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New Norcia Bakery

Marketing Plan


Tutorial Time

Team Name (if any):

Student Name Student ID






(Marked on creativity, practicality and ability to justify statements and propositions)

Marking Guide

Executive Summary /3

Introduction /3

Analysis and Evaluation (SWOT Analysis) /15

Competitive Advantage and Positioning & Marketing


Target Market /5


Product Strategy /8
Product (bread) design /5

Pricing Strategy /8

Place Strategy /8

Promotion Strategy /8

Poster /5

Conclusion & Potential Problem Evaluation /3

References, formatting and presentation of report /5

Teamwork /5

Group Presentation (15 marks) /15

Total /100

Teamwork (5 marks) This section will be added into your group assignment mark.

(1) 1 2 3 4 5 /5

(2) 1 2 3 4 5 /5

(3) 1 2 3 4 5 /5

(4) 1 2 3 4 5 /5

(5) 1 2 3 4 5 /5

15 min presentation, 5 min Q&A (Max 20 mins)

Powerpoint (hardcopy presentation slides on day)

Test equipmt

Product Remarketing Focus

Target market: 20-26 y/o, health conscious

Objectives: build awareness of NNB (authenticity, heritage), increase brand

recognition for Pizza Bianca


Executive Summary (This is a brief overview of the report. Explain the purpose of the report.
Emphasize on your recommendations (strategies) and conclude with the possible outcome and issues you may
encounter. Do follow the sequence of information presented in the report. The Executive Summary should be at
most 1 page long).


Introduction (You need to define the purpose of this report and what you are hoping to achieve.
Discuss briefly only the key information that you think is relevant for your report about the client. This can be a
brief overview or background about the client/brand.)


Analysis and Evaluation of brand (SWOT Analysis) (Identify the
internal strengths and weaknesses and evaluate external opportunities and threats. This is NOT based on your
proposed product, but what your client at current point in time.)


Opportunities Threats

Competitive Advantage and Positioning (What are the unique selling
points/ competitive advantage of the product? You can highlight some of the key strengths from your SWOT.
This is the brand and product at the current point in time. Not based on your proposed idea.)


- Healthier, less ingredients, less gluten, let younger generation know, taste, buy west eat best
(on poster), experience in baking, history, PB diverse product

- Positioning: price + quality, attribute, use/application

Marketing Objectives (What are you hoping to achieve? What is the purpose of your
marketing activity?)


Include numbers e.g. increase by 20%

- On brief increase awareness of NNB, build PB brand, inform

- Attract younger audience (Gen Y) introduce new one

- More approachable online presence (mainly social media)

Target Market (Describe your proposed target market in terms of demographic, psychographics,
geographics, benefit segments, usage rate segments, etc)


- Demographic: Gen Y (21 36) singles, couples w/o kids

- Psychographic: Recreation + social oriented, coffee hub/hipster, health conscious

- Fewer financial burdens

- Usage: loyalty program, free coffee card, promotion, social media hashtag

- Benefit: health aspects, taste

- Geographic: wider Perth

Product strategy (What is the idea behind your product? How will you design the product?
Consider the branding and packaging aspects of your product. How does it appeal to your target market?)


- Focus on quality of product in branding

- Link PB to brand signature product

- Current packaging issue bag gets soaked with oil

- Packaging incl. ingredients, brand name/logo, possibly incl. recipes/suggestions of use

(Insert your product and packaging design here. Please also provide a rationale into the design
concept/idea of your product to explain your ideas)

The foundations of marketing are easily separated in to , product, place (distribution), promotion and
pricing strategies . When all four facets of marketing are used together, it creates a mutually
successful exchange between a company/ brand and a target market. When discussing the Product
strategy, the quality, packaging, branding of the company and the product itself. All these factors
together contribute to the value a customer places on the product.

The New Norcia Bakery is a West Australian locally owned bakery. With the majority of their
customers only hearing of the brand through word of mouth it can be assumed that the bakery itself
is a small business. In saying that, the growth potential is there for the brand so the challenge will be
to broaden the market and create an understanding and need for the product. Finding a footing with
the younger generation is an area of focus, which we feel is an attainable mark , especially with the
current influx in health food consumption, aka green living. The product already has the right recipe
containing only 12 ingredients, which is very appealing to the age group, as the the company
associate themselves with being preservative free. Draw the focus of the brand from its heritage, to
the freshness and quality of the product, use its healthy nature to appeal more to the 18-40 age

With regards to the packaging, clean and professional packaging can aid the progression of the
product in the eyes of the consumer. The current packaging must be addressed. Although the brown
paper bag used now allows the bread to stay fresh for longer it becomes soaked with oil within a few
hours of purchase, making it look unappetising. The change in packaging proposed will allow the
customer to easily read the ingredients, the new brand and some suggestions of how to use the Pizza

Pricing strategy (Do you have a pricing objective? What price would you charge? Why? Is it a
realistic price? Have you considered your competition, distribution, stages in the PLC, demand and your
objectives? Also look at the cost price of the product to determine your pricing)


- Focus on quality better communicate with price

- Sales oriented pricing objective get people in store and hopefully buy more

- Cant compete on price have higher costs

Place strategy (distribution) (Where would you distribute? Would the product be
accessible to your target market? Does the distribution fit the product and brand?)


- Selling PB at current IGA stores + Woolworths

- Opening store in South

- Distributing to cafes in South

- NNB having a stall at markets, events

Promotion Strategy (What tools will you use to promote? Is it relevant to your target market?
Will it reach your target market? Does it appeal and capture the interest of your target market?)



Social media FB page, Twitter, Instagram (breakfast in perth), social media hashtag

Advertising of PB YouTube ads, magazines, TV

YouTube videos: of event, ways to eat PB series, how PB is made

Events: focus on the PB people can sample

Promotions: samples, contests, coupons, giveaways, free coffee card

Loyalty card get free coffee or discounted/free product with certain number of

Social media comp post photo of how people eat PB (social media hashtag)

Comp like on FB/follow on Twitter

Website focus on Pizza Bianca, improve it

Focus on experience guy dressed as monk, samples, open doors

(Attach Poster in A3 format in the report)

- History: wood-fired oven, monk

- Quality

Potential Problem Evaluation (What are the possible problems you might encounter when marketing
this product? How do you think you would overcome these issues? You can also briefly relate to the global
marketing environment and current economic climate)



Cost involved

Pricing wont be as competitive

Increasing supply of PB


Willingness to adapt

Trying to attract the new market base


Using cost effective strategies e.g.

Market as specialty product focus not on price

References (minimum 5 academic references)