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World Culture Fair Project

Students will be given a group and a country to work with. Each student in the group will write 3

questions they want answered about that country. One of those questions must include a question about

the holiday that they celebrate during the winter months (November, December, January, and February

all count). Each student in the group must answer their own question in a paragraph from using

resources they found online or in books. A paragraph equals 5 sentences or more. All the paragraphs

will then be combined into a paper. Double-spaced, size 12 font. Students will also make a slide for each

of their questions they found answers to. These slides will be combined into one slideshow

presentation.The next step is finding a craft for students to do and some sort of prop that represents their

country. The final product will be presented to different classes who choose to come visit on Friday,

December 19 during the World Culture Fair.

Paper Requirements:

1. Times New Roman font

2. Size 12 font

3. Doublespaced

4. 3 paragraphs for every person in the group

5. Each paragraph is AT LEAST 5 sentences

6. Sentences are written in your own words not copied from book/internet

a. this is called plagiarism and is in fact frowned upon :-(

Powerpoint Requirement

1. You may use either Microsoft Powerpoint or Google Slides

a. If you use Microsoft Powerpoint make sure you know how to save it without deleting it

i. There is no extra time for deleting your project just extra work for you

2. There must be 3 slides AT LEAST for each person in the group

3. The slides have the information from your paragraphs you wrote for the paper

Prop Requirement

1. Bring in something that represents how your country celebrates its holiday or represents your


2. Food is allowed if it is a dish from your country/countrys holiday

Craft Requirement

1. Find a SIMPLE craft that can be done in a short amount of time

2. Do a sample of your craft

3. Tell Miss Hallett the materials you need for your craft to be done by students visiting your



provided by the school.

You will do a practice run through of your presentation to your class before other students are invited in

to see it. Each student will be graded individually on their parts of the paper and slideshow. Work on

knowing your stuff and not just reading it :-)

***** Math and science aspects can be added as desired to the paper/powerpoint part of this project as

mentioned in the email if thats something you are interested in*****

Chunk 1: Come up with 3 questions for each member of the group to research

Chunk 2: Research question 1- find the answer!

Chunk 3: Write a paragraph on question 1---5 sentences at least!

Chunk 4: Research question 2- find the answer!

Chunk 5: Write paragraph on question 2---5 sentences at least!

Chunk 6: Research question 3- find the answer!

Chunk 7: Write paragraph on question 3--- 5 sentences at least!

Chunk 8: Create 3 powerpoint slides based off your written paragraphs!

Include your name on each of your slides, small and in a corner

Chunk 9: Combine your paragraphs into a paper and combine your slides into one powerpoint


You will share the combined PowerPoint with Miss Hallett. You will print a copy of your

group paper as well as a paper that contains the 3 paragraphs that you did for your group.

Chunk 10: Brainstorm a prop that you will bring in for your Fair Booth and decide when and

how it will be done

Chunk 11: Come up with an EASY craft that will be done at your booth

Chunk 12: Do your presentation for your class and Miss Hallett

Chunk 13: World Culture Fair Day! Woot woot!