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Date: 28/12/2016 Venue: Staff Room

Time: 9.30am- 11.00am

Members Present
1. Ms Foo Mei Mei 11. Ms. Parimala a/p Rajaratnam
2. Ms. Tong Soon Li 12. Ms. Cheng Siew Cheng
3. Ms. Ezan binti Mat Nayan 13. Mr. Ong Chin Tuan
4. Ms. Chan Ai Ling 14. Ms. Chern Ser Hwee
5. Ms. Cheong Qwee Ling 15. Ms. Tanggamaler a/p Subramaniam
6. Ms. Doris Sophia Franslin 16. Ms. Thanaletchumi a/p Selvam
7. Ms. Elizabeth a/p Veloo 17. Ms. Siti Naqsya binti Mohamad
8. Mr. Raj Kumar a/l Raman 18. Mr. Uthayakumar a/l Krishnan
9. Ms. Vasuki a/p Thopla Govender 19. Mr. Zulbadli bin Mohamad Yusof
10. Ms. Arunothayam a/p M.K. Retnam

1. Opening address by the Chairperson
The meeting started at 9.00a.m. by Ms. Tong Soon Li.

2. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and passed.
It was proposed by Ms. Thanaletchumi and seconded by Mr. Ong Chin Tuan

3. Exam Results Analysis
Ms. Tong Soon Li informed the teachers the results of the following exams. All teachers
FORM 1 Final Exam
Pass 91.09
Failure 8.91

FORM 2 Final Exam
Pass 93.01
Failure 6.99

FORM 3 Trial Exam
Pass 92.49
Failure 7.51

PT3 Exam
Pass 91.6
Failure 8.4

PT3 Exam (Oral Test)
Pass 98.2
Failure 1.8

Form 1 to Form 3 teachers 10. PISA HEBAT BI will be conducted in the Form 3 classes for the year 2017. All teachers 5. Exercise Books REMOVE & FORM 1 4 short books FORM 2 TO FORM 5 3 short books and 1 long book All teachers 11. POEM  Poisoned Talk Form 3 teachers  The Day the Bulldozers Came NOVEL  We Didn’t Mean to Go to Sea 9. All teachers 7. Teachers had a discussion about Program Kecemerlangan for Remove to Form 5 classes.02 4. ……………………………. All teachers were reminded to teach based on the 21st Century Learning concept. Confirmed by.00a. Teachers who are setting the first monthly test papers are required to include questions All teachers based on the first poem taught and novel question about character.83 Failure 11. especially try to arrange the students to sit in groups. All teachers st 21 Century Learning 6. Format to write Buku Rekod Mengajar Form 1 teachers have to write their lesson plans following the new KSSM format. FORM 4 Final Exam Pass 88.98 Failure 8. Form 1 teachers New Form 3 Literature Components 8. ……………………………. A new set of listening test programme will be purchased to be used for Form 1 to Form 3 students. 12.17 FORM 5 Final Exam Pass 91. Prepared by. ………………………………… (CHERN SER HWEE) (TONG SOON LI) (LAU SWEE MUN) Secretary Panel Head Pengetua Cemerlang English Language Panel English Language Panel SMJK Sam Tet SMJK Sam Tet SMJK Sam Tet . The meeting adjourned at 11. Checked by.m. First Monthly Test First Monthly Test will be conducted from 21/2/2017 until 5/3/2017. Minimum exercises required to be done by students weekly were discussed.

00p.00pm.50pm Members Present 1.2. Tanggamaler a/p Subramaniam 6. Arunothayam a/p M. Chern Ser Hwee 5.m. Raj Kumar a/l Raman 8. Program Peningkatan Akademik SPM (Form 5) All Form 5 teachers discussed the programmes to be carried out for the Form 5 All Form 5 teachers students and filled in the Borang Program Peningkatan Akademik. 5A2 Credit 5A1 To pass . Palaiswaran. Ms. All Form 5 teachers were informed of the targets set for each class. Ms. Parimala a/p Rajaratnam 9. Ms. Ezan binti Mat Nayan 4. Palaiswaran a/l Naysapalan 2. Ms. Opening address by the Chairperson The meeting started at 2. Near-Miss Students All Form 5 teachers were reminded to identify the Near-Miss students in their respective classes. SMJK SAM TET MINUTES OF THE “PROGRAM PENINGKATAN AKADEMIK SPM” MEETING 2017 Date: 27/07/2017 Venue: Staff Room Time: 2. Ms. CLASS TARGET 5S1.5S3 To score 5S4-5S7. Mr. 3. Ms. All Form 5 teachers were required to keep the midyear exam marksheets given in their record books. 2. Retnam AGENDA ACTION BY 1. Thanaletchumi a/p Selvam 7.K. by Mr. Mr. Ms. Tong Soon Li 3. 5A4 Strong credit 5A3.

Shahir. Prepared by. ……………………………. Allocation for the printing materials would have to be confirmed with Mr.4. ……………………………. Worksheets for Program Peningkatan Akademik 3 sets of standardised worksheets will be distributed to Form 5 students in September and October. ………………………………… (CHERN SER HWEE) (PALAISWARAN A/L NAYSAPALAN) (TEH EOW KOK) Secretary Panel Head Pengetua English Language Panel English Language Panel SMJK Sam Tet SMJK Sam Tet SMJK Sam Tet .50pm. Confirmed by. Teh Eow Kok and Mr. The meeting adjourned at 2. Checked by.