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Customer Centered Marketing Plan


River Riders, Inc.
408 Alstadts Hill Road
Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
800 326 RAFT

Marketing Plan Developed by: Andrea Tracewell

Original Date: 12/13/02
Last Revised: 04/03/14
Version 2.1


The central purpose and role of River Riders, Inc is defined as: To provide remarkable experiences
At River Riders, we will achieve our mission by being caring and progressive in our attitudes and training. We will benefit
our guests, our employees and our community.


The vision of River Riders Inc is 3-4 years time is:
River Riders will be an adventure resort with multifaceted entertainment options. Further growth will be fostered in our core
activities. Underperforming activities will be discontinued or modified. New options will be non paddle related yet still outdoor
oriented. Paintball, mountain bike trails, ropes courses, Via Ferrata and climbing, and a marina will be the new activity
focuses. Add-ons like additional food service, retail and transportation will be expanded.

The corporate values governing River Riders Inc and development will include the following benefits for our:
 Staff through positive growth, healthy environment, activities, beneficial work environment, flexible
scheduling, transparency, and flow of information, fair pay and benefits
 Guests with quality, comfort, value, innovation. Achieve exceptional guest satisfaction through safety, fun,
interpretation and education. Go above and beyond to make personal connections and improve guest loyalty and retention.
 Community by offering our children an affordable, fun, and educational summer camp and group
offerings. Provide our neighbors with respect, courtesy, and charity (donations). Offer local employment and opportunities
for recreation.
 Governmental partners including park service through interpretation partnerships and a cooperative
working relationship and state and local government with tax revenue.
 Environment through stewardship and education
 Shareholders with positive financial returns
Our management and staff will use creativity, enthusiasm, and expertise to achieve our visions. The three elements of
success are: shared purpose, shared values, and commitment of leadership.


Longer term business objectives of River Riders, Inc are summarized as:
 Sustainable growth
 Improved relations with internal and external customers including public relations
 Increased product offerings
 Increased staff and management productivity
 Improved business systems
 Cost controls
 Improved staff training/ retention
 Further developed relations with pertinent government agencies
 Necessity to achieve regular profits to sustain growth

Greatest strengths Greatest weaknesses
 Marketing-Website  Finances
 Location  Operational capacity
 Staff expertise  Research and development resources
 Customer service  Productivity costs
 Reputation  Organizational efficiency
 Profitability  Complexity of offerings
 Quality of products\  Consistency
 Management systems  Staff retention
 Sales processes  Communication
Greatest opportunities Greatest threats
 Large customer base  Current economic climate
 New activity offerings  Government restrictions to growth
 Cost savings  Cost of commercial land
 Improve business systems  Aggressive competition
 Staff development  Mature industry
 Availability of labor force  Environmental challenges
 Availability of slow time  Technology
 Access to resources  Weather
 Competitors  Work force

 Sales and Marketing Departments will work together to extend product ranges and markets served and improve market
share by increasing product offerings and quality service
 Marketing Department will enhance brand with repetition of logo usage
 The Business owner will Increase capacity through asset acquisition and equipment innovation
 Strengthen financial position through planning, budgeting, retained earnings, and wise investments
 All department heads will work to increase skills, efficiency, and productivity of staff and reduce costs through better systems
and training for their departments
 Retail Manager will work to improve inventory and sales tracking and ordering through a better point of sales system
 General Manager will work to identify and promoting key employees to supervisor/management team


A. Short-term goals (1 year or less)
 The Sales Department will increase number of groups.
 The Maintenance Department will improve operational facilities with the direction of the General Manager and
Business Owner.
 All Department Heads will work together to improve staff training/morale.
 The Retail Manager will improve retail store by minimizing pro gear since it has not been profitable.
 The Sales Department will achieve annual sales growth of 20% through new product offerings and increase
revenue per guest.

 The Canopy Tour Department with the Maintenance Department and Skyline to build and install a high speed zip
line tower

 The Marketing Department will improve the online experience and add products.

 The Marketing Department will improve the work environment for the staff through better facilities and after work
 The Maintenance Department will add showers outside.
 Each Department Head will establish a standardized system of policies and procedures.

 The Outdoor Adventure Camp Director will modify and solicit feedback on summer camp offerings to increase
repeat participation.

 The Marketing Department will come up with a story for the mascot.
 The Maintenance Department will install utilities at the campground with the direction of the business owner.
 The Retail Manager will work with the Sales Department to improve retail area.
 Earth work for expansion plan
 Renovations to the Historical River Tours building for zip line and summer camp departments
 Add more group camping site areas
 The Maintenance Department will add a marina at The Harpers Ferry Campground, and add water, a bathhouse,
and dump station, and suspended tree house/yurts/cabins with the direction of the business owner.

B. Long-term goals (3-5 years)

 Improve facilities.

 The Marketing Department will work with the General Manager to increase business partnerships.

 Offer paintball, maintain bike trails, Via Ferrata/Rock climbing, winter snow tubing, ice skating, a mud pit for tug of
war, and a volleyball court

 The business owner will acquire assets that will assist with the sustainability of growth, innovate with equipment to
improve efficiency, conserve capital and invest wisely.

 All Department Heads will increase market share through quality, comfort, value, staff training and morale, and
improved delivery systems.

 The General Manager will hire at least 5 people from within to supervisory positions.

 Indoor event/game center with indoor climbing gym, game area, entertainment/conference rooms, etc

 Maintenance/ equipment storage building

Goals from our employees:

Professionalism, friendliness, timeliness, helpfulness


 CEO will work with management to consolidate and standardize systems and manuals and improve interdepartmental
 Sales and Marketing will improve pre-trip guest notification of hazards of activities.
 Marketing Director will implement a plan for training non sales staff on the promotion of additional activities for guests.
 All Management will aim to have at minimum bi-weekly staff training on policies and procedures.
 CEO will work with management and staff to develop plans for increasing sales through new product offerings and
increased revenue per guest. Going above and beyond and making personal connections will be emphasized.
 CEO and management will work to implement development plan for Harpers Ferry Campground.
 Management will work to be creative and disciplined in improving the number of activities that begin on time.
 Management will work to be creative in improving the work environment for the staff.
 Camp director shall modify programming and solicit feedback on summer camp offerings to increase repeat participation.
 Marketing director will incorporate new mascot in signage and ensure logo is used in all marketing materials and signage.
 CEO will acquire assets that will assist with the sustainability of growth.
 All management and staff will be innovative with equipment to improve efficiency.
 Management will look to hire and identify staff that will become future supervisors.
 All staff shall work to conserve costs and look for cost saving initiatives.
 Group Sales
 Improve teambuilding program
A. Target Market:
River Riders has positioned itself to target the D.C. and Baltimore metro areas. This is where our largest guest base comes
from. In addition to these areas, we also target the local communities.
We have a broad price range in our activities. This is a strength because we are attractive to a wide audience, specifically to
people in different social groups. We have superior staff, training, equipment, and operations to back up the trips. We have a
good understanding of our competitors and have continued to take market share.
We would also like to continue and grow our relationships with large groups such as boy scouts and girl scouts, other
camps, businesses, youth groups, church groups, and teambuilding clients.

Customer Group Group Characteristics Product name Benefit

1. Families Upper middle income Rafting, fw tubing, Good parent, family
families adventure park, zip time

2. Tubists (YUP) College students and Tubing Cool, socializing, self
25-35 yr olds esteem

3. Groups School, church, youth, Rafting, adventure Cool, socializing, self
scout, camp park, camping, zip esteem, outdoor
lining experiences

B. Product Offerings and Services:
River Riders, Inc’s current offerings are: Rafting, tubing, canoeing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, zip lining, aerial
adventure park, biking, fishing, team building, summer camp, campground, vacation rentals, shuttle services, retail area, food
and beverage service.

Each of the products our company offer’s are listed and their market potential and market performance noted.
Note: 1=low market potential/performance

2=moderate market potential/performance
3=high market potential/performance
4=highest market potential/performance

Product name Market Potential Market Performance
Guided Rafting/ Kayaking (R/K)        

Tubing (T)        

Zip Line Canopy Tour (ZIP)        

Potomac Play Pass (PPP)        

Biking (B)        

Team Building (TB)        

Summer Camps (OAC)        

Retail Area (R)        

Aerial Adventure Park (AP)        

Shuttle Service (SS)        

Food and Beverage Service (FB)        

Vacation Rentals (VR)        

Campground (HFCG)        

Market Performance Table


3 SS

2 R/K

1 23 4

Question Marks- High potential but we currently have a low market share
Stars- high market share with high growth

Dog- low share in a saturated market, low growth and little return
Cows- high market share, low growth with high returns

We have a good mix of products. Many of the question marks - team building, summer camps, vacation rentals, Potomac play
pass, our retail area, and our shuttle service are products that we feel have much more potential if they are marketed
correctly. Biking has had considerable growth and is becoming a star.

C. Customer Segmentation:
I feel that we have a good match of products to what our guests’ desire. We would like to see an increase in the group
markets as these are much less work per person to accommodate and there total group expenditure is much higher. Families
are the other area that we are going to focus on as they generally spend the most per person. We are looking to have families
come to River Riders for multiple activities or to stay for more than one day.
The senior’s market seems to be a hot commodity. We need to look into ways to get more into this market. With bucket lists
being popular in today’s society, we offer a lot of products that have a pretty good chance of being on someone’s bucket list.

D. Marketing Mix
First we identify features of the Product we will emphasize when presenting it to each customer segment. Then we discuss
how we will Price our product in order to achieve the desired financial goals and signal an adequate quality level. Third, we will
make our product available (Place) to our customers through promotions and advertising. We must make our company
accessible to each customer segment and to the resources needed for our operation as well as how we will use our physical
infrastructure to portray an image of quality. Lastly, we have identified what Promotional tools we will use to communicate our
product offerings to each customer segment emphasizing the unique selling propositions we developed previously.
Include messages that promote how we value the guest’s time. Show smiling faces of families and groups in our promotional
literature. Integrate messages about River Riders being the smart choice for your family or group. Promote how good you’ll
feel after being our guest. Communicate to the customer that River Riders understands their concerns and addresses them.
We have a good mix of products and we are always searching for the new product that guests want. We have been dropping
some of the unprofitable offerings – fishing, regional white water rafting trips, kayak retail, and kayak instruction. The
adventure park and zip line have been fast growing products in 2013. Our summer camp and teambuilding are still areas
where we can improve a lot. These markets could be huge, if we spend the right time and money developing them.

Families YUP Groups

Product: Rafting, Adventure Park, OAC, zip Product: Tubing Product: Rafting, tubing,
lining, Potomac Play Pass adventure park, camping, Team

Price: higher, yet value oriented pricing Price: economical Price: discounted for groups
(except team building)

Place: close to area hotels, we offer free shuttles Place: our building is easily seen Place: close to history, culture,
to pick them up, close to Historic harpers ferry from the highway, we should make great for educational or outdoor
attractions it more guest friendly when they trips
arrive for checking in

Promotion: internet channels, e-newsletters, Promotion: (use unique messages) Promotion: cold calls/emails
events & trade shows focus on spring promos internet, repeats, referrals, local targeted large organizations,
when families are planning summer vacations, hotels, summer promotions for events, Search Engine
families doing activities tubing season, Search Engine Optimization

Additional Ps- Processes we will have in place to produce the type of experience that a specific segment will seek. People in
our company must be consistent with the image of quality we are trying to transmit to our customer segments.

Families YUP Groups

Process: Trip run in a timely fashion, time Process: Trips leave in a Process: Run trip in timely manner, make
for relaxation and communication on trip. timely fashion, give plenty of these groups feel special and be
Guides who are good with children. time on the river and places to accommodating, Professional, friendly
stop and socialize. Have staffing. Give good historical, cultural
timely pickups when guests and educational info on trips.
arrive at end.

People: Professional, friendly, neat, timely, People: timely, People: caring, compassionate, friendly,
helpful accommodating, friendly, helpful, mature


Age range: 4-55 Gender: both Income range: 40-120K
Occupations: professional Geographic region: DC metro
Product preferences: rafting, fw tubing, AP, zip Sources of information: internet
Frequency of purchases: annual Approximate expenditures: $300
Percentage of your total market: 35%

Age range: 21-65 Gender: both Income range: 10-150K
Occupations: professional, labor, student Geographic region: DC metro
Product preferences: raft, canoe, kayak, tube, bike, Zip, AP Sources of information: internet
Frequency of purchases: semi annual Approximate expenditures: $55-100
Percentage of your total market: 10%
Tuber groups

Age range: 18-35 Gender: both Income range: 0-50K
Occupations: students, YUP Geographic region: DC metro
Product preferences: tubing Sources of information: internet, WOM
Frequency of purchases: semi annual Approximate expenditures: $25-50
Percentage of your total market: 35%

Age range: 8-17 Gender: both Income range: 30-100K
Occupations: students Geographic region: DC metro
Product preferences: rafting (canoeing, tubing) Sources of information: internet
Team Building, Adventure Park
Frequency of purchases: annual Approximate expenditures: $30-60
Percentage of your total market: 15%
Work Groups

Age range: 25-40 Gender: both Income range: 25-75K
Occupations: YUP Geographic region: DC metro
Product preferences: rafting, tubing, AP, camping, Sources of information: internet, WOM
Team Building, Zip
Frequency of purchases: annual Approximate expenditures: $40-65
Percentage of your total market: 5%

E. Competition:
Our closest competitors are River and Trail, Harpers Ferry Adventure Center, and regional theme parks. The other outfitters,
beaches, other outdoor pursuits and outfitters on other rivers come next. The other outfitters locally were lower quality and
similarly prices- some lower, some higher. River and Trail is the best among our close outfitters because they are still trying to
improve, but the owner/management is past peak and changes come slowly. The beaches and other outdoor pursuits were
similar quality yet higher priced. The New/Gauley has better whitewater but considerably higher priced and farther distance
from population centers. We can compete with Harpers Ferry Adventure Center in the tubing market with the lower price point,
and we also compete with the other outfitters in price on our rafting trips.
We feel our biggest challenge is taking market share from local theme parks and beaches. These activities are similarly priced
and have the same target market.

What set us apart from our competition by being fresh, clean, progressive, timely, and helpful.


Harpers Ferry Washington DC / Baltimore Metro Areas

Rafting/guided kayak River Riders, River and Trail, Potomac Paddlesports
HFAC, Outdoor Excursions

Tubing River Riders, River and Trail, Terrapin Adventures,

Kayak instruction River Riders, River and Trail, Key Bridge Boat House, Potomac Paddlesports,
Liquid Adventures, Valley Mill Kayak School

Canoe / kayak touring River and Trail, River Riders, Key Bridge Boat House, Terrapin Adventures,
HFAC, Shepherdstown Pedal

Stand up paddle boards River Riders Key Bridge Boat House, Potomac Paddlesports,
Terrapin Adventures, Valley Mill Kayak School,

biking River and Trail, River Riders, Terrapin Adventures, Tons of city tours in DC
Shepherdstown Pedal Paddle
River Riders, KOA, Brunswick
Lodging/camping Lake Fairfax Park
Family Campground,
TreeHouse Camp,
Summer camps Bar-T, Adventure Link, Potomac Paddlesports,
River Riders, FLOC, HFAC
Terrapin Adventures, Liquid Adventures, Calleva

Team building River Riders, FLOC Terrapin Adventures, Team Bonding, The Go Game,
Team Building Plus, Treasure Hunt Adventures

Onsite Food Service River Riders, HFAC


Harpers Ferry Washington DC / Baltimore Metro Areas
Adventure Parks River Riders, HFAC Outdoor Excursions, Terrapin Adventures, Sandy

Zip Lining HFAC, River Riders, River and Terrapin Adventures, Go Ape,

F. Positioning
Perceptual Map

Note: 1 meaning low quality/ low price,
7 meaning high quality/ high price point

Product name Quality Price
River Riders              

River and Trail              

Harpers Ferry Adventure Center              

New / Gauley area outfitters              

Lower Yough outfitters              

Other outfitted outdoor pursuits (skydiving, caving,              
climbing etc.)

Disney World              

Theme Parks - Hershey Park, Six Flags, Kings              
Dominion, Busch Gardens

Beaches              

Movies / pool              

Hiking / Parks / lakes              

High quality

- 10 -

 RR

Other Beach

High price
Low price

 
 


Low quality

H. Expansion and Growth:
Summer camps and team building are the areas that we are currently considering expanding our programs. Although we offer
the programs now, we have never aggressively marketed them. Efforts will be focused on increasing group activities in these
two areas.

River Riders is looking to move more towards an adventure resort with multifaceted entertainment options. We want to expand
our food service that is offered here on site, as well as focus on some new activities such as: mountain bike trails, paintball,
Via Ferrata and climbing, a marina setting at The Harpers Ferry Campground, high speed zip lines, zorb courses, Nevaplast
tubing, meeting/conference rooms, indoor arcades, and live entertainment areas.

Longer term we would like to enter the camping and cabins market. The KOA, next door, offers these activities, but they book
full very often. We could differentiate ourselves from them as well. Higher end cabins seem to work well from other outfitters
we have talked with. With our expansion plan we are working on attaining more land to start these expansions.

We are also focusing to increase our cross marketing efforts to get guests to participate in multiple activities.


We are working to improve employee morale and retention by offering better training programs,
rewards programs in house, and more scheduled employee functions.

2014 River Riders Employee Events

Welcome Back Day- Sunday March 2nd
Memorial Day Party- Sunday May 25th
- 11 -
4th Of July Party- Sunday July 6th
Back to School Party- Sunday August 10th
Labor Day Party- Sunday August 31st
Christmas Party- Friday December 19th

We’ve got “Pickle Service” in the bag… well, actually it’s in a jar. The Give ‘em the Pickle Recognition Campaign is an
employee based recognition program that will keep the momentum of your pickle training going and keep your guests coming
What is a Pickle Recognition Campaign?
The Give ‘em the Pickle Recognition Campaign is a program that gives managers the opportunity to recognize and reward
team members for offering pickle customer service. Managers try to “catch” your staff members giving ‘pickle service’! They
may earn pickle pins, gift cards, and other prizes!

How the program works
The program works on two levels: daily recognition and weekly recognition.

 Day-to-day, managers notice their staff offering excellent service and present them with a recognition
card and/or a green pickle pin.
 Each week (and at select employee events), The Marketing Director will select a pickle winner from the
pickle jars located around our building.
 Managers fill out the provided cards with the team member’s name, their name, the date, and the
reason that the team member is being recognized!
 The Manager gives the card back to the team member and asks them to put it in one of the pickle jars
placed around River Riders.
 Once a week (and at each special employee event), we will select a pickle card at random and
announce a winner for that time period. The winner gets to choose their prize (gift cards from our business partners, Sheetz,
 The pickle card winner must be reported to the Director of Sales and Service and the Director of
Marketing. The Director of Marketing will post the employee’s photo on the pickle recognition board, as well as the Facebook
page. The Director of Sales and Service will be responsible for making sure that the award recipient receives their prize.
 Marketing Department will ensure all department heads as actively participating in the program
 Department heads will introduce all the staff to the program at the beginning of each season. The
marketing director will also review the program annually at our Welcome Back Day event in March each year.

 Honor employees who have accumulated 5 pickle cards for that season by presenting them with a
pickle pin and an even greater reward, such as a certificate for lunch, or $20 in cash.
 Finally, reward those employees with 5 pickle pins with a greater prize! It could be $50 in cash, a day
off, dinner for two at a nice restaurant, and so on.
 Photograph the Pickle Service winners and place their photos on the bulletin board to boost morale!


- 12 -
Every customer is valuable to River Riders; however, the customers that have traveled to us more than once are of particular
interest. Because they have returned to use our services more than once, we assume that they were satisfied with us and are
interesting in developing a long-term relationship with us.
They are upper middle income or come from that background and have disposable income to spend. They like the adventure,
socialization, and self esteem boost that comes from outdoor adventure activities. They want to be able to experience our
activities more than once in a summer.

Most loyalty programs are based on compensating customers’ repeated purchases with discounts or free gifts and trips.
These strategies have proved ineffective in making the customers advocates of the company. Frequently these loyalty
programs have increased price sensitivity and have eroded profits because they focus on discounts and free services.
Treatment focused on affection, status and sharing of information is more effective in increasing loyalty to our company.

Examples of special treatment
Opp1: call them by name
Show that we care for them
Opp2: personalized cards (thank you, holiday, birthday)
Opp 3: write their names on the welcome board, announce on
Facebook with pictures
Opp4: Solicit their feedback via surveys
Opp1: Season Pass Benefits
Show that we prefer them
Opp2: Set up an annual gathering for all season pass holders to come
Opp3: Have special offerings that are just for them
Opp1: Send out a newsletter (e-news)
Share important information with them
Opp2: stay connected with them on social media sites

How They show us they care Opportunities for retribution
Opp1: Have an office board and a page on website to post letters and
Show that they care for us
trip photos from guests.
Opp2: Invite them for socials or annual gatherings, river clean ups,
community days, appreciation days
Opp1: Help them recruit other guests for River Riders by giving them
Show that they prefer us
10% off for friends (one of the season pass benefits)
Opp2: Give them River Riders promotional items(pens, a t-shirt)
Opp1: Conduct a follow up call/email after reservation and trip
Share important info with us
Opp2: Give them the opportunity to make suggestions on how we can
improve things for them

Implementing our loyalty program:
River Riders loyalty program is our season passes that we offer. We offer season passes for the Adventure Park, tubing, and
Potomac play pass. We also have an all inclusive pass which is the Gold Pass. Anyone is invited to become a season pass
holder. This is a yearly program; everyone must renew their pass before the start of the new season to continue to be a
season pass holder.

Membership to be a season pass holder is simply done by the guest paying for their pass. We will have different rates for
passes throughout different times of the year. There should also be a discounted renewal rate for people who have been
season pass holders in the past.

River Riders loyalty program is for our season pass holders. We value these customers because they enjoy coming back to
us. They make it a point to come to us more than once in a season, which is why they see the benefits of buying a season
pass. These customers have demonstrated their love of adventure, learning, and nature through participation in at least two of
River Riders trips. The added benefits of being a season pass holder are: 10% off all other trips with River Riders' at the
Harpers Ferry location., 10% on Gear and Food, Purchase trips for their friends at 10% off, and a check in line just for
season pass holders. In addition to these benefits, River Riders will host an annual Season Pass Holder Gathering so that
members can connect with each other, share stories about their adventures, and plan their next adventures together! We will
also have an established “Wall of Fame” program where we encourage all of our season pass holders to do all of our

- 13 -
activities; this will also encourage non season pass holders to become season pass holders. All of our season pass holders
will receive a punch card that has each activity listed on it (zip line, adventure park, rafting, tubing, Potomac play pass) When
they complete an activity we will simply punch it on their card, once they have a card that is full of punches they will get their
picture on the wall of fame. This wall of fame will be displayed somewhere in the check in/retail area/safety briefing area
where all guests can see it. This will encourage them to become a part!


Every Month-
Before the First Day of the month-update the birthday board
First of the Month- Adword and Analytics Report for previous month
Last Monday of each month- send out the Newsletter
Every month- visit business partners to talk about offerings and give them brochures, flyers,
posters, pens etc
Prepare for the following month!

Month Duty
January Newsletter- Do you wish to continue emails? Purge

Press Releases-

RR specials to promote- Finalize all specials for upcoming season and get a poster made
for business partners,

Marketing/Community Events-

Advertising- Brochure Planning (OAC, RR, Campground, Zip/AP), Make Season
Specials Poster, OAC posters

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($13) OAC ($20) Teambuild
($10) Zip ($30) = $700 monthly budget
- Change zip/AP ads to a winter special if we have one

Facebook Contest- How many vehicles do we have

Vocalocity- Season Pass Presale Prompt
Change voicemail hours

- Change dates on website and surveys to appropriate year

February Newsletter- Season Passes

Press Releases-

RR specials to promote-

Marketing/Community Events- We usually work the Valley Mall Booth for the Hagerstown
CVB, Dulles Camp Fair we usually get a good response from, Register for
Shepherdstown Easter Parade,

Advertising- Promo materials for OAC work with OAC Director,

Facebook Contest- How many pens in this container

Vocalocity- Change voicemail hours???, March Madness Zip Prompt

- 14 -
Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($) OAC ($) Teambuild ($) Zip
($) = $700 monthly budget

Other: Plan for Welcome Back Day which occurs the first Sunday of March

March Newsletter- March Madness, preseason campground, St Patrick’s

Press Releases- St Patrick’s Day Special,

RR specials to promote- March madness Zip, March Full Moon, St Patrick’s Day Special,

Marketing/Community Events- Shepherd Career Fair, Tots 2 Tweens Egg hunt,


Facebook Contest- How many PFDs are on this rack

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($15) OAC ($15) Teambuild
($5) Zip ($) = $700 monthly budget
- Change zip ads to March Madness Special

- Welcome Back Day for River Riders
- Change Facebook Cover photos to spring photos
- Look into Shepherdstown Eater Parade participation

April Newsletter- Earth Day,

Press Releases- Earth Day Rafting Clean UP

RR specials to promote- Earth Day Raft, April Full Moon

Marketing/Community Events- Potomac Watershed Clean Up, Panhandle Earth Day


Facebook Contest- How many jelly beans are in this jar

Vocalocity- Season Pass Prompt

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($20) OAC ($10) Teambuild
($5) Zip ($70) = $700 monthly budget

May Newsletter- National bike month, Community Day, Mothers Day

Press Releases- National Bike Month, Follow up Earth Day Results,

RR specials to promote- Community Day, Industry Appreciation Day, National Bike
Month, may teacher appreciation day, Full Moon, Mothers Day Special

Marketing/Community Events- Harpers Ferry Half Marathon, Harpers Ferry Memorial
Day Parade,


- 15 -
Facebook Contest- How many zip harnesses are in this room

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($10) OAC ($7) Teambuild ($5)
Zip ($36) = $2,000 monthly budget

- Plan Memorial Day Staff Party (Sunday of Memorial Day)
- Change Facebook photos to summer photos

Newsletter- Gay Pride Day, Full Moon, Trip Combos

Press Releases-

RR specials to promote- Gay Pride Day, Fathers Day Special, Full Moon and night AP

Marketing/Community Events- Shepherdstown Street Festival


Facebook Contest- How many how many rapids are on the white water rafting trip

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($7) OAC ($5) Teambuild ($5)
Zip ($63) = $2,000 monthly budget
- Full Moon Zip Ads?

- Gather May employees of the month from each department, make certificates,
notify the Admin for bonuses, take a group photo of them for the board
downstairs, and put it on social media

Newsletter- Full Moons, Fathers Day, Daycation

Press Releases-

RR specials to promote- Full Moon and night AP climb

Marketing/Community Events-


Facebook Contest- How many cars are parked in the field

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($) OAC ($10) Teambuild ($)
Zip ($24) = $2,000 monthly budget

- Plan Employee 4th of July Party (Sunday of 4th of July weekend)
- Gather June employees of the month from each department, make certificates,
notify the Admin for bonuses, take a group photo of them for the board
downstairs, and put it on social media

Newsletter- Back to School Special

- 16 -
Press Releases- Back to school special

RR specials to promote- Full Moon and night AP climb, back to school special

Marketing/Community Events-

Advertising- Harpers Ferry Hallows Planning meeting and details,

Facebook Contest- How many tubes are in this trailer

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($20) OAC (paused) Teambuild
($) Zip ($60) = $2,000 monthly budget

Vocalocity- Back to school special prompt

- Plan Back to School Employee Party (middle of August, before everyone goes
back to school)
- Gather July employees of the month from each department, make certificates,
notify the Admin for bonuses, take a group photo of them for the board
downstairs, and put it on social media

Newsletter- Staff Photo, Tree activities, Plan for Hallows

Press Releases- HF Hallows,

RR specials to promote- teacher appreciation day,

Marketing/Community Events-

Advertising- MAPP Grant

Facebook Contest- How many zip helmets on this shelf

Vocalocity- HF Hallows prompt,

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($10) OAC (paused) Teambuild
($4) Zip ($80) = $2,000 monthly budget

- Plan Employee Labor Day Party (Sunday of Labor Day Weekend)
- Gather August employees of the month from each department, make certificates,
notify the Admin for bonuses, take a group photo of them for the board
downstairs, and put it on social media
- Change Facebook photos to be fall

Newsletter- Hallows, Fall Foliage

Press Releases- Harpers Ferry Hallows,

RR specials to promote- Harpers Ferry Hallows,

Marketing/Community Events-

Advertising- See if we are ordering tubes for next season for the tube sponsorship project

- 17 -
and visit area businesses to sell ad space on tubes, MAPP Grant due November 1st,

Facebook Conest- How many pieces of candy in the jar

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($13) OAC (paused) Teambuild
($4) Zip ($40) = $1,500 monthly budget
- Harpers Ferry Hallows Zip and AP Ads

- Buy candy after Halloween for Christmas parades (Its super cheap)

Newsletter- Harvest, Black Friday GC

Press Releases- Harpers Ferry Harvest,

RR specials to promote- Harpers Ferry Harvest, Black Friday GC,

Marketing/Community Events- Register for all area Christmas parades,


Facebook Contest- How many paddles are in this bin

Vocalocity- Black Friday Vocalocity Prompt, Harpers Ferry Harvest,

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($13) OAC (paused) Teambuild
($15) Zip ($37) = $1,500 monthly budget
- HF Harvest Zip and AP Ads

- Plan Employee Christmas Party
- Change Facebook photos to be winter

Newsletter- Festival, Holiday GC

Press Releases- Festival O’Flights,

RR specials to promote- Festival O’Flights, Holiday GC,

Marketing/Community Events- Harpers Ferry, Charles Town. Shepherdstown, Leesburg,
Martinsburg, and Winchester Holiday Parades

Advertising- OAC planning meeting to finalize dates, field trips, themes, pricing, etc then
update websites, Finalize Season Specials for next year

Facebook Contest- How many elements are in the adventure park

Vocalocity- Holiday GC prompt, Festival O’Flights prompt, Preseason pass sale prompt,
Change voicemail hours???

Adword Budget and Running Campaigns- Adventure Park($13) OAC (paused) Teambuild
($15) Zip ($42) = $1,000 monthly budget
- Festival O’Flights Zip and AP Ads


- 18 -
- Deliver Christmas presents to our business partners

River Riders Events 2014 J F M A M J J A S O N D

Annual gathering for season pass holders (loyalty D A E

River Riders Community Day D A E

Industry Appreciation D A E

Gay Pride Day D A E

Harpers Ferry Hallows D A E

Harpers Ferry Harvest D A E

Festival O’ Flights D A E
D = Develop and Design
A = Announce
E = Event
River Riders Special Offerings 2014 J F M A M J J A S O N D

March Madness Zip Line Special (Weekday rates A E
on Saturdays)

St Patrick’s Day Adventure (Hide gcs, t-shirts, A E
stickers, etc at the Adventure Park)

Earth Day Rafting River Clean Up (1/2 off) A E

May is National Bike Month (Add a bike trip for $15) A E

Teacher Appreciation Day A E

Mothers Day Special A E

Full Moon Zip Line and Adventure Park A E E E

Fathers Day Special A E

Back To School Special (add tubing or PPP to your A E
reservation for FREE)

Teacher Appreciation Day A E
D = Develop and Design- All Specials should be Developed in Dec-Jan for the upcoming year.
A = Announce (Advertising)
E = Event
Marketing Expenses J F M A M J J A S O N D Total

- 19 -
Brochure Distribution 570 570 570 570 570 $2850 –
294 Toth
(Toth, and Getaways on
Display) $294-

Brochure Printings RR-
OAC or
OAC- 2,000 Zip/AP-
Zip/AP- 2,000 $350

Brochure Mailing $8,000

Google Adwords 700 700 700 700 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000 1,500 1,500 1,000 $17,300


Various Web Hostings $750
(Network solutions, Go

Trade Show / Events $1,050

Donations $2,250

Survey Monkey 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 20 $240

Email Newsletter 250 250 250 250 $1,000

Adopt A Highway 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 300 $3,600

Various Ads 3,000 $3,600

Signs/Banners/etc $2,000


This information is private and proprietary and may not be copied or used for any purpose without
expressed written permission of River Riders, Inc.

- 20 -