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BKS 2123

Vacuum Cleaner
User Manual

• Read the User Manual before installing and starting your product. will give you very good results.Read this manual prior to initial operation of the product! Dear Customer. follow the instructions related to safety. This product has been produced in environmentally friendly. We hope that your product. • Also read all additional documents supplied with this product. Remember that this User Manual is also applicable for several other models. Differences between models will be identified in the manual. We advise you to read through this manual carefully before using your product and keep it for future reference. modern facilities . which has been manufactured in modern facilities and passed through a strict quality control procedure. The User Manual will help you use your machine in a fast and safe way. • In particular. • Keep this User Manual within easy reach for future reference.

CONTENT 1 Important Safeguards 2 2 Technical Aspects Of Your Machine 3 3 How To Use 4-9 4 How To Clean 10-11 1 .

16. your device where these kinds of Children should be supervised to liquids exist. device is not working. cleaner on wet surfaces and hot ashes. other filters are attached. Do not use responsible for their safety. Do not leave your vacuuzm away from the working parts of cleaner plugged. matches. Do not operate your vacuum cured. closely pressed between a door and a door frame. 1 Important Safeguards Basic safety Precautions should 7. 10. following : 8. ensure that they do not play with 15. pervision or instruction concerning 14. Do not drop any objects in to appropriate with the mains voltage any open parts of your device. or lack 13. Unplug it when the machine. left outside. Do not use your vacuum jects such as cigarettes. outside the house. Do not touch the plug or the 1. before unpluging. Do not vacuum burnable or use of the appliance by a person flammable liquids. buttons on your vacuum cleaner unless they have been given su. in your house. sen- sory or mental capabilities. damaged. any drop or fall oc. Do not unplug it by pulling from always be followed when using its cord. 11. Otherwise motor holes and channels are open. Keep your hands and hair 2. In this case the dust the cable from sharp edges. If the power cord or plug is ered with your vacuum cleaner. hot bag must be changed altough the surfaces and be careful to not to dust bag is not completely filled. This will 6. This appliance is not intended cleaner without a paper filter or for use by persons (including chil. Do not carry your device by terminate the air passage from pulling from its cable. cause clog of dust bag. Unplug it by holding from electrical appliances including the the plug. label of your vacuum cleaner is 9. Do not use your vacuum cleaner to clean flammable ob- 3. Unplug it when attaching or the appliance. Small pieces of dust may authorized services. Turn on all of the control of experience and knowledge. you can use your Make sure that the air passage vacuum cleaner. Do not use your vacuum 4. Protect the dust bag. consult to 17. 2 . you do not use or when service is necessary. changing the accessories deliv- 5. get wet or your cleaner while keeping it vertical. If the voltage written under the device with wet hands. may burn. 12. dren) with reduced physical.

Elastic hose 17.Hose inlet Dust volume : 4 lt 11.Handle 18.Carrying handle 6.Front cover opening pin 15.Exhaust filter area Usage radius : 9 m 12. Power : 2300 W 7.Dust brush 2.Crevice tool 22.Air control slide 19.Telescobic extention pipe 20.6 kg 8.Brush park projection 3.Front cover 240V AC 50 Hz 10.Vacuum control button Net weight : 6.Brush control pin 4.Blue indicator light Max.Cable twisting button 26.Dust indicator Voltage and frequency : 220- 9.Body protection rubber 14.Telescobic control pin 3 .360 degrees turnable hose adaptor 16.On-Off button with power 27.Upholstery brush 21.Accessories carrying piece 23.Brush parking area 25.Wheel Filtration layer : 7 levels 13. 2 Technical Aspects Of Your Machine 17 18 19 20 21 1234567 8 9 10 16 26 22 15 23 11 12 13 14 25 24 27 1.Parquet carpet brush variator 5.Plug and the power cord 24.

never pull when you see the red sign. vacuum cleaner is finished. will be on. the blue indicator light located on the body of your device around the vacuum control button while operating. Stop pulling when you see the yellow sign on the cable. Push the on-off button with power variator in order to operate your You can control the vacuum vacuum cleaner. plug it. power by this button. Do not you may decrase the vacuum step on the cable twister button. Otherwise you may give harm to the cable twister of your product. red sign comes after yellow sign.3 How To Use Pull the plug and the cable located at the back. outside. 4 . The mechanism may receive harm in case of stepping onto it strongly. Push the cable twister button on Note: If your carpet brush sticks the device in order to twist the to your carpet because of the high cable after the operation of the vacuum power of your product. When the on-off power of your product with the button with power variator is vacuum power control button pushed.

If the indicator shows fully red. otherwise It shows the fullness proportion dusts may escape into your motor of your dust bag. otherwise the motor protector termostate will operate to terminate your product and your product will not work for 30 minutes. wait your product to get cold and then operate. empty the cloth bag and wash in Do not clean by rubbing the edge warm water when the dust indica- of the handle to carpets and coac. if slight pieces of dust is filled the pores of the dust bag. cloth bag into its place make sure that no space is left on the back- Dust indicator side and fully closed. shows the red position more than %50. The dust bag must be changed altough dust is not col- lected fully in the dust bag. using the air control slide on the handle. then it means that the changing time of the dust bag has arrived. change the bag immedeately. and can not be used anymore.You may reduce the vacuum Dust indicator power a little bit without using the vacuum power control on your product. If the indicator and cause harm. If you preferred to use a cloth filter. tor shows red. 5 . While you are inserting the cleaning. In this case change the dust bag. The cloth bag should be inserted Use the brushes and accessories into its place after it is dried for 24 delivered with your product for hours. by pulling the slide back when you want. otherwise the edge will melt when you wash the cloth bag. You may use soap hes.

Make sure that the nails on the hose adaptor are fitted into their places as shown in picture 2. Picture 1 Picture 2 The hose adaptor of your product has a property of turning 360 degrees. You can carry your product by holding from its handle. If you want to carry it vertically hold it from the cavity area for carrying located below the product. By this property it pro- vides an ergonomic usage during cleaning. 6 . You can attach the hose adaptor by pushing the hose adaptor in the direction of the arrow without pus- hing the nails as shown in picture 1. Push the bails on the hose adap- tor and pull it backwards in order to take the hose adaptor out of the vacuum cleaner.

etc. Upholstery brush How to use the extention pipe It can be used The extention pipe of your product to clean floor has telescobic property. to extent the pipe. you can take its screw with a screw driver and take the piece out of the telescobic extention pipe. If you don’t want to use this adaptor. By this way. coaches. from the edge by your hand. You can use 2 of the accessorieses you wish by attaching on it.The sides and the wheels of your product is covered with protec- tive rubber against crashes. steps. 7 . push the pin inside of your shown in the picture and pull it car. In order coverings. You furniture. straching your product and harming your furnitures are prevented. Crevice tool It can be used in crevice places such as interiors of furnitures and coaches. Dust brush Pin Dust brush is used for taking the dusts of fragile objects and curtains. How to use the accessories There is an accessories carrying adaptor on the extention pipe. may arrange its lenght as you wish.

How to use the parquet. You coverings such as parquet. vinyl can attach the floor covering. product in order to park vertically. 8 . You can park a. linoleum and flat brushes surfaces such as walls without parking place scrating. use your brush in cleaner in two normal condition. By the help of this control the operation of the product. In order not to face such a problem. In order to clean the rugs and your vacuum the carpets. change the position of in to the the control mechanism and clean parking socket at the back of the on the hair brushes.) vertical and b. Turning off and parking The operation of the vacuum cle- aner is stopped by pushing on the on-off button with power variator located on the body. reduce the vacuum power of the product. In order to clean hard floor horizantal. carpet Do not unplug it immedeately in brush order to stop the operation of There is a control mechanism on your product. mechanism the brush is brought into the desired conditions suitable for the surface to be cleaned. first push the on-off the left side of the parquet carpet button with power variator to stop brush. (Hair brushes different ways: are hidden. For this rea- son it may cause exhausting arm and back aches. Warning: The carpet brush may stick to your carpet closely since the vacuum power of your vacuum cleaner is very high.

If the dust bag in your device is cloth then Change your dust bag when the take the bag out as explained in dust indicator glows red or if the “changing the paper filter”. For this reason they are torn in a short time and your product becomes useless. 9 .Also you can attach the parking Warning: The dust bags purc- place at the back of your brush hased from unauthorised places into the parking socket located at other than services and dealers the back of your product and park are not original. vacuum power of your vacuum cleaner is not at the desired level. first open the front cover by lifting the pin located in the front. Please do not force to close the cover otherwise plastic sections may harm. which are not original are at very low quality. After opening. For the breakdowns stemmed from using fake dust bags are considered out of warranty. The dust bags horizontally. take it out by sliding it up over the cradle where full dust bag is located. you may empty it and reuse for many times. Cloth dust bag If you use cloth dust bags instead of paper. In order to change the dust bag. The cover will not Cloth filter clips be closed before a new dust bag is inserted.

How to clean the motor filter When the motor protection filter is extremely dusted. Otherwise filter looses its effection since it finishes its usage life. Motor protection filter does not have a property such as being washed. 10 . leave it to dry and never use before it is completely dried. Take the clips off by pushing to the side. it looses its effects when washed and causes the motor to be harmed. Buy a new motor protection filter Filter casette Motor protection from the service and change once filter in every 5 paper filter change. Also take the motor protection filter out and shake every time when the dust bag is changed. take it out and clean. • Close the bag by pushing the clips on the lower edge of the bag. • Wash the cloth bag in warm wa- ter by hand. On the other hand it may cause the motor to work louder and live shorter. After washing. If you are using a cloth bag we recommend you to change the motor filter once a year.4 How To Clean You can clean cloth dust bags as fallows: • Hold the dust bag over a dust bin upside down.

with the change of motor protec- tion filter. Wash the hepa filter and the spon- ge filter in warm water and leave them to dry for 24 hours. Attention! Do not use devices such as hair dryers or stoves which give hot air out in order to dry.Taking off the exhaust cover and exhaust filters Hepa filter On every fifth change of dust bag. Do not insert the hepa filter and sponge into their places befo- re they are completely dried. water splash may occur at the backside and filters may be harmed. open the exhaust cover at the back where the air gets out Sponge filter of your product. otherwise humidity odour may be delivered. by pushing on the pin as shown in the picture in order to take the hepa filter and sponge filter located inside. 11 . .