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AMN405: Cases in Integrated Marketing Communication


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Analytical Observations 3.TOPIC 1 1. Media must be used for enhancing brand image and build awareness. The marketing objective was obtained two years later as attractive packaging. online and sampling (Chitty.1 Adherence to or deviations from IMC principles/concepts The importance of integrated marketing communications tool is to bring the marketing mix together. Barker. 2. sales campaigns. Luck. point of sale. 2011). Introduction Integrated Marketing Communication Tools are various marketing tools that convey message to a large audience such as online marketing. The tools must be used effectively for promoting products or services that lead to a higher yield. 3. industry and/or IMC Wrigley’s Extra chewing gum had a major challenge faced enhancing its market share. and Marcom’s role in introducing new brands and Integrated marketing communications and brand equity enhancement. The company decided for developing an emotional connection with the consumers. IMC Topic/Issue The management decision making for this issue is determining the role of the IMC tools. A campaign was run by the company from “Confidence to smile” to promotion of health benefits. The media is used as a potential delivery channels. The articles used for this issue are role of IMC in the Australian wine industry. The integration serves various objectives through efficient use of integrated marketing communication tools. 3. brand equity. processes. The medium is chosen in a way that it reaches the target customers in a desired manner. advertising and direct marketing.2 Implications for the brand. Valos & Shimp. 3 .

The global wine industry in Australia faced significant challenges such as proliferation of brands and labels. (2010). PR. 2015). retail concentration and fragmenting consumer markets. 4 . According to Kerr & Drennan. data was collected for a detailed questionnaire upon decision making for selection of media. Ratcliffe. The ironic side about it is that PR and advertising agencies have no significant difference based on studies. A generic marketing strategy was seen as a new strategy for the company. Skrip & Wilson. Mass media oriented marketing helped in recognising brand channels. It led to long term brand-equity. internet and other tools were used (Johnson. brand awareness and brand promotion can be gained from the use of appropriate IMC tools. The goals such as brand equity. over-production. 4. There were greater practitioners for advertising and public relations. Sponsorship. Conclusion The key insights gained from the management decision of role of integrated marketing communications tools is that appropriate channel must be used for attaining long-term objectives.

The ultimate goal of marketing communication is to reinforce a company’s core message. Due to integrated marketing campaign conducted by them “Share a Coke” helped them phase off their shelves. Coca-Cola had low sales in Australia. industry and/or IMC An integrated Marketing Campaign was launched by Philips in Australia for attaining its objective of brand promotion. 5 . The various objectives are set by the companies by using SMART technique providing them a better understanding of its activities. The issue has been illustrated in the articles “Innovation and You” Brand Campaign by Philips. Analytical Observations 3. The objectives of IMC are to develop brand awareness or influence the belief of customers. visualisations and articles were proposed. The sales rose by 2.2 Implications for the brand. 3.1 Adherence to or deviations from IMC principles/concepts The main aim of Integrated Marketing communication is to unite different aspects together.Introduction Integrated Marketing Communication can be used for setting objectives in an organisation. Specific objectives may be set and tools may be applied through advertising and promotion. The way of transforming experience for people was established for focusing on innovation. 2015). The campaign gave an opportunity to boost the company’s sales which was achieved after ten years to that extent.IMC Topic/Issue The issue for management decision making is setting its objectives. Coca-Cola pulled out itself as an iconic brand. The objective of making people’s life better through meaningful innovation was also designed (B&T. Rich video content. 3. (2014). According to McQuilken.5% overall.TOPIC 2 1. Demonstrations were made for accelerating brand communication strategy. “Share a Coke” Campaign by Coca-Cola and Marketing Plan of Virgin Australia. In the articles it is evidently shown how IMC has helped Australian companies in attaining its objectives. 2.

6 . The purchase decisions are reinforced by the consumers. 2012). Personal selling was used as an IMC tool along with promotion on a wider scale (Farabi. Changes in the marketing strategies are made for achieving objectives. The tools such as social media.The main target of Virgin Australia was to achieve revenue of $1016 for which it put efforts through integrated marketing communications. 4. personal selling and specific campaigns designed as per the product have proved beneficial in attaining objectives. An integrated approach was applied by the company for improving its flight services and tailor packages. Conclusion The management decision area of setting objectives in adherence with integration marketing tools helps in attaining the mission and goals of different companies.

industry and/or IMC An integrated Marketing Campaign was launched by L’Oreal with an augmented reality app. 2. Also. 3. They undertook this strategy for brand penetration. a $7 million campaign strategy was undertaken by Cadbury for aiming social strategy. a social marketing campaign was undertaken by Cadbury and McDonald’s. Media decision is a challenge for a company as the entire brand promotion and revenue depends on the execution. According to Victory & Newstead. Make-up style in real time is shown by the app. hardly any likes were obtained by the company.1 Adherence to or deviations from IMC principles/concepts Integrated Marketing Communications Tool for media strategy for this issue focuses on selection of media. 3. This helped in shifting digital utilities for consumers.Introduction Integrated Marketing Communication can be used for media strategy decisions. With the ongoing latest technologies. It helps a company choose the appropriate media. The media is chosen in a manner that influences people and promotes a brand efficiently. (2014). Women can also try the product virtually through this app. brand loyalty and engagement. The well being of a company depends on the media chosen. The issue has been illustrated in the articles by L’Oreal where it has launched augmented reality app. This app brought about a massive cultural change (Baker.2 Implications for the brand.IMC Topic/Issue The issue for management decision making is Marketing Media Strategy. The facial mapping technology has brighter opportunities as it has the latest technology. Therefore a big reach media was selected by them. 2015). Analytical Observations 3. companies are striving to appear on the social networking sites the most. 7 .TOPIC 3 1. The challenge faced by them was that on social media such as Facebook.

8 .McDonald’s decided to triple its budget over digital media. They developed a campaign “Create you taste” that would encourage customers to build their own gourmet. The companies L’Oreal. This was done to grow sales and make them a fully connected enterprise. 2015). Conclusion The management issue of selection of media for developing further strategies are a major concern. The mix of digital agency suppliers was undertaken that would involve being the first Australian advertisers to run video ads on Facebook (TheAustralian. McDonald’s and Cadbury implemented social media strategies in a way best effective. The latest technologies are targets are used by them so as to attract more customers. 4.

This management decision is an issue because there is a need to spread the right message. IMC tools help in conveying the right message or content to the customers. Igniting Beauty in Every Moment was the born by L’Oreal. The company all over Australia communicated the message. The women in Australia were talking about this campaign as the company took initiatives for delivering the message through social media. 3.1 Adherence to or deviations from IMC principles/concepts These decisions are difficult for the company as they seek emotional connectivity with the customers. They tried to make an emotional connection with the consumers with the right connection for affecting sales. 9 . industry and/or IMC Woolworths put up a corporate social responsibility strategy for “Doing the Right Thing”. These messages are usually a way to connect to the consumers as they feel lack of connectivity. Analytical Observations 3.2 Implications for the brand.TOPIC 4 1. The company used marketing campaigns and direct approach to people for communicating the right message. The company apologized for being unfair with the outsiders (RT English. Black & Decker and Woolworths.Introduction Integrated Marketing Communication can be used for conveying a message by the company. as they would do the right thing whatever be the situation.IMC Topic/Issue The issue for management decision making is Message Strategy Decisions. 2. The articles used for this management decision were brought up by L’Oreal. They believe in connecting with the customers in a unique way. The companies L’Oreal. Black & Decker and Woolworths adopted the unique ways through IMC tools. 3. 2015).

The future of the strategies adopted by them will help attaining new level of profits.According to Lloyd. They use marketing strategies such as content marketing. They aim to bring about a unique experience to people in their everyday lives. The company uses marketing campaigns and direct approach to people for communicating the right message. Black & Decker uses innovation to bring about a positive change in people’s life. (2015). 10 . Black & Decker and Woolworths have adopted integrated marketing communication tools in a way that connects the most with the customers. Conclusion L’Oreal. 4. They understand the needs of people by engaging with them. The future of the strategies adopted by them will help attaining new level of profits.

TOPIC 5 1.2 Implications for the brand. 2015). Beer Chase by Carlton Draught and Fair Go Bro by Virgin Mobiles (B&T. The idea put up by them as a man and beer cannot be separated was well executed by 11 . industry and/or IMC Tourism Australia has a campaign launched that kicked off commercials on TV. 2. The campaign had heavy amount of likes on YouTube. The campaign had positive results (Ireland. 2010). Multimillion dollars were spent but the growing economy of the country made the people say “There’s nothing like Australia”.1 Adherence to or deviations from IMC principles/concepts The effectiveness of an IMC campaign is important to measure as it determines the success or applicability of the media. Analytical Observations 3. original and a well executed ad campaign that got a lot of popularity for the company (B&T. The effectiveness or results are measured by the increased popularity or brand awareness among people. 3.Introduction The effectiveness after the implementation of integrated marketing communication tools are measured through the companies’ success. People had the scenic locations of Australia in their minds as it was presented in a wonderful manner by the advertising agency. It was witty. “Fair Go Bro” was an endorsement with a twist for Virgin Mobiles. The Beer Chase by Carlton Draught gave the company another level. The social media had already hit a millions of likes before it was even shown on the television. 2012). The tools used by the companies for meeting objectives are determined by the response or feedback of people. 3. The articles used for this study are There’s nothing like Australia by Tourism Australia. They were also followed by TVCs and the place was considered an entourage after visit.IMC Topic/Issue The issue for management decision making is measuring the effects of IMC.

The campaign had positive results for these companies. 2015). 4. popularity. The sales.them. brand awareness.Conclusion The effectiveness or measurement of an integrated marketing communication is done by the results impact by these there are positive results. Thus it is concluded that with the use of appropriate Integrated Marketing Communication tools. brand effectiveness increased. This gave the company a huge There was an increase in brand awareness among the people and it was much into talks (Adnews. 12 . Retrieved 3 September 2015.AdNews. from http://www.2001. (2015) campaign Farabi. 'Share a Coke' Campaign Grows Sales For First Time in 10 Years. (2014). & Shimp. G.. T. M. & Newstead. Journal Of Promotion Management. Valos. Retrieved 3 September 2015.theaustralian. Luck. Skrip. Johnson. L'Oreal launches augmented reality app and ad campaign to boot - campaign-grows-sales-first-time-10-years-160433 Baker. from http://www.. from http://www.bandt. (2015). WSJ Reports. 16(1-2). & Wilson. International Journal Of Advertising.References Chitty. from (2014) ad-campaign-to-boot TheAustralian.. J. Opinion: Will Cadbury Australia's new social media strategy bring them joy? .au/business/media/mcdonalds-launches-digital- marketing-push/story-fna12mff-1227256417466 Victory. Philips Unveils Integrated 'Innovation And You' Brand Campaign - B& s-new-media-strategy-bring-it-joy 13 .com. (2012). Y. W. Barker. doi:10. Same But Different—Perceptions of Integrated Marketing Communication Among Marketing Communication Partners in Australia. T.11104889 Kerr. K. McQuilken.adnews.Adnews. Retrieved 3 September 2015. Retrieved 3 September 2015. E. Integrated marketing communications in the Australian and New Zealand wine industry.AdWeek. Marketing Plan of Virgin Australia.1080/02650487.. & Drennan. T. K.. N. (2015). 6-24. Ratcliffe. 20. K. from http://www. Adnews. (2010). Munich: GRIN Verlag GmbH.. Retrieved 3 September 2015. Integrated marketing communications. (2015) McDonald’s launches digital marketing push. R...1080/10496490903571233 B&T.

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