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A Timeline and General Note Source

Going from Clarksville to BNA and checking in and then security line
then waiting with Foutch at the gate. Then Wendy's breakfast and
George Strait on the intercom. Then more waiting and Foutch
conversing with a Nepalese man on our flight. Then trashy milf
bitching about ash clouds and London dreariness. Then old lady Arabic
who needed translation throughout. Then boarding and the pink carry-
on tags. Then takeoff on a CRJ150 bound for JFK. Then flying over WV.
Then seeing Jersey Shore and the environmentally shitty tankers
everywhere. My the Statue of Liberty is small. I see downtown. Then
touchdown. Then first time being in NYC. Then unloading and waiting
out at the walkway hub out on the tarmac. Then bag comes and then
walking to get into JFK. Inside JFK, walking around looking for Sam
Adams Brewhouse. Drink at Legend's instead. Major hit to wallet in
amount for $10USD. Just 1 Stella. Wandering now to find gate. Pass
Duty Free stand and a suitcase of Cowboy Killer cartons catches the
eye. Smacked in the face by all the different languages being heard in
the terminal. See gate, lots of obvious Russians, we will stick out is
being agreed to. Time to kill, now at Chili's. Equally price gouged.
Two big Bud Heavys and a woman enraged by a benign request for
identification, woman needs to shut up. She's sensitive. Adios dough,
plant hidden wallets. Go check in, show passport, approved for
boarding. Wow, lots of Russians. One girl with dual passports reading
Tucker Max. Poor girl. Poor American perception. Lots of people with
duty free bags. This shows America is better than Russian Federation.
Board now, find seat, stuff away bags, situate self. Then comes
announcement there is a mechanical problem and we need to deboard
and wait for the solution. Events in the meantime include being
approached by a woman in her mid 50s speaking in Russian. Explain
in Russian I understand very little Russian. She gives a sheepish giggle
and shrugs before sitting down. Notice many scowling men looking in
our direction. Leather jacket and dark denim subterfuge may be
exposed. Walk to check on plane and notice man entirely inside left
side jet engine banging. Standing around losing Chili's buzz near a
group of guys. Two very vor-like, have an animated conversation that
involves miming punches and kicks. Conclude a rehashing on beatings
doled out. Most vor-like paces around. There is a body builder vor
who we would see again. After one hour we board and stow and
situate and we finally leave the gate. Going down runway many
people cross themselves and wave goodbye to Manhattan skyline in
the distance. Ash cloud forces a new course, direct across Atlantic and
over continental Europe adding 1 hour to flight time for total 11 hours.
Left about 6:30pm scheduled arrival around noon in Moscow. Russians
have the strangest plane etiquette. Details cannot be hashed out here
but they love to pace and use the restroom, sit funky in their seats and
do outrageous hygeine acts such as putting hair rollers in their hair
mid flight. No book or electronics to stay occupied. First movie shown
is Crazy Heart. Eat the chicken course with two glasses stout merlot
for sleep. Sleep was all cat naps. Chicken tasted like wet BBQ pork
chops. Should have got pasta. One more double glass merlot round.
Crazy Heart not interesting. Try to sleep. Next movie downgrade, 17
Again, starring Matthew Perry and Zac Efrom. Do not pay attention.
Try more sleep. Long flight. Next movie is the animated fox movie,
Russians were blown away. Astounded. Laughed alot. This intrigued
me. Try more sleep. Total sleep all flight total to not more than 3
hours. Sun coming up outside. Eerie feeling on the plane. Now
showing tv shows. Watch to kill time. The screen last showed us over
Portugal, before that over deep water. Now over Ukraine, 2 hours left.
Shows and sleep. Everyone now antsy, over Russia, over Smolensk
with Moscow in sight. 1 hour away. We descend, more bad etiquette
using restroom minutes before landing. View outside is gross, hazy,
industrial yet countryside. Uppity Russians get giddy. We land and the
airport is old. Moscow can really shame it to UT on concrete. Hard to
describe. Think terrible gross cities like Pittsburgh and Philadelphia
and train tracks, sloshy mud, mean people, all surrounded by deep but
thin ash and birch woods. Get off plane and the airport is simple. Go
right out of gate and down stairs leading to passport control. In a
dungeon warehouse style room. Concrete floors, toll booth check
points. Two lines at passport control. One for the Russians and one for
everyone else. No organizational line skills. Wait 20 minutes then get
scowled at by checkmaster who stamps passport then wait at baggage
claim for Foutch's bag. Attempt public restroom use but no luck. One
urinal. Exit bathroom and enjoy an indoor cigarette inside an airport
by a cigarette station that has four corners with ash tray on each and a
fan. There is a crowd. Halfway done with cig and big vor walks up,
cracks what much be a joke as he hardy-harred, then explained myself
and he just turned around and left. Foutch now has bag, walk
unattended through customs green channel and into a mob of taxi
gypsies attempting to steal souls and fares. Looking for our ride,
Larisa's driver prearranged to meet us. Far back from gypsy crowd is
Alexei holding a sign reading "Androo Hodgson" and "Chad Foutch".
Introduce ourselves, he throws away sign and we head for the exit.
Once outside he lights a cig. His car is a Toyota station wagon. The
radio is 94.5, oomps oomps music for sure. Oomps oomps music with
US pop beats sampled. Exit airport parking lot for the crazy drive into
the city centre.

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