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Essential Need to Know!


Lucky enough to be travelling abroad soon? Want to take your e-cigarette with you? This
handy guide will tell you all you need to know about travelling abroad with your Personal
Vaping Device, from essential travel preparations to where you can safely vape.

Imagine: You land in Singapore, stroll through the streets enjoying the sights.

You havent had a puff for some time, so you put your hand in your pocket and draw out your
trusty vapestick.

You breathe in, enjoying the delicious hit at the back of your throat before blowing out a
cloud of beautiful vapor.

But then a heavy hand falls on your shoulder. You turn round to see an irate policeman.
Next thing you know, your holiday has been spoiled with a $200 fine.

As regulations on e-cigarettes vary substantially from country to country, its important you
know the law before you travel, or you could have your e-cig confiscated, be fined or even
imprisoned (an unlikely scenario).

So weve put together this handy in-depth guide to ensure you dont get caught out.

In some countries, there are no vaping regulations, but vaping is not common and inhabitants
may be taken aback to see you vaping. So vape respectfully, and be prepared for curious
glances and questions when sub-ohm vaping!

Wherever possible, we have used multiple sources to confirm each point/country in this guide,
and have regularly updated guidance based on feedback from readers. However, e-cigarette
regulations change all the time and its possible those sources might be out of date. So its
well worth double-checking with the local authorities/tourist information before you leave.

(To everyone who has commented/sent feedback thank you so much! Your feedback has
helped to keep this post up-to-date and assisted other travellers.)

Travelling By Plane
Using ECigarettes on Planes
Using ECigarettes in Airports
Where can you legally vape?
Before you travel
Dealing with Attitudes
Legality: Country by Country

Travelling by Plane
Can I take my e-cig on a plane?

Most airlines allow e-cigarettes to be taken on-board in your carry-on luggage, but its best to
check with the airline before you travel. EasyJet for instance, allow an e-cigarette with a
maximum of two spare batteries to be taken on-board.

Its not usually a problem taking small bottles of e-liquid on planes (Ive done it many times!)
as it falls under the 100 ml liquid limit. Obviously, you need to put the e-liquid in a clear
plastic bag alongside your other liquids. If you have large bottles of e-liquid you should put
them in your hold luggage.

Exact regulations vary from airline to airline, so it is worth checking!

Can I put my e-cig in checked luggage?

E-cigs batteries are now banned worldwide in checked luggage, so all batteries must now be
placed in hand luggage. See this post on VapeAboutIt for details.

Can I charge my e-cig in the aircraft?

You are no longer allowed to charge e-cig devices on the aircraft.

Can I take e-liquid on the plane?

On most airlines you can take a small amount of e-liquid in carry on luggage (as with other e-
liquids, this has to be carried in a single, transparent, resealable bag). Larger amounts need to
be taken in hold luggage.

One exception is Flybe, which no longer allows e-liquid to be carried on the plane.
(Source: Electronic, water vapour cigarettes in the Exceptional Baggage on the Flybe

Using ECigarettes on Planes

Can I vape an e-cigarette on a plane?

Forget it! The only airline I know that allows you to use anything resembling an ecig is Ryan
Air even then, you cant use your own ecig, but you can buy a smokeless cigarette on board
and use it. (Ive not tried it, although years ago researcher Paul Bergen told me they were
pretty awful. If youve tried one, please share your thoughts in the comments.)

QatarAirways are one of the worst airlines people have been arrested and had jail time for
using e-cigarettes on their planes.

British Airways have recently banned the sale of e-cigarettes on flights to Qatar, Oman, Saudi
Arabia and the UAE, due to local regulations (which resulted in one of their crew members
being detained and interrogated after being stopped at the border with an e-cig).

A note for rebels while vaping does not usually set off fire alarms in, say, an airplane toilet,
it can and has happened. Obviously, this isnt something we can recommend.

Can E-Cigarettes Set off Smoke Detectors? The Definitive Answer

How do I avoid leaking clearomisers when flying?

Do note that clearomisers often dont like the changes in pressure when you fly.

Its a good idea to empty your clearomiser before going on board.

See 10 Tips to Stop Your Clearomiser From Leaking for more information.

14 Tips To Stop Your Clearomiser Leaking

Using ECigarettes in Airports

Can I use my e-cig in an airport?

Sadly, things seem to be going backwards here, with many airports now not allowing vaping
(although you can usually get away with it in smoking areas in countries where vaping is
legal). Heathrow did used to have a vaping lounge, but they now only mention designated
smoking areas on their website (leave a comment if you have experienced otherwise).

Some of the time you may be asked to use your e-cigarette in the smoking area. The V2
blog points out that there is no blanket ban on (US) airports on using ecigarettes but this is
likely to vary from airport to airport, so its best to check before you vape.

In 2013, USA Today ran a handy piece with an interactive map of which airports are e-
cigarette friendly, which you can find here.

Going Through Security With Vaping Supplies

Can I take my e-cig through customs?

Sue C had the fright of her life when security at one airport mistook parts of her ecigarette for
bullets (see comments below)!

(Aaron Frazier had a similar experience when he had to empty his bag both in India and on
returning see the Facebook comments below for the full story.)

However, with the exception of Dubai see below, you are unlikely to have this problem when
going through airport security in any country where e-cigarettes are well known and used
(Ive certainly never had a problem in the UK!)

Do make sure that your battery fully charged and can be switched on as this may be required.

Coil Building Equipment

I once had to spend 45 minutes waiting for a friend at security.

Hed brought coil wire, pliers, testing equipment and more so he could build coils abroad.

When one security guard asked the other what was wrong with the bag, the answer was:


So think twice before putting DIY coil building equipment in your carry-on luggage!

Update: Dubai Airport Security Warning

Please note that numerous people have told us that their e-cigarettes have been confiscated by
Dubai airport security. This has included during transit and during departure.

Can I take my e-cig through transit in a country where it is banned?

In general, based on both our own experiences and feedback from readers, it not a problem to
take an electronic cigarette through an airport in a country where e-cigs are banned. However,
if in doubt do check with your airline.

Where can you legally vape?

Again, things are more hopeful here. While ecigs have been banned in a number of countries,
most bans focus on sellers rather than users.

In fact, when I was in Indonesia last year, I met several vapers who told me that they were
allowed to import for their own use, but that the powerful tobacco lobby would not allow the
devices to be sold in any scale.

However, there are countries which are more extreme. Singapore, for example, levies a hefty
$200 fine for anyone using e-cigarettes. (Update: One reader has reported that Singapore is
now more relaxed about travellers vaping.) Some states in the US have also banned their use
in parks or public places.

In Hong Kong, Tobacco Asia notes that nicotine-based e-cigarettes and liquids are completely
banned and could get you an incredibly hefty fine of up to $12, 900, being classed as a poison

For more information, see the bottom of this post for an extensive list of countries and
their attitudes towards vaping.

Before You Travel

Should I remove/disconnect batteries before traveling?

Yes, its a good idea to disconnect batteries from clearomisers/cartridges, turn off any manual
batteries and take out removable batteries from mod. See our Guide to Ecig Batteries for more

Electronic Cigarette Batteries: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Should I take my own e-liquid?

Make sure you have a good supply of eliquid, as you may be unable to buy eliquid in the
country you are visiting. You may also find that foreign suppliers do not match your own
suppliers testing regime! You can always check out our own delicious range of Halo UK e-

liquid here

Dealing with Attitudes

Remember, vaping may not be as well-known as it is here. Attitudes may also have been
influenced by the low standards of reporting in some countries (Qatar papers once announced
that e-cigarettes deliver 100 times more nicotine than tobacco cigarettes!) Theres a good
chance the local tobacco industry spin doctors will have been at work too.

So be patient and make sure you armed with the facts. You may also find that people get
quite excited Ive had Spanish people jabbering away at me when they realised there was an
effective alternative to smoking!

Finally, enjoy your trip and dont forget to send us a photo of you lounging in your
hammock with a cocktail in one hand and your ecig in the other!
Have you got any stories or tips to share? Leave them in the comments below!

Where You Can and Cant Vape: A Breakdown of


Weve done our best to research every country in the world. Obviously, its a massive task,
and weve had to rely on secondary sources and information which is subject to change.
Fortunately, feedback from hundreds of vapers and travellers have helped us to keep this page

So, if you have any personal experience or additional information, please share in the
comments below and we will update this post.

In cases where the regulation has been listed as unclear, you should proceed with caution
when taking your e-cigarette and any nicotine refills.

It is important to note, that even if e-cigarettes are legal in a country, there may be a lack of
stores from which to buy refills from, so stock up before you go!

Legality v. Usage
Over the years its become clear that just while vaping is officially banned in many countries,
the regulations are often not enforced. For example, in the comments below Tony notes that in
the UAE vaping is officially banned, but is increasingly popular and there seems to be not
attempt to enforce the regulations.

Weve attempted to make this guide ass accurate as possible. But please do bear in mind that:

regulations change
sometimes, and especially for smaller countries, we have only been able to find one
source for these regulations
(Tip: Press CTRL + F and type the name of the country youre visiting to find it faster)

(Note: Also see ECigarette Politics list of countries, which has both informed this post and
contains additional information.)

Middle East


In contrast to Europe and the US, the situation in Africa is unclear, and many countries appear
not to have taken a position on ecigs. Where weve been able to find information weve put it
below if you know more please let us know in the comments!

Algeria Unclear.

Angola Legal for sale and use.

Benin Legal for use.

Botswana Legal for use..

Burkino Faso Unclear.

Burundi Legal for Use.

Cameroon Legal for Use.

Central African Rep. Unclear.

Chad Legal for Use in designated smoking areas.

Congo Legal for Use.

Djibouti Unclear.

Egypt Theres very little recent information. Some sources note they are banned but legal to
use we assume that means there is a ban on sales but you can use them without a problem.

Equatorial Guinea Unclear.

Eritrea Unclear.

Ethiopia Legal for Use, though public smoking is banned..

Gabon Legal for Use in designated smoking areas.

Gambia (The) Unclear.

Ghana Legal for use in designated indoor and outdoor areas.

Guinae Unclear.

Guinae Bassai Unclear.

Ivory Coast Legal for Use.

Kenya Legal.

Lesotho Legal for use, if due to a loop-hole in the law shared by many African countries
which cover smoking as legal for designated areas, but not vaping just yet.

Liberia Unclear.

Libya Unclear.

Madagascar Legal for use in designated areas; e-cigarettes are, according to the WHO,
regulated the same as tobacco products here.

Malawi Unclear.

Mali Unclear.

Mauritania Unclear.

Mauritius Legal for Use, though forum users on e-Cig SA forums note that youll have a
really hard time buying any sort of vaping supplies in Mauritius and will likely have to import
or bring along in your luggage.

Morocco Although the actual law is unclear, many vapers have reported having no problems
taking e-cigarettes and e-liquid in to the country for personal use. Llewellyn in the comments
told us that there is a lack of outlets unless you are in a large city, while the Vaping Post
reports that there are no restrictions on e-cig use or import.

Mozambique Legal for use, regulated much like tobacco products.

Namibia Legal for Use.

Niger Unclear.

Nigeria Unclear, though smoking in public and advertisement of tobacco and smoking-
related products are banned according to the World Health Organisation.

Rwanda Unclear.

Senegal Legal for use, according to WHO.

Sierra Leone Legal for use in designated smoking areas since no laws prohibiting the sale or
use of e-cigarettes exist, according to WHO.

Somalia Unclear.

South Africa E-Cigarettes are legal, although cartridges and liquids containing nicotine are
not. Despite this, e-liquid is widely (but illegally!) sold.

Sudan Unclear.

Swaziland Legal for use in designated smoking areas.

Tanzania Unclear.

Togo Unclear, though according to ANCE Togo and, smoking is

banned in all public places, and quite possible vaping too.

Tunisia Unclear.

Uganda According to Tobacco Reporter, the sale of e-cigarettes were officially banned in
Uganda in 2016.

W. Sahara Unclear.

Zaire Unclear.

Zambia Legal for use in designated smoking areas..

Zimbabwe Legal, though smoking is prohibited (and regulated) in public places..

Personal use is allowed, so you should have no trouble taking it through customs. Canada is
very against electronic cigarettes but does not appear to have the legal basis to ban their use.
Nevertheless, e-liquid sent to Canada via mail are often seized. Regional restrictions apply in
places one reader has reported that shops in Quebec need to have tinted windows!


Although e-cigarettes are legal, their use is regulated differently by states and even cities
check before you vape. Where we have specific information on localities we have detailed
them below.

Please note ALL federal parks have restrictions on vaping so vape carefully when visiting
one; its a good idea to ask authorities (park rangers) before vaping when in a federal park or
landmark. In addition, many states are now choosing to ban the use of e-cigarettes indoors,
and in some places regulations have put it in place which are effectively forcing the closure of
some vape companies.

Alabama No state law prohibiting use, with some establishments choosing to impose a ban
on e-cigarettes.

Alaska Legal, though some localities ban use indoors.

Arkansas Legal although prohibited on school district property.

Arizona Thanks to Mike Felling for this detailed update:

Currently, some communities have banned use indoors for places of public accomodation
(restaurants, bars, etc.). Some have also banned use in vehicles when children are present
(secondary offense cannot be the primary reason for police to pull you over). Many
communities have banned use in government buildings and on some government owned or
leased properties, especially Maricopa County (county contains the state capital, Phoenix, and
most of the surrounding cities).

California Legal but some with localities (inc. parks and other public places) choosing to
ban use. Thats despite the fact that California has lead the fight against e-cigarettes.
Minimum age is 21.

Colorado Legal, but prohibited on school district property.

Delaware Prohibited in places where smoking is banned.

Maryland Vaping is banned indoors (vape shops are exempt).

Massachusetts E-cigarettes can be used in Massachusetts, with the exception of locations

and establishments in South Hadley that fall under the smoke free workplace law.
Missouri Legal, though some establishments ban indoor use.

New Hampshire Prohibited on school district property.

New Jersey Current ban in place for use in indoors and workplaces with a potential ban on
use in beaches and parks. A bill has been passed regarding banning use in public which would
mean users may be fined between $250 $1000.

New York/ NYC NYC have passed a bill that states electronic cigarettes are no longer
allowed to be used in any place where smoking regular cigarettes is prohibited.

Oklahoma Legal at time of writing, but prohibited on state property including, apparently, in
state vehicles.

Pennsylvania Legal for use, though there is a ban on the use of e-cigarettes in public places.

Tennessee Legal for use, though banned in some institutions.

Texas Currently allowed in places where smoking is, though laws has seen the sale of
tobacco products including vaporisers and e-liquid to those under 18 explicitly banned.

Utah Banned in public places, and vapers in Utah are legally prohibited from getting any of
their vape supplies from online.

West Virginia Legal where smoking is allowed.

Minnesota Use is permitted, except in several public places such as public schools,
government buildings and healthcare facilities.

N. Dakota There is a ban on the use of e-cigarettes in all public indoor places as well as
vaping being prohibited within 20 feet of entrances, exits etc.

Oregon Legal, though subject to the Indoor Clean Air Act and prohibited in state agency
buildings, on state agency grounds and in public parks.

Washington There is a ban on the use of electronic cigarettes in public places in King
County, where Seattle Washington is located.

Central America

Caribbean Unclear.

Costa Rica Regulated as tobacco product.

Jamaica There is no ban on electronic cigarettes, so you should be able to take them with
you when you travel. However, the Ministry advises all products containing nicotine that are
being imported for sale, require a registration and a permit. (Source)

Mexico Banned import and sale. However, many vapers have reported no issues in regards
to taking e-cigs though customs for personal use.

Panama The law is unclear, although according to Alan Cairns in the comments below they
are still sold in airport bars, where you can also vape! Many vapers have travelled through
customs without any issues, but we have recently had one report of a e-cig being confiscated.

South America

Argentina Import, manufacturing and sale is banned. Import for personal use appears to be
fine, according to Josh in the comments, but its still best to be weary.

Brazil Banned, but readers have vaped without any issue.

Bolivia Unclear.

Chile Unclear.

Colombia Sources vary as to its legality, but some vapers have reported no issues with
taking it through customs and vaping whilst there.

Update: Mateo Toro reports:

Vaping in Colombia is allowed. You can vape inside malls and big areas, of course not on
small restaurants or tight spaces. No problems with customs so far, they understand what it

Ecuador Legal but treated as a tobacco product.

Update: Luis Felipe advises:

Bring supplies, juice offer is minimal and overpriced, gear is mostly unavailable, so pack all
you will need. Customs at the airport are not interested in vaping gear or juice, so you can
pack heavy.

El Salvador Legal. You can even get a card from the medical community to explain you are
using at as a smoking cessation aid, and that it is harmless to those around you! (Thanks to
Miguel for the update.)

French Guiana Unclear.

Guatamela Legal.

Guyana Unclear.

Paraguay Unclear, although readers report vaping without any issue.

Peru No restrictions and several vape shops to choose from, according to a comment below,
although vaping does attract a lot of attention.

Suriname Banned.

Uruguay Unclear, but readers have vaped there without any issues.

Venezuela Unclear.

Afghanistan Legal.

Bangladesh Unclear.

Brunei Banned.

Cambodia Banned. See Ban turns ecigarettes into back alley trade. However, many people
have passed through customs with their e-cig with no problem, but its best to check before
you travel.

China There are conflicting reports on the legality of e-cigarettes. ECigarettePolitics states
ecigs are legal, but that there may be regional issues, and a number of travellers have said they
have had no issue vaping there. Sale and possession of ecigarettes containing nicotine is also
illegal in Hong Kong, with a possible fine of up to HK$100,000 and/or a prison sentence of 2

India Theres plenty of confusion over vaping regulations in e-cigs. They are explicitly
banned in at least two regions, and a Punjabi shopkeeper was sentenced to three years in jail
for possession of a cigalike and eight cartridges. Despite this, there does not yet seem to be
any specific law against e-cigs, with the Punjab government relying on an interpretation of the
1940 Drugs and Cosmetics act.

Indonesia Officially banned, but the authorities dont have a problem with personal use, and
allow small quantities to be imported for your and your friends use. Attitudes do seem to
vary, and at times you may find e-cig sellers and shops. Travellers have also reported being
able to purchase vaping supplies in Bali.
Japan Sale of nicotine refills are banned. However, readers report that you can import for
personal use (officially up to 100ml, but one reader has imported up to 700ml).

Jordan Banned.

Kazakhstan Unclear.

Kyrgyzstan Unclear.

Laos Unclear.

Malaysia Sources conflict on whether there is a ban, however some stores appear to be
operating in Malaysia and you can buy USA, French Canadian and Italian e-liquids in the
country. Update (7/11/15): The situation continues to be unclear, with rumours that the
Cabinet has agreed not to ban vaping conflicting with raids on vape shops. Update (30/12/16):
Readers are reporting that some states have banned the sale of e-cigs but that you can still
vape without a problem in places where smoker are allowed.

Mongolia Unclear.

Myanmar Legal.

Nepal Legal.

North Korea Unclear.

Pakistan Legal.

Philippines The attitude towards e-cigs seems to have taken a dramatic turn for the worse,
with the Philippines health department warning users against the dangers. At the time of
writing e-cigs are not banned but the country is considering regulation. However, given the
draconian enforcement of smoking bans (according to some sources you can even get jail
time) we advise only using e-cigs in designated smoking areas.

Singapore Banned (although one reader has recently reported that people are openly vaping
there now.)

South Korea Legal, although heavily taxed.

Sri Lanka Unclear.

Taiwan Technically not banned, but is not widely accepted. Importers/ manufacturers face
fines and imprisonment.
Thailand Banned for import. Penalties for bringing e-cigs in can include jail time or fines.
See Steves comment below for more information or the Foreign Office update on travel to
Thailand. Reports on using them in the country vary but with stories like this and this its
really not worth the risk.

Sri Lanka Unclear.

Syria Unclear.

Tajikistan Legal.

Turkmenistan Unclear.

Uzbekistan Unclear.

Vietnam Legal, but e-cigs are still relatively unknown there so there may be a lack of stores
selling equipment and refills. (Update: In the comments Vietcetera notes that vaping is
starting to take off in Vietnam now.)


There is no restriction on the importation, sale, possession or purchase of e-cigarettes without

nicotine. Nicotine is classified as a Schedule 7 poison therefore in all states it is illegal for
retail sale unless a permit has been issued. A Schedule 7 poison does not usually justify an
import prohibition. However, in certain states and territories, obtaining, purchasing,
possession and/or using nicotine without a permit is an offence.

Update: According to Australia border control, e-cigs can be brought into the country so long
as they do not state they are for theraputic use. (Thanks to Lesley for passing on the

New S. Wales No regulations on buying and possessing products containing nicotine

N. Territories Permit is required to possess nicotine.

Queensland Nicotine is classified as a regulated poison therefore prohibits a person from

obtaining and possessing nicotine.

S. Australia No regulation on the possession of nicotine and products containing nicotine.

Tasmania Nicotine possession is not prohibited.

Victoria Personal use is allowed.

W. Australia No regulation on the possession of nicotine and products containing nicotine.

New Zealand

At the time of writing sale of cartridges and e-liquid containing nicotine are illegal, but the
New Zealand government is planning to legalise them in 2018. But importation for personal
use is allowed so stock up before you go!

However Jason below points out that you can still buy e-liquid with nicotine at some stores
(although presumably this could be stopped at any time by the authorities.) See Ecigarettes
and The Law in Australia by Aussie Ecigarette Reviews for more info.

Europe and Russia

Europe is currently in a state of flux. In theory, every country should now be applying
the Tobacco Product Directive. In theory, EU laws are supposed to harmonise regulations, but
in practice the interpretations of the regulation varies in every country, with implementation
varying from liberal to draconian. Whats more, at the time of this update some countries
were still behind in their implementation of the regulations.

Albania Electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers are legal.

Andorra Unclear.

Armenia Unclear. However, readers report that there are no problems using e-cigarettes
(although it could get you some funny looks!) There have been reports that that it is difficult
to obtain supplies although there do appear to be some vape shops in the country.

Austria A previous ban on electronic cigarettes has been lifted. (Thanks to SPH in the
comments below for the update.)

Azerbaijan Unclear.

Belarus Unclear, though online communities like this one for vapers in Belarus exist..

Belgium E-Cigarettes are now legal, although regulations are strict (with product labelling
even stricter than tobacco labelling).

Bosnia & Herzegovina Unclear, but readers have reported buying e-liquid from kiosks.

Bulgaria Legal.

Croatia According to our sources, vaping is banned in public places. However, Albert
Dekker in the Facebook comments below tells us enforcement of the ban is non-existent,
while another reader reports buying e-liquid from Tabak Kiosks. SwitchtoEcig believes that
the law explicitly refers to tobacco products, not to ecigs.

Cyprus Legal. In the comments below Raymond has added that there is no problem using e-
cigarettes in the airport and no-smoking bars, but that tank batteries are expensive and of poor
quality make sure you have spares!

Czech Republic Legal.

Denmark E-cigarettes with nicotine are classified as medical products companies must
have authorization before selling. Importation of nicotine refills for personal use is permitted.

Estonia Legal following court challenge.

Finland Legal but as nicotine is considered a prescription drug it is illegal to sell cartridges
or e-liquid containing nicotine. However, cartridges with less than 10mg of nicotine and e-
liquid with less than 0.42g of nicotine can be legally imported for personal use. One reader
from Finland has pointed out that there are lots of zero nicotine e-liquid for sale and that no-
one seems to have a problem importing it for personal use.

Update: From January 2017 all e-liquid flavours other than tobacco will be banned, and you
will not be able to order mods or e-liquid over the net.

France Use in public places is restricted.

Georgia Vaping is currently allowed wherever smoking is.

Germany Electronic cigarettes are permitted.

Greece -Legal.

Hungary The sale and use of e-cigs are legal, however the sale of products containing
nicotine are prohibited stock up before you leave!

Update: Sigrid below tells us that the TPD has now been implemented, and that only
cigalikes can be bought from tobacco stores.

Iceland E-cigarettes are legal, however cartridges and refills containing more than 0.9mg of
nicotine are illegal. See Eliquid containing nicotine banned in Iceland.

Italy E-Cigarettes are not restricted.

Ireland Import, sale and use of electronic cigarettes is permitted. Banned on all public
transport (thanks to David for the update.)
Latvia E-Cigs are currently permitted but there may be a possible ban in the future check
before you leave!

Liechtenstein Legal in designated smoking areas.

Lithuania E-Cigarettes are legal.

Luxembourg E-Cigarettes are legal.

Macedonia While the legal situation is unclear, readers report that they have had no issues
vaping anywhere you are allowed to smoke. You may struggle to find good e-liquid, though,
so consider taking a supply of e-juice with you.

Malta Electronic cigarettes are permitted, but are considered a tobacco product therefore
cannot be used in enclosed public spaces. The country only has two vape shops and choice is
limited, so consider bringing your own e-liquid. (Thank you to Majbritt for the update.)

Moldova Unclear, but there are several vape supply stores listed as being in Moldova.

Monaco Unclear but Leonardo DiCaprio has been spotted vaping there!

Montenegro Unclear, although according to forum posts on Trip Advisor e-cigarettes are

Netherlands (Holland) Electronic cigarettes are permitted.

Norway The sales ban on e-cigs was lifted in 2016, but they remain heavily regulated.

Poland Electronic cigarettes and permitted. However, you can not vape in public places and
it is now impossible to buy e-liquids over 20ml. (Thanks to Michal for the update.)

Portugal Legal and available. (Thanks to Bruno for the update.)

Romania Electronic cigarettes are legal.

Russia It appears to be legal to vape in Russia, however the sale of electronic

cigarettes appear to have been banned. in the comments provided some great info on
their use in Russia:

The sale of ecigs is not banned in Russia, we have some big retail networks. But, single-use
ecigs are banned, although they are still sold in a lot of places. If youre going to Russia,
google Vardex, they have some good liquids.

Regarding usage: its still shady, so if youre in a restaurant or a cafe, you should ask if you
can use your ecig. As far as I can tell, its okay to vape in bars and some places that provide
steam cocktails. Steam cocktails are basically hookahs, but without tobacco, they use
stones instead.

You can vape in the subway and other public places, but its a bit risky, so I dont do it. I got
fined once for vaping near the station, although its not allowed to smoke analogue cigs there.
The fine is not that big (~$10) but the police here likes filling papers, so it may take a chunk
of your time. So, you should go as far as 15 metres from the nearest bus stop or metro station
and youre good.

San Marino Unclear.

Serbia Ecigs are currently legal but are treated as smoking, and are prohibited where
smoking is banned. Shops and equipment are scarce outside the big cities. (Thanks to
Dandellion in the comments below for the information.)

Slovakia When we first wrote this post e-cigs in Slovakia were considered a medicinal
product theres been no update we can find since. Electronic cigarettes are also banned
wherever smoking is.

Slovenia E-cigarettes are permitted but cannot be used in public places where tobacco
cigarettes are banned.

Spain Legal. However, e-cigarettes are banned in the majority of public places, and the sale
of e-cigs has recently been banned online.

Sweden A recent ban on vaping has been struck down by courts. Readers report that you
can buy e-cigs and e-liquid in the country.

Switzerland E-Cigarettes are permitted, but the sale of nicotine containing cartridges and e-
liquids (the last update we can find on this was July 2016). Importation for personal use is
allowed however.

Update from Oliver in the comments below: import for personal use is subject to a maximum
of 150ml (no limits on nicotine level). See here for further detail.

Turkey As of December 2016 the law on usage is still unclear, but vaping is banned in
smoke-free places. Its illegal to sell devices or e-liquid, and what is available (on the black
market) is expensive while e-liquid may be of poor quality. In short, go prepared. (Thanks to
Amran for the update you can see his full comment here!)

Ukraine E-cigs in Ukraine are legal. They mostly fall under the same laws as regular
cigarettes, and can not be used in places where smoking is banned. (See the Facebook
comments below this post for a full update from ). Theres even a Ukranian
Vape Week!

United Kingdom Electronic cigarettes are legal to use indoors and outdoors. See more on
UK regs here.
Middle East
Dubai One of the worst in the world numerous travellers have reported mods being
confiscated when passing through!

Iran Unclear, possible ban.

Iraq Unclear, though sources mention the expansion of vape shops throughout Iraq and
some vapers have used e-cigs there with no problems.

Israel A ban had been planned for 2014, but Harretz notes that a Philip Morris e-cig is being
sold in Israel. According to Reddit discussion nicotine e-liquid is banned but vaping is not.

Kuwait Dana notes in the comments below that it has been legal to import and use since

Lebanon Banned.

Oman Banned.

Saudi Arabia Banned; some users have recently noted that e-cigarettes can be brought in
with no issues, though selling (and purchasing) e-liquid is illegal.

Qatar: Unclear, but several people have been jailed for vaping on Qatar Airways. Update:
More recently it seems Qatar is confiscating e-cigarettes on arrival, but allowing people to
claim them back when they leave.

United Arab Emirates Banned.

Yemen Unclear.