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Gianna Lorbeck

UNIV 392
Process Recording


(What was said/done, where, when, by whom?)

A few CC’s and I had gone to dinner at Chipotle with a group of students last week. It was a
great opportunity to build community with the students and get to know them a little better. Once
we had all sat down and started talking, the conversation switched to some of the students
complaining about other CC’s that were not at dinner with us. The conversation became filled
with drama as students expressed their dislike toward another CC in particular. I sat quietly not
trying to participate in this specific conversation. I noticed one of the CC’s at the table
continuing to also talk negatively about the CC the students were talking about.

Observing Ego

(What were you thinking at the time?)

At the time, I was thinking it was wrong for one CC to talk negatively about another in front of
the students. I wanted to speak up and say something but it wasn’t the right time or the right
thing to do in front of the students. I just changed the subject of conversation.


(Looking back, what do you notice? What can you learn from this interaction? What would you
do the same/differently next time? How does the course material relate?)

Looking back, I notice that talking negatively about another CC made that CC feel better about
themselves. They felt that the students liked them more and gravitated towards them more
because of the gossip they were sharing with the students. From this interaction, I learned that I
shouldn’t just sit back quietly if something is happening that I think is wrong. I should have
pulled that CC aside after we left the students, telling them how I felt about what they did.