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Do You

Morning Changing Group Whole Class Independent
Dojo? Meeting Modes work
Work Work

 Quietly remind friends of the  Quietly remind friends of  Quietly remind friends of the  Quietly remind friends near  Quietly remind friends

Demand 

Offer productive solutions 
the expectations

Be a role model 

Remind your group to stay 
you of the expectations.

Think before you answer
near you of the expecta-

on task  Give your best effort
 Think outside the box  Get ready to do your  Make connections
Excellence  Do your best!
best.  Make sure your group’s work
 Ask questions
 Ask questions to clarify
reflects its best effort

 Actively listen to the teacher  Prepare yourself for the  Listen to ideas from all group  Actively listen to classmates  Think about what you

Open your 
and classmates

Think before you speak 
next event or activity

Be flexible with schedule 

Take turns 
and the teacher

Listen before you disagree 
already know.

Think about strategies to
changes use
  
mind Understand everyone has
different problems and expe-  Be ready to make new
Suggest ideas that help Suggest new ideas
 Monitor how you feel
 Take a risk!  Try to understand a differ-
riences connections about your understanding
ent point-of-view

 Compliment a friend  Help a friend clean up  Keep your group’s area clean  Justify your answer when  Remain quiet so other

Join the  Help a classmate solve a
 Quietly remind a friend to 
get their library book,
Use your inside voice so you
don’t disrupt other groups
you disagree with a class-

classmates can work

Stay in your seat
lunch or other materials  Respectfully disagree
 Use kind words  Stay with your group so other  Keep your eyes on your
community  Be supportive
 Be a role model by fol- groups can work and you can  Stay on topic with your com- own work
lowing the rules too. ments and questions

 Take a risk!

 Bring only the required mate-  Quickly clean up  Stay on task  Raise your hand for a turn  Take your time on the

Optimize your 
rials to the meeting

Raise your hand to have a
 Make sure you have what 
you need

Stay with your group

Offer ideas

Stay seated

Keep your hands to yourself


Stay on task
turn to speak
 
time  Only speak when you have
Quietly line up
 Make a plan  Keep all materials in your
Stay in your seat.

 Quietly wait for desk unless told otherwise  Ask the teacher questions
the speaking item  Keep track of time
 Keep track of time