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Subject : English Language

Date : 9th March 2015

Time : 8.40 9.40 a.m.

Class : 4 Wawasan

Enrolment : 20

Proficiency Level : Mixed ability

Theme : World of Knowledge

Topic : Unit 9 :Our Solar System

Focused skill : Grammar (Prepositions)

Integrated skill : Writing and Listening and Speaking

Content Standard : . 5.1 By the end of the 6-year primary schooling, pupils will be able to use different word classes correctly and

Learning Standards : 5.1.5 Able to use preposition correctly and appropriately:

a) above b) below e) between

Learning objectives : By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:
(a) sing preposition song with actions
(b) match prepositions with picture cards correctly.

(c) identify at least 4 out of 10 prepositions in the word search puzzle correctly.

(d) construct and read aloud at least one sentence with prepositions correctly

Educational emphases: 1. Kinaesthetic

2. Interpersonal
3. Creative and critical thinking

Teaching Aids : Colour strips, jigsaw puzzles, A4 papers, PowerPoint slides, word cards, picture cards, LCD, speaker, worksheets,
envelope with clues, realia, balloons, paper strips, worksheets, computer and word search puzzle

Set Induction 1. Teacher greets pupils. 1. To bring pupils to Teaching aid:

(5 minutes) 2. Teacher asks the pupils to pick up a strip of focus on todays topic. - Jigsaw puzzle
colour paper from a box. 2. To increase the (Appendix 1)
3. Pupils go into their groups based on the pupils curiosity level -A4 papers
colour strip. 3. To activate the pupils
4. Teacher gives each group an envelope that thinking skills
contains a set of jigsaw puzzle. 4. To develop pupils
5. Pupils solve the jigsaw puzzle in their groups critical and critical
and paste it on a A4 paper. thinking skills.
6. Teacher asks question based on the jigsaw
Presentation 1. Teacher plays a preposition song in the class. 1. To teach grammar in Teaching aids:
(20 minutes) 2. Teacher asks pupils to listen to the context. -Word cards
preposition song. 2. To enhance the -PPT slides
3. Pupils sing together with actions. pupils understanding -Speaker
4. Teacher pastes preposition word cards on the of preposition words -LCD
board. Eg between, below and above. using songs and -Computer
5. Teacher brings a realia to explain about actions -Realia
prepositions. Teacher demonstrates 3. To show pupils how
examples to teach prepositions. prepositions are
6. Teacher shows PPT slides about the usage of applied in real life
preposition. context
7. Teacher reads aloud and pupils repeat after 4. To make learning
teacher. more fun, meaningful
8. Teacher explains to the pupils about and purposeful.
Practice 1. Teacher conducts jazz chants in the class. 1. To offer opportunities
(15 minutes) 2. Pupils repeat the chants in chorus. Eg the for pupils to make Teaching aids:
ball is above the table. connections between Balloons
3. Teacher pastes pictures cards and words the prepositions and Picture cards
cards on the board. the pictures. Paper strips
4. Teacher divides the pupils into groups of four. 2. To develop critical
5. Teacher gives each group a set of balloons. and creative thinking Thinking skills:
6. Each pupil will blow one balloon. skills. Making associations
7. Each representative from the group will come 3. To develop pupils and connections
in front and stand in line. ability to identify and
8. Teacher explains the rules of the game. When enhance their
the game starts, one pupil from each group understanding of Moral Value:
will burst the balloon. preposition words by We should obey
9. Pupil takes a paper strip from the balloon. The developing real life instructions given
paper strip contains prepositions. Eg skills. especially from older
between, below and above. 4. To incorporate the people.
10. Pupils will run to get the word cards of elements of fun in
prepositions which is same as the paper strip language learning
and matches it with the pictures pasted on the 5. To add variety to the
board. teaching and learning
11. Pupils match the word card below the picture process to entice
card. pupils to be engaged.
12. Teacher gives reward to the group that 6. To encourage
manages to match all the given prepositions cooperate learning.
with the pictures in a short time and
13. Pupils learn a good moral value that is being
able to listen and obey their teacher when she
is giving instructions.
Production 1) Teacher divides pupils into five groups. 1. To offer opportunities Teaching Aids:
(15 minutes) 2) Teacher gives an envelope to pupils that for cooperative Envelope of clues
contain clues. The clues contains sentences learning. Appendix 2
with prepositions in it. The prepositions in the 2. To reinforce the Worksheets
sentences are to give hints to pupils where to language focus. (Appendix 3)
find the tokens. 3. To test pupils Tokens
Eg : The token is under the chair of one of your understanding level of
classmates. the grammar item.
3) Pupils collect five tokens which are hidden in 4. To integrate speaking Thinking skills:
five different places in the classroom. skills in a meaningful Analysing
4) The first group to get all the tokens will be way.
given worksheets. 5. To enable pupils to
5) Pupils present their work in front. learn from mistakes.
6) Teacher discusses the answers with them.
7) Pupils learn to work together in a group and Moral Value :
they become more understanding and tolerant We should work
with each other. together and help
each other.

Closure 1) Teacher gives a word search puzzle to pupils. 1. To develop and Teaching Aid :
(5 minutes) 2) Teacher asks pupils to colour the preposition enhance pupils Word search puzzle
words. vocabulary skills (Appendix 4)
3) Teacher asks pupils to come in front and make 2. To integrate speaking
sentences using any of their favourite skills in a meaningful
preposition words. way.
3. To develop creative
and critical thinking