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Chinese Checker

The students become human checkers in this fast-paced game,which has four teams maneuvering from corner to corner.
Aerobic endurance
manipulative skills
psychomotor-toss,throw,and catch various kinds of balls or manipulative from various distances.
Cognitive- Understand the application of force in order to throw and catch suceesfully;understand how to implement team
strategy;be able to explain how to keep the game aerobic.
1 playground ball or other manipulative for every two or three students
-move with control
-watch for other students and equipment as you cross the middle of the play area
1) The class divides into four teams of five to nine players.
2) Give one ball (or other manipulative) to every two or three team members.
3) Set up teams in triangular formations in the four corners of the play area,as in a chinese checkers board.
4) On the go signal,each team tries to get across the play area to the diagonally opposite corner and form their original triangle.Only
the students with the balls may move.Since there are more players than balls,the players must figure out a way of moving across
the play area and getting their teammates the ball.Do not tell the students how.Some of the ways may include
throwing,tossing,bouncing,rolling,or handling the ball to one another.
5) Each team attempts to figurew outb the most efficient way of moving the whole team from corner to corner.
-depending on age and skill level,vary the kinds of passes allowed.
-vary the kind of equipment used,or use a variety of equipment in the same game.
-if a piece of equipment touches the floor,the last person who touched it goes back to the start.
if someone does not make a successful catch,that person picks up the ball and goes back to the start.
-Only the students without a piece of equipment may move.The equipment may not touch the floor,and therefore the team passes
equipment to one another until the whole team is set up in the opposite corner.A dropped piece of equipment requires both the
passer and the catcher to go back to the start.
-Cooperative-Time how long it takes for all four teams to set up.See how many times each team can go back and forth in a given
amount of time.
-Competitive-see which team crosses the play area successfully first.see which team goes back and forth the most times in a given
amount of time.