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Architect Development

Aziz Ahmed
About this course
Why to be an Architect (challenging, artistic freedom)
Role of Architects (expectations, deliverables, career road map etc.)
Skills required (soft skills, depth and breadth)
What is Architecture
Architecture trade off
Architecture Principles, patterns, styles, abilities
Continuous delivery
Comparing and reviewing architectures
Enterprise Architecture
Web Services, Messaging, SOA fundamentals
Specific Integration patterns
. and more
Who is an Architect?

Not a Coder anymore

Lots of Politics
Lots of meetings
Not about taking tough decisions
No instant gratification
Could take long time to get rewarded
Why to be an Architect?

Artistic freedom
Solving puzzles
Learning new things
More autonomy
Why to be an Architect?
Expectations from an
Analyse Technology, Industry and Market trends and keep pace with it
Analyse current environment and recommend solution for improvement
Ensure compliance with Architecture
Define Architecture and design principles to guide technology decisions
Possess exception interpersonal, teamwork, facilitation skills
Exposure to multiple platforms, technologies, environments
Ready for one offs
Navigate politics
Negotiation skills
Change Agent
Time management
Path to be an Architect
Leadership and communication skills
Technical depth and breadth
Business domain knowledge
Methodology and Strategy
Leadership and Communication
Effectively communicate ideas, concepts, issues and solutions to
Solicit ideas, feedback early and often
Use clear and concise terms
Technical Knowledge
Technical Knowledge
Technical Knowledge
Technical Knowledge
Technical Knowledge
Technical Knowledge
Technical Knowledge
As Java Architect, every problem you solve is with a Java Solution
One tool/Technology solving every problem is an Anti Pattern
Increase breadth of knowledge
Push outside your boundary
Technical Knowledge
Determining Capabilities
Due to competitive market place, we add features very often

Due to regulatory requirements it is imperative that we complete EOD

processing in time

Faster time to market to remain competitive

We have tight time frame and tight budget

Our Plan is to engage heavily in Mergers and Acquisitions

Story of Ship Vasa
Story of Ship Vasa
Business Knowledge
Business Knowledge
Business Knowledge
Methodology and Strategy
Methodology and Strategy
Methodology and Strategy