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AOTA Professional Development Tool (PDT)


Learning Plan
Structure your learning plan to indicate how you will achieve your identified learning goals. The completed plan should be included in your ePortfolio. Type
information directly into the spaces provided.


Related Standard What are the best ways to What do I need to help me How will I know I achieved it? When do I plan to
Performance Skills achieve this goal? achieve this? achieve it?
1. To efficiently and 1a. Read books, journals, 1a. Online journals, AOTA 1. When I feel confident 1. 11/30/18
successfully make a articles, case studies about journals, books, case studies. and that I do not
treatment plan with modifications and adaptions. Money for AOTA and books. need to ask for help
modifications to the or permission to
clients routine 1b. Observe the OT or 1b. Need to ask permission to write down what I
utilizing adaptions. another OTA while they observe. think is the right
create a treatment plan choice of
utilizing adaptions and 1c. Ask for constructive adaption/modificatio
modifications. feedback and extra coaching n.
on the subject from the
1c. Allow peer, supervisor supervising OT.
feedback, as well as coaching
while I create treatment
plans implementing
adaptations and

2a. Read journals, articles, 2a. Money for AOTA, books,

2. When working with books on assessments, and access to internet 2. When I know what 2. 11/30/19
clients, I want to types of assessments to be assessment to
efficiently and administered for certain 2b. Need permission to administer for each
successfully be able areas. observe. case, I will feel at
to administer an ease and confident
assessment during 2b. Observe the OT or OTA during the treatment
the OT session. while they administer as session.
assessment on a client.
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AOTA Professional Development Tool (PDT)

Copyright AOTA, Inc. 2003. All Rights Reserved.