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I, MANDALI KISHORE KUMAR completed my Bachelor of business administration from David
memorial degree & P.G College which affiliated to Osmania University-Hyderabad. Most of
subjects in my Bachelor degree are theoretical part and we have very less projects and
practical subjects. To compete in this competitive world we need to have specialized degree
or need to have work experience. In this scenario I have decided to pursue my Post graduation
in supply chain management-co-op in Overseas (Canada) where I can have International

Education Background:

I completed my Class X in the year 2010 from Aurabindo Public School, after that completed
my 10+2 from Board of Intermediate in the year of 2012. Then after that I have done few
courses such as Hardware, Networking, Ms. Office, Advanced Excel, and Tally. Then later on I
have joined my Degree and I have completed my Bachelor of Business Administration in the
year of 2016. I wish to continue my post-graduation in supply chain management-co-op from
Lambton College, Canada.

I strongly believe that the graduate study at a Canadian University is the best type of further
education at this instance because of the suppleness incorporated in its educational system,
its infrastructure, opportunities for research activities, and the intense interaction with
industry and exposure to the latest technology. My decision to pursue graduate study in the
Canada is supplemented by my desire to be a part of the graduate program at your institution.
Thus, with such assorted brilliant student group and excellent faculty, your institution would
be the ideal place where I can put in my best efforts and make my vision take its concrete

LAMBTON is one of the top rated colleges in ONTARIO. Lambton College is in 46th year and
in that time the College has gained worldwide recognition as a specialized institution. In the
past 44 years, the College has been working hard, the College continues to grow every year
by offering new programs, new research opportunities and improved lab and classroom

inventory planning. It will further provide students with the ability to envision and produce their own supply chain career plan in preparation for employment. couriers and rail and airline companies could also be potential employers in Canada. Emphasis is placed upon learning the elements of supply chain strategic planning. International students can work part time up to 20 hours per week while studying. Computer Applications for Business. This program is accredited by the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council through its National Accreditation Program. Workplace Diversity. International Transportation and Trade (ITT). the USA and overseas. procurement. International students may be eligible for a Postgraduate Work Permit. public service. Supply Chain Technology. materials handling design and applications and operations. Accounting Concepts . Principles of Economics. Introduction to Supply Chain Management. WHY SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT? The Supply Chain Management program will enhance the credentials of successful students. Career opportunities Program graduates can work in a wide range of domestic and international supply chain roles in sales. In addition. Most programs include a coop term of at least four months where students can gain Canadian fulltime work experience before graduation. Organizational Behaviour. warehousing and transportation. Industry sectors include manufacturing and retailing. information technology. skills and expertise in supply chain to potential employers. not-for-profit and consulting. Programs are designed to prepare student for employment and professional designations. mining and oil. finance. enabling them to demonstrate understanding. . specialist organizations include logistics and transportation providers. The program will enable students to analyse end-to-end supply chain processes and understand the importance of technology and software applications in facilitating and supporting supply chain execution. customs and freight brokers. freight forwarders. network design. knowledge.facilities.

and self-reliance to face challenges put forth under any circumstances. And more over I strongly believe that a master’s degree from your Institution will be a deciding factor in shaping my future I shall be elated if an opportunity is given to me to pursue my Post graduation at your Institution. Regards Mandali Kishore Kumar . I sincerely thank you for giving me this opportunity to present my plans and aspirations through this statement. Finally I am concluding that the education and knowledge that I procure in the Canada will build my future bright.Conclusion: I have a strong desire to learn the new concepts.