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Walker Books Inc. was born when you decided to turn your favorite hobby into a profitable
venture. Starting out small, you saw your secondhand bookstore grow as book lovers flocked to
your shop. From having 2 employees which was expanded to 145 employees as your business
grow and also from a gross sales of $20,000 after distributing books to 50 states youve also
increased your sales to $105,000 per year. However, the opening of larger bookstores and the
growth of the Internet threatened the success of the company and you had to find a quick way
to keep up. While Walker Books still sells used books, it has also expanded operations to
include mass distribution of new books. Along with this success there are also problems that
your business is currently facing which are poor inventory management, troublesome
disbursements and lack of legitimate documentation of transactions. Due to these situations
youre facing, youve asked us to express our opinion and to assist you in identifying solutions
to these concerns.

Objectives of the Operational Review

1. To determine the organizations management reports in order to know the proper

distribution, accuracy and amount of detail contained in it
2. Determine the inability of your company to provide customers order
3. To distinguish what appropriate actions are applicable for improving operations within
all function of Walker Books Inc.
4. To identify and report deficiencies and areas for improvement and to provide technical
assistance and follow up where necessary
5. To review and evaluate the adequacy of the accounting system and related internal
accounting controls

Identification of Major Area

System design analysis: reviewing the systems design and specifying in detail what a
system should do and how the components of the system should be implemented and
work together.
Operational reporting consideration: Monitors, analyzes and reports division-level
performance through data collection, tracking and analysis.
Programming and software development: Assistance in developing effective program
and software to have better computer operations.
Segregation of duties: Analyzing duties of different department and disseminate task to
different departments in order to maximize time and order sales.
Inventory record analysis: Reviewing each inventory record for you to have an accurate
record of each inventory of your business.
Our approach


Benefits to be provided

1. Identifying problem areas, related causes, and alternative for improvements

2. Recommending improvement in policies, procedures, and organizational structure
3. Providing checks on performance by individuals and by organizational units
4. Assessing management information and control systems
5. Locating opportunities for eliminating inefficiency and waste

Time and Cost