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I. General Interview Questions
• Tell me about yourself. What are your hobbies and interests? What do you do for fun?
• What attracted you to Lasallian Youth Volunteers? What made you consider volunteering in
• What do you know about Lasallian Youth Volunteers?
• Tell me about your current or past volunteer experiences. What do you enjoy the most?

II. Self-Perception Questions (at least 4)
• If you could define the perfect volunteer job for you, what would it be?
• What do you think might be challenging about volunteering here?
• What are three descriptive words that a friend would use to describe you?
• What makes you uncomfortable, annoyed or stressed?
• What skills, abilities and qualities would you bring to your volunteer role?
• What do you hope to gain from this experience?
III. Specific Skills (at least 2 each skill)
Leadership Skills
• What skills and qualifications do you have that will help you in volunteering?
• Describe a leadership role you have held. What made that role challenging? What did
you like about serving in a leadership role? What did you dislike?
Organizational Skills
• Describe a typical day for yourself.
• Describe a particularly busy day.
• What record keeping experience have you had?
• Are you willing to attend orientation/training sessions to assist in your volunteer role?
• How much time would you like to volunteer?
Conflict Resolution
• Describe a time when you've been involved in a conflict with another individual or group.
How did you handle the situation?
• How do you feel about working with people different from yourself? What did you learn?
(i.e. different racial/ethnic backgrounds, developmentally disabled, different socio-
economic, backgrounds, different sexual orientation, etc.)
• How would you feel or handle hearing a child disclose of sexual or physical abuse?
• Describe a situation in which you did not get your way or when you did not agree with a
decision made. How did you handle it? What was your reaction?

teacher.e. • How comfortable do you feel speaking in front of a large group? Dealing with Stress • Describe a particularly stressful situation in which you have been involved. parent)? • What is your experience with working with a variety of people? • Do you prefer working alone on a project or as part of a group? Public Speaking Skills • Are you comfortable speaking to small groups? Tell us about a time when you have done so before.Interpersonal Skills • What kind of people do you most enjoy working with? • Describe 3 ways somebody close to you would describe you (i. manage a few steps and stand for four (4) hours? . Can you lift 20 lbs. friend. supervisor. How did you handle this? What made it stressful? • How do you handle a situation when you know that you are unable to complete an assignment or commitment? Health and Fitness Keep in mind that many of the volunteer opportunities require some maneuvering and standing for long periods of time.