing it, too. The sad thing is
that many other countries which refused to send killers there have
elected to remain silent, or act deaf and dumb.
That has not satisfied the world's greatest killer nation at all.
It has fully managed to cajole and persuade yet more nations to
send their soldiers and various army personnel to Afghanistan as
though Afghanistan's civilians needed more foreigners to control
their lives. The Afghan people really do not require foreigners
or strangers to come and mess up their country. Still, a handful
of pro-western nations have been able to respond to the persuasion.
Accepting or agreeing to a request from the world's greatest killer
to send soldiers to Afghanistan is like selling your soul to the
Devil himself. Or accepting a pact with the fallen angel himself.
Among the nations that have agreed to send soldiers to Afghanistan
are the latest ones from S E asia. One nation whose army was well
known for killing scores of innocent people during racial riots
agreed to provide forty men to Kabul. This nation right now could
not even protect and safeguard the rights of its Penan minority,
yet could agree to send forty army personnel to Afghanistan.
Worse, not only unable to protect weak and innocent people, it has
continued to pursue and practise policies that harm and directly
discriminate against its own minorities. Even today, in this age.
In fact, discrimination has become a very profitable and very well-
established institution in this particular country. Evil liars and
cheaters and murderers very certainly have much in common with one
another. And it includes harming and damaging defenceless nations
and peoples. Afghanistan is merely just one more of their victims.
How terrible and how sad.
The presence of foreign soldiers in Afghanistan has brought deep
despair and horribly indescribable suffering to the Afghan people
and these foreign troops are shamelessly using Afghan civilians
as battlefield playthings and live objects for target practice.
The actions of all these foreign soldiers are nothing less than
very abominable and terrible and inhuman war crimes. Worse, the
chief war criminal has brought along other minions to help him
in his evil work. These minions are just as evil as him.
The future for the Afghan people looks very grim and surely is
full of dark forbodings. One day when the foreign troops get all
tired of the killings and wish to leave or when they get hounded
out by the insurgents, the Afghan people will still have to face
more killings as it will be the story of vietnam all over again.
The insurgents and the puppet forces will have to face each other
to decide who would become the ultimate ruler of the Afghan nation.
Thus the killers now present in Afghanistan are actually harming
the Afghan people two times what could be discerned or seen now
with a passing glance.
The world must bring the killers to justice before that can be
allowed to happen.
Punish all the murderers, killers and the evil hypocrites ! ! !
Destroy all the minions that practise evil discrimination ! ! !
To hell with all of them. They are so EVIL.