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Flor Contemplacion. 42 years old. Domestic helper.

Accused of murdering another Filipina, Delia Maga
and Nicholas Huang, a three year old boy whom Maga has been taking care of. Despite the lack of
medical evidence proving her guilt, Flor was sentenced to death by hanging.

Francisco Juan Larranaga. Son of a Spanish pelota player and his Filipina wife, Margarita Gonzales, a
member of the influential Osmena clan. Accused of rape and murder. Sentenced to death by lethal
injection but is because of legal maneoverings, is currently in serving his sentence in Spain.

These are some of the faces of death penalty. One an improverished Filipina domestic helper, the other
a member of an influential political clan. The former died, the latter – in Spain.

Art 3, Section 9 of the COnsti

Section 19. (1) Excessive fines shall not be imposed, nor cruel, degrading or inhuman punishment
inflicted. Neither shall death penalty be imposed, unless, for compelling reasons involving heinous
crimes, the Congress hereafter provides for it. Any death penalty already imposed shall be reduced to
reclusion perpetua.

Thus, through this provision, the Constitution gave the Congress the power on whether or not to impose
death penalty.

The Congress, during the time of the PResindent Ramos reinstated the death penalty and in 1999, Leo
Echegaray was the first person to be put to death by lethal injection. Echegaray is a housepainter who
was convicted of raping his stepdaughter.

In 2006, Congress again suspended the imposition of death penalty.

However, in 2017, Congress again passed a death penalty bill, which again, gives rise to the debate on
whether the Philippines is ready for death penalty.

1. Deterrent to crime

As the United States has a long history of debate on death penalty, it is useful to note the statistics of
murder rates of death penalty states vs. non – death penalty states

From the chart above, there are actually more murders in death penalty states rather than that of non-
death penalty states. Now we can argue all day about the factors influencing murder but experts agree
that murders are rarely the products of critical thinking. Most are committed in a spur of the moment,
crimes of passion, effects of drugs and alcohol or mental illness. Thus, with your typical murder not
thinking about the effects of his acts, then punishment of death may not be a deterrent to crime.

2. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth. Retribution.

Death penalty advocates justify capital punishment under the principle of lex talionis, or 'an eye for an
eye' -- the belief that punishment should fit the crime.

For a victim of a crime, this I believe is a valid human emotion. The problem with this is, our justice
system is plagued with corruption, overloaded prosecutors, ineffective investigations.

In a study conducted of death penalty cases in the Philippines for 11 years, the SC reviewed 1493 cases.
Of these, 53 % were reduced to reclusion perpetua while 65 accused were acquitted. Thus, the judicial
error in imposing the death penalty is 71.77%.

7 out of 10 were wrongly imposed of death penalty. 7 people will die because of our inefficient justice

rich and influential.3. Anti-poor to justify capital punishment. Domestic helper. death penalty must be applied. which means. Let us push to base their votes not on popular opinion but on science and logic. the same must still go through Senate deliberations. While the Death Penalty Bill had already hurdled the Congress. Or because it is the popular opinion. Like impeachment. III. Flor Contemplacion. Leo Echegaray – house painter. Death by hanging. Death by lethal injection. Call to action Based on the foregoing. Also. In Spain. it is clear that before we should implement death penalty. Chef. . it is very much a numbers game. Let us push them to do their mandated duty and serve the best interests of the Filipino people. the retribution must be meted out fairly. regardless of your education. Let us push our Senators to intelligently discuss death penalty before passing it. Francisco Larranaga. wealth or social status. Thus. it is imperative that our justice system must undergo serious reforms. Rumors abound that the Senate is even 12-12 in favor or against death penalty. my appeal to you. the effects of the imposition should be thouroughly studied and we should not base our reactions because the President wants it.