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Good (morning, afternoon) my handsome and beautiful visitors: you are here to

experience the happiness and fullfilness of your dream. And most especially you
are here to prove to the whole world that its more fun in the Philippines!

In every food, places and trademarks in here you will sure be happy!

Since you are in Langagan, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan. We want to let you witness
as we celebrate the coconut festival where in Langagan in known as Coconut
Industry of the Philippines. Let us witness the importance of coconut in this
country. Let us begin in the leaves. The leaves of coconut can serve as our
broom, this is important so that we can sweep the dirt around us. Next is the fruit,
we can cook Philippine products like kakanin that can prove the creativeness
of the Filipinos. We can also make some products like buko pie, buko juice and
pandesal and the trunk can serve as our firewoods.

So welcome and enjoy visiting the Philippines! Mabuhay!