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Fourth Semester B.E. Mechanical Engineering Examinations May 2015

Fluid Mechanics
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 100
Not : 1. Question No. 1 is Compulsory
2. Answer any 4 full questions from question No. 2 to Question No. 6

1 a) The ratio of the specific weight of the liquid to the specific weight of standard fluid is known
as ______.
b) Fluids which do not follow the linear relationship between shear stress and rate of
deformation are termed as _____ fluids.
c) _____ is a phenomenon by which a liquid rises into a thin glass tube above or below its
general level.
d) Compressibility is the reciprocal of ______.
e) The fundamental SI unit of pressure is 2 , this is also known as ______.
f) The devices used for measuring the pressure at a point in a fluid by balancing the column of
fluid by the same or another column of liquid are known as _______.
g) The intensity of pressure p is related to specific weight w of the liquid and vertical depth
h of the point by the equation is ______.
h) The point of application of the total pressure on the surface is ______.
i) The term _____ means the study of pressure exerted by a fluid at rest.
j) The tendency for an immersed body to be lifted up in the fluid, due to an upward force
opposite to the action of gravity is known as ______.
k) The point of application of the force of buoyancy on the body is knows as ______.
) The type of flow in which the velocity at any given time does not change with respect to
space is called ________.
m) If the Reynolds number is less than 2000 the flow in a pipe is ______.
n) Bernoullis equation mathematically is written as _______.
o) The co-efficient of discharge of an orifice meter is _____ that of a venturimeter.
p) A pitot tube is used for measuring _______.
q) ______ is the ratio of the inertia force to the viscous force.
r) ______ is important in compressible fluid flow problems at high velocities such as high
velocity flow in pipes (or) motion of high speed projectiles and missiles.
s) Chezys formula is given as _______.
t) _______ is that type of flow in which the density is constant for the fluid flow. 1 20

2 a) Define i. Mass density

ii. Weight density. 4
b) State and prove Pascals law. 8
c) The right limb of a simple U-tube manometer containing mercury is open to the atmosphere
while the left limb is connected to a pipe in which a fluid of specific gravity 0.9 is flowing.
The centre of the pipe is 12 Cm below the level of mercury in the right limb. Find the
pressure of fluid in the pipe, if the difference of mercury level in the two limbs is 20 cm. 8
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3 a) Define i. Total pressure
ii. Centre of pressure. 4
b) Find the total pressure and position of centre of pressure on a triangular plate of base 2 m and
height 3m which is immersed in water in such a way that the plan of the plate makes an angle
of 60 with the free surface of the water. The base of the plate is parallel to water surface and
at a depth of 2.5m from water surface. 8
c) A solid cylinder of diameter 4.0m has a height of 3 m. Find the meta centric height of the
cylinder when it is floating in water with its axis vertical. The specific gravity of the cylinder
is 0.6. 8

4 a) Define i. Steady flow

ii. Uniform flow. 4
b) Derive an expression for continuity equation for a three dimensional steady incompressible
flow. 8
c) The stream function for a two dimensional flow is given by = 2xy, calculate velocity at the
point P(2, 3). Find the velocity potential function (). 8

5 a) With a neat sketch write a note on pitot tube. 4

b) A horizontal venturimeter with inlet diameter 20 cm and throat diameter 10 cm is used to
measure the flow of water. The pressure at inlet is 17.658 and the vacuum pressure at the
cm 2
throat is 30 cm of mercury. Find the discharge of water through venturimeter. Take Cd = 0.98. 8
c) Prove that the discharge through a triangular notch is given by
Q C d tan 2 2 g H 2 .

Where H = Head of water over the notch and = angle of the notch, 8

6 a) Define the following non-dimensional number

i. Reynolds number.
ii. Machs number. 4
b) The efficiency of a fan depends on density , dynamic viscosity of the fluid, angular
velocity w, diameter D of the rotor and the discharge Q. Express in terms of dimensionless
parameters. 8
c) An oil of specific gravity 0.7 is flowing through a pipe of diameter 300 mm at the rate of
500 lit/ sec. Find the head lost due to friction and power required to maintain the flow for a
length of 1000 m. Take = 0.29 stokes. 8