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NAME: Virlynne C.

Niez Year & Section: BEED 4-B

Schedule: 9:00-10:30 am (Mon-Tuesday)

Samar College Mission
Samar College is a community based privately owned learning institution that provides
quality basic, tertiary, and graduate education to students of Samar Island and its
neighboring communities.

We commit to help our students improve their quality of life by delivering affordable,
values-driven, industry -relevant curricular programs that produce globally competitive,
innovative, service -oriented and God fearing citizens who contribute to the progress of
the society.

Samar College Vision
We are the leading center of learning in the island of Samar. We take pride in being the
school of first choice by students where they can fully attain academic and personal
achievements through affordable education excellent instruction and state of the art
facilities in a values driven educational system.

Reaction about SAMAR COLLEGE Mission & Vision
Learning is a continous process. One of the sources of learning is SCHOOL. And
whether it’s a public or privately owned School as long as it provide quality education.

that can be use by the students in easy way. The school is just not only focusing on one kind of a learning style that can motivate the students to learn but they use a multiple kind of techniques or strategies that can enhance their students to show their capabilities in a certain course or subjects. But more on performance based. For them to use in their personal lives. The teachers of Samar College is equipped in the field of teaching. Laptop etc. They used modernized tools. They enhance their students not only in their academic or curricular activities but also on their personal achievements that they can use in their everyday living. Samar College are one of the producer of quality and equipped students. They let there students work the task. And for them to be productive also we should have faculty who also posesses the qualities of mentor and a school who was updated facilities that can be hone and developed the talents and skills of the students. Affordable but a higher quality of education. .And Samar College is one of the provider of quality education. Not only in academic but also in curricular activities. The teachers of Samar College are approachable in terms of any kind of situation or problems in the school. Like projector. To enhance there skills and to know more about the things that they have to developed.They still use the traditional way of teaching. Samar College is a private school that provide an affordable kind of education. They have the high quality of standards about the qualification of their faculties and staffs. An environment that the students can be focus only on the discussion or the lesson that their teacher teach them.assessment. Because you can say that a school is good when they produce students that are performing on the field. The school help students to reach their dream come true in their respectives courses. They let their students join activities that are releavant on their studies. To improve their skills and knowledge in a particular activities or lesson. Samar College is a conducive learning environment.They help not only in academic achievements but also in personal achievements. And teaching them the humility and always look back to where you started..