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Safety Precaution

This STB has been designed and manufactured to satisfy the international safety standards. Please

read the following safety precautions carefully before operating this receiver.

Main Supply:

Before operating, please check the units operating voltage is 90~250V AC 50/60Hz.


Do not overload a wall outlet, extension cord or adapter, neither use damaged power cord or touch it with

wet hand as this may result in electric shock.


The receiver shall not be exposed to dripping or splashing water, and that no objects filled with liquids,

such as base, shall be placed on the apparatus.


Keep the slots on top of the receiver uncover to allow sufficient airflow to the unit. Do not put the receiver

on soft furnishings or carpets. Do not expose the receiver to direct light or do not place it near a heater or

in humid conditions. Do not stack other electronic equipments on top of the receiver.


Plug out the receiver from the wall outlet before cleaning. Clean the receiver by a soft cloth or mild

solution of washing-up liquid (no solvents).


Disconnect the receiver from the mains when you connect it to satellite LNB or disconnect it from LNB.

Failure would possibly cause damage to the LNB.


Put the receiver indoor in order to avoid lightening, raining or sunlight.


Do not remove the cover, to reduce the risk of electric shock. Contact qualified and licensed service

personnel to repair the receiver, or contact your dealer.

I. Reference
1.1 General Features

DVB-S/DVB-S2 Satellite Compliant (MPEG-II/ MPEG-IV/ H.264)

SCPC & MCPC receivable from Ku and C band satellites

Universal, Single, Single S & C Band Wideband LNB

Sensitive Tuner with Loop-Through

DiSEqC1.0/1.1/1.2/1.3 (USALS)

Unicable Supported

Blind search supported

Auto DiSEqC Search


Multi-language menu supported

Multi-language audio supported

Multi-language DVB Subtitle output

7 days Electronic Program Guide (EPG)

Teletext output through VBI and OSD

Multi-Picture supported

USB 2.0 Interface

Support many network functions

1.2 Accessories

Users manual

Remote Control Unit


. HDMI Cable

II. Product Overview


Switch between operation and standby modes.

2. Power LED

Power Indicator


Signal Indicator.


It displays channel number. In standby mode it displays local time.

2.2 Rear Panel


Connect the satellite antenna cable.


Connect another receiver.


Connect to the TV using an RCA cable.


0 Host Port. ON/OFF Power on/off. RS232 Connect to the computer using serial line. LAN Connect to the internet using Ethernet cable. DV-OUT Connect to the TV using an HDMI cable.Digital Audio output (Optical). 1. 9. POWER: Switch between operation and standby modes. 8.3 Remote Control Unit (RCU) You can control this receiver by this remote controller with full function. 6. . 7.0 USB 2. 5. 2. USB 2.

Recall: Show the previous viewed channels list. F1: Accessorial function. 5. 19.2. 23. SAT: Show the scanned satellite list 11. MODE: Switch 4:3 & 16:9 Screen Formats. 20. FIND: Quickly find channels. ZOOM: Picture zooming function. 18. EPG (Electronic Program Guide): Display the programme guide. SUB: Display the subtitle language list 13. CH+/CH-:Change programme. TV/R: Switch between TV and RADIO. FAV: Display favorite channel list you set before. 29. 30. 8. 24. : Display multi picture menu mode list. SLEEP: Setting the time for turning the receiver off. 15. MENU: Activate main menu or exit to live channel. NUMERIC KEY (0~9): Enter a TV/radio channel number. INFO: Display the programme information. Help:Display the help information 25. VOL+/VOL-: Change volume. Or switch to the previous viewed channel. . 6. menu option number. OK: Confirm the selected operation or display the channel list while watching a programme.USB: Enter USB menu or stop usb function. Page: Page up/down on menu. MUTE: Mute audio. AUDIO: Display the audio list. 28. 16. WW: Fast rewind. 27. EXIT: Exit current menu step by step. TIME: Setup event timer. TXT: Display the teletext. 22. Back:Return to previous menu 10. 9. 17. 21. 12. 14. 4. 7. 26. DISPLAY: Switch the TV type. 3.

I I: Pause/Time shift. 32. ■: stop usb function. IWW: Previous. Connection with Other Device The following diagram shows you the connections among receiver.1 Connecting to TV 3. and it will guide you to the correct searching. Ⅳ. TV. or connect at least two dish LNB by DiSEqC Switch.●: Record. X: Play. III. please read this first if you are not sure about the can make antenna configuring. XXI: Next. 34. 36. 4. LNB and other equipment. XX: Fast forward. 33. please contact your local product distributor. . 3. 37. If you have forgotten your password. Setting You should installation the receiver when powering on your product for the first time after purchase.and management satellite and transponder list.2 Connecting the Antenna You can connect one fixed dish LNB directly to the LNB IN.31. Tip: The default password is 0000. 35.1 Installation In Installation menu.

1.4.1 Antenna Setting Antenna Setting allows you to configure the antenna setting parameters. .

DiSEqC 1.button to change the TP.button to change the TP or press OK button into TP list then press CH+/CH.0: Press the VOL+/VOL. 1) Satellite: Select the satellite which you want to setup. Motor:Press the BLUE or OK button to set up motor. 4. 3) motor type: DiSEqC 1. 5.2: General motor antenna using DiSEqC 1. 2. the motor will drive automatically until it gets the signal. . 6.2.button to change the LNB frequency. 1. Satellite: Select the satellite you want to search.1 input.0 input. 3.1: Press the VOL+/VOL. 2) Transponder: Select one TP which has signal.button to select the required DiSEqC1.button to select the required DiSEqC1.button . 4) Position Index: It can store up to 64 position 5) Position auto: Press the VOL+/VOL. Transponder: Press the VOL+/VOL. DiSEqC 1. LNB Freq: Press the VOL+/VOL. USALS: Motor antenna using USALS.

12) Go to reference: Drive Motor to zero point. Press the RED button to start search. it will save all the transponders automatically. 3. 4. the motor will drive several steps according to the Step Size. 9) Limit set: You can set the maximum motor limit for both east and west to prevent damage to the antenna. 3. When you set Disable the Motor limit setting is released. After searching. Network search: Select On or Off to set if you want to implement network search. 3. you can start TP search. Select the satellite that you want. Highlight the Transponder and press the OK button 4. 2. 2. YELLOW:Blind Search 1. 7) Step size: Set the driving step. 6) Continuously move: The motor can drive only when you hold on pressing the VOL+/VOL- button. 10) Save position: Save current position of Motor. Press the GREEN button to start blind search.1. then press RED button start search. 8. 13) Go to X. Complete the antenna setting of this satellite. 8) Move steps: Press the VOL+/VOL. . RED : Satellite Search 1. 2. press GREEN button into antenna setting,and press YELLOW button to rename the satellite. button. LNB Power: Select the required LNB power.2 Multisat search Select the satellite that you want. Select the satellite that you want or add a new satellite. 7.. GREEN: TP search 1. Select the satellite that you want. Press the YELLOWbutton to start blind search. 11) Go to position: Drive Motor to the position which you saved previous. Complete the antenna setting of this satellite.X: Drive Motor according to the USALS Setup.

complete the antenna setting of this satellite,you can select TP search,satellite stup and edit PID.3 Manual search Select the satellite that you want.1. . 4.

2) satellite and the 12515 transponders. 4. 4.6 Sat TP Edit Select the satellite and TP that you want. you can delete. add. you need set the longitude and the latitude in USALS Setup. 4. After searching.1. 4.1 Edit Channels .5 USALS Setup If you set the Motor Mode to USALS. a satellite is named Provider will automatic apear in the satellite list. rename or move according to the info.4 Fast Scan To fast search channels by different providers base on Astra (19.2 Channel Manager

here. Highlight the channel you want to operation,then select the function and press ok. move,rename. Delete Channels 1) Highlight the channels you want to delete. 2) Press the W/X button to highlight the Lock . 3) Press the EXIT button after press OK button. select Yes will delete the chosen channels. Note: If the highlighted channel is locked. 2) Press the W/X button to highlight the Delete.Menu->Setting->Channel Manager->Edit Channels Edit Channels enables you to lock/unlock,delete. swap or sort the channels in the channel list conveniently. Lock and Unlock Channels 1) Highlight the channel you want to lock. . press the Lock to switch into Unlock. 3) Press OK button.

button or press the NUMERIC(0-9) buttons to the destination in the channel list and press the OK button. . Sort Channels You can sort the channels list. 2) Press the W/X button to highlight the Swap and press OK button.2. Swap Channels 1) Highlight the channel you want to rename.Move Channels 1) Highlight the channel you want to move. 4. Rename Channels 1) Highlight the channel you want to rename. add or remove channels from the favorite groups. 4) Press the CH+/CH.Highlight the option you want and press the OK button to sort the channel list. 3) Press the RED button to add channels.2 Edit Favorite Menu->Setting->Channel Manager->Edit Favorite You can set up different favor groups . 3) Enter a channel name directly using the keyboard displayed on the screen. 3) Press the NUMERIC(0-9) buttons to the destination in the channel list and press the OK button. 2) Press the W/X button to highlight the Rename and press OK button. 2) Press the W/X button to highlight the Move. 4) Press the YELLOW button to complete.

Press the EXIT button to exit the menu and save it. press the RED button will delete it and press the YELLOW . 2) Press the YELLOW button to save the name and the channel list.2. Highlight the channels you want to add or remove from the favorite channel list and press the OK button to select. Load Menu-> Setting->Channel Manager->User Channel List->Load 1) Highlight the list name you want to load. 1. 3. 2. Press the [W/X] button to change the favorite group. 4. 1. Here you can name the channel list. 2. Save Menu-> Setting->Channel Manager->User Channel List->Save 1) Press OK button to enter the keyboard menu.3 User channel list You can save or load the channel list you want. 2) Press the GREEN button will load it.

3. Menu->Setting->System Setting->Factory Default. Reset All Channels: All channels data will be deleted.3. 1. Reset All Radio Channels: All radio channels data will be deleted. 4. . all data and settings will be deleted. 4.and make factory default. Reset All: All data and settings will be deleted.OSD output and system time .button will delete all the lists. Note: Please note that once you perform Factory Default All.1 Factory Default You can restore the product to the factory default and you can also setup it according to the wizard.3 System Setting In system setting menu you can make some system settings such as language. Highlight the option you want and press the OK button to execute it. 2.and aslo you can get the system info about the receiver.

OSD Transparency: Set the transparency of all menus.6 Output Setting TV System: Set the TV system mode. Audio Language: Set the preferred audio language.3.2 Parental control Parental Control allows you to set limits for each programme or change your previous password.3. 4. 2. Reset All Scramble Channels: All scramble channels data will be deleted. EPG Language: Set the preferred EPG language. . 4. if you set it on. 4. 4. System Lock and Network Lock.3.4 OSD Setting 1. Summer Time: Set the summer time On. 4. 3. if you set it Network. Locale: if you set it TDT. Off or auto.3. System time will go back 1 hours. Subtitle Language: Set the preferred Subtitle language. TXT Transparency: Set the transparency of teletext. 5. Channel manager Lock . 2. System GMT time will be got from the network. Info Display Time: Set the display time of the programme information. 3.5 System Timer Setting You can setup the system time. 4. 1.3 Language Setting 1. Timer Zone: Set the timer zone according to your city. 4. Menu Language: Set the menu language.3. 3. 2. Delect Satellite Channels: you can select any one channels to delete. You can also lock the changes you have made using Installation Lock. system GMT time will be removed from the stream signal out.

you can set different volume for each channel. press the WW/XX button can fast rewind or fast forward. it allows you to pause a live broadcast and return to it later and continue where you left off. such as Model ID. HDMI Mode: Set the HDMI output mode. it will shows the DVB info 4. in the channel list when you highlight the channel. in the channel list when you highlight the channel. Press the X button can play the programme. all channels can only have one volume. it will directly back to the channel you watched last time.3. If you set OFF. Played a progrom.9 About STB In this menu. when you press the RECALL button. When you set it off. when you press the RECALL button.3. TV Screen Format: Set the display format according to the screen ratio 4. you should press the OK button to play it. press the ■ button to stop timeshift. Software version. If you set OFF. When you set it on. .7 Other Setting Auto Channel Selection: If you set ON. If you select Blank. While it is in timeshift mode automaticly. when you switch channels. Change Channel Option: If you select the || button to start timeshift. Live buffer size: This time represents when recording to the set time.8 Record Setting Record Driver Setting: You can choose which disk to store data Auto Timeshift: You can set it on or off. 4. when you switch channels it will display blank screen. TV Screen ratio: Set the TV Screen mode. If you set OFF. you can get the information about the STB. Recall List: If you set ON. DVB info display: If you set ON. it will display the last frame of the previous channel. it will display the channel list you watched previous.3. it started automatically cover written from scratch file. it will play automatically. Volume Per Channel: If you set ON.

RED:Set ON means you can input the IP address by manual. When you need service from the dealer you need to submit this information in order to get the correct and fast after sales service. 4. 4. it should get the correct IP address and display “Status: Link Up”.1 LAN Connect one end of the Ethernet cable to the product and the other end to the LAN router,If the Network is connected. set OFF means you can only get dynamic IP.4. Load and Kemel version and so on. 4.4.2 Wireless .4 Network You can visit the internet through the Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi.

4. fill in IP/URL. Enter Menu-> Setting ->Network->Wireless If the Network is connected. You can access youtube through VPN.3 VPN Setting Virtual Private Network.5 3G setting You can insert the 3G card then you can surf the Internet. it should get the correct IP address and display the “Connect”. Select the network name of your Wi-Fi access point from the can search new access. 4.4 Proxy Setting Go into Proxy Setting menu. 4. 1. Press the OK button. Plug in the wireless USB dongle to the USB port.4. . 2. Press the YELLOW button . user name and password. set Enable is On then network will be connected automaticly. then input the right password.

6 Samba setting Allow access to the Shared folders on the comput when Internet is available.4.Network Application 5.5 Interface In this menu you can get info of CA or CI module if exists Ⅴ. 4. .1 Web Browser You can visit those websites when network is connected.4. Connect to the network,then visit the website,users can navigate web pages in the form.

.2 Youtube: 1. Connect to the network 2. Select a file which you want to play 5. Into the Youtube menu 4. designated city’s real-time weather will appear on the info bar. Confirmed through a VPN to get to get address 3.3 Weather Forecast Here you can input the city name to browse the weather of this city in future 5 days.5. when you play a programme. According to help choose a different type of file type table 5.

songs or pictures from the server.5. .4 FTP Server Menu Menu->Netork Application->FTP server menu You can download some moives.

Press BLUE button to connect the server. press the RED button to save the server info. 3. Press YELLOW button to edit selected server. 5. 2.5 IP Camera Through a network of cameras can realize monitoring. Select OK to enter the server menu. .1. Press GREEN button to add a new server and input information. 5. In server info menu. 4.

you can record programme and playback it and you can do various operations when using USB HDD or USB disk. Ext2 and Ext3 format USB disk or USB HDD. Ⅵ. NTFS.5. 5. FAT32.6 Internet Radio You can listen to the radio programmes got from internet.7 Iptv You can access to some programs through the server.Media You can play many kinds of media files. . Note: It supports FAT.

Mkv.mp4. *.flv.m2ts.6. *. *. *. *. . *.1 Movie It supports *.rmvb(need license).wmv.3gp. *.avi. *.ts. *. *.vob.mpg. It will into full screen mode after a few seconds when there is no format movie files. *.

OK: View play list or play the highlighted file in the play list.mp3. *. X: Play the file. wma and *. EXIT: Exit the current menu. ||: Pause. 6. IWW: Play the previous item. XX: Fast forward.aac format music files. WW: Fast rewind. . XXI: Play the next item. VOL+/VOL-: Adjust volume. ■: Stop playing file.2 Music Player It supports *. It can atomatic download lyrics If the network is connected.

RED: delete the highlighted item GREEN: add songs YELLOW: delete all songs . BLUE: Switch the loop mode.OK: Play the selected file in play list. VOL+/VOL-: Adjust volume. I I: Pause. CH+/CH-: Change the highlighted item. X: Play or pause the selected file in play list. ■ : Stop playing file. EXIT: Exit playing state and return to file list menu. IWW: Play the previous item. XXI: Play the next item.

CH+/CH-:Change the highlighted item. when a picture is displayed. *. XXI: Play the next photo.4 Explorer . *.jpeg.bmp. *. VOL+/VOL-:when a picture is displayed. OK: Display the playlist and play the highlighted Picture file in the playlist. 6.jpg. its function is Enlarge or reduce the Picture.3 Picture It supports *.png. its function is flip picture .6. IWW: Play the previous photo.gif format pictures. *. EXIT: Exit the current menu.

. Here you can name the folder. Enter the Explorer menu. Choose a disk. Format Disk 1. it will be FAT32 format. Press the RED button can delete the file or folder. Enter the Explorer menu. 2. Highlight the file or folder. 2. Press the GREEN button to enter the keyboard menu. enter into a disk. After formatting. 4. 2. Press the RED button can format the USB disk. Enter the Explorer menu. Press the BLUE button can move the file or folder New Folder 1. 3. 3. Press the YELLOW button to confirm. Press theYELLOW button can rename the file or folder. 5.Rename/Delete /move Files 1. enter into a disk.

1. 2. Choose the USB Source or ETHERNET Source mode. .Others 8. 8. Highlight the file you want to download,press the OK button can download the file to the receiver.2 Calendar You can inquire the current calendar. Enter the Update Menu.1 Update You can upload or download data of software.Ⅻ. Ⅷ.Games Menu->Games->Sub-Attaq/Hexa It offer 2 funny games you can play. 3.

8.3 NoteBook You can record some documents.4 Calculator Menu->Others-> Calculator It offers a calculator you can use. 8. .

8. . It will record or play the programme automatically according to the timer event list that you set.5 Event Timer You can set unlimited timer events when memory is not full.

Channel Name: Press the OK button to display the channel list and press the OK button to select the channel or press theW/X button to select the channel. Start Date: Input the start date. Repeat: Select the repeat times of the timer. set OFF it won’t be standby. the receiver will go to standby mode after the timer finished. Channel Type: Switch TV and radio. . (one time/every day/per week/per month/from Monday to Friday/from Saturday to Sunday) Record: To set if you want to record the programme. End Time: Input the stop time of the timer.Press the TIME button to setup a timer. Power Off: Set ON. End date: Input the stop date. Start Time: Input the start time of the timer. and press the OK button to save the timer after setup.

2. 2. 3) If the free space on the USB HDD or USB disk is insufficient. Press the ZOOM button. Select audio direction (Left. 4. Press the AUDIO button. 10. Start Recording 1) You can press the ● button to start recording while watching programme. 1.Recording You can watch another channel from the same TP while recording. 10. recording will stop.button. 3. it will start recording automatically according to the start time of the timer. . Press the OK button to display. Stop Recording 1) You can press the ■ button to stop recording. 4. 3. Press the EXIT or BACK button to close. Press the VOL+/VOL-/CH+/CH.Basic Operation 10.Ⅸ.3 Sat You can select or hide the satellite that you want. Press the OK button to select the audio language you prefer. it will stop recording automatically according to the stop time of the timer. Stereo) using the VOL+/VOL. Press the EXIT button to close. 1. 2) If you have set the timer.2 Zoom You can zoom in the current video picture.button to move the icon to the position you want to zoom in. 2) If you have set the timer.1Audio You can select the language you prefer in Audio if the current programme is available in multiple audio languages. Ⅹ. Right.

1. Press the SAT button. 3.5 Subtitle You can select the language for the subtitle if the programme provides subtitle information. Press the EPG button. 2. Press the RED button to enter timer to add Event Timer . 10. Select the required subtitle language and press the OK button. you can do other what you want to do according the info message. 3. 4. 2. 2.1. Highlight the satellite that you want. The subtitle will be displayed in the . 1. Press the SUB button.4 EPG You can view the EPG information of all channels in time and date order. Press the RED button again into weekly epg. Press the OK button. 10. then it can enter the channel list which only includes the channels of this satellite.

10. 3. and adjust the Sub picture’s size and position. Select the channel you want and press the OK button to show it in the Sub picture. It can realize the different tuners and different frequency of the PIP function. 10. 2. Press the CH+/CH. 4. Press the color button can back to the previous page. Press the button. 2.selected language at the bottom of the screen.button to page up or page down. 1. 1.6 Teletext You can view the teletext information of this programme. It can realize the size screen interchange. Press the TXT button.7 Multi Pictures You can view multi programmes at one time. Press the NUMERIC(0-9) buttons can go to the designated page directly. .

10. 10.10 OK list Press ok button into ok list 1) Press the OK button to enter the channel list while watching a programme. .CAS and HD programms . 4) Press the YELLOW button can help you quickly find the channel you want. 3) Press the GREEN button to edit the programme.10.8 Info You can reference the programme information by pressing the INFO button while watching a programme.9 Help You can view the help info by pressing the HELP button at any time. 5) Press the BLUE button can edit favorite lists. 2) Press the RED button to switch FTA.

11 FAV list 1) If you have set several favorite lists. press the CH+/CH. press the FAV button can enter the all channels list first 2) Press the RED button can switch favorite group. Ⅺ..10. 3) Press the GREEN button can move channel in the favorite list. Additional Information .12 Sleep You can set the automatic turn off time. Note: If you selected a favorite list.button can only change the channels in this favorite list and press the OK button can only display the channels in this favorite list. 4) Press the YELLOW button can help you quickly find the channel you want. 10. 5) Press the BLUE button can display info of currunt channel.

• Make sure that the antenna cable is properly connected to the product. • [Satellite] Replace the LNB with a new one in case it is damaged or out of order. • [Satellite] Check the signal levels and adjust your antenna if the level is too low. • [Satellite] Check that your dish alignment is correct. • Check the volume levels of your TV set and the product. If the problem persists after completing the following procedure. 3. The signal level may be affected by weather conditions. • Be sure to activate channel search. • Check that the mains supply is switched on. • Check if the channel is currently on air.11. please contact your local product distributor or service centre for further instructions. • Check that the power switch is on at the rear of the product. 1. • Check if the product or TV is on mute. please read the tips below carefully. 4. Poor picture/sound quality • Make sure there is no mobile phone or microwave oven near the product. • Check the brightness level of the TV. No picture • Make sure that the product is powered on and in operation mode. (Press the STANDBY button) • Make sure that the AV/HDMI cable is firmly connected to the TV. No or poor sound • Check that your AV/HDMI cable is connected correctly. • [Satellite] Change the satellite dish for a larger one as this will increase the signal levels received. Contact the broadcaster to ensure that the channel is running. No message displayed on the front display (The product will not switch on) • Check the main power cable and make sure it is plugged into a suitable power outlet. (where applicable) 2. . • [Satellite] Replace the LNB with a lower noise factor in cases where the noise factor is too high.1 Trouble Shooting Before contacting your local service centre. • Connect the power cable to a different power outlet.

Tone burst A/B MPEG Transport Stream MPEG-2 ISO/IEC 13818Transport stream specification Profile Level MPEG1. 1080i. 720p60. VC1. • Make sure the Wi-Fi can work on other device. the top end of the remote control should point directly towards the receiving part of the product. 6. . 11.2V DiSEqC Control Version DiSEq C 1. 720p50.MPEG-2 MP@ML. and MPEG4 Input Rate 80 Mbps for MPEG Transport Stream and 25 Mbps for DV streams Aspect Ratio 4:3.6Vpp+/-0. • Get auto IP again.1/1. • Input the Wi-Fi password again.0/1. • Remove and reinsert the batteries in the remote control. DV. • Restart the receiver again. Remote control does not operate • To control the product. DivX. 5. Cannot connect network • Make sure the network of your family is good. • Make sure the Ethernet cable is inserted firmly to the LAN router. 16:9 Video Resolution 576p.• Check audio type or soundtrack option.2 Technical Specification Tuner & Channel No.H. of Tuners 1 Frequency Range 950 MHz to 2150 MHz Signal Level -25 to -65 dBm LNB Tone Switch 22KHz+/-2KHz.3(USALS)Compatible. 0. 480p. • Replace the batteries in the remote control for a new set.264.2/1.

it is an application used with digital set top boxes and digital television sets to list current and scheduled programs that are or will be available on each channel. .Audio Decoding MPEG-2 layer I and II (Music cam).Dolby Digital (AC-3) with bit rates up to 640 K bits /s. EPG An electronic equivalent to a printed television listings magazine. Input shall have lightening Protection Physical Specification Weight (Net) About 2. 25 W Protection Separate internal fuse. Includes a satellite dish and broadband antenna. Audio Mode Single channel/Dual channel/Joint stereo/Stereo Sampling 32.MPEG4 AAC and MPEG4 AAC-HE (AAC+). it is a communication bus between satellite receivers and peripheral equipment using only the existing coaxial cable.MP3. including a short summary or commentary for each program.5kg Operating Temp 0℃ to + 40℃ Storage Temp -40℃ to + 65℃ 11. 44. The information supplied in the EPG is sent and updated by the channel broadcaster. DiSEqC DiSEqC(Digital Satellite Equipment Control)system.3 Glossary Antenna A device that collects and radiates electromagnetic waves. 50/60Hz Power Consumption Max.1 and 48 KHz Power Supply Input Voltage AC 100 ~240V. LPCM up to 48 KHz.

or high-definition video. enhanced. DVB The Digital Video Broadcast group was created to establish a technical framework for the introduction of digital video broadcasting systems. Forward Error Correction(FEC) A system of error control for data transmission. It transmits all ATSC HDTV standards and supports 8-channel digital audio. HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) An all-digital audio/video interface that supports standard. GHz The prefix giga means milliard. Polarization Polarization allows several programmers to be fit into the same frequency band. LNB (low-noise block converter) or LNBF An electronic unit mounted on the satellite dish. and Hertz means cycles per second. It receives the signals reflected by the dish and converts them to signals that can be used by the digital satellite receiver. and Hertz means cycles per second. Established by the International Standards Organization to provide the basis for a picture coding and compression system. The signals from a . MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group. MHz The prefix mega means million. Signals in the GHz range are often called microwaves. plus multi-channel digital audio on a single cable.

.satellite are transmitted either with linear (vertical or horizontal) polarizations or circular (right or left) polarization. Symbol rate Speed of the digital transmission Scrambled TV programmer Some TV programmers are transmitted in scrambled form. Transponder An automatic device that receives. amplifies and retransmits a signal on a different frequency. QPSK/8PSK(Quaternary Phase Shift Keying/8 Phase Shift Keying) Phase-shift keying in which four different phase angles are used.