Bloomingdale High School Yearbook Ads

Due October 15, 2010 1700 E. Bloomingdale Ave., Valrico, FL 33596 phone: 813-699-YRBK fax: 813-744-8026
Businesses: Bloomingdale High School’s yearbook sells 1,000 copies to 2,400 students, faculty, and area businesses. One yearbook is viewed by over 30 different people, including all of their friends and family. What other advertising medium lasts this long? Take advantage of this opportunity to solidify your patronship in the school’s only official historical record and place an ad in the 2011 yearbook. Seniors & parents: Can you imagine the look on your child’s face in May when they open up the yearbook and see a lifetime of memories in print forever? Seniors, will you remember your inside jokes between you and your best friends at your ten year reunion? MySpace and Facebook pages always change, but print is permanent. Preserve your memories with a senior ad. Our ad design placed second in the country, and we’re happy to help preserve your memories. Purchaser: ________________________________ Name(s) on Ad: _________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________ E-mail: _______________________________________ Surprise? Yes No

Make checks payable to Bloomingdale High School or pay by credit card online at New this year: Build your ad online! See more details at Parents of seniors: we have a senior ad building night where you can work with designers to make your ad. Include your e-mail for more info. Advertising Rates: ______ Two page spread color (24 pics) $550 ______ Full page color (12 pics) ______ Half page color (6 pics) $325 $175 ______ Quarter page color (3 pics) $100

______ Eighth page color (1 pic/business card) $75 ______ Senior special: 1/8 pg. ad + yearbook $125

Guidelines: • All payments must be submitted in HALF by the October 15, 2010 deadline. Remainder and materials must be submitted by November 5, 2010. • A separate contract must be completed for each ad. The contract only remains valid if copy and payment deadlines are met. No refunds will be made on October deposits for ads not fulfilled by the November deadline. • All materials must be submitted electronically on a CD or flash drive. Camera-ready artwork will only be accepted for business ads. Artwork or CDs will not be returned. Please scan pictures at 300 DPI for print quality. DO NOT SEND A PRE-DESIGNED AD MADE IN MICROSOFT WORD. This destroys print quality. Send the picture files and a separate text file on the CD if you wish to include a message. You may also send a predesigned ad as a PDF file or InDesign packaged folder. Please contact the staff for exact dimensions if you choose to submit a file this way. You may also build your ad online at • This is a publication by students; no refunds can be given for errors in advertising printed in the yearbook. • Ad space is limited. All contracts will be dated upon payment. Ad space will be granted in the order received. I have read and agree to all of the above guidelines and rates on the contract: ______________________________________________ Signature of Purchaser
Payments 1st Payment: $ Date

_____________________________________________ Minotaur Staffer
2nd Payment: $ Date

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