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Literary Luminary
Name: Bernell Go________________________
Text: The Odyssey______________________
Date: August 9, 2010____________________
Books: Books 5-8________________________

Literary Luminary: The Odyssey features a powerful array of

epithets and figures of speech. Your job is: (a) to prepare a summary of the reading. Make a quick statement
to discuss the UNIVERSAL TRUTH found in the text; (b) to identify “Golden Lines”—or special passages
in the text (interesting, powerful, funny, puzzling, or important sections). You will also ponder on how certain
lines in the text are further illuminated in succeeding scenes. Decide which passages or paragraphs are worth
remembering, and indicate how you plan to present them: (a) You can read the passages aloud yourself, (b)
ask someone else to read them, or (c) read them together as a group. Make sure to discuss your analysis of
the selected text.

Quick Statement: What, for you, is the UNIVERSAL TRUTH in the text? Compare this with
The universal truth in these texts is that one never forget his identity. Even after all the
years Odysseus was gone, he never forgot who he really was. It is forever embedded
inside him, and whatever he does, the things around him and the outcome of the
events will constantly remind him of his past. This also shows how important he is and
why a lot of people know him.______________________________________________
GOLDEN LINES Book Significance and Analysis
You are hard-hearted, you gods, and jealous beyond all book 5 lines 118-128 Calypso was stating how jealous the gods
creatures beside, ... who struck him down with a cast of the can be that they want what is best for
shining thunderbolt. themselves. She was saying that they would
go out of their ways to gain personal
happiness, regardless of what others would
think. In other words, selfish and greedy.
Earth be my witness in this, and the wide heaven above us, book 5 lines 184-187 This line is informative because swearing to
and the dripping water of the Styx, which oath is the biggest the river Styx is the most held oath among
and most formidable oath among the blessed immortals, all the others. You have to follow the oath
that this is no other painful trial I am planning against you, you swore upon that river.
I wish you well, however you do it, but if you only knew in book 5 lines 205-210 In these lines, Calypso bids Odysseus
your own heart how many hardships you were fated to farewell but offers him immortality-
undergo before getting back to your country, you would something very hard to resist. But Odysseus
stay here with me and be the lord of this household and be did not accept it, he just wanted to return to
an immortal, for all your longing once more to look on his homeland.
Ah me, which of the immortals is weaving deception book 5 lines 356-359 After everything that has happened,
against me, and tells me to put off from the raft? But no, I Odysseus isn’t sure who to trust anymore.
will not do it yet, since I have seen with my own eyesthat Even though the goddess was trying to help
the shore, where she said I could escape, is still far from him, he wasn’t sure if he should follow her
me. or not.
I am at your knees, O queen. But are you mortal or book 6 lines 149 Even outside the palaces, people still make
goddess? sure that who they are talking to are really
humans and not gods or goddesses in those
forms. This shows how much they favour
and fear them.
But, since this is some poor wanderer who has come to us, book 6 lines 206-208 The hospitality of the Greeks extends even
we must now take care of him, since all strangers and to the wanderers and strangers as for them,
wanderers are sacred in the sight of Zeus, and the gift is a they are sacred to Zeus. After much help,
light and a dear one. Odysseus was accepted as a stranger, but
given the service of a prince.
Or did some god after much entreaty come down in answer book 6 lines 280-281 Nausikaa compliments Odysseus, comparing
to her prayers, out of the sky, and all his days will he have him to a god. In these lines, we can say that
her? Odysseus really was someone in those times,
and even though he is a stranger, his
appearance gives others a nice impression.
confident in the speed of their running ships, cross over the book 7 lines 34-36 There is quite some humour in these lines.
great open water, since this is the gift of the Earthshaker to We can now see that Poseidon favours that
them, whose ships move swift as thought, or as a winged town, and Odysseus, whom he hates, is
creature. being accepted into that community. Quite
an irony in those times.
Then resourceful Odysseus spoke in turn and answered book 7 lines 240-297 In these lines, Odysseus recounted the tales
her: ... Sorrowful as I am, all this is true I have told you.’ from when he first came to the island of
Calypso to when he met the girl who gave
her those clothing. These lines tell us the
summary of what happened to him.
You yourself will see and know in your mind how my ships book 7 lines 327-328 In these lines, the king was showing off the
are best, and my young men for tossing up sea with the beauty of their ships. He said that these ships
oarblade.’ are the finest and are very fast because of
how they made it. This line is important
because it shows how the gods helped them.
but every time he began again, and the greatest of the book 8 lines 90-95 The singer sings songs about the Trojan war,
Phaiakians would urge him to sing, since they joyed in his what happened between Odysseus and
stories, Odysseus would cover his head again, and make Achilles. Because of this, Odysseus broke
lamentation. There, shedding tears, he went unnoticed by all down into tears, remembering all those sad
the others, but Alkinoös alone understood what he did and memories. This is important because after all
noticed, since he was sitting next him and heard him those years, he had not forgot who he really
groaning heavily. is.
So come now tell me this and give me an accurate book 8 lines 572-586 The king noticed that the stranger they took
answer: ... is of no less degree than a brother? into their house was not a nobody at all. He
is skilled in the different aspects of the
competitions, and breaks down into tears
upon hearing the lamentations. Because of
this, he then questions who he really is.

Possible Reasons for Picking a Passage:

funny controversial important surprising

confusing informative