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10 Funny Political Quotes By British Politicians

Let's be honest – funny political quotes can never exhaust us. In USA we get our offer of clever
legislators, however we are restricted to just two gatherings, and every one of their individuals
endeavor to look genuine. They bomb to a great extent. Government officials like Raegan, Trump,
Bush, are only exemptions in not insignificant rundown of genuine legislators. These ones make us
snicker, deliberately or not, but rather they do. I would prefer even not to discuss whatever is left of

However, outside of USA, particularly in England, they truly know how to take political funniness to a
more elevated amount. We discuss nation which has REAL political gatherings with names, for
example, "Adam Lyal's Witchery Tour Party", "Church of the Militant Elvis Party" (otherwise called the
Bus Pass Elvis Party), "Demise, Dungeons and Taxes Party" or "Authority Monster Raving Loony
Party". Or, then again the "Miss Great Britain Party" – I adore that one!

They are not shy of giving insults to their fellow politicians. Check out this
page for more quotes about politics.

Or take a look at the selection of most deep ones:

1. The Right Honourable Gentleman's smile was like the silver plate on a coffin. - Robert Peel

2. He can’t see a belt without hitting below it. - David Lloyd George

3. He would make a drum out of the skin of his own mother in order to sound his own praises.
- Winston Churchill
4. Tony Benn is the only man I know who immatures with age. - Harold Wilson

5. He did not have political principle . . . he had short-term opportunism allied with a capacity
for self-delusion which made Walter Mitty appear unimaginative. - Dennis Healey

6. Pompous, trite, high-sounding, cautiously guarded... he might as well have a corn cob up his
arse. - Alan Clark

7. He's living proof that a pig's bladder on the end of a stick can be elected to Parliament. - Terry

I have my favorites, of course. Famous philosopher George Bernard Shaw once said:

8. He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.

And who are we to conflict with one of the greatest minds in history? :)

9. All the great things are simple and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom, justice,
honor, duty, mercy, hope. – Winston Churchill

However, when talking about British diversion and government officials, I am constantly helped to
remember Ministry of Silly Walk in generally mainstream Monty Python's Flying Circus. In the event
that you haven't seen that one – go at the present time, there is nothing more dire!

While you are at going by different sites, you can likewise check this page. I thought that it was
fascinating and I thought you may as well. It isn't care for you have something more quick witted to
do :P

You may have enjoyed these, or you may have not – but rather that is likewise what really matters to
majority rules system. To complete you off, here is one more quote, and afterward we rest until

10. David Cameron: I've just owned myself so hard with that referendum, biggest self own of a

Theresa May: HOLD MY GIN

Stay well!