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OGL 498 Pro-Seminar II Discussion Topic #3

Personality / Leadership Assessments Collection, Career Anchors & 10 Years Out



Before going any further in this assignment, be sure you have actively read and reviewed all of
the materials in the Week Three Readings content area, as well as viewed the presentation
content under Week 3 Lectures / Presentations / PPTs / Clips

Also, complete the Career Anchors Assessment and actively read through your results.

Formatting Instructions:

Please sure to copy/paste the prompts (and not all the set-up information) into your discussion
topic thread, and then respond meaningfully to the prompts. (Remember, sometimes its better
to do this offline, and then create a thread to paste your entire discussion topic entry directly

Some Tips for Doing Well on Discussion Topics:

Many times, each of these prompts have more than one question be sure to read each
prompt carefully, and respond to all aspects of each prompt. Short answers (two or three
sentences) are generally NOT acceptable. Remember, more is better in terms of thoughtful
engagement and writing. Also be sure to meaningfully connect with the readings (as well as
any other course content that may be applicable). Each discussion topic prompt warrants
several well-constructed paragraphs of content if you hope to earn a high score!

Again, be sure your writing shows evidence of having read all of the assigned chapters from
your textbook (and other assigned readings and presentations, as applicable) as discussion
topic threads that dont convey engagement or integration of all assigned readings / content do
not score as well as those that do.

Also, remember for all written submissions, be sure it is well written, easy to understand, free
of spelling and grammar errors and that you follow the formatting instructions (and include
the prompts / questions prior to your responses). Please just include / paste in the specific
questions / prompts into your response not all of the set up information.

There are three prompts associated with this discussion topic.

Prompt #1 Set-Up

In previous courses, you have been exposed to a number of personality self-assessments

and/or leadership self assessments. One example of that would be the Frames Self-Test that
you completed at the beginning of OGL 498 Pro-Seminar I dealing with the Reframing
Organizations textbook and the concept of organizational frames. You have also likely taken
other self-assessment instruments - personality, leadership, team skills, emotional intelligence,
etc. These kinds of instruments are all good data points (and evidence) that can be used in a
qualitative thematic self-analysis. (Remember, in OGL 220 Behavioral Dynamics in
Organizations, you did a number of self-assessments for the Week 2 Discussion topic and
Im sure there are others you can think of.)

In Discussion Topic #1 (Week One of this course) you added some sections to your e-portfolio
for the assessments you completed that week. I also encouraged you to think back about
previous assessments and reflective writing that you have completed over the course of your
academic, personal, and/or work life. For this first prompt, I want you to revisit that idea, and
be sure that you have included any previous assessment data that might be useful to you in
Week 4 also I would like you to experiment with some additional assessment tools ones you
find meaningful, and on your own terms.

First, take some time to go back and see what kinds of self assessment data you can pull
together (or already have pulled together) from pervious coursework, work-related seminars
and the like. Be sure that data is accessible and clearly labeled in your e-portfolio in a Self
Assessments & Reflective Writing content area (or equivalent).

You can also check out my (constantly evolving and always under construction) OGL 498 Pro-
Seminar E-Portfolio page to see some things that I have added there:

Its also informative to take similar self-assessments over time and see if they picked up on
any changes over time. Depending on the instrument, they may be sensitive to different things
you happen to be thinking and feeling at the time. Key Point: Remember the goal in
experimenting with a variety of self-assessment tools (whether you agree with any ones
specific results or not) is that each of these tools provide you with a different lens through
which you can reflect on and contemplate your own behavioral tendencies and think about
what that might mean in terms of your values, purpose, vision, and goals. The value of self-
assessment tools is, above all, that they get you thinking about yourself something most of
us do not do often enough!

So, for Prompt #1, I want you to comment on the array of self-assessments you have been
able to pull together into your e-portfolio for the purposes of the project in Week 4. I also want
you to experiment with a few more (some of your old favorites, or some new ones) as a means
of collecting additional, more current data. Here are a few websites that you can go to for free

Some of the classic personality tests:

The Big 5 self-assessment:

The DiSC this one is really interesting and worth a shot if you have never taken it before:

If you poke around on the internet, Im sure youll find other sites as well that might be of some
interest in this regard. Or perhaps theres a fee-based assessment you have been itching to
take for some time now. I like the Gallup StrengthsQuest (which you can buy at the following
link for about $10 you can see a sample of that on the OGL 498 Pro-Seminar e-portfolio site
referenced earlier in this document.)

You might also revisit the ASU Career Services website. There are a few additional free
assessments you will find there or you may want to sign up for one of their fee-based

In any case, this is the final week of the course before your qualitative thematic self-analysis.
Ive mentioned that assignment several times over the course of this semester, and (based on
my experience with the thematic analysis process in other courses) its a fantastic opportunity
to pull together all of your reflective work and develop a deeper understanding about
yourself, your purpose, your values, and your vision for the future.

Prompt #1: With respect to self-assessment data briefly discuss the Self-Assessments &
Reflective Writing section of your e-portfolio (or equivalent), and what sorts of data were you
able to pull together (beyond what was assigned).

With respect to any additional self-assessment instruments that you included (beyond what was
assigned), write briefly about what you learned about yourself (cite the new assessments you
took, and briefly describe your findings, and how those findings relate to how you see yourself
in the world).

Throughout your personal or professional life, what have been the most useful self-assessments
tools for you, and why?
I always seeked out self-assessments and encourage others to take them. I took a while for me
to realize what my strengths and weaknesses are. Throughout my year of taking assessments
through school and in my personal time I have realized my talent is. I always got along well
with people but never thought of it as a talent or skill. Many of my assessment results have
made me realize that I am happiest when leading and motivating others. My best work is done
when I help others complete their work. I have always been a leader but didnt realize or
connected my happiness with leading. Since realizing I strive to learn how to become a great
leader. I have been in active leadership roles that have all consisted of leading a group/
community into helping others.

Its difficult for me to pinpoint just one assessment that affected me more than the other. I
really enjoy taking all of them because I always seem to learn more about myself or learn how
others think. As a leader I believe its important to know how people think individually and in
social circles. Reading every question or problem solving has made me grown into a better
leader. Every assessment has been a contributing factor in the kind of leader I am learning to
be. It was always interesting see what my family, friends, and peers thought of my skills. I
think it was important for me to seek out parties that arent biased and can be the person
looking from the outside.

Prompt #2 Set-Up:

Download / print out and complete the Career Anchors Assessment (See instructions document
included with these discussion topic instructions). Actively review and consider your results.

Prompt #2: Discuss your primary and secondary career anchors. Any surprises? Make some
connections between your current work / life and your scores on the career anchors
assessment. What was your lowest scoring career anchor? Comment on your perceptions
about that (and the career anchors instrument, in general).

My primary Career Anchor is Autonomy/Independence (79).

My secondary Career Anchor is Entrepreneurial Creativity (77).

My lowest Career Anchor is Technical/functional competence (54).

I wasnt that surprised to see I scored highly in both these areas. From a young age I told
myself that I would end up working for myself because I needed to be able to make my own
decisions and be able to create without restrictions. Growing up in a family of business owners
it was a no brainer that I also needed my independence and couldnt work for someone else. I
have always enjoyed being the leader in creating and brainstorming new projects and teams. I
believe my biggest strength is leading great minded individuals. I truly love to challenge myself
with different projects and learn along the way. Having started my business already I do feel
that my life currently does represent what I scored. As for my lowest score, I can see why I
scored in competence the most. I like to me knowledgeable in whatever project I a working on
but learn more from expert in that field. I am a better suited leader then an expert in a certain
field of work. I always have different project in different fields of work but have a team of
professionals that I lead. I guide my teams well and allow them the space they need to create.
I found this survey quite interesting. It was fascinating seeing how each career anchor I applies
or doesnt apply to my life.

Prompt #3 Set-up: (Ten Years Out Activity)

Relax your mind and consider all of your possible selves and possible futures

Remember to answer all the following questions as if the date is 10 years from today!

Prompt #3: Please respond to each of the following 12 questions as you hope to be
answering them 10 years from todays date). Be sure to give the questions some deep
thought, and demonstrate your engagement in the process by responding thoughtfully to each

1. What is the date today? How old are you? (Remember 10 years from now!)

Todays date is July 15, 2027 and I am 33 years old.

2. Where and in what kind of environment are you living?

I have move from my condo into a house I flipped. The house is located in a small,
comfortable neighborhood, located about 30 minutes from my family. I see them often
but have the ability to have my own space. The house itself is located minutes from the
Biltmore area in Phoenix, AZ.

3. What is your family situation?

I have married the man of my dreams and expect our first child together. I am very
close with my parents and grandparents. We see each other quite often both at work,
since we own a family business, and in our personal time. Family has been an important
part of my life and I continue to hold them close and share love with my own growing
family. All my cousins live overseas and only see them every couple of years but keep in
contact through social medias and skype calls.

4. What kind of work are you doing?

Eleven years ago, I opened up my salon. Currently I have expanded to other businesses
slowly creating a life style brand. I started with a salon and expanded the Di Luxe brand
to products, interior design, and social events. I strive to continue the family business
name and become my own entrepreneur. As well as being a business woman, I am in
the works of growing my small non-profit organization that empower woman and

5. Describe the institution/organization you work for.

I take pride in working for myself and creating an environment and culture where my
employees have the opportunity and learn skills to become their own leaders. I
encourage and enjoy finding peoples passions and helping them develop that. The
purpose of my brand that I continue to build is showcasing creativity and customer
service. We not only have programs in place that further employees careers within the
organization and outside as well.

6. What does your work place look like? What kind of building do you work in? Where
is it located? Is the environment urban, rural, etc.?

My office is located in downtown phoenix. We have purchased a house in the urban

neighborhood and remodeled it to meet our specifications. I spend a lot of my time at
the office and make trips to the businesses often. Its comfortable and chic. The office is
the hub of the company and a place for the team to let their creativity blossom.

7. Describe a typical work week/day.

I start everyday by going to the gym. I usually am in the office by 10 am and go over
the day or weeks events. Some days consist of meeting, while others consist of running
around town grabbing pieces for events and clients. Now that I have a family to come
home to I dont stay at work as late as I use to. The weekends may consist of an event
at the salon or simply just having a dinner with the family.

8. Do you work standard hours or is your schedule flexible?

As a business owner I would say that my schedule is flexible but I do work a lot. I like to
hold somewhat of a standard schedule but do have the ability to ultimately to make my
own schedule.

9. Describe your lifestyle.

My lifestyle at this point is what I would like to call blessed and comfortable. I have
come to a point where I am able to live a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the
bank. At this point we own a small beginner house that is sufficient for starting a family.
I do enjoy taking trips with my family and experience different cultures.

10. Do you have much leisure time and, if so, how do you spend it?
I usually have to schedule leisure time but to try to take little trips here and there to
relax. During my free time I enjoy spending time with friends and family. I like to host
events and have the occasional glass of wine with loved ones. On a regular night at
home I like to put on a movie, cook dinner, and read a book before bed.

11. What is your current financial situation?

I am currently still have a little bit left of paying of loans but am stable. I do have a
property or two that are rentals. The business are thriving and growing consistently. I
have learned from my family that we all have to take risks in life to grow and thus have
taken some challenging roads but ultimately came out on the other side.
12. Are you as happy as you thought you would be? Why or why not?
I am more than happy with my life. My dream was always to be a wife and mother, as
well as a business woman. I am stilling working towards being the business woman that
I want but am content with building that my brand of businesses that cater to
empowering other women, as well as being my outlet to be creative. I have always been
a child that needed to have multiple projects in her hand and the life I live currently
serves my need. My family is constantly present in my life and have a good social group
of supportive friends.