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FOLIO LINE FOLIO LINE M c C l a t c h y - Tr i b u n e

AMC’s polished period drama

“Mad Men” is back.
The sexy, stylized and provocative What are the early ’60s
drama follows the lives of the ruthless- without a few swanky
ly competitive men and women of sips? Here are just a few
“Mad Men” favorites:
Madison Avenue advertising in the
early ’60s, an ego-driven world where A creamy concoction with a
nutty flavor for fans of White
key players make an art of the sell. Russians and Panamas.
The show captures the roles of men Ingredients
■ ¾ oz cream
and women in this era, from the chang- ■ ¾ oz brandy
ing social mores to the fashions that per- ■ ¾ oz dark crème de cacao
■ Nutmeg
fectly punctuate its characters’ personas. ■ Pour the liquors and
cream into a mixing glass.
Here’s a look at the characters, fash- Shake and pour in martini

ions and even drinks of the Emmy- and glass. Garnish with a sprin-
kle of nutmeg on top.
Clockwise from far left: Ken Cosgrove (Aaron Staton), Harry Crane (Rich Golden Globe-award winning show. GREYHOUND
Sommer), Paul Kinsey (Michael Gladis), Salvatore Romano (Bryan Batt), Joan — McClatchy-Tribune A tangier take on the screw-
Holloway (Christina Hendricks), Roger Sterling (John Slattery), Pete Campbell driver; grapefruit, not orange
(Vincent Kartheiser), Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss), Betty Draper (January juice, gives it the extra kick.
Jones), Don Draper (Jon Hamm), Bertram Cooper (Robert Morse) make vintage-inspired Ingredients
underwear from scratch ■ 2 oz vodka
for each character. The ■ 5 oz grapefruit juice
■ Pour vodka and grape-
costly divorce settlement, looks also are evolving to fruit juice on top of the ice
Roger Sterling encourages keep with the time, it’s in a cocktail glass. Stir well.
the takeover of Sterling with it Sterling Cooper — “Mad Men’s” cos- now a post-Kennedy-
Cooper by London’s to the giant agency tumers have captured the assassination world and This precursor of the
Sterling Cooper Draper Puttnam, Powell and McCann Erickson. Pryce, look of the early ’60s in mod is on the horizon. Cosmopolitan switches out
Pryce is a new ad agency, Lowe. But Sterling is who has been slighted by painstaking detail, from Banana Republic has bottled lime juice for the
formed by the former quickly left off the compa- PPL in the past, frees Don hourglass silhouettes to partnered with AMC to fresh-squeezed variety.
employees and partners of ny’s organizational chart, Draper, Bertram Cooper crisp tailoring. And it’s offer their own modern Ingredients
Sterling Cooper. That and PPL sends Lane Pryce and Roger Sterling from not just on the surface: takes on the “Mad Men” ■ 1½ oz vodka
■ ½ oz orange liquor
agency was founded in the to be the agency’s finan- their employment con- On set, authenticity starts fashion, including their ■ ¼ oz lime juice
1920s by Roger Sterling’s cial officer. Later, the tracts, allowing them to with the undergarments modern fit suit collection ■ Dash of cranberry juice
father and Bertram British owners decide to start a new agency and — costume designer for men, and pencil skirts ■ Slice of lime
Cooper. Anticipating a sell PPL — and along name Pryce a partner. Janie Bryant and her team and cardigans for women. ■ Add dash of cranberry
juice, pour liquors and lime
juice into mixing glass.
Shake briskly and pour into
younger Jane Siegel, who also a founding partner of the Francis separated from martini glass. Add slice of
briefly worked as Don original Sterling Cooper. He Draper briefly before discov- lime to garnish.
Draper’s secretary. He also is eccentric, but opportunistic. ering she was pregnant with MOSCOW MULE
■ DON DRAPER (Jon had a lengthy affair with Quote: “You’re going to ■ PEGGY OLSON their third child and taking Invented to popularize vodka
Hamm) Joan Holloway, then Sterling need a stronger stomach if (Elisabeth Moss) Draper back. Months later, in the U.S.; ginger beer and
Don Draper is the creative Cooper’s office manager. A you’re going to be back in Peggy Olson is a copy- she found herself increasing- lime evoke the flavors of the
director and a founding part- World War II vet, Roger has the kitchen seeing how the writer at Sterling Cooper ly attracted to Henry Francis, tropics rather than the tsars.
ner at Sterling Cooper Draper suffered two heart attacks. In sausage is made.” Draper Pryce. The head of public relations for Ingredients
Pryce ad agency. His agency Brooklyn native began at ■ 1¼ oz vodka
the past he’s tried to change New York Gov. Nelson
work has earned him much ■ PETE CAMPBELL the original Sterling Cooper ■ 3 oz ginger beer
his hard-living ways, but is Rockefeller. After discover- ■ 1 tsp sugar syrup
acclaim, but his personal life (Vincent Kartheiser) as Don Draper’s secretary;
smoking and drinking again. ing the truth about Draper’s ■ ¼ oz lime juice
is less put together. He is Pete Campbell is a partner he promoted her to copy- ■ 1 sprig mint
Quote: “Do you want to secret past, she met with
divorced from wife Betty, working in account manage- writer for her office contri- ■ 1 slice lime
be right, or do you want to Henry, who proposed mar-
with whom he has three chil- ment at Sterling Cooper butions. She has a special ■ In a copper mug or cock-
be married?” riage. A few weeks later, tail glass, pour vodka over
dren, and over the years he’s Draper Pryce. He lives with bond with Draper, as she Betty told Draper she want- ice. Add sugar syrup and
had numerous affairs. Plus ■ LANE PRYCE (Jared his wife Trudy in a Park bailed him out of jail after ed a divorce. lime juice. Top with ginger
Draper habors a big secret: Harris) Avenue apartment financed in he was arrested for drunk beer and stir. Garnish with
Quote: “I know people
He’s not really Don Draper at Lane Pryce is a partner part by her parents. After dis- driving. Olson has been mint sprig and lime slice.
say life goes on, and it does,
all, but Dick Whitman, the at Sterling Cooper Draper covering Don Draper’s true romantically involved with and no one tells you that’s not
son of a prostitute who died Pryce. He came to New identity, Pete attempts black- several co-workers, includ- a good thing. Why is that?”
during childbirth. York from London as part mail to gain a promotion. The ing Pete Campbell, whom
Quote: “Advertising is of Sterling Cooper’s merger scheme fails, but Pete sal- she had a child with. ■ JOAN HARRIS
based on happiness. We make with the British firm vages his career when his Quote: “I don’t know (Christina Hendricks)
the lie, we invent want.” Puttnam, Powell, and Lowe. father-in-law helps him land a why I pick the wrong boys.” Joan Harris is the office
Quote: “I feel like I just big account. Pete had an affair manager at Sterling Cooper
■ ROGER STERLING went to my own funeral. I with co-worker Peggy Olson, ■ BETTY FRANCIS (AKA Draper Pryce. She held a
(John Slattery) didn’t like the eulogy.” which resulted in a baby boy BETTY DRAPER) similar position at the
Roger Sterling is a that Olson gave away. (January Jones) original Sterling Cooper.
partner at Sterling ■ BERTRAM COOPER Betty Francis is
Quote: “Why does it Though Harris had a
Cooper Draper (Robert Morse) recently divorced from
have to be like this? Why lengthy romance with
Pryce; his father Bow-tied Bertram Cooper Don Draper, with whom
can’t I get anything good all Roger Sterling, she is
founded the origi- is a founding partner in the she has three children.
at once?” now married to Dr. Greg
nal Sterling newly formed Sterling Long aware of her ex- Harris, a surgical resi-
Cooper. Roger is Cooper Draper Pryce. He was husband’s infidelities, dent. Dr. Harris is not
divorced from his keen on having his wife
first wife, Mona, work.
after taking up Quote: “He may act
with the much like he wants a secretary,
but most of the time
they’re looking for some-
thing between a mother
and a waitress.”
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