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There are many platforms on which people from The Olympic creed introduced by the
around the world could interact, learn from one International Olympic Committee in 1924,
another and establish good relations; and sporting states, “the most important thing in the
events is one such example. Athletes who participated Olympic Games is not to win but to take
in the Olympics and the Southeast Asian Games not part, just as the most important thing in life
only compete, they also exchanged ideas, helped one is not to triumph, but the struggle. The
another, fostered new ties and strengthened existing essential thing is not to have conquered,
friendship based on mutual respect. but to have fought well’.
(Butterfield, Moira. (2011) (p.11)

Here are two real examples which demonstrate true sportsmanship by athletes:
At the Olympics in Barcelona in 1992, two female At the recent 28th Southeast Asian Games in June 2015, a
athletes ran their victory lap together after their Singaporean marathon runner Mr Ashley Liew had actually
10,000 metre event. Gold medalist Derartu Tulu slowed down so that the other 11 athletes who had taken the
from Ethiopia and silver medalist Elana Meyer from wrong route got back on track. “At one point during the early
South Africa showed the world the new forms of stages of Sunday’s (Jun 7) 42.195 km race, Liew suddenly found
friendship and co-operation. himself leading the 12-strong field after his rivals took the wrong
path. But instead of taking advantage of his lead, which was
about 50m, the Singaporean decided to wait for them.” During
the interview with the press, Mr Liew was quoted as saying “I
would not have felt comfortable taking advantage of the situation
as I am a big fan of sportsmanship. In fact, I was sharing with the
other athletes how important sportsmanship is.”
(Muniappan, Shanjayan.(2015, June 10).

The first recorded Olympic Games took place Today, interest in sporting events is
around 776 BC, at Olympia in ancient Greece. growing rapidly around the world,
Like the modern Olympics, they were held every including here, in Southeast Asia.
four years. They continued for about 1,100 years While physical exercise is good for
until around AD 393 when the games were the mind, body and soul, team sports
eventually stopped. A Frenchman by the name, foster teamwork, responsibility,
Baron Pierre de Coubertin, decided to revive the leadership and dedication
games in the 19th century. Through participation
in the games, he hoped to promote friendship,
peace and fair play among people as well as
between countries.

Categories of Sporting Events Single-sport Events Multi-sport Events • Cricket World Cup (cricket) Regional level: • Formula One (motor racing) • Asian Games • FIFA World Cup (soccer) • Southeast Asian Games • World Golf Championships (golf) • ASEAN Para Games • World Table Tennis Championships (table tennis) • Tour de France (bicycle race) International level: • Olympics • Youth Olympics • Commonwealth Games • Paralympic Games Southeast Asian Gameså 1 Frequency: Biennial event (every two years) The first event was held in Bangkok in 4 Sport: The inclusion of traditional Olympic. the 29th Games will be hosted by Malaysia * Visit the Olympic Council of Asia website for other events The information is correct at the time of production . Renamed Singapore in 2015 Southeast Asian (SEA) Objective: A means to Games in 1977 help forge strong regional co-operation. 1959. understanding and unity within the Southeast Asian community 6 In 2017. Originally the non-Olympic and Asian brainchild of Luang sports alike Sukhum Nayapradit. then Vice-President of the National Olympic Committee of Thailand 3 5 The 28th SEA Games Original name: was hosted by 2 Southeast Asian Peninsula Games or SEAP Games.

000 Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising Committee (SINGSOC) 11 Source: Chen. 73 Silver. 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games in Singapore Theme: Celebrate the Extraordinary The theme “Celebrate the Extraordinary” is about connecting individuals. It’s not about having a champion to look up to. Quick Facts Number of spectators at 31 venues : Total number of athletes 7. May. . and 102 Bronze medals. Nila promotes three qualities: COURAGE. to date: 84 Gold. COURAGE PASSION FRIENDSHIP Giving your best no Drives you to To always remain friends no matter how tough the strive to become matter if you win or lose challenge is faster and better Source: Brand Story.000 Total number of sports : 36 44 million Total number Total number of volunteers : of nations : Organiser : 17. The official mascot. 28th SEA Games website. the legendary founder of Singapura (Singapore). Singapore delivered the best ever performance. Nila Nila is named after Sang Nila Utama.000 and officials : Number of online access on YouTube: 500. June 20) At the 28th SEA Games. (2015. communities and countries to their dreams. PASSION and FRIENDSHIP. but inspiring the one that is inside each of us. 259 medals in total. winning or even overcoming defeat. It’s beyond competing.

More than 1. every Olympic Game lucky in China. 5. giant puppets and a ship. N. Jermyn. 400 Bottles At least 1. were required throughout the ceremony. This massive event required more than 100 rehearsals. Reproduced from Chow.24) Hunter. which were used for the performances. 1. May 16) Did You Know? The Olympic Games in Beijing began at 8pm on 8 The 1972 Olympic Games in Munich had the first official August 2008. (2015.000 cues by 6. has an official mascot.000 fireworks.400 bottles of water were consumed a 100 Rehearsals day during rehearsals and meetings.19) . 000 Cues The three-hour opening Cues were used to co-ordinate the ceremony was held at the movements of performers and props on stage National Stadium and performed during performances. floats. 000 Fireworks 4. (2012) (p. (2012) (p. Hunter.Waldi the dachshund. because the number 8 is considered mascot . Some statistics relating to the preparation for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 28th SEA Games 6. both involved in the staging helped to carry more indoors and outdoors. 500 SAF The spectacular Personnel performance was SAF men and women further enhanced with officers from seven 100 Stagehands the launch of more than ground units were More than 100 soldiers 5. Now. of the opening and than 60 props such as closing ceremonies. 000 performers 1.000 performers. N.

69 seconds Special nose clips are 12 seconds used to prevent water from going into the Hunter. letters. photographs. is it recognised officially? . short message services (SMS) and social sites such as Twitter. Science and Technology in Sports 100-metre Sprint: Then and Now Synchronized Swimming Over the years. swimmers perform gymnastic Compare the performances of these two athletes : routines to music in the pool. asking these questions: Tamil and Malay languages • Is the information accurate? • If so. diaries. The 3rd reaction Business Times as well as Check the facts by newspapers in Chinese. we are constantly being bombarded with facts and data through every conceivable form of multimedia. Instagram.34 seconds • News broadcasts and for 50m butterfly! interviews (online and NEW record” 2nd reaction live reports) SURE or NOT? • Published news on local newspapers such as The Straits Times. synchronized training methods enabled athletes to perform better. Primary information refers to personal experiences shared via word of mouth. blogs and Facebook.Jamaica’s Thomas Burke won in athlete.4 and 12) they do upside-down movements underwater Information Literacy In an age where we are surrounded by information. N. changes in technology used for starting With the help of underwater blocks (in athletics events). (2012) swimmers’ noses when (p. Steps to verify primary information : Check other information 1st reaction sources such as: “WOW that’s great!” • Official websites “20. American In 2008. Usain Bolt won in 9. We are now able to obtain information almost immediately through various smart devices such as mobile phones and iPads. In 1896. clothing and improved loudspeakers.

org/Game/ . Jermyn. The Straits Time. (2015. (2011). Retrieved on 12 May 2015 from http://www.channelnewsasia. June 10). Retrieved on 10 May from Today (online version).ocasia. High-tech Olympics. 2 (Section D). Participating Nations at the 28th SEA Games Brunei Cambodia Indonesia Laos Malaysia Myanmar Philippines Singapore Thailand Timor-Leste Vietnam References : Butterfield. Chen.(2015. Retrieved on 10 May 2015 from http ://www. SEA Games by the (2 October 2014). (2015. Retrieved on 12 May 2015 from Singapore hosts the 7th SEAP Games in History SG database.html London 2012: 20 lesser-spotted things of the Olympics so far. The Olympics Southeast Asia Games. The Straits Times. A challenge to host Commonwealth. June 20 ). Shanjayan. Nick. p. (2012). Asian Games. Retrieved on 25 August 2015 from http://www. Hunter.nlb. May. May 16). SEA Games marathon: Liew shows what real class Sydney: Franklin Watts. London: Muniappan. Kan.html Olympic Council of Singapore. Chow. Business of sports revs up in Asia. Official website. Francis. Retrieved on 12 May from https://www. page C17.