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August 2010
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Volume 5 #8

Antichrist and His Kingdom Part 2: The Rise of His Kingdom: Babylon the Great

In the first article in this series, we ex- plored what the Bible says about Anti- christ’s identity. This world dictator, who will dominate the cataclysmic time of judgment Scripture refers to as the “Tribu- lation,” will possess unprecedented power given to him directly by Satan himself. With this power, he will subjugate all other world leaders, and will oppose Israel, the Jewish people, and above all, the Lord Je- sus Christ, earth’s coming King of kings and Lord of lords.

As Christians, we need to be clear that his identity will not be known until the church is removed from the earth in what we refer to as the Rapture. What the Apos- tle Paul calls “the mystery of lawlessness” is already at work, and has been throughout

this age of God’s grace, or church age (2 Thess 2:7). However, the “man of lawless- ness”—Antichrist himself—will not be re- vealed until after the church is removed.

Here is the way the Apostle puts it:

“. .

. only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way. Then that law- less one will be revealed whom the Lord will slay with the breath of His mouth and bring to an end by the appearance of His coming; that is, the one whose coming is in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders, and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved” (vv. 7b-10).

This passage gives us a very brief chronology of the Tribulation. It tells us that the power which is restraining the full manifestation of evil in the world must be removed before Antichrist is revealed. That power can be none other than the Holy Spirit, and He cannot be removed from the earth without the removal of those whom He indwells, namely the members of the body of Christ, all of those

believers who make up the church. Once the church is caught up to be with the Lord (1 Thess 4:13-18; 1 Cor 15:51-52), Anti- christ’s identity is revealed, he consolidates his power through his use of deception and false miracles, and begins his reign of ter- ror—a reign which will be brought to an end when the Lord Jesus himself destroys him at His return to inaugurate His Messi- anic kingdom.

From where does Antichrist come? To answer this, we must return to Revelation 12:3 and 13:1. When he emerges out of the sea, the beast (Antichrist) is portrayed as having seven heads and ten horns, just as the dragon had. On each of the horns there is a royal crown and on each of the heads there are slanderous names. In order to probe this imagery more fully, we must also refer to Revelation 17, and the infa- mous vision of Babylon, the Great Harlot.

“Then one of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came and spoke with me, saying, ‘Come here, I will show you the judgment of the great harlot who sits on many waters, with whom the kings of the earth committed acts of immorality, and those who dwell on the earth were made drunk with the wine of her immoral- ity.’ And he carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness; and I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast, full of blasphe- mous names, having seven heads and ten horns. The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a gold cup full of abominations and of the unclean things of her immorality, and upon her forehead a name was writ- ten, a mystery, ‘BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.’

“And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the witnesses of Jesus. When I saw her, I

wondered greatly. And the angel said to me, ‘Why do you wonder? I will tell you the mystery of the woman and of the beast that carries her, which has the seven heads and the ten horns. The beast that you saw was, and is not, and is about to come up out of the abyss and go to destruction. And those who dwell on the earth, whose name has not been written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, will wonder when they see the beast, that he was and is not and will come’” (Rev 17:1-


Throughout the centuries, there has been a great deal of confused thinking about this passage, confusion that results from an allegorical interpretation. Preci- sion and accuracy, however, demand a literal-historical-grammatical approach to the text. Thus, it is critical to note that this revelation concerns Babylon. There is no reason to interpret this name as being any- thing other than literal Babylon, rebuilt on the plains of Shinar in modern-day Iraq, and which Scripture indicates will be the capital city of Antichrist’s kingdom (Jer 50- 51; Zech 5:5-11; Rev 18). This harlot is sit- ting on “many waters,” which the angel informs John symbolize “peoples and mul- titudes and nations and tongues” (v. 15). Babylon is represented as a great harlot

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August 2010 Wading River Baptist Church P.O. Box 438, 1635 Wading River-Manorville Road, Wading River, NY

U. S. helicopters fly over the walls of modern Babylon, built by Saddam Hussein.

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with whom the kings of the earth commit prostitution (see 18:3, 9), again a figurative way of indicating that there will be political and economic collusion between the na- tions comprising the new world order of Antichrist’s kingdom.

continued from page 1 with whom the kings of the earth commit prostitution (see 18:3, 9),

Modern Babylon, with Saddam Hussein’s palace prominently visible.

That economic collusion is described in greater detail in chapter 18. Once Baby- lon is destroyed, “the merchants of the earth weep and mourn over her, because no one buys their cargoes any more— cargoes of gold and silver and precious stones and pearls and fine linen and purple and silk and scarlet, and every kind of cit- ron wood and every article of ivory and every article made from very costly wood and bronze and iron and marble, and cin- namon and spice and incense and perfume and frankincense and wine and olive oil and fine flour and wheat and cattle and sheep, and cargoes of horses and chariots and slaves and human lives” (Rev 18:11- 13). It is clear, therefore, that Antichrist surrounds himself with the world’s wealth in a city of sumptuous splendor drawn from the wealth of the nations of the world,

and reflecting the majesty of Nebuchad- nezzar at the pinnacle of his power in the ancient Babylonian Empire.

Thus, it is incorrect to view this “mother of harlots” as the Roman Catholic Church or the papacy, as many Protestants have done since the time of the Reforma- tion. Furthermore, it is also inaccurate to understand Babylon the Great as “Anti- christ’s religious system” as many evan- gelicals, and even many dispensationalists, have interpreted it. Babylon is Antichrist’s jewel and the base of his worldwide he- gemony, a city enriched through shrewd political, military, and economic manipula- tion. In this sense, the nations of the world are drunk with the wine of her harlotry.

There is, of course, a thoroughly ugly side of Antichrist’s kingdom, for in John’s vision of the Great Harlot, she is seated on a scarlet beast (representing Antichrist himself) “full of blasphemous names” (v. 3). Thus, Antichrist’s kingdom will be dis- tinguished by utter impiety, the most se- vere hatred and defiance of God and His people. There will be no tolerance of the God of the Bible, of the Lord Jesus Christ, or of those who love and worship Him. That is why the harlot is drunk with the blood of the saints and witnesses of Jesus.

Clearly, Antichrist, from his capital in Iraq, directs a worldwide persecution involving the martyrdom of those saints who publicly declare their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ (v. 6; 13:7). As the angel informed Daniel, “he will speak out against the Most High and wear down the saints of the Highest One” (Dan 7:25).

Finally, Antichrist is described as “the beast that you saw [and] was, and is not,

and is about to come up out of the abyss

and go to

destruction. . . .

[H]e was and is

not and will come” (v. 8). To understand this, we must return to chapter 13, where we learn that Antichrist will suffer a fatal wound at some point toward the middle of the Tribulation period (13:3, 12). Although he is killed, through the power of Satan and the instrumentality of the miracle-working False Witness (Antichrist’s religious ad- viser), he experiences a resurrection which impresses the entire world (v. 8). Thus, he was (he lived and ruled), he is not (he is killed), and will come (will be resurrected).

However, when he is resurrected, he comes out of the abyss. The abyss in the New Testament is the place of eternal tor- ment, and a place where the most wicked of angels, those who sinned at the time of Noah (Gen 6), have been reserved for judg- ment (2 Pet 2:4; Jd 6; Rev 9:1-11; cf. Lk 8:31). This detail indicates, therefore, that when Antichrist is resurrected, he will be indwelt with one or more of the vilest de- mons ever to oppose God, who will engineer his unparalleled reign of terror throughout the Great Tribulation, the final three and one-half years of judgment.

But we still haven’t answered one criti- cal question: from where does Antichrist actually come? And what about those mys- terious seven heads and ten horns (13:1 and 17:3)? We will answer this question in the next article in this series.

Pastor Ron Glass

Missionaries of the Month – Peter and Bette Verkaik

The Fulani people of West Africa are one of the largest nomadic groups in the world. The Fulani are predominantly Muslim and suffer persecution when they come to Christ. For Peter and Bette Verkaik, these are the people that they mission to and with great success. They have two Disciple- ship Training Centers and a Word of Life Bible Club ministry with 50 churches run- ning the Bible Club program. Praise God!




continued from page 1 with whom the kings of the earth commit prostitution (see 18:3, 9),

2010, Peter Verkaik, Bob DeVoe, and three Nigerian pas- tors were ordained by the Evangelical Churches of West Africa (ECWA) as ministers. The ser- vice was a really big celebration and the church was packed (with tents outside for

continued from page 1 with whom the kings of the earth commit prostitution (see 18:3, 9),

drink. Praise God!

























Earlier in June, the Drama team, headed up by Bob DeVoe, had a great tour near Abuja. It included 12 performances with over 5,000 total in attendance; 852 salvation decisions and 825 re-dedication decisions. Praise God!

We need to keep the Verkaiks in prayer for there is always a threat of vio- lence as there was in Jos last month when a few people were killed in a village outside of Jos. Although it has been peaceful there

in the last few weeks, we need to keep them in prayer.

Malaria is also another concern for prayer. It is a praise that Bette has been malaria-free for over 8 months; however, Peter has suffered with it twice over that time. Pray for good health for both.

It is important, too, that we keep their staff and workers in prayer as well as those that have come to know the Lord through their efforts to share the gospel. Keep praying for them as they print out the New Bible Club materials and the Quiet Time Diaries and as they “Nigerianize” them to make it easier for the Club leaders this fall.

Please continue to pray that all their financial needs will be met, especially for the finances to purchase the truck for “Born Again to a Living Hope.”

Joan Tyska

Getting Acquainted with Sylvena Ingoglia

In 1927, Calvin Coolidge was president and a loaf of bread could be bought for nine cents. Charles Lind- bergh flew the first nonstop flight from NY to Paris in that year and NBC went on the air as the first ever radio net- work. Most interestingly, the first conven- tion of the Italian Pentecostal Movement was called in 1927 where the group adopted articles of faith, which helped unify the movement into a cohesive whole. Eventu- ally the name changed and became the Christian Church of North America.

Getting Acquainted with Sylvena Ingoglia In 1927, Calvin Coolidge was president and a loaf of bread

Also in 1927, a layman from the Chris- tian Church of North America came to the home of Frank and Maria Brigandi, farm- ers living in Mullica Hill, NJ. He witnessed to them and gave them a Bible that brought them to the Lord. Not only was this a spe- cial year for the family in obtaining their salvation and a new direction in life, it was the year a daughter was born to them named Sylvena, born on November 23.

Bible studies began once a week in the Brigandi’s home. As Sylvena grew so did the Bible studies, increasing to five fami- lies. By 1933, the group had grown large enough to have church services on Satur- day nights. By the time there were 45 members, Sylvena’s father became a minis- ter and they continued to meet in their home over a period of 19 years. He led the Bible study during the week and the Mon- day night prayer meet- ing for about six years while Rev. Frank For- tonato preached on Saturday night.

Getting Acquainted with Sylvena Ingoglia In 1927, Calvin Coolidge was president and a loaf of bread

Services were held on Saturday night for two reasons. First, Rev. Frank Forto- nato preached on Sunday at his church. Second, because the congregation was mostly farmers, the farmers’ Saturday agenda was less busy due to the market being closed on Sundays.

Even though church services were held in the home for these 19 years, this col- lected community of farmers put on their

Sunday best as they entered in to the Brigandi’s home that had been trans- formed into a house of worship. They even had a coffee hour after the service supplied by Sylvena’s mother. To this day, Sylvena continues in the tradition of putting on your Sunday best as she puts on her Sun- day best each Lord’s Day to attend the WRBCalways in her best, always looking like the classy lady that she is.

By 1946, Sylvena’s father and mother donated two acres of land as they began planning to build a church. Donations came in from eight of the farming families attending the services in the Brigandi’s home. By 1947, the church was completed and it was dedicated in February 1947. The dedication ceremony was well attended with visitors from NY, DC, MD, OH and PA.

Back then, most of the ser- vice was held in Italian. A youth group was formed and met on Friday evenings with a young man from Camden, NJ volunteering to help with the youth. A spe- cial memory of Sylvena’s is going Christ- mas caroling (by car) on Christmas Eve in 3-4 feet of snow. Sometimes it was 4 or 5 miles between farm houses but was so worth it when they gathered afterwards in a home for “goodies” made by the ladies of the churcha very special “Currier & Ives” moment.

Getting Acquainted with Sylvena Ingoglia In 1927, Calvin Coolidge was president and a loaf of bread

It is clear that Sylvena and her siblings (Carmen, Conjetta, Rose, and Jennie) were very close to the Lord throughout their


Even though Sylvena only

completed 10 th grade, the education she received at home was priceless and far su- perior to any she could have received oth- erwise. She not only was nurtured spiritu- ally but was taught a skill that allowed her to be employed professionally as a seam- stress.

In 1946, while Sylvena and her father were visiting in Brooklyn, NY at a pastor’s home and his church, Sylvena met a young man, the pastor’s nephew, Vince Ingoglia. For the next two years, Vince came by train and bus to NJ to see Sylvena almost every two weeks. By October of 1947, they were engaged and by April 24, 1948, Vince and Sylvena were the first ones to be married in the new church.

God blessed them with three children:

Mark Douglas, Cynthia Ann, and Debra Marie.

In 1954, Sylvena’s father and mother made the rounds one Monday morning visiting all the families from the church. That evening after the prayer meeting at the church, her father closed the prayer meeting with prayer and told everyone that Jesus was coming. It was that night at the young age of 60 that her father went home to be with the Lord.

Because of Sylvena’s sewing skills, she was able to work as a seam- stress for 36 years. Her first job was in Plainview sewing beachwear where she worked for 10 years. She then worked at E.LS Mfg in Bayshore for 20 years. Her last employment doing alterations at Dance Trends lasted 6 years. With so much experience, she worked into a supervisory position.

Getting Acquainted with Sylvena Ingoglia In 1927, Calvin Coolidge was president and a loaf of bread

Vince and Sylvena moved to Calverton 18 years ago and found the WRBC one Easter Sunday and started attending 16 years ago. Now Sylvena, a widow, is faith- ful to church and likes fellowshipping with the seniors at the Senior Saints’ luncheons. She has even volunteered one of her special homemade soups for the luncheon. Years back she served in the nursery for a couple of years.

She still loves to sew and is quite good at alterations. She also loves getting out- side in her garden; both her beautiful flower garden and her vegetable garden. She is a collector of dolls and has her home decorated with them. Being a farm girl at heart, she took to collecting pig ornaments and mementoes.

Without hesitation, Sylvena could be

described as a fine lady, very eloquent, a

little bit reserved.

As the daughter of a

pastor, marrying a nephew of a pastor who became a pastor himself, she has been nourished by the Word in all facets of her life. She knows and loves the Lord as her favorite Bible verse reflects: for the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord (Rom


Joan Tyska

News for the Discerning Believer

“Teach me good discernment and knowledge, for I believe in Your commandments” (Psalm 119:66)


“Moral earthquakes, like earth- quakes of the geophysical variety, most often occur suddenly and with-

out warning” says Dr. Albert Mohler in a recent blog post entitled When Feminism Kills – Abortion As ‘The Lesser Evil’. “At one moment, the moral argument is framed in conventional and familiar ways. Just an instant later, all is changed.”

Mohler leads us through an article ap- pearing in the 7/30/10 edition of The Times (out of London) in which “writer Antonia Senior acknowledges that an un- born child at any stage is a human life. But she then proceeds to assert that feminism is more important than life, and that, when necessary, women must be willing to kill for the feminist cause even as they are will- ing to die for it.”

Senior claims that after having experi- enced her pregnancy with her daughter, she now fully believes that life begins at conception. But she also believes, as Moh- ler summarizes, that “when it comes down to the right of the fetus to live versus the right of the mother to abort, the abortion right wins.” He adds, “That statement, pub- lished for all the world to see, perfectly distills the inescapable logic of the abortion rights argument. It is based on a willing- ness to kill — and on the horrifying audac- ity to call this killing ‘the lesser evil.’” ( 7/1/10)

Augusta State University has ordered a counseling student to undergo re- education to alter her biblically based beliefs on homosexuality. A lawsuit has been filed against the univer- sity by Alliance Defense Fund on behalf of Jennifer Keeton, 24. Keeton, who is in the midst of earning her graduate degree, says she has “never denigrated anyone in com- municating her beliefs but merely stated factually what they were in appropriate contexts.” When her professors learned of her views, they mandated that she “attend ‘diversity sensitivity training,’ complete additional remedial reading, and write pa- pers to describe their impact on her beliefs. If she does not change her beliefs or agree to the plan, the university says it will expel her from the Counselor Education Pro- gram.” ( 7/22/10)


The Obama Administration will soon need to decide which group to pan-

der to: homosexuals or Muslims. An editorial in The Washington Times quotes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton saying “Human rights are gay rights, and gay rights are human rights once and for all.” Clinton has pushed the homosexual agenda in the State Department, resulting in the Department’s push for foreign govern- ments to recognize homosexual unions abroad. But as the article points out, “the main pushback is coming from the Muslim world, where ‘alternative lifestyle’ is just another way of saying blasphemy.” Muslim countries following Sharia law often punish homosexual and effeminate activity with flogging or death.

“Given the Obama administration's fawning outreach to Muslim majority states, this drive for homosexual equality seems something of a disconnect. The De- mocratic conundrum illustrates an aspect of the clash of civilizations Mr. Obama is willfully ignoring. Appeals to liberal West- ern notions of human rights fall on deaf ears with Muslims” reads the editorial. It closes with the obvious: “In the Muslim view, the only legitimate rights are those bestowed by Allah, and Mohammed was not known for his ‘gay-friendly’ attitude.

This is one fight in which the State De- partment eventually will make a very dip- lomatic retreat.” (The Washington Times


“For the second year in a row civil libertarians have accused the Dear- born Police Department of violating the First Amendment by arresting

Christian missionaries talking and handing out literature to predominately Muslim attendees of the Dearborn Interna- tional Arab Festival” reports Ed Brayton of The Michigan Messenger. “Prior to the event, one Christian ministry filed a federal lawsuit challenging rules that forbid the handing out of literature outside of a des- ignated area near the entrance of the festi- val after they had encountered problems with the police in 2009. The district court rejected a request for a preliminary injunc- tion against those rules, but the 6 th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed and granted a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against the enforcement of those rules.”

Acts 17 Apologetics, another ministry, stood outside of the Michigan festival peacefully witnessing to people. All four members were arrested; two were handing out literature and speaking with people and two were videotaping. Videos of the en-

counter can be seen on YouTube. Despite their arrests, the missionaries returned two days later, again with video cameras, and were told they could not hand out their literature within five blocks of the festival. This video is also posted on YouTube.

Brayton reports that the missionaries are being represented by the Thomas More Law Center, but even the ACLU has jumped on board saying that “based solely on the videotape, it appears that the man encouraging others to convert to Christian- ity was engaged in speech protected by the First Amendment. The videotape suggests that the man who was arrested was not harassing the people with whom he was speaking, nor was he inciting a riot; rather,

he was engaged in the type of free exchange of ideas about religion that is valued in a free society. The man’s message may not have been popular at this particular festi- val, but the Constitution protects unpopu- lar speech as well as popular speech.” (The Michigan Messenger 7/22/10)


A fragment of a tablet from a royal archives dating from the 14 th century B.C. has been uncovered outside of Jeru- salem’s Old City walls. It was found be- neath a 10 th century B.C. tower built during the reign of King Solomon. The language on the tablet appears to be ancient Ak- kadian and was likely written by a scribe who prepared tablets for the royal house- hold. The fragment stands as proof that Jerusalem was a major center during that time period. (ScienceDaily 7/12/10)

Shamed pastor and former NAE president Ted Haggard is back in the

pulpit. Haggard was forced to resign as president of the National Association of Evangelicals (NAE) four years ago amidst a scandal involving an adulterous homosex- ual liaison and illegal drug use. In a con- fessional letter to fellow pastors he referred to his desires as “repulsive and dark” and called himself “a deceiver and a liar.” He also signed a contract promising to leave the ministry.

These days, Haggard claims he “over- repented.”

Stephanie Simon of The Wall Street Journal reports that Haggard has been holding worship services in his backyard barn. "‘Tiger Woods needs to golf. Michael Vick needs to be playing football,’ Mr. Haggard said as his new congregation

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joined him and Gayle in their backyard for a post-worship picnic. Little kids, shriek- ing with joy, splashed in the pool. Men grilled burgers. Women set out chicken salad.”






‘needs to be leading a church.’"

According to Simon, Haggard main- tains that while he acknowledges “grave lapses of judgment” in the episode he re- fers to as "my crisis" he also claims “that in

his sorrow and shame, he accepted too much guilt after the scandal broke.”

“He portrays his encounter with the prostitute as a massage that went awry and said he doesn't have same-sex attractions. He dismisses as a ‘witch hunt’ the findings of his former church that he engaged in a pattern of misconduct, including sordid talk and inappropriate relationships. (He said his only fault was cracking a few crude jokes.)”

Haggard claims he started his new church as an act of “humble repentance” because it “forces him continually to confront his sin” whereas he feels moving to another state and taking a secular job would have been easier. Haggard goes on in the article to brag that he “cusses” now and that people feel more comfortable around him these days now that he is no longer “respectable.” (The Wall Street Journal 7/24/10)

Laura Kelleher

Roads to Hell Come Out of Big Government

Virtue can be judged by how people treat words. People of honor hold fast to mean- ings of words even when they miscalculate what is required under them or when it harms their cause. Dishonorable people tend to hold rigid or fluid meanings to suit their interests. In other words, when an- other person does not hold up their end of a bargain with him, he will adamantly de- mand justice with a strict construction of the agreement. However, when he is defi- cient in his end of a bargain or wants some- thing that goes against an agreement, he will try to change the meanings of the words. Those who successfully “revise” things in this manner prove themselves to be thieves because this cheats people out of what was theirs. I will expand this fact in order to show that arrogant centralized authority serves as a confusion mechanism which leads people away from God.

The nation of Israel was established as a theocracy when one man, Abraham, be- lieved God, and the theocracy (rule by God) was passed on to his descendants through inheritance. This seems more legitimate than God assembling people and having them vote 53 to 47 percent to have Him rule over them. Many Old Testament laws concerned individuals and private property rights. Could one of the reasons God insti- tuted Jubilee (Leviticus 25)where prop- erty reverted back to the family that origi- nally owned itbe that He wanted the power that came with owning property vested in the many rather than the few? Did God oppose Israel having a king like the pagan nations had (1st Samuel 8) be- cause He thought centralized power vested in fallen men to be an evil?

In the 119th Psalm, David equates God's law as His Word and as truth. We know that Israel generally hated and re- belled against the law throughout its his- tory. When God's begotten Word became flesh (John 1:14), nothing changed. The Israelites, led by the elite of their day, con- tinued to hate God's Son just like they had

throughout most of their history. If they had been seeking the truth, they would have had to suppress their false notions that their Messiah was to deliver them from the Romans. Instead of being care- takers of God's law and handing over the reigns to their promised King, the Jewish leaders arrogantly sought to suppress Him by putting Him on trial lawlessly so they could maintain their power. In their law- lessness, Christ had to subject Himself to their false ideas rather than fulfill the law if He wanted to be deemed their Messiah!

The early American distrust of gov- ernment officials should be evident to all who study United States history and its Constitution. It was commonly understood that Federal government officials were to be stewards of our Constitution and not to have authority in and of themselves. The main reason we were given three branches of government is so a branch could be sup- pressed if they violated the constitution. State governments were represented in the Senate and there was a doctrine called nullification if that all wasn't enough. This was supposed to protect people from gov- ernment abuses. In short, the government was to protect its citizens from invasion and to be a referee between parties under its jurisdiction. That changed quickly when the Supreme Court declared that it had the final authority on interpreting what was constitutional and was not seri- ously challenged. Today, although we are supposedly still under the constitution which limits federal power, it is the federal government officials who get to decide when those powers have been violated. It seems that our government does every- thing except what was delegated to it in the constitution.

Our current government evangelists preach that our constitution must be a “liv- ing, breathing document” to allow more “good” to take place on behalf of the peo- ple. The amendment process is too taxing for them. Generally, they conceive of gov-

ernment as the be all and end all; an entity unto itself. They can't have a majority of people believe that their fluid view of our law has in effect nullified it out of exis- tence. According to them, we the people are not supposed to discriminate or think for ourselves by recognizing what is truly around us. We ought to first filter every- thing through the propaganda that they dish out. They want to do all of our think- ing for us. We are not supposed to bring to light the abuses brought on by our gov- ernment. People who do the best job at this against corrupt governments have been labeled enemies of the state and have been murdered throughout history.

Early Americans understood property and personal responsibility because they did not have “safety nets” like we do today. They themselves mostly bore the burden of their vices and reaped the reward for their industriousness and frugality. A lot of them understood that the only way their government could receive more power is for it to be taken away from them.

Many people currently do not under- stand property and responsibility. Today, our politicians try to deny the laws of scar- city and to obtain increased power through ruses. Our Federal Government gives fiat money, social security, insurances, bail- outs, welfare, unemployment, and other unconstitutional “benefits” which shield people from reality and transfer wealth unjustly. Even if we consider social secu- rity as something that is paid into, we have to realize that the money has already been spent (stolen) and the program simply takes money from working people and gives it to the retired. These things enable people to transfer their shortcomings to the “system” and delay thinking about the con- sequences until the whole thing falls apart.

If sin is debt owed to God for damag- ing what is His, discussing the need for salvation in private property and personal responsibility terms would seem to be ap- propriate. These concepts are getting more

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difficult to grasp for some because they believe governments when they declare there is no such thing as personal respon- sibility (except maybe for our duties to government) and seek to change the mean- ing of words to suit their purposes. Both Israel and our country should serve as ex-

amples of law being turned on its head in arrogance. I believe that many people need to be brought out of the deceptions and cocoons of the government road in order for them to understand their need for sal- vation.








mocked; for whatever a man sows, this he

will also reap” (Gal 6:7). Carl Chapman

There were lots of BBQ’s, family reunions, and fireworks, but for the WRBC it was a time to stop and remember the Fourth of July with a passion of understanding in how blessed the WRBC is in the freedom to fill the calendar with so many events.

First on the July calendar was A Summer Hymn Sing in place of the normal Lord’s Day service on July 11, 2010. It was a celebration of evangelicalism’s great mu- sical heritage. Marie Caputo and Sarah Piraino were at the piano, George Ehmann at the organ, Carl Chapman on trumpet, and Shannon and Linea Piraino on the violins. Over two dozen hymns were sung by the congregation and the choral ensem- ble featuring musical solos by Kevin Kenter, Nora Faustinorio, and Stephen Heuzey. The ministry in music featured great hymns of faith, worship, praise and devotion.

July 12-16 was the High Power VBS

Soccer Camp with 67 youngsters attending from ages 3 to 12. Maureen Glass, together

with Vic (in picture) and Cathy Perez planned and ran a 5-day program that brought together
brought together
the playing field
and in the class-
Cathy run
*Christian soccer
rals in their lead-
soccer field.

Maureen Glass led a Bible study each day using not only her knowledge but her wonderful skill in acting to impress on the children each of the lessons. As each Bible student entered her decorated classroom it was like stepping back in time 4000 years with the décor of that period; Maureen’s attire straight out of Biblical description, and her spoken word scripted from the Bible story being studied.

Not following the soccer theme, the 3- and 4-year-olds explored the mighty love of

July in Review

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God through the VBS program High Seas Expedition. Sarah Piraino along with a crew of young women from the church ex- pedited this program, overlapping into the soccer program a wee bit for the wee ones.

Water/snack breaks were provided by volunteers (in picture below) who kept the young campers energized and hydrated. The attempt to provide a totally healthy menu was overridden by the popularity of the all-American cookie – the Oreo! (Many thanks for the overwhelming support and donations of the Oreo!)

Sadly, the soccer camp came to an end but not until parents and campers came together for an ice cream social. Scripture memory awards were given out, Peter Albrecht delivered a spiritual message, and mementoes and a picture magnet of their group were given to each camper.

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On July 18 th , following the morning’s service, everyone was invited downstairs to the Fellowship Hall for coffee hour and for a time of fellowshipping. Special guests of honor were Tom and Laura Kelleher as they were presented with a

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gift certificate to use for their new baby boy due August 28 th . Future big brother, Luke (in picture), is quite excited about the arri- val of the new baby and will be attending a class at the hospital in how to hold an in- fant. Awesome!

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In anticipation of the baptismal ser- vice held on August 1 st , Deborah Bristoll; Stephen Heuzey; Sarah, Linea, and John Moses Piraino; and Dennis Tyska met with Pastor Glass on July 25 th to prepare for believer’s baptism. Testimonies were shared in how they each came to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior as Pastor Glass explained the biblical meaning of and reasons for baptism.

During the service on August 1 st , the ordinance of baptism allowed Deborah, Stephen, Sarah, Linea, John Moses, and Dennis to offer their testimonies as an outward symbol of an inward grace. By this public expression, it symbolized their union with the Lord Jesus and their be- longing to the body of Christ, the church. At the conclusion of the service, they were all given the hand of fellowship and were greeted individually at the coffee hour in the Fellowship Hall. It was a time of good fellowship and joyous praise.

*The Christian soccer league referred to in this article is the Christian Youth Soccer League (CYSL) serving the Christian com- munity, conducting sessions during the fall and spring. They practice on Thursdays and play the games on Saturdays at the Calvary Baptist Church, 324 Jayne Blvd., Port Jefferson Station. Tel: (631) 849-4613; or contact via e-mail

Joan Tyska

AAuugguusstt Bible Quiz Questions

1) Hananiah was cast into the lion’s den. True or false? 2) The given names of Daniel’s three friends were changed to Shadrach, Mishael, and Abednego. True or false?

3) What did the children of Israel give Joshua the son of Nun as an inheritance?

4) Which apostle exhorts his readers to be doers of the word and not hearers only?

5) What did Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, change Mattaniah’s name to?

Bonus: Are the words of Jesus, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” recorded in the Gospels? If not, where?

Submit the answers and Bible reference to: The answers for this month’s quiz will be announced in the next newsletter!

JJuullyy Bible Quiz Answers

1) The angel Gabriel (Luke 1:26-33). 2) Isaiah (Isaiah 6:8). 3) Nathanael (John 21:2). 4) At a wedding in Cana of Galilee (John 2:3-10). 5) At Cana of Galilee (John 4:46-54). Bonus: Soteriology.

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August 6 th – Ray Fitzgerald August 6 th – Doris Healy August 13 th – Marlene Drummond August 18 th – Felix Acerra August 18 th – Marcelle Ritzmann August 19 th – Steve Valentine August 20 th – Dino Volano August 21 st – Florence Acerra August 24 th – Chris Glass August 26 th – Sarah Chapman

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August 6 th – Steve & Vicki Valentine August 15 th – Bob & Sue Hart August 19 th – Wally & Lisa Coleman August 24 th – Kevin & Aneta Kenter

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