Yammer Virtual Firewall

The Yammer Virtual Firewall combines the benefits of Software as a Service with the access controls and authentication protocols of an on-premise deployment. These administrative controls include:

IP-Range Restrictions
You can restrict Yammer access so that it occurs over your existing VPN connection by setting one or more IP range restrictions. This provides a level of security equivalent to that of your corporate intranet. You can also restrict Yammer access to physical locations (e.g. your corporate offices).

Strong Authentication
You can protect against phishing attacks (that can compromise account passwords) by using Yammer·s Strong Authentication. This feature requires that your employees have two authentication factors to log in to the company·s Yammer network: (1) a valid password and (2) an authorized Yammer client. To authorize a client, employees must click a uniquely coded, timesensitive link sent to their company email address. Requiring two-factor authentication neutralizes phishing attacks because the attacker cannot complete the authorization step.

Single Sign-On
With single sign-on (SSO), an employee logs in once and gains access to all systems without being prompted to log in at each of them. Many companies opt to use SSO to minimize the damage caused by compromised passwords. Yammer integrates with your existing SSO implementation so that employees don·t use a password to access Yammer.

Directory Integration
Yammer provides a directory integration tool that will automatically provision and de-prevision user accounts based on the contents of your directory system (e.g. Active Directory or LDAP). By automating account creation and deletion, you save time, prevent human error, and ensure that only current employees can access the company Yammer network.

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