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Table of Contents Foreword
FOREWORD 2 Howdy! This PDF contains the bulk of the original Book of Distinctions
& Drawbacks, originally released for the 3.0 version of the d20 System in
February, 2003. With an all-new, 3.5-compatible revision of the BODD
INTRODUCTION 3 now available, there seems little purpose for me to cling tenaciously to
this older system, so Ive released almost all of it as freeware. Distribute
SELECTING FLAWS, GAINING COMPENSATION 4 this PDF as you see fit— pass it out to your grandparents, your pets, your
Rabbi, etc. Please remember that any re-use of this material will be lim-
ited by the terms of the d20 System Trademark License and the Open
Gaming License; other than that, I relinquish my claim to sole control over
the game-related content of this PDF and release that content into the
PRIMARY FLAWS 7 public domain.

This system is relatively simple and almost binary in nature; those
looking for a more flexible and granular drawback/advantage system for
fantasy d20 should check out the Revised edition of the BODD, a blatant
DM OPTION: FLAW SYNERGY 24 commercial plug for which may be found on page 38. Hey, Im an author ,
not a saint.
Cheers and best!


St. Paul, Minnesota
November 3, 2003

THE EXPERIENCE TITHE 36 Requires the use of the Dungeons & Dragons Player’s
Handbook, published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. This
RANDOM FLAW TABLE 36 product utilizes updated material from the v.3.5 revision.

OPEN GAME LICENSE TEXT 37 ’d20 System’ and the ’d20 System’ logo are Trademarks owned

by Wizards of the Coast and are used according to the terms of
the d20 System License version 1.0. A copy of this License can
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Introduction: Messing with Characters for Fun and Profit
The Book of Distinctions & Drawbacks is a character embellishment Primary Flaws
sourcebook— that is, a set of character flaws and advantages for the d20 This set of character flaws is meant to be as clearly and explicitly
system that is designed to allow the customization of characters beyond defined as possible. Their drawbacks are predominantly mechanical in
the degree allowed by the combinations of race, class, and occupation nature. As a result, most of them require very little roleplaying mainte -
alone.DMs thinking of using this book in planning their next campaign nance or obtrusive attention from the DM. Thus, they may generally be
should be advised of two things: used the most freely and with the least amount of DM oversight.

1. The use of this book will add a layer of additional com- Secondary Flaws
plexity to the character creation process. These are flaws of personal inclination or flaws representing back-
ground difficulties. Although they can be just as debilitating as primary
One admirable feature of character creation in the d20 system is its flaws, they tend to require continual roleplaying attention and/or a great
swift and efficient checklist approach— a character can be generated rel - deal of thought on the part of the DM. Without such attention, many sec-
atively quickly just by rolling a few dice and making a few choices. There ondary flaws will become nothing more than words on paper and will
is usually little need to waste time balancing extreme minutiae; simply roll cease to penalize a character. DMs are cautioned to study them thor-
the bones and fill in a few blanks and youre done... unless you decide to oughly before allowing their use.
use this book, too. If you do, you should also understand:
2. The use of this book will require a heightened degree of Advantages are background benefits, material goods, and other awards
oversight on the part of the DM. or inheritances that can be of great use to a character. Unlike feats, which
represent intrinsic qualities or trained abilities, advantages have nothing
One of the rules of thumb of the d20 system is that a character can at all to do with the character himself and can be lost, stolen, or taken by
eventually have just about anything (trait, item, weapon, exotic class a variety of means.
level, spell, etc.) the player wishes, though there will be a trade-off or a
price for it. Many powers and abilities arent available until higher levels Advantages are loosely divided into social, material, and special cate-
of experience; every feat or special ability selected carries a lost oppor - gories.
tunity cost (as other feats or special abilities must be skipped); every
racial bonus is countered by some sort of racial limitation. In short, there 3.5 Revision Notes
aint no such thing as a free lunch. Some flaws contain notes describing new or modified guidelines for use
with the 3.5 revision of the d20 System; otherwise, you may assume that
The use of any flaw/compensation system, even the one presented in all text refers to the 3.0 version but need not be changed for use with 3.5.

this book, will be viewed by some players (for reasons innocent or other-
wise) as an excuse to strive for that nonexistent free lunch, by wringing
maximum benefit from the least damaging or hindering set of choices
possible. I have tried to make this as difficult as I could without turning the
system utterly dreary and draconian. DMs, please remember that the first
and only valid defense against that sort of system abuse is your own vig-
ilance and oversight.

Types of Embellishments
This book is all about embellishments, good or bad— elements that help
or hinder a character in a way not already addressed by existing charac-
ter creation rules.

250 flaws a character possesses. Too many flaws. When creating characters higher than 1st level. can turn an ongoing d20 campaign silly in a variety of ways. 5 3. no matter how finely-balanced and deli- cately played. or such compensations already in their hands is a bit contrary to the spirit of . the more contained will be any potential 4 3. between players. A character with one or two flaws is interesting.000 disruption to the balance of a d20 campaign. Flaws should generally be chosen and applied only at 1st level. Variation: Flaws for Experience one of the positive features (in our estimation) of the d20 character cre. this method can generate some very strange and unbalanced parties.Selecting Flaws and Gaining Compensation The simplest method of flaw use is this: A single flaw of any sort may render flaws totally meaningless by the calculated purchase of magic be redeemed for either of the following at 1st level: items. skill points. not only does he gain compen- satory feats.750 6 4.Four additional skill points this system. or advantages— the amount of attention that must be paid to those flaws by the DM and the player alike increases. he may allow characters to gain XP in exchange for ation process is its relative lack of minute mathematical adjustments.A single feat. this system may still be used in a rewarding fashion. Players may therefore elect to create beginning-level characters the flaws listed herein are designed to be more or less as bad as any with no handicaps.500 The default recommended limit is two flaws per character— the fewer 3 2. However. DMs beware. Characters are quite free to seek out magical compensations for their handicaps as a campaign goes on. All flaws. if the DM sees fit. with the exception of a rare few that are so limiting that theyre nificant disadvantages.500 As flaws are heaped upon a character. If used without much supervision or cooperation worth two ordinary flaws. but starting play with . a campaign may allow a higher maximum number of flaws per character: 4 Flaw Maximum Number Permitted Conservative 2 Controlled 3 Generous 4 Very Generous 5-6 It is strongly recommended that characters be allowed to take more than 6 flaws (or the equivalent) only in games of an experimental or one- shot nature. a character with eight or nine is a disaster waiting to happen. If the DM sees fit. or somewhat more experienced characters with sig- other flaw. This method is meant to keep things extremely simple. Flaws Taken XP Granted 1 750 Maximum Flaws Permitted 2 1. before actual play begins. of course. but the DM should watch out for attempts to . As mentioned.

Jump. psionic abilities and effects Pug Ugly Character has a face like week-dead roadkill. horror. and Move Silently checks 5 Obese Character could stand to shed a few dozen pounds. Old Injury Character suffers ability damage from critical hits Old Injury (II) Character suffers increased damage from critical hits One-Handed Character s off hand is entirely missing Poor Fighter Character s fighting ability is obviously sub-par. Jump. nor may his sight be restored Butterfingers Character is seriously lacking in manual dexterity. but his vision troubles him.Primary Flaws Flaw Brief Description of Impairment Albinism Character suffers from a rare lack of skin and hair pigmentation Animal Antipathy Animals dislike the character rather intensely Bad Shot Dex modifier is not added to character s Ranged Attack Bonus Blindness Character cannot see at all. spells and spell-like effects Middle-Aged Character is older than most beginning adventurers Nervous -4 penalty to Will Saves vs. or aid another Psionic Vulnerability* -2 to all saving throws vs. and Swim checks . Slow Healing Character s rate of hit point recovery is diminished Slow-Moving -10 feet to character s base speed Slow-Witted -4 to character s Initiative checks Specific Magic Vulnerability Character is exceptionally vulnerable to spells of a single school Unathletic -2 to Climb. Search. and Tumble checks Light-Headed Character suffers increased effects from stun and sleep attacks Loathed Adversaries Character is unable to deal with certain varieties of monster Lummox Str modifier is not added to character s Melee Attack Bonus Magic Vulnerability -2 to all saving throws vs. Predictable Fighter Character cannot charge. Gullible Character is far too credulous for his own good. fear. Climate Aversion Character is extremely uncomfortable in either cold or hot climates Clumsy Dex modifier is not added to character s base Armor Class Deaf Character suffers standard penalties for deafness Dull Reflexes -2 to all of character s Reflex Saves Easily Slain Character doesnt cling to life as tenaciously as most do Easily Winded Character lacks the endurance for long-duration physical activities Flinching Character suffers a limit upon his attacks of opportunity Fragile -2 to all of character s Fortitude Saves Glass Jaw Too much subdual damage knocks character out cold Guileless Character lacks a substantial amount of wit and social perception. Jump. and Spot checks Inflexible -2 to Escape Artist. Hobbled Character may not run or charge Ill-Educated Character receives fewer skill points at 1st level Impaired Vision Character is not blind. Impaired Voice Character has suffered permanent damage to his vocal chords Impatient Character may never take 10 or 20 on a skill check Inattentive -2 to Listen. and demoralization Oafish -2 to all Hide. fight defensively.

divisive presence Macho/Spartan Character laughs at displays of weakness and shuns all creature comforts Melancholy Character is brooding. and morbid Miser Character is obsessed with hoarding the treasured he has accumulated Monetary Debt Character owes a small fortune to a powerful NPC Nightmares Character suffers from recurring bouts of sleep-destroying visions Outlawed Character has been branded a criminal in a large. overly sensitive about any perceived mistreatment Intolerant Character has an extremely regrettable streak of racial prejudice 6 Lecherous Character chases his compatible sex with single-minded zeal Lone Wolf Character dislikes working in a group and is a grating. patrolled area Overconfident Character doesnt seem to realize that he s not invincible Phobia Some common situation or encounter gives the character quite a fright Poor Reputation Character is reviled and disparaged by quite a few people Provincial Character is a hick. very useful Inferiority Complex Character is a show-off. even by the standards of the standard fantasy world Risk-Addicted Character loves to consign his fate to the hands of Lady Luck Tongue-Tied Character is shy and socially unpolished . domineering. emotionless. and melodramatic Greed Character covets material possessions with an unhealthy lack of caution Haunted Character suffers the attentions of a poltergeist Humorless Character is utterly without the slightest comprehension of humor Inconvenient Oath Character has sworn to never do something very.Uncoordinated Character is seriously lacking in agility Unexceptional Character s maximum number of skill ranks is decreased Unhealthy Doubled fatigue penalties and diminished carrying capacity Unlucky Bad things happen when character rolls a natural 1 Weak Constitution Character is unusually vulnerable to poisons and diseases Weak-Willed -2 to all of character s Will Saves Secondary Flaws Flaw Brief Description of Impairment Aggressive Character trusts his sword too much and his wits too little Binding Honor Code Character is sworn to live his life by a strict code of behavior Blasphemous Character is openly disdainful of the gods and their servants Boastful Character is a compulsive exaggerator and often an outright liar Cold Fish Character is markedly stiff. and aloof Cowardly Character values his skin much more than he values his dignity Dark Desire Character secretly years for vast cosmic power at any price Debt of Honor Character owes favors to a powerful NPC and must repay them Delusional Character experiences hallucinations at regular intervals Drunkard Character would live in the bottom of a bottle if he liked booze any more Duty-Bound Character is compelled to serve an NPC at occasional intervals Enemy/Hunted At some point in his travels. overly formal. introspective. character has acquired a bitter foe Estranged Character is emotionally alienated from his family and society Explosive Temper Character blows his top with a frightening lack of control Grandiloquent Character is pompous.

he must make a Fort Save (DC 18) [ Primary Flaw— Worth Two Flaws ] or suffer painful burns across the exposed areas of his body. as albinism score of 12 or higher. which will pable of reversing the condition. Limitation: A character with this flaw may not possess any of the fol- lowing feats: Mounted Combat. Drawback: Your character s positive Dexterity modifier is not applied to his Base Attack Bonus whenever he uses a ranged or thrown weapon. visual sense. Drawback: Your character suffers a -2 penalty to all Animal Empathy. Drawback: Your character suffers a -4 circumstance penalty to Disguise checks due to the difficulty of concealing his condition. checks.5 Revision: Your character suffers a -3 penalty to all Handle Animal BUTTERFINGERS and Ride checks. Ride-By Drawback: Unsheathing a weapon and retrieving/stowing an item from . making them anywhere from merely pale to snowy white. and possibly foppish or a clotheshorse Vindictive Character has a revenge complex and cannot forgive any slight or injury Ward Character must protect and care for a relatively helpless NPC *This flaw may only be selected in campaigns where psionics are a fairly common hazard Attack. return at the usual rate with rest and care. apply a -2 penalty to all ranged attack rolls instead.Vain/Dandy Character is image-obsessed. If at any time the character s Dexterity falls per- inevitably causes complications in the eyes. Those skills will be forever considered cross-class [ Primary Flaw ] should he wish to improve them. amount of pigmentation in his skin and hair. and magical healing is inca- burns will cause the temporary loss of 1d4 points of Dexterity. PRIMARY FLAWS BAD SHOT ALBINISM [ Primary Flaw ] [ Primary Flaw ] Your character is either woefully unpracticed or naturally handicapped Your character suffers from an inherited condition that lowers the when it comes to the use of ranged weapons. he may not possess any feat Flaw Descriptions which grants any sort of bonus or benefit where animals are concerned. loses any Dexterity bonus to [ Primary Flaw ] AC. BLINDNESS cal sunlight with little or no protection. and suffers a -4 penalty on most Dexterity and Strength-based skill 7 Although your character can make limited use of pack and riding ani- mals. Trample. 3. grants a +2 bonus to opponents attack rolls. Limitation: This flaw cannot be applied to a character that makes nat- Handle Animal. or Spirited Charge. save fighting or killing them. Drawback: In addition to the obvious effects of blindness. Mounted Archery. moves at half speed. your char- ANIMAL ANTIPATHY acter suffers a 50% miss chance in combat. If your character suffers lengthy exposure (12 hours or more) to tropi. manently beneath 12. at the DM s discretion. Your character tends to fumble and slip when he grasps at objects in moments of stress. neither they nor their wild counterparts have any affection for him. Those skills will be forever considered ural use of Blindsight or any other power that effectively replaces the cross-class should he wish to improve them. Furthermore. These Your character s eyes do not function at all. He also Limitation: This flaw may only be applied to characters with a Dexterity suffers an inherent -1 penalty to Search and Spot checks. and Ride checks.

and of Hand skill. Special: This flaw is incompatible with the Quick Draw feat. Drawback: Your character automatically fails any Listen check. with the DM s permission. Your DEAF character suffers a -1 penalty to Pick Pockets checks. he suffers a -2 penalty to any Fort Save made to Your character s defensive footwork needs a great deal of polish. Hell still be miserable. A deaf character may not possess the Blindsight power. For example. 3. and when seriously averse to. to dodge incoming disaster. he suffers a -2 penalty to all saving throws and skill checks in temperatures at or below DULL REFLEXES the freezing point of water. save that the penalty is applied to the Sleight Your character is stone deaf (whether thanks to birth or misfortune). a PC fire mephit or magmin could hardly be injured his natural inclination is to give up the ghost rather than fight to 8 expected to have an aversion to tropical or desert heat. Drawback: If your character is averse to cold climates. Special: This flaw may be taken twice. he suffers a -2 penalty to all Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to his Reflex saving throws and skill checks in tropical or desert conditions (or in arti. suffers a -4 penalty to Initiative. magical healing is incapable of reversing the condition. stay alive. EASILY SLAIN Limitation: This flaw may not be taken by a character with any sort of [ Primary Flaw] intrinsic resistance to the range of temperatures he is supposed to be Your character s will to live is weaker than usual. Class rating. [ Primary Flaw ] Your character s body has a hard time adjusting to the rigors of either Limitation: This flaw may only be applied to characters without a nat- very hot or very cold climates. If your character is averse to hot climates. Furthermore. it can only prevent the character Your character isnt as fast as he could or should be when attempting from actually freezing to death. CLUMSY Drawback: Your character dies at -5 hit points rather than at -10 hit [ Primary Flaw ] points. Its effects are cumulative. meaning that he will be comfortable only in relatively temperate climates.a pack are both treated as full-round actions for your character. He also suffers an inherent -2 penalty to sav- ing throws made against cold-based magic or area effects. saving throw. Special: A character may possess both types of climate aversion. [ Primary Flaw ] 3. for example). as the two cancel each other out entirely. ural power or ability that effectively replaces the sense of hearing. ficial conditions of extreme heat. Reflexes feat. Furthermore. Limitation: This flaw may not be applied to characters with regenera- Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to his Armor tion or fast healing as natural powers. Nothing less than a full Wish spell can restore CLIMATE AVERSION your character s hearing. his Armor Check Penalty is increased by -1. if your character wears armor of any sort.5 Revision: This flaw is incompatible with the Diehard feat. His avoid instant death (as from massive damage. He also suffers an inherent -2 penalty to saving throws made against heat-based magic Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the Lightning or area effects. opponents find him somehow quite hittable. Special: This flaw may be taken twice.5 Revision: As above. Cold-weather [ Primary Flaw] clothing alone cannot negate this flaw. and has a 20% chance to miscast any spell with a verbal (V) component. with the DM s permission. such as steam baths). .

Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to his Fortitude saving throw. Its beyond the ability of magical healing to correct. well Special: This flaw may be taken twice. he does so with ty to his attack roll.EASILY WINDED GLASS JAW [ Primary Flaw] [ Primary Flaw ] Your character s ability to engage in lengthy bouts of physical activity is Your character tends to wobble and swoon when an opponent lands a somewhat limited. Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from a forced march. exaggerations.5 Revision: Your character suffers a -4 penalty on the following spe. ness. Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -3 penalty to all Bluff FRAGILE 9 checks and Sense Motive checks. HOBBLED Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the Great [ Primary Flaw ] Fortitude feat. become stunned for 1d4+1 rounds. Although he does not show it when moving at an ordinary rate of speed. [DC 10 + points of damage taken]. your character suffers a -4 penal. effects are cumulative. with the DM s permission. Drawback: Your character suffers a -4 penalty to all skill checks or Drawback: When an opponent scores a successful critical hit against saves made to reflect exertion over an extended length of time. overrun. Endurance feat. enthusiasm. Innuendo. Fortitude saves made to avoid nonlethal [ Primary Flaw ] damage from hot or cold environments. his friends and allies will have many occasions to swat their foreheads in embarrassment at his gullibility. and Fortitude saves made to Your character is somewhat deficient in shrewdness and social aware- resist damage from suffocation. and tall tales put forth by others. 3. your Furthermore. solid blow to his head or chin.5 Revision: Your character suffers a -2 penalty to Diplomacy checks FLINCHING rather than Innuendo checks. your character with an unarmed attack or a bludgeoning weapon. lies. to critical hits. It s against his nature to challenge the [ Primary Flaw] word of others except when he has direct proof that theyre wrong. Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to all Bluff. [ Primary Flaw] Your character tends to flinch and hesitate when opponents press close GULLIBLE in combat. Constitution checks GUILELESS made to hold your breath. 3. Drawback: Your character may not run. he is treated as though his character must make a Fort Save. Constitution checks made to avoid nonlethal damage from starvation or thirst. meaning that his attacks of opportunity are poorly directed. or Constitution score were 4 points lower than it really is. [ Primary Flaw ] Drawback: When an opponent triggers an attack of opportunity within Your character is far too credulous— not only does he tend to swallow the area threatened by your character. He may still take a double move. as the two cancel each other out entirely. your character has suffered permanent knee or ankle damage. or charge. though his curious skipping gait when he does . when holding his breath. and Sense Motive checks. and Your character suffers from a certain exceptional lack of vitality. Limitation: This flaw may not be taken by a character naturally immune cific checks and saves: Swim checks made to resist nonlethal damage. Constitution checks made to continue running.

Your char. Your character is frequently oblivious to the fine details of what s hap- All Knowledge skills are thereafter treated as cross-class skills should he pening all around him. Limitation: Your character may not take the Improved Bull Rush feat IMPATIENT or the Run feat. element (save for singing. IMPAIRED VOICE [ Primary Flaw ] LIGHT-HEADED Your character has suffered extensive damage to his vocal cords. Drawback: Your character may never take 10 or take 20 on any skill ILL-EDUCATED check. Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to Balance. an old injury. sleep-inducing spells. If taken in conjunction with the Deafness flaw IMPAIRED VISION (page 8). your character suffers the loss of 4 skill points. why would anyone ever do that? Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the Blindness flaw (page 7). and Spot checks. Drawback: When your character would normally become staggered acter suffers a 25% chance of spell failure when casting any arcane spell due to the accrual of subdual damage. circumstance penalty. your Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the character isnt as lithe and nimble as he really should be. but his vision is a constant source There is little point in taking this flaw in conjunction with the Alertness of trouble to him. enthusiastic. or simple lack of exercise.5 Revision: This feat is also incompatible with the Improved Overrun Your character is notoriously incapable of focusing his attention long feat. [ Primary Flaw ] Drawback: At 1st level. [ Primary Flaw ] 3. INFLEXIBLE Drawback: The character suffers a -1 penalty to all attack rolls and also suffers a -2 penalty on all Spot and Search checks. This should be role-played at all times. tion. via [ Primary Flaw ] injury or disease. . Your character isnt completely blind. Drawback: Your character is unable to talk above a harsh whisper and cannot shout or sing. [ Primary Flaw ] Whether it s due to age. but his for. Magical healing will not suffice to alleviate this condi. Your character has serious trouble remaining steady on his feet when subjected to a stunning attack or a knockout effect. points. will immediately betray his condition. Any Perform check involving a verbal 13) or instead fall unconscious for the appropriate number of rounds. with a verbal component. he must make a Fort Save (DC the Silent Spell metamagic feat. Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to Listen. and hard enough to accomplish tasks requiring great dedication. Blindness flaw (page 7). he instead falls unconscious. Limitation: Although this flaw could be exchanged for four bonus skill Search. Blindness is so total that the effects of this flaw would be superfluous. save when that spell has been prepared with When he suffers a successful stun attack. magical effects. and drugs. and Tumble checks. 10 Escape Artist. wish to place ranks in any of them. which is already totally precluded) suffers a -4 Your character suffers a -2 penalty to all saves vs. Jump. INATTENTIVE mal training is sadly lacking. and talented. [ Primary Flaw ] Your character might be bright. the character suffers no penalty to Listen checks (since he cant [ Primary Flaw ] perform them anyway) and a -3 penalty to Search and Spot checks. Magical healing cannot correct this condition.

Special: If this flaw is taken by an elf. OAFISH [ Primary Flaw ] Drawback: Your character s positive Strength modifier is not applied to Your character is about as light on his feet as a sleepy owlbear. Calculate his -Aquatic creatures current age by adding 1d6 years to the minimum age listed for his -Beasts species under Middle Age. -Aberrations Drawback: Your character is just entering middle age. your character suffers a -2 morale penalty to all attack rolls and spellcaster level checks. it removes his immunity to sleep MAGIC VULNERABILITY spells and effects. and -Dragons Constitution scores and add 1 to his Intelligence. the chosen MIDDLE-AGED creatures gain a +2 circumstance bonus to all attack rolls made against your character. but does not grant a further -2 penalty to saving throws. Limitation: This flaw may only be applied to characters with a Strength score of 12 or higher. -Undead -Vermin Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -4 penalty to Will Saves made to resist fear. effects are cumulative. -Giants -Humanoids NERVOUS -Magical Beasts [ Primary Flaw ] -Monstrous Humanoids Your character has some difficulty dealing with the horrors of battle. LOATHED ADVERSARIES [ Primary Flaw ] Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to all saving Your character finds certain types of monstrous creatures so gruesome throws against spells and spell-like effects. Wisdom. and Move Silently checks. but he s never really learned how to control that strength when swinging a weapon. OBESE [ Primary Flaw ] Your character is substantially overweight. with the DM s permission. Special: This flaw may be taken twice. Subtract 1 from his Strength. If at any time the character s Strength falls perma- nently beneath 12. LUMMOX [ Primary Flaw ] Special: This flaw may be taken twice. his Base Attack Bonus whenever he uses a melee weapon or makes an unarmed attack. with the DM s permission. Furthermore. Although his mother might . or frightening that he has difficulty confronting them. -Plants dark magic. Against all effects are cumulative. Jump. Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to all Hide. and Charisma -Elementals scores. shock. or demoralization. horror. apply a -2 penalty to all melee attack rolls instead. [ Primary Flaw ] Your character is unusually vulnerable to the deleterious effects of hos- tile magic. Its 11 Your character s firm muscles are a testament to his physical strength. [ Primary Flaw ] Your character is quite a bit older than usual as he first steps out the The allowable choices are: door and into his adventuring career. and supernatural manifestations. Dexterity. Its Drawback: Select one of the following types of creature. creatures of that chosen type.

the damage multiplier of that critical hit increases by 1 (x2 becomes x3. Craft. shield with that hand. whether because of a lack of training. and Use Rope checks. Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -1 penalty to all attack rolls. x3 becomes x4. Special: This flaw may be taken in conjunction with Old Injury. Open Lock. Your character s off hand was completely severed from his wrist. he cannot wear most armor and clothing found in the Magical items in the form of gloves or gauntlets may not be used if both course of an adventure without having it taken to a craftsman to be must be worn to achieve the magical effect. 12 Limitation: With the DM s explicit permission. 3. [ Primary Flaw ] Your character suffers from an old wound. he does gain a +2 circumstance bonus to all Swim checks. he suffers a -1 penalty to both Strength and Dexterity. Your character may not have a Weapon Focus or a Weapon Drawback: Whenever your character sustains a successful critical hit. Limitation: This flaw may not be taken by a character with the natural ability to rapidly regenerate lost ability points. and so forth). as he has difficulty moving nimbly when he needs to.5 Revision: Your character may not possess the Greater Two- Weapon Fighting feat. . Furthermore. Two-Weapon Fighting. aid another. long healed on the surface Limitation: Your character may not possess the following feats: but ready to flare up again when aggravated by new injuries. adjusted to his size first. Special: The DM may see fit to assign penalties to actions not ly immune to ability point loss or critical hits. this flaw may be taken Limitation: This flaw may not be taken by a character naturally immune twice. with rest and care. or Improved Two-Weapon Fighting. trip. or Drawback: Whenever your character sustains a successful critical hit. Drawback: This flaw has a variety of effects: Limitation: Your character cannot possess the Expertise feat or any -Your character cannot wield a weapon in his off-hand. or disarm actions in combat. described here if the lack of an off-hand could be reasonably determined to hinder those actions. Its effects are cumulative. On the positive side.insist that he s just stocky. Disable Device. does not fight as skillfully as he should. leav- ing him with nothing but a rounded and useless stump. she s wrong. nor by a character natural. and OLD INJURY -Your character may not use ordinary bows. nor use any feat requiring it as a prerequisite. Lastly. . Ambidexterity. simple enthusiasm. These lost ability points must be recovered at the ordinary rate. to critical hits. Specialization for any two-handed weapon. OLD INJURY (II) [ Primary Flaw ] POOR FIGHTER This is another form of old injury. Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -1 penalty to his Armor Class rating. although he may load and fire crossbows as per normal. PREDICTABLE FIGHTER ONE-HANDED [ Primary Flaw ] [ Primary Flaw— Worth Two Flaws ] Your character fights in a woefully limited and straightforward fashion. Drawback: Your character is incapable of using the full defense.Your character may not wear rings or bracelets on his off hand. save a buckler which can be strapped to his fore- arm. . [ Primary Flaw ] Your character. he suffers a -4 penalty to Disguise checks because his corpulence is a rather memorable trait. natural ability.Your character suffers a -2 circumstance penalty to all Climb.

your character s face looks like someone put it on an anvil and tried to beat it into a wall decoration. creating tension or complication where none would -Enchantment otherwise exist. sion. Its effects are cumulative with the penalty inflicted by the Magic Vulnerability flaw (page 11). throws against psionic powers and effects. Its effects are cumulative. with the DM s permission. his appearance may alarm or upset NPC strangers. or just disinclined to healing is a natural condition. sparkling personality. Jump. . as the two will simply cancel each other out. 3. your character is slower to react than those Your character is unusually vulnerable to the deleterious effects of hos. taken again. At the DM s discretion. aging. Special: This flaw may be taken twice. where psionic abilities will be encountered relatively frequently. Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the Limitation: This flaw may only be taken by characters in campaigns Improved Initiative feat. SPECIFIC MAGIC VULNERABILITY PUG UGLY [ Primary Flaw ] [ Primary Flaw ] Your character is extremely vulnerable to the effects of one specific Although his friends would probably be quick to point out that he has a school of magic. with the DM s permission. If he receives complete bed rest.5 Revision: Your character cannot possess the Combat Expertise Drawback: Your character s base Speed is reduced by 10 feet. UNATHLETIC [ Primary Flaw ] Limitation: This flaw may not be taken by any character for whom fast Whether your character is out of shape. and Swim checks. [ Primary Flaw ] Your character is something of a laggard. he recovers 1 hit point per day of rest. SLOW-MOVING Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to Climb. Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -4 penalty to his Initiative Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to all saving checks. SLOW-WITTED PSIONIC VULNERABILITY [ Primary Flaw ] [ Primary Flaw ] When danger looms. effects are cumulative. Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -4 penalty to all saving throws against spells and spell-like effects from one of the following Drawback: Your character suffers a -4 penalty to all Diplomacy and schools of magic: Disguise checks. Drawback: Your character recovers 1 hit point per day of rest per two character levels (or fraction thereof). forever unable to keep up with others when forced to rely on his feet for transportation. around him. throw himself around is up to you. Its Special: This flaw may be taken multiple times. feat or any feat requiring it as a prerequisite. with the DM s permis. If 13 aggravating process. tile psionic powers. it is applied to a second school. -Evocation -Illusionism SLOW HEALING -Necromancy -Transformation [ Primary Flaw ] Your character finds that recovery from serious injury is a slow and Special: This flaw may be taken twice.

Its penalty. his friends and allies can talk him out of foolish courses of action. throws made to resist poisons. but they . his medium load is decreased by 20 pounds. Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to all saving Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to Balance. or even plain old hypochondria. Its Your character suffers from a variety of physical ailments that could be effects are cumulative. Drawback: All numerical fatigue penalties (to Strength and Dexterity) SECONDARY FLAWS are doubled for your character. and he responds poor- ple. supernatural horrors. Trouble flaws. which deal with forces or events in the world around the characters. drugs. Your character is impulsive and belligerent. he will instead injure him- ly to anything less in turn.UNCOORDINATED WEAK CONSTITUTION [ Primary Flaw ] [ Primary Flaw ] Right foot in front of left foot. load is decreased by 30 pounds. [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] tune s rubber chew toy. clumsy character can undertake without trouble. as the two cancel each other out entirely. then repeat is about the most compli . he drops the weapon he used to believes that they are logically expecting hostility in return. that skill check fails in the most picturesque and potentially complicating Drawback: Your character tends to strike first and think later. Your character lacks resistance to pathogens and harmful substances. He knows no make that attack roll. Drawback: Your character may never have any natural ability score higher than 13. and bizarre enchantments. cated action your poor. and he ter rolls a natural 1 on an attack roll. ranks than his current level. and diseases. Drawback: Any time your character rolls a natural 1 on a skill check. Any Perform check involving dexterous moment (dancing or juggling. disease. Cross-class skills may be given no more ing throw. and Tumble checks. with the DM s permission. injury. His allowed light load is decreased by 10 pounds. and External saving throws against poison and disease. favoring threats and com- bat over all other means of problem-solving. [ Primary Flaw ] Special: This flaw may be taken twice. 14 UNLUCKY [ Primary Flaw ] AGGRESSIVE Your character might not be fortune s fool. Your character is not necessarily murderous— self for 1d4 hit points. but he s almost certainly for. He suffers an inherent -1 penalty to all which arise from your character s psyche or nature. at the DM s fiendish discretion. the result of age. Ride. He may place a maximum number of ranks in any class Drawback: Your character suffers an inherent -2 penalty to his Will sav- skill equal to his current level +1. with the DM s permission. venturing out into a world full of giant monsters. and his maximum Secondary flaws are divided into two types: Personality Conflict flaws. he fashion possible. Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the Iron Will UNHEALTHY feat. UNEXCEPTIONAL WEAK-WILLED [ Primary Flaw ] [ Primary Flaw ] Your character displays no particular brilliance or excellence in any of Your character lacks the mental fortitude one might wish to have before his abilities. If he is incapable of dropping the weapon (for exam- means of negotiation save threats and demands. effects are cumulative. for example) also suffers a -2 circumstance Special: This flaw may be taken twice. Whenever your charac- assumes hostility on the part of strangers and unknown beings. if it is clenched inside a locked gauntlet).

There is also a chance (at the DM s dis- cretion) that blasphemy on the part of your character in places of holy or -Never. your character gets along less than famously with -Never betray a close friend. and he finds their servants misguided at best or contemptible at worst. Personal insults series of misfortunes. Nothing so obvious as one s terms but your own. die will- and lead the way to glorious chaos! ingly and honorably in a futile fight before turning your back to evil. theft the time. abusing the name of any tect or compensate you is unworthy and cowardly. his . for theft. The lightning bolts from the sky. god that springs to mind. -Never show disrespect to your god(s). living or dead. 15 womanhood. or open. would be harmful to a friend. He curses loudly and frequently.had best do so with extreme swiftness. discovering new ways to take the names of a god or gods in vain is one of his favorite means of passing -Justice must be of an equal measure to the crime. proof of wrongdoing. as you might expect. and gods power only makes your character more annoyed with them. makes them the butt of jokes. forgive any insult or injury on any. unholy power may result in some misfortune. at all other times bite your tongue and be humble. Lastly. or to the servants of those gods. Limitation: This flaw may not be combined with the Cowardly flaw. BOASTFUL Chivalrous Code of Honor [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] -Never lie for any reason— to do so is an affront in the eyes of the gods. your character will fail to work. The only requirement of the code flaws selected in concert with Binding Honor Code. this continued affirmation of the in authority over you. but some subtle or annoying setback that will sole exception is when you are forced to extend forgiveness by a figure cause your character grief. do not hoard what has come to you. In turn. or sense of honor) must be met with a duel or with murder Special: There is a 25% chance that any beneficial divine spell cast on if a duel is not accepted. A direct personal insult (to one s manhood. Never reveal information to anyone that most priests and clerics. He trusts no god and has a hard time trusting any and affronts must be settled personally— to ask someone in power to pro. Players upon the specific code selected. abhor. and never question Diplomacy check made against any character used to more civilized the word of a nobleman or woman save when you have clear and direct methods of persuasion than overt threats and warlike banter. Curiously. is that it firmly constrain character behavior in several respects— this places the character at a disadvantage in certain situations by removing the choices left available to characters not bound by a code of honor. after full satisfaction has been achieved. DMs should pay careful attention to and DMs are free to define new ones. die before forsaking to a system of personal honor that precludes certain forms of behavior. death for death. your sworn oath. Limitation: This flaw may be incompatible with a variety of flaws based Drawback: Two sample codes of honor are provided below. All BLASPHEMOUS characters possessing such a binding code should shun. under any circumstances. BINDING HONOR CODE -Be generous and charitable. or your character will pull steel -Never back down or flee from any fight in a righteous cause. injury for injury. Your character would sooner die than violate this code. or has lost that faith through a never inform the authorities of wrongdoing by another. [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] Your character is sworn (before the god or gods he holds dear) to hold -Never break a promise to anyone. Your character is full of hot air concerning everything about himself. never forgive a betrayal by a former friend. god s servant. Indeed. Special: Your character suffers a variable circumstance penalty to any -Never speak anything against the honor of a lady. Share everything you have with those in need. Drawback: Your character has no faith. [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] ly seek the death of those that swore to the same code and then broke Your character doesnt take the gods or their power seriously at all— he it. Vindictive/Criminal Code of Honor -Never go to the authorities when you have been wronged by another.

and his aspirations in life. core of his very existence. quest after artifacts and treasures that have driven others insane. he may attempt a Will Save (DC set by the DM. your character is pondering. because he Your character s innermost desire is to possess some unimaginably does not grasp that others might enjoy it. failure Drawback: Your character cannot discuss himself or his friends with. a black secret that he shares with no one. his drinking capacity. Drawback: Your character isnt necessarily condescending or disdain - ful about the habits of other people. his behavior could by no means be termed healthy. fighting the monster that knocked the friend unconscious). scheming. Unlike most vet. drunkards. He s just far removed from any abil. or to transcend his mortal condition by ascending erally limited to anger and its near-cousins. hates to enter a dan- out embellishing the facts and exaggerating the details. He has little flair for personal interaction and miser would do so in an instant if that pack animal carried his bags of seems decidedly uncomfortable around celebrants.. Special: If your character has the Leadership feat. However. If he must bite his tongue as a matter of life or taking cover or using potent magical weapons even if such actions arent death. For example. strictly necessary. than he can cease abandon close friends in need. and abandonment. a cowardly and most cerebral sort). ate difficulty) to do so. forever nor may a Cowardly character be Overconfident or Risk-Addicted. possible. your character may suffer a -2 cir- cumstance penalty to certain Charisma-based skill checks made against Drawback: This is not an idle fascination of your character— it is the strangers or new acquaintances. He is not inclined to take risks. tion for his goal. It COLD FISH may be combined with other personality conflict flaws. He will seek out forbidden and dangerous tomes of magic lore. children. gerous situation before others. he has few ways of expressing [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] this value. perhaps even by becoming a god. His emotional displays are gen. trying to comprehend what s going on around him and forever failing. He gives praise only rarely and matter-of-factly. as opposed to Special: If your character must bite his tongue when discretion is obvi. to a higher level in the celestial scheme of things.deeds. even a foolish one. seeking information. he can swallow his pride for a short while without a Will Save. and will often engage in pitiful displays of eran soldiers and ale-house regulars. a playful sort of game— he s a compulsive liar with some personal defi- ciency or thirst for attention. he does not add his and carefully moving himself in what he believes to be the proper direc- positive Charisma modifier (if any) to the Leadership check total. Special: At the DM s discretion. a cowardly character would never imagine leaping into no interest in sports. treasure. moder. death. and will Drawback: Your character will frequently attempt to maneuver himself exaggerate his stories to the point that demands will usually be made for physically to place others between himself and danger. his romantic con- quests. powerful or evil thing. Whenever ously called for. relaxation. his close friends. He cannot bear to be upstaged. Hell do the minimum necessary (fleeing with an unconscious friend over his shoulder. Although he may value others. and enter into bargains with any supernatural being that can . for example. cowardice. his personal weapons. and open displays of emotion. he will fight in the least honorable and risky way imaginable. He has very little him to prove his claims. Imagine him as an alien presence. COWARDLY the important people he knows. rashness. ity to appreciate those habits. While the character s cowardice is temporarily subsumed. it s more comfortable for him to withdraw from contact with DARK DESIRE 16 others than to tolerate exuberance. wagers or amusements (save those of the quietest a freezing river to save a drowning pack animal. Frequently. While he wont completely down from such a challenge. his horse. [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] Your character has an excessive fear of personal injury.. Your character can no more back gracefully shame about cringing displays of cowardice. he certainly wont step boldly forward to telling stories in the first place. Limitation: This flaw may not be combined with the Aggressive flaw. and cama- raderie. exposing himself to extreme risk without thought of his usual attractive members of the opposite sex. his skills at fishing and carpentry. Special: This flaw exerts a powerful pull on your character s actions. provided that [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] when one cancels out the other the character will still suffer some penal- Your character is an unusually taciturn and emotionless person. At all times. He has ty. risk his neck on their behalf. he doesnt regard this behavior as cowardice that would shame a character made of sterner stuff.

ed for violence by the character he has spurned. there is no betrayal he will not make and no should always be some tension about each incident. reclusive noble. The attainment of a dark desire will almost certainly turn your suffice to remove these delusions. A roaring drunk character suffers a -4 circumstance penalty to ice will also probably be contrived to minimize potential reward for your all Dexterity-related skill checks. These penalties will last until the character gets eight full or an enemy wiped out. Special: No form of magical healing or protection against illusions will decades. or is there really a shadowy figure following the party through the forest? Special: If your character attains his dark desire. and will generally content himself by consuming small piece of compensation for their time and effort. to a d10. services are requested. save will be called upon to perform three substantial services for an NPC.) should be such that he feels no real emotional connection to your (for example. If a character has no 17 opportunities for glory and treasure. a monumental quality will be branded an oath-breaker or outcast. Your character is bound by a formal oath of service to an NPC. merely hallucinating again. Your character serves an NPC that does have an emotional out telling you that it s delusional. Special: The NPC wont mind at all if other characters accompany Special: On the trail or in a dungeon. or. Most of these delusions will Although your character is infinitely patient. 1d6+1 SP for every point of positive Constitution modifier he possesses etc. Your character will therefore have no idea how much of a risk SP on his way to inebriation). he must challenges and dangers. DRUNKARD [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] DEBT OF HONOR It would be something of an understatement to say that your character [ Secondary Flaw: External Trouble ] likes his booze. not hours of sleep (or absolute rest. If your character fails to heed the call when his make a similar Will Save to avoid drinking to the point of near-incapacity. your character will believe to be utterly real. Drawback: Compare and contrast this flaw with Debt of Honor (above Drawback: From time to time the DM will feed you a description (with. but your character s term of serv- . acter s mind for reasons appropriate to his background. and a -1 character. The nature of each serv. at the very end of his quest. for example). something unfortunate will happen to him— he Although his tolerance for alcohol is monumental. and at left). sometimes imagining events or situations that arent actually real. a character with a Con score of 14 (+2) will drink up 2d6+2 character. Special: The DM may assume that a bender will cost the character The nature of the NPC (crime boss. change each d6 he is facing when he undertakes each service. so it is essen. and will very likely be target. tial for full dramatic impact that this flaw be kept as utterly secret as pos- sible. They originate deep within your char- character into an antagonistic NPC under the DM s control. it wont happen after a month or two of adventuring. but there when the goal is in sight. just assume that a bender will cost 1d6+1 SP. Is your character bond he will not forsake to grasp what he has always desired. The pursuit and intake of alcoholic beverages is one of Your owes a debt to a powerful NPC. eccentric wizard. he must make a Will Save (DC 20. service rather than with goods or gold. more likely. It will happen after years. If the character is a dwarf. your character feels no need to yours out of friendship or duty. of frothy liquid can still get him roaring drunk. but he wont of fer them a single copper get roaring drunk. fall apart when examined and refuted by other party members. if he doesnt sleep). Drawback: Whenever your character has an opportunity to get a drink Drawback: Over the course of the unfolding campaign. of course) of an event or encounter that tie to him and wont risk him heedlessly . and regular amounts of wine or hard liquor. your character or five. Whenever your character has an opportunity These services will test the character s abilities and will contain assorted to purchase a great deal of alcohol (at an inn. and that debt is to be repaid with the motivating factors at the root of your character s existence. in a life or death situation. positive Con modifier. These missions are duties to be discharged. especially when the NPC wants something of value retrieved penalty to AC.advance his cause or lead him to the next step in his grand plan. DELUSIONAL DUTY-BOUND [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] [ Secondary Flaw: External Trouble ] Your character suffers from occasional audiovisual hallucinations. a -1 penalty to all attack rolls. at minimum) to pass it up.

and often making impulsive. never forget the enmity that exists between them. Your character will have weave this estrangement throughout an ongoing campaign. heated decisions that he Your character has made a personal enemy with a reasonable degree will later have cause to regret. threaten alent to class levels) equal to that of your character. his friends and allies. ensuring that to leave information on his whereabouts with that NPC. end of a long effort by both sides-. not by formal outcasting or rule of law. quests that will take him far away for lengthy periods of time. sentence affair. The contest between your character and his enemy will only end in the death (or an Special: This differs from the Aggressive flaw in that your character equally final fate) of one of them. His bouts of rage might be accurately described as incidents of possession— his temper Special: Hunted is an alternate version of the enemy flaw. the DM may leave him as is. Perhaps your character was forced into an arranged royal mar. At a minimum. but doesnt necessarily want to kill him. This enemy should not simply be against your character s race. He will that. [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] Your character is a staggeringly pompous. this NPC. if your character has one. might not even want to be a terribly violent person. but by emotional conflicts that est and most puissant gods. he will be reluctant to go everyone else. while cursing an enemy will cause most nearby listeners to wish they lived in a world where the Thesaurus had been invented so Drawback: Your character carries a great weight of mixed frustration they could follow what was being said. bering at all times that your character serves the NPC on his solemn oath. throw himself heedlessly into potentially foolish combat. but it bears remem. While he s bad enough when he makes that save. nonetheless. If the enemy makes fre. disorder everything around him. or sworn cause— he is after your character specifically and will Drawback: When something happens to make your character angry. making him- If the enemy makes infrequent appearances. and will gain experi. for example. throw things. GRANDILOQUENT 18 riage. much less set aside. If your consumes him. near them. Special: While reconciliation is not impossible. but it happens character is Hunted. tantrum has spent itself. is either ludicrous or grating to almost get no aid from his family or his society. and ence roughly as fast as your character does. In fact. even when circumstances seem to require it. after a series of harrowing encounters. of power. he erupts— losing control over his [ Secondary Flaw: External Trouble ] words and actions. and will be it rears its head from time to time to turn some satisfaction or new happi- required to ask permission of that NPC before undertaking missions or ness into ashes in your character s mouth. ranging from moderate to near-impossible) to avoid flying com- Drawback: The DM has a great deal of leeway in the construction of pletely off the handle. son. the DM should give him a self miserable company for an hour or two. ESTRANGED [ Secondary Flaw: External Trouble ] Drawback: Your character always speaks and acts as though he owns Your character is cut off from both his family and the society that reared the location he s in and is simultaneously dispatching the will of the high- him. they might need him intact. bit more power to make those appearances more disruptive. While your character might mean and regret about this situation. your effort that the other side may not acter s adventuring career. EXPLOSIVE TEMPER [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] ENEMY/HUNTED When your character gets angry. . Saying good morning to someone is a five- are too painful for either side to even confront. it will only come at the Special: The NPC can and will attempt to be considerate of your char. affected. and formal individ- ual. often at the expense of good humor or good fellowship. the NPC will have class levels (or power equiv. He will kick objects. nation. be willing to make even if your character to that NPC is indefinite. and will spend much of his time contem. and now flees just a few steps ahead of the agents of both his family and his would-be spouse s family. and he doesnt particularly enjoy it. well and be a perfectly lovely person. your character will generally sulk. indeed. he speaks and acts in a fashion plating it. he s a terror when he fails it. he must succeed at a Will Save (DC set by the DM based on circum- stances. For as long as that NPC lives. After a temper quent appearances in your character s life. while perfectly natural to him. A good DM will ter may be summoned to perform tasks for him. and cannot break that oath without suffering dire consequences. some external force seeks him for a pressing rea. start fights.

and capa- Drawback: The lure of wealth or treasure seems to draw a curtain ble of enjoying himself— he simply does not laugh or grasp why anyone down over your character s better judgment. ence might have been picked up as a result of looting a tomb or dungeon. HAUNTED to avoid doing something extremely useful to himself or to do something [ Secondary Flaw: External Trouble ] that makes him stick out like a sore thumb. While the haunting spirit doesnt have the power to from a distance. fears. or respects. or other riches ripe for the plucking. even when wearing a disguise could get rid of. a while. This pres. at the DM s discretion. his failure to understand the nuances of humor will cause such as traps and curses. Provincial flaw. It s the acquisition of riches that character will suffer a -2 circumstance penalty to all Innuendo checks and sets his blood on fire. acter into other planes. for as long as he lives. a -8 circumstance penalty to any Perform check where an element of humor is involved in the performance. -The character has sworn never to wield any weapon or wear any set it away (DM s discretion). In the presence of treas. Drawback: Your character might even be friendly. Drawback: The character would sooner die than violate this oath. He doesnt understand the concept of humor . your alien and often disquieting to those who dont know your character . even Special: This supernatural presence is extremely canny and difficult to when adventuring in the wilderness. his life will be a bit messy and aggravating as long as the spirit lingers. Then again. sociable. else laughs. HUMORLESS GREED [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] Your character is absolutely (possibly even genetically. This oath might have been Your character suffers from the subtle but persistent attention of an sworn for any religious or cultural reason appropriate to the character s invisible poltergeist or some other minor supernatural force. fail- Drawback: Your character is the subject of continual mischief as a ure to uphold it may result in social or divine punishment as the DM sees result of this haunting— small objects will be moved or stolen. how many times his friends order him to be more cautious. your it as he pleases and thinks no more of it. provisions will be spoiled. Priestly blessings and necromantic magic can drive it away for be necessary for saving his life. and attempts to explain it to him will only baffle him further. art objects. he tends to do with Special: In addition to the roleplaying consequences of this flaw. even for diplomatic and religious events. ly unhealthy degree. His earnest sincerity and genuine lack of comprehension are ures. -The character has sworn to always dress in mourning colors/clothes and to wear no others. He suf- fers no compulsion to take things that are clearly owned by people he INCONVENIENT OATH likes. once he s got his hands on a new treasure. Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the ty to slip through with him. Curiously enough. your character covets new material possessions to an extreme. and vulgar or threatening notes might be written -The character has sworn never to wield a weapon that can kill a foe on maps or scrolls. character throws caution to the wind and disregards warnings of dangers Occasionally. and so forth. -The character has sworn to donate ten percent of his income to a reli- . of armor save those that he crafts himself. harm your character directly. or give some- dungeon rooms and fiddle with strange dungeon appliances. but only an extremely involving and costly divine or magic ritual (well beyond the reach of any 1st level character) will ever drive the spir. if nonhuman) While most heroic adventurers enjoy the rewards of their quests and without a sense of humor. Some possibilities include but are not limited to: 19 be spooked. animals will fit. and take the opportuni. Your character is overly eager to explore new him to miss the subtext of an important social interaction. no matter one the false impression that he is making fun of them. not the hoarding of them. coins. Strange noises might wake him in the night. gems. missions. Special: This flaw does not make the character a kleptomaniac. it might be close at hand when he travels to another plane. The spirit may have difficulty following the char. [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] Your character has sworn an oath by the gods. background.

and brief but passionate abilities. It might also get him and the rest of the Drawback: Your character has an extremely difficult time working with adventuring party into regular trouble with NPCs (innkeepers. INFERIORITY COMPLEX Drawback: Your character finds it difficult to resist the lure of a chance [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] to be near potential romantic entanglements. although the inebriated state of others often makes them easier targets for lechery. nobody has ever appreciated the true depth of his talents and acter dreams of healthy young flesh. the adventuring party might occasionally find itself facing resentment beneath a layer of jagged humor or false conviviality. sionally boils over and causes extreme discomfort in everyone around or such) and his contingent of guards. as he of wine bottles and ale mugs when he returns to civilization. wont often be close at hand when he s needed in an emergency. If forced to tolerate the continual presence of others. romantic affairs. Your character is continually hopping in and out of bed- chambers (or trying to. it occa. of time. others in groups and getting along in such arrangements for any length guides. Limitation: This flaw shouldnt be taken in conjunction with the Drunkard flaw. He will frequently find excuses to cumstance penalty to certain Charisma-based skill checks made against scout ahead or take care of some personal business. generally assumed to be inimical to the civilizations from which player- characters come. . Your character is frequently and severely distracted by his weakness for his compatible sex. ensuring that he characters of the appropriate race. your char- sees it. the others to do things his own way. Special: This flaw may be combined only with Estranged or Binding Honor Code only if it doesnt duplicate a drawback already granted by LECHEROUS one of those flaws. presence of others as a hindrance to his abilities and style or just prefers calling. a character with the Estranged flaw can- not swear an Inconvenient Oath to never go back to his family s lands— [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] they wont have him there anyway . [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] Your character is anything but a team player. and boorish public behavior. hell assume it s because he s thought unimportant Special: Your character must make a Will Save (DC generally rather enough to be risked. to keep his own company is up to you. fight-picking.gious institution. your character also takes foolish and unnecessary risks in an effort to demonstrate his skills. hell assume it s opportunity presents itself. hell assume it s because high) to avoid the urge to try and pick up a potential partner whenever the they think him boring If asked to take the middle. While your character is usually able to subsume his festering Furthermore. or barbarian tribe leader. Furthermore. he will be a grating. sarcastic. Just as a drunkard dreams Your character has a permanent chip on his shoulder. even if his life is slipping away. or the rear. If asked to take the rear. Whether he regards the Drawback: Your character s overt hostility (which goes as far as name. but not as far as mali. that he imagines reflect the contempt others feel for him. if his lechery exceeds his personal charm) and Drawback: Your character is extremely sensitive about small things getting into heated arguments with competitors and ex-lovers alike. criminals. This can cause no end of complications for because they dont think he s skilled enough to handle himself in the front the character and his party when time or discretion is of the essence. Whether this intolerance springs from sim. If asked to take the lead on the trail. Sometimes. LONE WOLF ple ignorance or a legitimate grievance is up to you. your character may suffer a -4 cir.) of the appropriate race. as the downside of being a drunkard limits a character s INTOLERANT chances to be lecherous. etc. [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] Your character is vehemently prejudiced against a certain (player-char- 20 acter) race other than his own. nobles. without failure and without hesitation. and generally divisive influence when he s not ditching Special: At the DM s discretion. flirtations. All his life. Limitation: This flaw may not be taken if the prejudice it grants is held by a large percentage of the campaign world s population. the drawn swords of an irate parent (or noble. cious mayhem such as arson or murder) will generally be an embarrass- ment to his friends and allies. -The character has sworn never to let any healing potion or draught it may not apply to monstrous races such as trolls or goblins which are pass his lips. wizards. For example. him.

Limitation: This flaw can go a long way toward splintering a group in something new to amuse him for a little while. it s only because he s found If your character fails to make one or more of his regular payments. and he tools or clothing when entering a hazardous situation. your ers clad in magic cloaks and shining armor. your character will utterly disdain their use. These sums must generally be paid off by the garnishing of bemused by the lengths everyone around him goes to to avoid it. and morbid. your character will generally try to save about ten percent freezing weather s good for you. no less than half of what a character brings in (although he can always pay the debt off faster if he wishes). unscrupulous usurer with criminal con- Your character is uninvolved in the excitement and pageantry of life— tacts). Your character has very little dignity where his coin purse is concerned. hell send assassins and the manner of the death that awaits him. the debt owed himself. [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] Your character is obsessed not so much with the joy of discovering new MACHO/SPARTAN treasures as he is with hoarding and contemplating what he s already [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] gained. bullish. Your character makes a point to project himself as tough. Furthermore. The DM may call for a Will Save if your character attempts to back down from a direct challenge to his machismo. those install- ments had better be generous and steady.000 GP. Heavy clothing in freezing weather? Hey. If the creditor is the shady sort. Drawback: The central function of this Complication is that your char. relatively honorable moneylender). bleak. and your character does not want that to happen. he has no complaints about dying. If your character does find the will to carry on. master thief. more than absolutely necessary for anything. Even when freely is a frequent visitor to moneychangers and counting-houses. Your character owes a relatively huge sum of money to a powerful NPC that expects repayment. assumptions may sometimes leave your adventuring party without vital The quest for a better hiding place is always burning in his mind. your character to rob him of joy and exuberance. from the food he eats to the lenge. it s wry and cynical. regardless of whether or not enforcers after your character and his friends. MELANCHOLY Drawback: If the NPC is a vicious and dangerous character (crime [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] boss. detriment than a benefit to anyone struggling to survive nearby. When injured or left in a state of mate authority or power. he may initiate social consequences or legal extreme peril. Grin and bear it! Your character s macho of all the treasure he collects so that he can bury or hide it in a safe place. Your character often speculates on the nature of death and on quences. He s also a notorious skinflint. and ready for anything. Beds? Beds are for sissies.000 GP. Although it s understood that your character will Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with Vain/Dandy. If acceptance of creature com. MONETARY DEBT forts is a matter of diplomatic importance. and seems somewhat is 5. your character will make every effort to appear content with them. Hell have nothing but scorn for anyone with a lesser Drawback: Your character balks at spending a single copper piece tolerance for adversity and he certainly wont back down from a chal . the debt owed is 4. places he sleeps in and the weapons and armor he trusts to save his life. be certain that players wishing to take this flaw for their characters can be trusted not to take it MISER so far that it ruins the game for everyone. character will routinely refuse to do things the easy and comfortable way. your character is quite lackadaisical. the most inconvenient fashion possible. thinks nothing about sneaking out at night to bury a few sacks or trunks beneath a local landmark. and will be more of a proceedings. If the NPC is merely firm and unfriend- 21 his world is introspective. If the creditor has legiti- such talk discomforts those around him. He also offered creature comforts. Anything less will displease the char- Drawback: This is not merely a pose— something has happened to acter s creditor. and will gladly sleep in a bale of hay and wear threads among adventur- acter will get on others nerves with amazing regularity. evil wizard. frequently exercised at the expense Delaying or defaulting on repayment can have a variety of conse- of others. While not actively out to kill ly (disapproving noble. or . Furthermore. pay in installments as his adventuring career proceeds. DMs. to be retrieved at a later date. Although he keeps a sense of humor. while making every private effort to [ Secondary Flaw: External Trouble ] shun them that he can.

and he has a habit of constantly underestimating any Drawback: There is a 40% chance per period of sleep that your char. and he will suffer a -1 penalty to all of his attack Astute readers will note that this is not a boon. Possibilities include (but are not limited to): OUTLAWED [ Secondary Flaw: External Trouble ] . Your character might be forced to acter will experience extremely vivid and lengthy nightmares. the more people are willing to help shel- ter your character or pass him word of what s happening in the lands that POOR REPUTATION have outlawed him.Firearms and Gunpowder . This phobia must center on an object or situation that is reasonably com- mon.Enclosed Spaces Your character has been branded a criminal in a very large area by a . Thus. Concentration checks. and if caught and brought to justice. These penalties last until he is next able to sleep undisturbed. character will be mentally fatigued the next day. he dislikes calling for reinforcements.Spiders . he can . dragon fear. A bout of nightmares will rob the character of a single prepared spell slot of each level he can cast for the next day. Limitation: This flaw may not be possessed by elves. he will only be able to prepare 1 1st level spell the next day. and Special: Your character gains a +4 bonus to Will Saves vs. he Drawback: When your character is in the presence of the object of his might also be a scapegoat or a political inconvenience facing a false phobia. yet not entirely disruptive to the ongoing game. Your character has an extremely unflattering reputation across a very . failure means that the draw from danger or back down from a challenge. The char. and accusation. if a PHOBIA character that can prepare 2 1st level spells suffers a bout of nightmares. Unfortunately. While he can still run and charge. compound interest may begin to accrue on what he still owes and a new repayment schedule may be forced upon him.Serpents .Heights . ter an outlaw pursue the matter fairly vigorously. danger or opponent placed in his way. Drawback: Your character scoffs at the idea that discretion is the bet - stemming from an extremely stressful event of encounter in his past.Crossbows expect imprisonment. he suffers a -2 penalty to all of his skill checks. rolls. a character may possess two or more phobias. Search. ter part of valor. even if the odds against him are ridiculous. 22 While your character might be a genuine criminal. and the individuals responsible for branding your charac. he will suffer a -2 penalty to all Spot. Special: With the DM s explicit permission. flaws. the more powerful the authority that hunts him should be. NIGHTMARES your character is also pretty much wrong. at least near their own borders. attack rolls. [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] Your character has an unreasoning fear of a certain thing or situation. this flaw can be precisely balanced to fit your character s ideal [ Secondary Flaw: External Trouble ] situation. torture. [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] Your character is absolutely certain that he can take any challenge set before him. .somehow displeases his creditor without entirely defaulting on the OVERCONFIDENT repayment. or death. [ Secondary Flaw: External Trouble ] Your character suffers from recurring and nearly incurable nightmares. this flaw counts as two Cowardly flaw. Special: Generally speaking. make a Will Save (difficulty relatively high) any time he attempts to with- acter must make a Will Save against a DC of 17.Fire powerful legitimate authority. Knowledge. He wont back down from a fight. he may be required (DM s discretion) to instructed to pursue and capture your character if he is ever discovered attempt a Will Save if forced to closely approach a phobia trigger or in their vicinity. rightly accused. Furthermore. Soldiers and agents of a powerful legal authority have been saving throws. remain in its presence for very long. For example.Water -Horses/Pack Animals Drawback: Compare and contrast this flaw with Estranged (page 18). Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the Special: If the character is a wizard or sorcerer.Darkness .

even when dirt Drawback: This flaw is quite similar to Overconfident (page 22)— in on his face or clothes would help hide him from a nearby danger. every opportunity. he will rarely retreat. and woefully unpolished in the social graces. it s from games of chance and risk. At the DM s discretion. and strangers in taverns will have plenty of choice VAIN/DANDY witticisms and taunts to throw at him. lack of assertiveness. If your character is law-abiding. customary to his place of origin. knee-slappingly simple. Your character may be required to make a Will Your character neednt be lacking in sheer brainpower . ing by a slender thread. He bathes at Your character is held in thrall by the surge of adrenaline he feels when. Limitation: This flaw may not be taken in conjunction with the Drawback: The precise nature of the reputation should be left to the Overconfident flaw. Contacts wont take him seriously . [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] or informer. Con artists and tricksters will single your charac- ter out for attention. Reflect for a moment on the level of sophistication dis . your char- acter will suffer a -2 circumstance penalty to most Charisma-based skill [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] checks in situations where his origin could be considered a hindrance in Your character is excessively obsessed with his clothes and appear- the eyes of onlookers. Playing a milquetoast is not for everyone. DM. he might have a reputation among other unsavory people as an oath-breaker. clothes at least as often. any given situation. as appropriate to your character s background. but he comes Save if he wishes to assert his presence or authority in anything but a life- from an ethnic group or area that is considered by most ordinary folks in or-death situation. surrender. hesitant. as their effects are too close to one another. the two are nearly identical. comforts of civilization over the hard pleasures of the trail or the dungeon. and general submissiveness to virtually [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] everyone around you. Special: This is a secondary flaw largely as a result of the roleplaying played by the average peasant or laborer in a fantasy campaign— those burden it places upon you. a campaign world or nation to be amusingly backwards. in a man- and so forth.wide area. Regardless of whether or not the reputation is deserved. The difference is that make a Will Save (DM s discretion) to tolerate a state of uncleanliness for a Risk-Addicted character is totally cognizant of the extreme danger of any length of time. and think carefully before applying this to your character. shyness. he does not add his Drawback: Your character displays the accents and personal habits positive Charisma modifier (if any) to the Leadership check total. he can do so primarily often as possible. and well aware that he might not be skilled enough to take on the entire world and live. as a result of these traits. ner determined by agreement between yourself and the DM. superstitious. he is shy. or back down because he likes to keep a change of clothes (or several) on hand. In addition to suffering a -1 penalty to your character s initial Charisma score. murderer. be required if he ever wishes to exercise discretion rather than valor. and he seeks to put himself in such situations as While a dandy can bear a bit of grime or sweat. in contrast. ter on sight. so people believe your character to be undereducated. it will make virtually everything he tries to do more difficult. If your character is already an unsavory person. He must fact. washes his ever he stares into the gaping jaws of death or misfortune. he is regard- ed as a hick. hesi- PROVINCIAL tance. washes his hair as often as possible. innkeepers might refuse to rent rooms to him. ance. He cannot abide the feeling of uncleanliness. is a foppish clotheshorse with a preference for the character never feels more alive than when his fate or fortune are hang. Special: If your character has the Leadership feat. Although your character frequently wishes to express himself. When . constables or criminals (or both) will hassle him on the streets. but he is absolutely fastidious [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] about keeping what he does have clean and presentable. in terms of effects. and he simply does not care. uncertain. While this reputation wont make anyone attack your charac . Your A dandy. A Will Save against a fairly high DC may firmly entrenched and all but impossible to counter. he might have a reputation as a suspicious and unsavory TONGUE-TIED person. in one of two ways: Drawback: A character that is principally vain doesnt necessarily care 23 RISK-ADDICTED about the quality of the clothes he wears. and polishes his boots even when on trail in the wilderness. Drawback: Your character is extremely socially handicapped. In short. you must roleplay one or more of the following— stuttering.

direct and particular fashion. usually due to old age. little opportunity to become a Dandy. Glass Jaw and Light-Headed are potentially dead- pable of bearing up with dignity under insults or injury. Drawback: At regular intervals. Special: If your character has a Binding Honor Code (page 15) that encourages or requires revenge in some fashion. this flaw will exacer. Drawback: Your character has a vicious revenge complex. also be Hobbled. and while his friends might occasionally appreciate a rare bottle of wine while By now it s probably occurred to you that certain flaws. be a group or fam- ily of NPCs. Note that flaw synergy does not occur [ Secondary Flaw: Personality Conflict ] merely because a character has a set of flaws that are thematically relat- Your character cannot bear to let others have the last word or the last ed— for example. and will go to elaborate fall unconscious whenever the former flaw takes effect. If the DM determines that a player s selection of flaws is appropriate- bate that beyond any rational limits. and is inca. if wronged. . Your character is extremely emotionally attached to this NPC. as they have no means of mak- ing a living. no matter how inconvenient or fool. those two flaws dont complicate one another in a ish that may prove. when wronged. he will inevitably try to haul along as many DM Option: Flaw Synergy improbable and unnecessary fine things as he can get away with. Likewise. they wont be pleased to discover that he tossed out a rope have a debilitating effect greater than the sum of their parts— just as alco- and three grappling hooks to make room for it. he must revenge.2 bonus skill points . with the DM s permission. Although he Old Injury (II) are an equally dangerous match. The latter flaw all but ensures that your character will but incapable of forgiving a slight or an injury. will ly synergistic.An inherent +1 bonus to any one (1) saving throw WARD . Special: This NPC may. example. This leads into Limitation: A character with the Provincial flaw is rarely Vain and has the concept of flaw synergy. On the other hand. infirmity. greatly enhancing the does not ask that his friends and allies help him achieve his vengeance. he grows highly irate when they attempt to interfere. provided theyre all in the same geographic location. and should an enemy ever discover the bond they share. or young age. in combination. For meaningless to him. he is all ly in combination. on the trail.5d10 x 5 GP [ Secondary Flaw: External Trouble ] Your character is responsible for the caretaking and safety of a rela- 24 tively helpless NPC. . Your character. hol and some drugs multiply their effects when mingled. those three words are Primary and secondary flaws may be combined to create synergy. your charac- ter s ward would become a certain target. strung together in that order. an Overconfident character with a Glass Jaw and an Old Injury is simply asking for trouble. Old Injury and (and frequently dangerous) lengths to secure his revenge. Flaw synergy grants a player some extra bit of compensation for hav- ing the guts needed to take a set of flaws that compound one another in VINDICTIVE a potentially gruesome fashion. Letting it go is not in his vocabulary. while it makes sense that an Inflexible character might blow.setting out on an adventure. preferably by blood. effect of every critical hit the character suffers. This NPC must also be provided with money. burning for immediate settlement. he may award him one of the following benefits: be a demon incarnate.250 XP . your character must call upon and assist (usually in some mundane fashion) an NPC that cannot take care of himself or herself.

Four adventurers could also pitch in to communally purchase material goods that can. in the case of certain material advantages (specifically: of a valued ally. has been much abstracted to render the concept playable. one character will have absolute control over an advantage. 1 Standard Flaw = 2 Advantage Points Adding and Subtracting Advantages Sooner or later. you should remember that one of the primary functions Business. the difference between advantages and feats is acters to take a share by placing one or more advantage points into a that feats represent some intrinsic quality of a character (granted by common pool. Advantages and Realism Advantages are best used with strict DM permission and supervision. Players and DMs alike should remember that the systems provided for to ensure that all of the player-characters will fit into the campaign envi. someone or something is probably going to do some- Taking Shares in Advantages thing lamentable to one or more of your character s advantages. a 1st-level party getting ready to enter a level within a campaign world. or thieves Library Character owns a number of rare books and scrolls Military Rank Character holds a position of command authority in an army or navy Noble Rank Character holds a patent of nobility and a claim to noble privilege Ship Character owns (or shares ownership of) an ocean-going vessel Wealth Character has deep pockets even before beginning play . in one way or another. To do more The Price of Advantages would probably require a great deal of space and yield little practical Advantages must generally be purchased with one or more of the value— would a discussion of the two-field crop rotation system and the drawbacks already described. unless they wish to turn it upside-down and so well when extrapolated to the macro-level economics of an entire create an expensive wooden tent for inclement weather. By the time Master List of Advantages Advantage Brief Description Allies Character has NPC associates willing to risk something on his behalf 25 Business Character owns or controls a business Ceremonial Titles A table for generating courtesy titles and knightly orders Clerical Rank Character has political clout within a religious hierarchy Connections Character has an information network of NPCs Destiny Character has been selected by a higher power to perform some great deed Estates Character owns lands and controls or employs a number of villeins Fortification Character owns a tower or a keep Guild Rank Character holds rank within a guild of merchants. Fortification. For example. region or kingdom. Advantages are priced using a simple three-field crop rotation system make the gold pieces glitter any brighter system of points. and Ship) it is possible for char. or experience) while advantages represent qualities or tage points. they function very well when mountain-top dungeon five hundred miles from the nearest ocean prob. They the same keep for 1 advantage point apiece. might be hard to deal with the burning of a favorite estate or the murder However. training. exist primarily outside the character. While it Ordinarily. in particular. of most advantages is to start your character off with a bang. artisans. scholars.Advantages: Selection and Use As mentioned earlier. the use of most of these advantages are meant for use only on a micro- sioned by the DM. That is. Income from businesses and estates. Estates. examined from the limited perspective of the characters but perhaps not ably has little use for a ship. to wit: in your character s pockets? Doubtful. one character could buy a keep for 4 advan- nature. be lost or destroyed. For example. Library.

**Such a character will typically be able to call upon the services of 1d6+1 2nd level NPCs at any time. The following tables can be used to generate allies in a hurry. but you should rest assured that well. a well-known adventurer. acter on a mission or an adventure. an experienced military offi. An extremely powerful ally. 1-2 City Sheriff (Warrior) ety of ways— by providing information without prompting. an ally might even serve as an adventure hook for 11-12 Military Captain (Warrior) the entire party. 7-8 Wealthy Merchant (Expert) 9-10 Privateer Ship Captain (Warrior) As the DM sees fit. will cost 4 points and may resource intake should have become substantial enough to replace or only be taken with the explicit permission of the DM. 13-14 Mayor of Large City (Expert) 15-16 Captain of Small Fleet (Warrior) An unusually well-placed or capable ally costs 3 advantage points. theyll only do so when their inter - ests (or interests shared with your character) are thought to be endan- [ Social Advantage ] gered. well-known to your character. 19-20 Head Temple Priest (Cleric) cer. An ally is an NPC. page 29. who feels some sort of emotional attachment to your character (contrast this with a connec.your alter-ego has reached a moderately high character level. mature and gain experience as your character does. The ally will be a mortal from one of the PC races. the character will 7-8 Master Alchemist (Wizard) be a prominent or powerful citizen with levels in an NPC class about 9-10 Legendary Freebooter (Fighter) equal to your character s number of levels in adventuring classes. Roll 1d20 on the but feels no loyalty toward him). 17-18 Baron or Viscount (Aristocrat) maintained alliances are the most effective alliances of all. as deemed appropriate by the DM Table: Powerful NPC Allies** (insular dwarves from an isolated mountain stronghold are not terribly 26 likely to be close personal friends with the High Princess of an elven Roll Ally empire two thousand miles away. Dont forget that it s perfectly acceptable to take those resources Allies and Adventuring: Allies are not cohorts! If they join your char- and pump them into improving the fruits of your old advantages. at least not before their adventures 1-2 Freelance Master Thief (Rogue) begin). by summoning your character to his aid in a time of need. he is willing to risk Table: Standard NPC Allies* something to help your character when necessary. 13-14 Witch or Folk Advisor (Adept) An ally s emotional bond to your character must sometimes be reaffirmed 15-16 Master Smith (Expert) by action on your character s part. well above your character in social station . such 17-18 Famous Entertainer (Bard) an ally might be a relatively powerful noble. An Roll Ally ally in the right place can aid your character and his friends in a wide vari. it will be because theyre heeding the even before anyone messes with them. too. appropriate table. Allies will not leave their business to run off with your character ALLIES at the drop of a hat— most frequently. by providing 3-4 Vizier or Minister (Aristocrat/Expert) safe haven after an arduous journey. Allies 11-12 Lesser Prince or Princess (Aristocrat) age. 19-20 Barbarian Family Head (Warrior) *Such a character will typically be able to call upon the services of Special: The NPC ally will be a character of comparable (or at least 1d4+1 1st level NPCs at any time. an NPC that will provide your character with information vide ideas for the creation of more detailed NPCs. call of friendship or obligation rather than the siren song of a share in the treasure. or even by fighting alongside your 5-6 Town or Village Mayor (Commoner) character if circumstances force him to do so. While an ally might not necessarily be a friend. or a skilled wizard or sorcerer. improve upon any advantage knocked briefly out of play by enemy action. 3-4 Merchant Prince (Rogue/Expert) 5-6 Military General (Warrior/Expert) Price: A standard NPC ally costs 2 advantage points. his and in command of many lives and resources. closely compatible) alignment to your own character. or to pro- tion. and he s also willing to offer financial or material assistance on relaxed or deferred terms.

Your character doesnt actually run the business (count - ing inventory is rarely an activity appropriate to a life of heroic adventure). there are a number of 1-2: Poor month reasons why a business will occasionally demand some attention.or two-room shops. Huge Business: A huge business is a rare and well-guarded affair. tax collectors honest or otherwise. the more attention it will attract from government ership has those three income levels listed after its description below. Your 3-4: Average month character will be expected to deal with thieves guilds and protection 5-6: Excellent month schemes. Average month: 100 GP Excellent Month: 150 GP BUSINESS Large Business: A large business is situated in a busy district. Average month: 400 GP 27 Excellent Month: 600 GP Each month. proba- [ Material Advantage ] bly near harbor facilities or a major thoroughfare to pick up on the busi- Your character owns (or has a controlling interest in) a stable business ness of travelers. the DM should roll 1d6 to determine how well the busi- ness has been doing: Special: While your character neednt spend any of his time oversee - ing the day-to-day details of mundane commerce.). bard and tacking. They wont risk their lives for your character . ***Such a character will typically be able to call upon the services of 1d8+2 3rd level NPCs at any time. not counting troops or allies that need time to be summoned. your business does. 19-20 World-Renowned Scholar (Expert) well-wrought metalwork. A large and successful inn or tavern would qualify. Income— Poor Month: 200 GP to ensure that book-keeping will be kept to an absolute minimum. and other extraordinary distractions. Your character will receive income from the business on a monthly basis. etc. potentially violent competi- tors. or counting-house. This sum is assumed to come after all expenses have been met. moneylender s. carpenters. authorities and unscrupulous cutpurses alike. nor. 1-2 Royal Spymaster (Rogue) dealing in inexpensive goods (candles and wax products) or essential 3-4 Heir to Throne (Aristocrat) services (butchers. will they serve as cohorts on an adventure. in a town or city. for example) than in the sale of goods. the better Each of the four types of business available for player-character own. These employees are Excellent Month: 300 GP considered loyal and friendly. Income— Poor Month: 100 GP but he oversees its operations at the highest level and receives regular Average month: 200 GP reports from the NPC employees that run it for him. 5-6 Marshal of Armies (Warrior) 7-8 Naval Admiral (Warrior/Expert) Income— Poor Month: 25 GP 9-10 Duke or Duchess (Aristocrat) Average month: 50 GP 11-12 National Minister (Aristocrat) Excellent Month: 75 GP 13-14 Regional Head Priest (Cleric/Expert) 15-16 Power Behind the Throne (Expert) Average Business: An average business deals in a more expensive or 17-18 Barbarian Clan Chief (Barbarian) specialized set of goods (tailoring for noble clientele. often dealing in the handling of money itself (a usurer s. The initial cost of business ownership is as follows: Should your character neglect his duties as the owner and overseer of Prices: Small Business: 1 point a lucrative business (or fail to take adequate steps for good management Average Business: 2 points . Large Business: 3 points Table: Very Powerful NPC Allies*** Huge Business: 4 points Roll Ally Small Business: Most small businesses are one. Generally speaking. more stances. and anywhere between 40-100 1st Income— Poor Month: 50 GP level NPCs.). etc. insofar as they are paid to do their job. under any circum. knackers.

A knight usually receives a courtesy title in addition to a military rank (page 33). hostile creditors. [ Social Advantage ] A ceremonial title costs 1 advantage point. council. Characters the form Adjective—T itle—Adjective (of the)—Group. a courtesy title may grant a +1 circumstance CEREMONIAL TITLE bonus to certain Bluff. and other colorful characters. [ Social Advantage ] Your character has been invested and confirmed as a formal leader of Most courtesy titles elevate a character to the least possible formal a temple hierarchy. less debtors. with this advantage also have a formal investment in the ever-shifting Esteemed Captain of the Household Guard or Sworn Fellow of the decision-making hierarchy of that priesthood. For example. of (barring his removal or resignation from the responsibility). callous tax-men. In frontier outposts and rustic courts. responsible for the spiritual guidance of the temple s court rank. Your character has been given a courtesy rank by a powerful state. a CLERICAL RANK great to-do is often made about them. he can expect to enjoy the Crimson Hussars. extortionists. and the confronta- him to sit at one of the lowest tables available at major feasts attended tion of the temple s most dangerous enemies. Diplomacy.when he s away for long periods of time). Any character with one or more levels in the cleric or paladin class is considered to be ordained and in the active service of a god s priesthood The table below can be used to randomly generate a courtesy rank. The table can also be used as a simple idea genera- adventure of dealing with arsonists. and while they may still adventure (especially on missions for the priesthood or against the pow- Table: Ceremonial Title Generator Roll Adjective Title Adjective Group 1 Sublime Chevalier Crimson Order 2 Puissant Protector First Class 3 Royal Defender Second Regiment 4 Invincible Scholar Third Rank 5 Gentle Doctor Honored Guard 6 Esteemed Captain Household Council 7 Enlightened Knight/Dame Silver Garter 8 Honorable Commander Sable Grenadiers 28 9 Devout Counselor Emerald Enclave 10 Excellent Fellow Azure Hussars 11 Grand Steward Immortal Degree 12 Illustrious Companion Sovereign Dragoons 13 Sworn Chief Vermilion Battalion 14 Learned Initiate Black Company 15 Exalted Squire Lion-Heart League 16 Faithful Provost Imperial Circle 17 Most Noble Adjutant Republican Court 18 Able Minister Frontier Command 19 Foremost Peer Shadow Cloister 20 Ordained Deputy Golden Hierarchy . In formal courts. by the well-to-do and the aristocracy. penni. these titles accumulate like barnacles on the hull of a sailing vessel. At the DM s discretion. or ruler. tor for more customized and world-specific titles. and Intimidate rolls. city. making him an attendant to court proceedings and entitling worshippers. the oversight of mundane temple affairs.

. they will from time to time be summoned back to a tem. your character will have some discretion over the use of temple funds and may call for aid from Price: One advantage point will buy two average contacts— NPCs temple followers.A major priest of a temple hierarchy Senior Templemaster: Your character would be responsible for the 29 largest temple in a given city.A pirate or smuggler captain . however. Compare and contrast a connection with an ally— the latter is tied to Senior Brother/Sister: 1 point your character by a bond of friendship or loyalty.A leader of a thieves guild . Along with the responsibilities of a position.ers of darkness). each of which has a title meant only as an approximation of the etc. For example: temple in a medium-sized city. A connection is a valuable resource. If your character wishes to Funds: 5d20 x 2 GP press a connection for more information in a short time period. if abused or mistreated.A member of a thieves guild Senior Brother/Sister: Your character stands above the average itin. or information of his own) for the privilege. A connection is an NPC contact. willing to sup- ply occasional information and perhaps certain services involving little or Price: There are three ranks attainable through the use of advantage no personal risk (smuggling. .) character s duties. consider making one or more characters with the rank A connection. he will be Followers: 2d6 2nd level NPCs intruding upon that connection s regular routine and will have to pay (in silver. week (by pre-arranged message service. Funds and followers may An average contact might be: only be used in the clear pursuit of temple goals or worthy causes. NPCs of the listed level (for a day of service). swear off all contact with your character if he severely mistreats that con- nection! CONNECTIONS . and .A small-time smuggler or pirate . fencing of goods.A palace bureaucrat probably runs a small temple in an outlying village or frontier post. or over several smaller temples in a sparsely-populated region. [ Social Advantage ] ple to engage in relatively mundane work. gold. a connection can be contacted about once per similar area. Either form of aid will be available about once per described in cooperation with the DM.quite possible for a connection to vanish and matters. points.A palace majordomo Followers: 1d8 2nd level NPCs . traveling from temple to tem. if not in person) and a single conversation (or the equivalent) can be held. along the lines of an average contact but much more powerful and well- Templemaster: Your character would be given control over a large connected. known to your character.A chief of the city watch Funds: 10d10 GP . Average contacts ore people in month— a variable number of GP and a variable number of appropriate the know that are nonetheless not really in command of their situations. . . It is .A city constable erant priest or adventuring cleric in the hierarchy of the priesthood. while the former wont Templemaster: 2 points stretch out his neck for your character except when paid well and paid in Senior Templemaster: 3 points advance. will generally slink back into the a roving troubleshooter for his priesthood. or for several medium-sized temples in a Generally speaking. dealing with unusual problems and using his formal clout to expedite of an apology. passage of messages. but he should never be mistaken for a dependable comrade. character s employ in exchange for an unusually large payment by way ple. one advantage point can be used to buy a major contact. gems.A priest of a minor temple Funds: 4d6 GP Followers: 1d4 1st level NPCs Alternately. Game-specific titles may be quite different. Special: If the addition of clerical ranks to a game seems almost cer- tain to bog it down.

DESTINY The products of your character s estates will vary. your character can make a Gather Your character controls a certain amount of land. and they may not be stacked cumulatively. along with the villeins Information check with a +2 circumstance bonus to the roll. especially by dropping occa. olives and grapes might be grown mighty labor or heroic task. Your character will also own a cart and 1d4 mules. In southern climates. adventure. ESTATES Special: When in serious doubt as to what a connection can do for a character. without fully grasping the Manor: 2 points significance of his action. Most gods are tight-lipped. While the gods war directly with one another along with wheat and barley. Lesser Manor: A lesser manor is a cluster of simple houses (one of which belongs to your character) surrounded by about 15-20 acres of Special: Characters with the destiny advantage will often recognize arable land. especially if they . him. example) they are almost always accompanied by a ceremonial title (page 28) or a noble rank (page 34). each other via some sixth sense when they first meet. Enclosure: 3 points Large Estate: 4 points The nature of the character s destiny will be determined by the DM as Fiefdom: 5 points the campaign unfolds. they also make war upon the material plane using mortal pawns and catspaws. crops like oats and rye Your character has been chosen by a higher power to complete some are common. for to his roll. your character may 5-6: Excellent gain a +2 divine bonus to any skill check. Only one such bonus may be called upon per round. Your charac. By getting in [ Material Advantage ] touch with an average connection. Lands will generate a certain amount of income for your character after ter is just such a fate-marked agent. as appropriate to the campaign) that ing a major connection. When your character Prices: Lesser Manor: 1 point calls upon this power. As mentioned previously. all non-military expenses are paid for (including household servants and estate laborers that neednt any more detailed treatment). in times and places beyond mortal understanding. A character with a destiny often has no idea what will be asked or been: expected of him— all he knows is that deep within his bones he feels the weight of an extraordinary responsibility thrust down upon him. the DM may use the following rule of thumb. Without real- sional gifts of gold or information in the connection s lap. etc. 1-2: Poor 3-4: Average Price: For every advantage point spent on Destiny. Each autumn. that connection izing why.. saving throw. he will do so instinctively. A character with this advantage does not radiate any aura of magic A canny DM can use connections to put out information leading toward merely for possessing it. By contact. or tying into the ongoing plot of the campaign. You must announce the application of this bonus before rolling the die The initial cost of estate ownership is as follows: for the action in question. In a northern area. your character will feel a linked sense of kinship and uneasi- may (at the DM s discretion) proactively approach your character with ness for a character that bears the favor of a force acting contrary to that important information rather than waiting for your character to come to which guides him. Each of the six sizes of estate available for player-character ownership 30 has those three annual income levels listed after its description below. have been chosen by opposite sides in some cosmic battle. or attack roll once per game session. your character can gain a +4 circumstance bonus work it for a living. peasants. (serfs. a gift of power and favor Multiple Estates: 6 points from mysterious celestial forces rarely entitles one to learn all of their secrets as well. If your character treats a connection well. This advantage may only be selected with the explicit permission of the the DM should roll 1d6 to determine how well the annual harvest has DM. If estates are granted by a higher authority (a king. free laborers. according to the [ Special Advantage ] game world and the climate.

and a large torch or beacon for signal- . points. two wagons. A small trench (five feet wide and deep) and a Excellent Harvest: 975 GP palisade of sharpened logs typically defend it at ground level. 1d4 Light Infantry (Leathers. Price: A tower costs 2 advantage points. cows. Special: If your character is a manorial lord. Even bandits and outlaws may possess a keep. perhaps containing orchards or vineyards. these will not be privately owned— theyll be the property of a higher lord or of the kingdom itself. sur- Multiple Estates: Your character controls more than 250 acres of arable rounded by more sharpened wooden spikes. should he care to Average Harvest: 40 GP count them. to form an outer layer of land. an open roof protected by crenellations in the topmost wall. 1d4 ponies. Three wagons and three carts are at his disposal. A keep costs 4 advantage self with mundane details. lance) 160 GP Average Harvest: 200 GP Excellent Harvest: 300 GP FORTIFICATION Large Estate: Your character controls more than 100 acres of arable [ Material Advantage ] land. Six wagons and six carts are at his disposal. Four wagons and four carts are at his disposal. important piece of turf. The simplified annual Excellent Harvest: 150 GP upkeep cost for sample soldiers (1st level warriors on foot or 2nd level warriors on horse) is as follows: Enclosure: An enclosure is a stately area. Heavy Infantry (Chainmail. Your charac. and is construct- Average Harvest: 650 GP ed of very solid stone. Income— Poor Harvest: 20 GP ponies. Excellent Harvest: 60 GP Income— Poor Harvest: 500 GP Manor: A manor is a respectable grant of land by any standard. and 1d3 ponies. stable and outbuildings. he will generally be expected to maintain a standing force of armed and trained men on Income— Poor Harvest: 50 GP behalf of his ruler. overseen from a central hillock by a grand house with its own sta. wishes it to sit. as well as a wagon. acter and was constructed (or conquered) at his behest. Income— Poor Harvest: 325 GP Tower: A tower has three stories. Your character will own 1d8 of each of the following: pigs. mules. Your character will own 1d3 dairy cows. 1d4 pigs. cows. 1d4 mules. cows. If your character holds a noble title (page 34) or a military rank (page ble. and ture heavy iron-reinforced double doors. and ponies. and as national treasures and Income— Poor Harvest: 200 GP command centers they cannot be disposed of in an irresponsible fash- Average Harvest: 400 GP ion. It sits where he overseen from a central location by a well-kept grand house or a some. overseen from a central location by a well-kept mansion with its own defense if necessary. belongs entirely to your char- Fiefdom: Your character controls more than 150 acres of arable land. Your character owns a sturdy simple Excellent Harvest: 1500 GP house with four rooms. short sword) 60 GP mules. chances are hell have the use of one or more major fortifications. 31 ter will own 2d8 of each of the following: pigs. 45-50 acres overseen by a grand house. and two carts. and ponies. a cart. halberd) 90 GP Light Horse (Chainmail. shortspear) 120 GP Income— Poor Harvest: 100 GP Heavy Horse (Chainmail. is round or square. when he concerns him. A day of labor by a few dozen men can build up a circular berm of earth. either overlooking his estates or some strategically what weathered mansion (your choice) with its own stable. mules. mules. The cost of feeding. and equipping these men Average Harvest: 100 GP must be paid out of your character s pocket. on the other hand. However. Your character also owns another 50 acres in one or more other areas. 33). 20-35 Average Harvest: 1000 GP acres worked by several families. Your A tower is comfortable for up to thirty inhabitants and will typically fea- character will own 3d8+3 of each of the following: pigs. Excellent Harvest: 600 GP A private fortification. housing.

five feet deep. Disagreements between members Price: For every 100 books. even sally port. LIBRARY ranking hanger-on. Keep: A keep is a heavily fortified stone building with up to twenty-five A guild of merchants is largely unconcerned with formally measuring rooms. Keeps can also be built atop hills or ravines to limit the field of an enemy s approach. or folios in his personal library. Its principal interest lies in the maintenance without much difficulty. However. once per single fine trade. and is well-known and respected within the guild. Your character will benefit sans. and one unobtrusive in his chosen profession. the manipulation of local economies. among the collected works. library can grant your character one of the following boons: A guild of scholars is a reclusive and jealous society. exact level and nature to be deter- keeping its secrets away from outsiders as it is on securing comfort and mined by the DM. tomes. match theirs. They have yet to be translated. arti. flair are usually relegated to a second-class role. after consulting the texts in the library for at least one hour. from this protection and assistance if he is loyal to his guild. Each point spent on a bat to the death between the aggrieved parties. those members that cannot practice that trade with day. Price: A character may be a respected journeyman for 1 advantage A keep is generally protected by a perimeter trench. although your character has some inkling that theyre there. or tradesmen. that cannot be mediated by guild officers are generally settled by com. Most families will be lucky to ever own even one. your character must spend 1 advantage point. He is thoroughly trusted by the guild. Throat-slittings and stranglings for failure or lack of respect are purely purposes. Artisans guilds exist to preserve and protect a . To guild masters send your character out after problems. but he is not yet privy to the inner workings and secret discussions of the guild masters. ten feet wide and point or a special agent for 2 points. which he must eschew this caution is to court eventual disaster. and thieves guilds have daggers and garrotes to fall Your character holds a formal rank in an organization of thieves. locks itself up to withstand a siege. . multiple arrow slits.A +2 circumstance bonus to any Knowledge skill check.1d6+1 levels of arcane spells. cation with one or more siege engines of their choice. These spells are scribed in one or more grimoires prestige for its members. [ Material Advantage ] In an age when each and every book produced must be painstakingly 32 A guild of thieves is an organization with informal rules of behavior yet scribed or copied by hand. things. erty of other guild members. trolled based on ability and seniority. Since rank in a guild is very strictly con. Other guild members of senior rank usually treat him as an equal out of fear. back on when their members are harassed. but those structures arent very defensible if the keep bankrupting of merchant guilds from rival areas. sometimes filled with water. Special: One of the major benefits of a guild in a feudal or post-feu- GUILD RANK dal society is that it provides a bulwark against abuse of tradesfolk by the hereditary nobility. scholars. your character can be quite a cut above the average apprentice or low. and the simple houses). A keep comes with outbuildings (stables and of arranged monopolies. Alternately: A guild of artisans is perhaps the strictest of all when it comes to tests of a member s abilities. The examine the structure for subsidence or structural weakness. solve by hook or by crook. as bent on . Keeps usually Respected Journeyman: Your character has made a name for himself incorporate several towers. Special: At least a few dozen GP must be spent each year on main- tenance of a keep or tower. more than sixty or seventy people can be quartered in a keep the acumen of its members. A wise ruler will pay about 100 GP per year Special Agent: Your character serves as a lieutenant to one of the for a tower and 200 GP for a keep to have master masons regularly guild officers. though his trade skills cannot yet Characters with gold on hand may also wish to pay to equip a fortifi. a 1st level character can hardly be expected to wield command authority over an entire guild. books are extremely rare and precious very strict codes of conduct regarding the disposal of loot and the prop. Legitimate guilds have a great deal of legal and [ Social Advantage ] economic clout. with the occasional important mission.

or the mutual times of great need. No doubt many scholarly or tactical conduct of such actions will be left entirely to your character— clerical friends would love a chance to store the library for the duration only general instructions will be issued by the captain of your ship. The two charts below each sions. characters of 33 this rank are usually used as aides and couriers by more senior offi- Rank Purchase Table: Army cers. but only one bonus can be called upon at a time. meaning that while to store his library— hundreds of books and scrolls are too heavy to subordinate to the captain of a vessel he will be in command of a num- carry around while adventuring. simply change the names Army Ranks but keep the comparative levels of authority. In some armies. a setting just as easily as magic and gigantic creatures can. or captain of marines. so disputes over rank and Specialized divisions and organizations of military forces are rather precedent in large parties of officers and nobles can become rather primitive in the time-frame of most d20 fantasy campaigns. Sergeant/Squire: A sergeant or squire is generally an aide and cohort of a higher-ranking officer or knight. commander. Real scholars guard their libraries like a If a titled noble character has no formal military rank. 4 Captain Knight-Captain 5 General Knight-General Captain/Knight-Captain: A character of this rank will usually be responsible for the command of 3-4 companies. If the fol- lowing ranks and titles seem a bit too refined. the defense of a nation. The quickly turn them into sorry-looking mush. a complex military hierarchy can surely be subsumed into leges. of an adventure. unless the commoner is armed with a writ from responsible for the dispersal and conduct of a small unit— say 30-40 some yet-higher authority. he is generally dragon guards its hoard— beware! given the plain courtesy title of Lord in the presence of commoner of fi- cers with command authority but is not consulted on military decisions. and exposure to rain and humidity will ber of infantry soldiers trained and equipped for boarding actions. have columns for commoners and nobles. If not given a small-unit command. 80-160 men on foot or 40-50 3 Commander Knight-Commander mounted warriors. MILITARY RANK In most d20 fantasy campaigns. 4 Captain Lord Captain Multiple points spent on this advantage will yield multiple bonuses per 5 Commodore Lord Commodore day. such commoner characters should be relatively rare. 1 Chief Squire 2 Lieutenant Lord Lieutenant General/Knight-General: A general is given overall command of a 3 Commander Lord Commander . sovereign. as few hereditary kingdoms would ever place common- [ Social Advantage ] ers in command over nobles (who. were supposed to train and Your character holds a formal rank in a military organization. and to borrow or mis - place a choice volume or two. A character purchasing a rank in a naval force can also choose to be Special: Your character is going to require somewhere safe and dry a lieutenant. Characters with military titles and noble titles (page 34) will generally slightly outrank commoners of Lieutenant/Knight-Lieutenant: A character of this rank will generally be the same military rank. heated! Caveat emptor— rank has its drawbacks as well as its privi- Nevertheless. Points Common Noble 1 Sergeant Squire Commander/Knight-Commander: A character of this rank will usually 2 Lieutenant Knight-Lieutenant be responsible for a company-sized unit. sergeants take Price: Characters may spend from 1-5 points on a military rank. infantry or 8-12 horse. to scribe copies of new works. after all. With the appropriate orders from a king or other profit of a company of mercenaries. with a handful of com- Rank Purchase Table: Navy manders and perhaps as many as a dozen aides and couriers beneath Points Common Noble him. even an inexperienced noble with no previous military rank can rise to command of an entire army. in command of small units of infantry or lead special teams on critical mis- either the land army or the naval service. sworn to prepare for war as part of an obligation to their own rulers) save in the service of a hereditary noble.

Emperor/ Empress. including galleys. your character gains a similar circum- Note that while a character with a command rank in a navy will be stance bonus equal to the difference between the point value of the ranks given a ship. Chieftain Lieutenant/Lord Lieutenant: Most large vessels carry 3-5 officers of 3 Viscount/Viscountess. Graf/Grafine. and may be actual master of the ship is ever referred to as the captain in the open. Points Title sible for overseeing a small group of sailors or marines (4-10 men). The chart above attempts to offer a few relatively equivalent the master or first mate must know exactly what he s doing. Margrave. its is his only on his government s sufferance and he in question— for example. Marquis/Marquess Lieutenants are sometimes trusted with the command of very small 5 Duke/Duchess. theyre fit only for assassination and scorn. Arch-Prince. or [ Social Advantage ] other specialized functionaries. to region. He will be respon . A character choices. either as a result of descent The general in final authority over a complete body of men and officers from a blue-blooded family or by recent decree of a hereditary authority is usually given some sort of courtesy title such as General of the figure such as a king. your character will almost certainly be expected to mand large vessels. Graf. but game-specific rank hierarchies may be quite different. and sailors are sure not to omit those last two words. oversee the employment of siege 4 Count/Countess. just as his legitimate spouse may share it. He matter how many rank. of Marines. applied vidual captains will have tactical authority for carrying out his broad to all Charisma-based skill checks made against commoners. Laird. Army. he will dictate general strategy. Mark weapons. Of 35). 6 Ruling Sovereign (King/Queen.captains there are on board a vessel. using the Naval Ranks rough guide set out below: Chief/Squire: A chief or squire aboard a ship in a fantasy campaign might be called a petty of ficer in modern parlance. 34 directives. noble bastard 2 Baron/Baroness. While the captain of a Titles and ceremonial designations can be extremely varied from region vessel can easily be a political appointee with little practical knowledge. and warships. Most often. course. Heir-in-Waiting craft such as skiffs. Your character s legitimate heirs may inherit his noble rank.) Commander/Lord Commander: The first mate and/or navigator of an oceangoing vessel is almost always of this rank. Your character holds a patent of nobility. . youll be on the losing end of the arrangement.large body of troops. High Laird. In exchange for the privileges customar- Captain/Lord Captain: A character of this rank is deemed fit to com. and often to lead marines or archers during boarding actions. bonus equal to the number of points invested in this advantage. to assist the captain. Thane. theyre generally used as bodyguards. No hold estates (page 30) and/or a military rank (page 33) of some sort. 1 Lesser Nobility. Under all ordinary circumstances (save open rebellion by the peasantry Commodore/Lord Commodore: A character of this rank will command or something equally unpleasant). Earl. usually numbering more than a thousand soldiers. Noble bastards are an interesting conundrum— in some families theyre kept by the dozen as a sort of hedge against disaster. if your character happens to be the Baroness in that exchange. When dealing with other nobility. only the will also have to make regular tax payments to his ruler. In others. required to attend the formal court of that ruler a specified number of days Leaders of marine contingents are sometimes referred to as Captains per year. while indi. sailing ships. ambassadors. as he would if he took the ship advantage (page bonus to Charisma-based skill checks against a Baroness (2 points). Czar/Czarina. etc. When noble bastards are accepted NOBLE RANK into a court. ily afforded to royalty. your character gains a circumstance a flotilla of ships. A character serving in a military can expect to earn about 5 GP per month per advantage point invested in rank. of this rank might also be in charge of a marine contingent or a small vessel such as a raiding sloop or longboat. a Count (4 points) gains a +2 circumstance doesnt actually own it. High Thane this rank. Price: A character may spend 1-6 points on a noble title.

tip-top condition. Its simple square about 100 GP per year per advantage point spent on a ship to keep it in sail is supplemented by oars. just like its smaller cousin the skiff. as well as provisions for many months sovereign. Archery platforms above the mast Your character commands (or at least owns) an oceangoing vessel of and in the bow provide excellent fields of fire.000 GP . Likewise. A skiff will carry ten tons of cargo or twenty-five people with ease. and the foredeck is clear some sort. Rotting timbers and torn sails must be replaced before they can have a lethal effect on a weakened and storm-tossed ship. and amidships. it is assumed Minimum Crew: 1 that your character has also paid the necessary wages to secure the min- Standard Crew: 3 imum crew for six months. It has a single mast with a Minimum Crew: 70 square sail. designed for use in coastal areas.000 GP Standard Crew: 50 3 points 2. Sadly.000 GP Sailing Ship: A sailing ship is a sturdy oceangoing vessel with twin 5 points 8. and rivers. The longship is open Your character enters the game at 1st level with a substantial sum to the elements and designed for raiding or open warfare. masts and square sails that pull it forward at nearly 2 miles per hour. four oars to supplant or replace the sail. it carries cargo run lined up for the near future. It can carry already safely ensconced in his counting-house of choice. the weather is tolerable. It moves at a speed amount of money available varies with the number of advantage points close to 3 miles per hour with the wind in its sails and its oarmen pulling spent: as hard as they can. his titles can be stripped from him with the stroke of a pen if he betrays or disobeys his sovereign. Designed for both ocean travel and river travel. The precise about forty tons of cargo and more than 100 people. narrow vessel about 75 feet long. Prices: 1 point 500 GP Minimum Crew: 10 2 points 1. for the emplacement of heavy weapons. 35 Minimum Crew: 3 Standard Crew: 10 WEALTH Longship: A longship is a slender. it needs to hug the coast. Special: Upon taking control of a ship (other than a skiff). aft deck. 150 tons of cargo space. 30 feet long and 10 feet wide at most. Treat this crew as friendly 1st level common- er NPCs— friendly so long as the captain seems sane. as a reward for exceptional service or meritorious sacrifice. though its hundreds of rowers can propel it through the water at 4 miles Skiff: A skiff is a small vessel. per hour. [ Material Advantage ] rowed by twin banks of twenty or thirty oars apiece. Minimum Crew: 6 Standard Crew: 20 SHIP Warship: A warship is a heavy single-masted coastal ship with a square [ Material Advantage ] sail and thirty to sixty oars on a side. the food and water Keelboat: A keelboat is a shallow-draft vessel about 60 feet long and are plentiful. Smart captains will also spend about forty tons of goods or up to one hundred people. harbors. of lonely sailing. and stable firing platforms on the Galley: 5 points fore deck. a ram.000 GP 4 points 4. and a top speed of Standard Crew: 300 about 1 mile per hour. It Special: A character s noble rank can be increased by decree of his can carry nearly 150 tons of cargo. Prices: Skiff: 1 point Minimum Crew: 40 Keelboat: 2 points Standard Crew: 200 Longship: 3 points Sailing Ship: 3 points Galley: A truly gigantic vessel with three masts. and there s plunder or a profitable 15-20 feet wide. sixty to eighty oars on Warship: 4 points a side.

mutilat. 91-92 Vain/Dandy acters without a Tithe can be expected to have a level or two on the for. all of the character s XP 85-86 Unathletic gained from that point on are treated normally. those char.500 57-58 Magic Vulnerability 8 14. one-half of the character s 65-66 Obese earned XP goes into the Tithe for the purpose of paying it off. according to the chart below.500 49-50 Light-Headed 4 3.000 47-48 Macho/Spartan 3 1. 23-24 Duty-Bound 25-26 Glass Jaw 27-28 Enemy/Hunted When this system is used. 05-06 Animal Antipathy 07-08 Blasphemous The Experience Tithe 09-10 11-12 Bad Shot Boastful 13-14 Butterfingers The Experience Tithe is an optional game mechanism that can be 15-16 Dark Desire used to create reasonably balanced characters with a great many advan. Thus. 75-76 Phobia 77-78 Slow-Moving 79-80 Poor Reputation This means that a character with an Experience Tithe will. for all intents 81-82 Slow-Witted and purposes. 69-70 Old Injury acter level.000 59-60 Monetary Debt 61-62 Oafish 63-64 Nightmares Each time thereafter the character gains XP. or he can take flaws in 35-36 Greed addition to a Tithe. 29-30 Hobbled acter that isnt compensated by a corresponding flaw grants the charac .000 GP Random Flaw Table Special: A character with the Monetary Debt flaw (page 21) may not % Roll Flaw select this advantage. 95-96 Vindictive 97-98 Weak-Willed 99-00 Ward . 17-18 Dull Reflexes tage points without the need to turn them into gasping. 93-94 Weak Constitution merly Tithed character.500 55-56 Miser 7 10. 37-38 Impaired Voice 39-40 Inconvenient Oath Advantage Points Experience Tithe 41-42 Inattentive 43-44 Lone Wolf 1 500 45-46 Inflexible 2 1. a character with a 87-88 Tongue-Tied Tithe is penalized quite subtly for being mechanically imbalanced by the 89-90 Uncoordinated addition of Advantage Points.000 53-54 Loathed Adversaries 6 7. level up roughly half as fast as a similar character without 83-84 Risk-Addicted a Tithe. emotionally unstable walking disasters by heaping on a ridiculous 21-22 Fragile number of flaws. Once the Tithe is completely paid off. scribing scrolls. 19-20 Debt of Honor ed.000 51-52 Melancholy 5 5. 6 points 16. and one. By the time the Tithe is paid off. every advantage point received by a char. DMs should be wary of players coordinating a 01-02 Albinism sneaky attempt to have one rich character immediately pay off the debts 03-04 Binding Honor Code of one or more other characters. brewing potions. limping. 67-68 Outlawed 36 half remains useful to the character for the purposes of increasing char. and any other activity that 71-72 Overconfident costs XP. A character can 33-34 Impaired Vision purchase advantage points solely with a Tithe. XP placed in the Tithe are lost and serve no other function for 73-74 Slow Healing the character at any time thereafter. 31-32 Grandiloquent ter an XP Tithe instead.

No other terms or conditions may be applied to any Open Game Content distributed using this License. creatures characters. or governmental regulation then You may not Use any Open Game Material so affected. lease. Updating the License: Wizards or its designated Agents may publish updated versions of this License. Skip Williams. improvement. such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable. 10. COPYRIGHT NOTICE Open Game License v 1. plots. Richard Baker. names of characters and any and all stories. symbols. language. thematic elements. and JD Wiker. 1.. modify and distribute any Open Game Content originally distributed under any version of this License. Peter Adkison. and is Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast. and cartography . Inc ("Wizards"). You must affix such a notice to any Open Game Content that you Use. photographic and other visual or audio representations.0a. "Used" or "Using" means to use. dont you? Well. illustrations.OPEN GAME LICENSE Version 1.. and/or draft versions of the Open Game License. or graphic designs. END OF LICENSE . Authors Bill Slavicsek. the Open Game Content. The Book of Distinctions and Drawbacks Modern. Rich Redman. judicial order. The following items are hereby designated as Product Identity in accordance with Section 1(e)of the Open Game License. worldwide. Subsequent versions will incorporate final versions of the license.0a The following text is the property of Wizards of the Coast. themes and graphic. title and interest in and to that Product Identity. rent. but specifically excludes Product Identity.the following portions of this document are designated as Open Game Content: All new d20 game mechanics and their descriptive titles.0. You agree not to indicate compatibility or co-adaptability with any Trademark or Registered Trademark in conjunction with a work containing Open Game Content except as expressly licensed in another. The above Product Identity is not Open Game Content. and which specifically excludes the Open Game Content. designs. You may use any authorized version of this License to copy. Subject to the Product Identity designation above. transformed or adapted. enchantments. upgrade. including translations and derivative works under copyright law. depictions. modification. independent Agreement with the owner of each element of that Product Identity. motto. The use of any Product Identity in Open Game Content does not constitute a challenge to the ownership of that Product Identity. dialogue. Use of Product Identity: You agree not to Use any Product Identity. 12. modifying or distributing. formats. translate and other- wise create Derivative Material of Open Game Content. creatures. symbols. (f) "Trademark" means the logos. depictions. names and descriptions of characters. based on material by Jonathan Tweet. Wizards of the Coast. incidents. stories. and the copyright holder’s name to the COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any original Open Game Content you Distribute. likenesses. personas. 9. magical or supernatural abilities or effects. and you have to get up pretty early if you want to pull a fast one on him.version 1. You represent that Your Contributions are Your original creation and/or You have sufficient rights to grant the rights conveyed by this License. poses. logos and identifying marks including trade dress. copy. Charles Ryan. Honest. modify. procedures. and You must add the title. such as all Cryptosnark Games product and product line names including but not limited to TheBook of Distinctions And Drawbacks Revised. and means any work covered by this License.Offer and Acceptance: By Using the Open Game Content You indicate Your acceptance of the terms of this License. 11. and dialogue. publicly display. 8. 3. personalities. 1. 14. (d)"Open Game Content" means the game mechanic and includes the methods. Inability to Comply: If it is impossible for You to comply with any of the terms of this License with respect to some or all of the Open Game Content due to statute. correction.0a: Any and all Cryptosnark Games logos and identifying marks and trade dress. 4. (c) "Distribute" means to reproduce. Book of Distinctions And Drawbacks Revised Copyright 2003 Scott Thomas Lynch Book of Distinctions And Drawbacks Modern Copyright 2003 Scott Thomas Lynch Modern System Reference Document Copyright 2002. No terms may be added to or subtracted from this License except as described by the License itself. Distribute. places. (b)"Derivative Material" means copyrighted material including derivative works and translations (including into other computer languages). spells. All sublicenses shall survive the termination of this License. Termination: This License will terminate automatically if You fail to comply with all terms herein and fail to cure such breach within 30 days of becoming aware of the breach. the Contributors grant You a perpetual. and document. Use of Contributor Credits: You may not market or advertise the Open Game Content using the name of any Contributor unless You have written permission from the Contributor to do so. independent Agreement with the owner of such Trademark or Registered Trademark. you think youre clever with that search function. or graphic designs. potation. royalty-free. locations. 15. Last we heard.. equipment. (e) "Product Identity" means product and product line names. including as an indication as to compatibility. the- matic elements. Jeff Grubb. artifacts. John Tynes. likenesses and special abilities. 7. Bruce R. Broadswords & Bulletholes and The BODD Modern. designs. non-exclusive license with the exact terms of this License to Use. storylines. Andy Collins.Representation of Authority to Contribute: If You are contributing original material as Open Game Content. license. All Rights Reserved. The BODD. edit. This document is produced under version 1. logos. concepts. BODD Revised. transmit or otherwise distribute. he was somewhere on 6. all text and numerical information referring to any of the above. histories. 5. The rest is up to you. processes and routines to the extent such content does not embody the Product Identity and is an enhancement over the prior art and any additional content clearly identified as Open Game Content by the Contributor. except as expressly licensed in another. likenesses. logos. symbols. Identification: If you distribute Open Game Content You must clearly indicate which portions of the work that you are distributing are Open Game Content. teams. Cordell. plots.Notice of License Copyright: You must update the COPYRIGHT NOTICE portion of this License to include the exact text of the COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any Open Game Content You are copying. the copyright date. Monte Cook. and anything else contained herein which is already Open Game Content by virtue of appearing in the System Reference Document or some other Open Game Content source. Wizards of the Coast. abridgment or other form in which an existing work may be recast. addition. poses. Copy of this License: You MUST include a copy of this License with every copy of the Open Game Content You Distribute. 2.0a Copyright 2000. Inc. and the System Reference Document by permission of Wizards of the Coast. Definitions: (a)"Contributors" means the copyright and/or trademark owners who have contributed Open Game Content. Grant and Consideration: In consideration for agreeing to use this License. and any other trade- mark or registered trademark clearly identified as Product identity by the owner of the Product Identity. (h) "You" or "Your" means the licensee in terms of this agreement. sell. Reformation: If any provision of this License is held to be unenforceable. artwork. Section X: The Azathoth Problem: Ah. environments. maps. storylines. mark. designs that are used by a Contributor to identify itself or its products or the associated products contributed to the Open Game License by the Contributor (g) "Use". and all artwork. extension. compilation. broadcast. names. Inc. format.the d20 System Trademark Logo Guide. The owner of any Product Identity used in Open Game Content shall retain all rights. 13. Inc. sign. Baron Azathoth is an incredibly experienced interdimensional master criminal. The License: This License applies to any Open Game Content that contains a notice indicating that the Open Game Content may only be Used under and in terms of this License.

but were nuts in your favor . we may be slightly nuts. http://www. If youd like an even larger .com/cryptosnarkgames . it contains a number of features not available in the Freeware Edition. as well as free replacement if your hard drive crashes or some other disaster flushes your copy into the electronic netherworld. At Cryptosnark. and more granular character embellishment system for fantasy d20. including: . a limited lifepath system for developing characters before they enter play .35 Character Package Templates. the Book of Distinctions & Drawbacks Revised has no competition.Racial Flaws .Magical Curses . your purchase of a Cryptosnark PDF entitles you to lifetime free revisions and updates of that PDF.Class-Specific Flaws . Every customer who purchased the original 45-page BODD received download instructions for the greatly-improved Revision.minasithil.Progressive Taints . Clocking in at 73 pages in PDF format. more comprehensive. designed to demonstrate the uses of the system and provide a springboard for rapid character creation Plus.Seasoning W ith Age. more flexible.

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